Judith Basin County Press (Stanford, Mont.) 1920-1956, December 02, 1920, Image 1

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- 1 ,; • • CONTINUATION • OF THE d lt h B asin STANFORD WORLD Vol. 11. NO. 41. $2.00 Per Year* s ounty. Press . . - STANFORD. JUDITH BASIN - COUNTY. MONTANA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER '2,1 : 020. \C . ••1[ FARMERS WILL GATHER I Afif LEGISLATURE . TO City Hall Accepted I AT B02.1eZelAN IN JANUARY I . „. ACT ON POISONING Farmers Organize . , /' Fanners ; ' Week at Montana le.'.seents that there is to Ix, a For Court/ • .:4)use , ter during he week watelll'ffice and the agrieul- 1/uring the t ee wk of o Jan 0 5-8 the5 e s o tOttl. force during this winter'e IV'tarketing Pact Stale college. well come this wie- dentest between the state game . ' . . ,. anneal extension coeference will seekibn of the legislature, the hone The county commissionee coin - incidental carpenter worls.will be he held. In \connection ivith of eientention being whether the • The wheet marketing progrem etock orga• nization, will • not, get pleted arrangements Monday to an additional expense ofeleetween farmers' week e will be the first poiseeed crate scattered over the ( • e started by the County learnt lei- any profit whatever from the use the City Hall for a court • $660 and $700, theludelig the animal confeeence of agricultural fairt4 as gopher poison are detri- 1 house. The present plan to ar- cost of material. editors, a three day session of the MOntel to the game birds of the rean association. resulted in the handling of the grain s hence 1011 . • .. , range the floor space to accent- This will he the Chile kixnense :etate farm bureau federation and stefe s•••rr 00000srrerocuteursosros foriention of the Montana Wheat deliver to the farmer every cent modate the various offices to the to tha eouuty excePtieg - the, erec- ° pure seed show, ender the au- atekte, am el 'teed by Game Warden Growers association at a meeting less cost :lig handling, that they epic es of the Montana Seed Grow- Jv •iii. Deli or whether. as receive ' fee it . It does not buy best advantage is very inexpen- lion of vault's find it is Cstintated ..• - • • held at • Lae - ivistown last Saturday Y. , that adequate vault roottieetan . be : se-. . . I ] 1 l e e agricultural] in. . afteruoote. November 27. At (him wheat, it simply sells it ! for the ewe and will prove to be a ver comprehensive -arrangement. Iconveniently built with -a,-- cosit itTik --, Invnunetat pereons who will:ttebre the poisoned oats 'do not Only one partition will be in-' . ,5 . t c parr - Ail — the farmers week i lmieee an effect either on game meeting or wheat marketing dele- fartneer on it VOSt, leteis. The eon stalled that in the \Council\' the vault problem is 'Stilt under . Pri4frftlit.' will be Rose Campbell 'Isitela or genie e o any m bird life . . gates representine every comie tract form is being printed and room which will be used by the I but the most feasible plain eeems aed b Strivings of New York The count ! Moresen cif C m olubia university .Iiitid. ; F, 4 1'. . .: ,y farm bureau will nity of Judith Basin and leees M rg will he ailed at once to eviller , county attorney as a public and advisement by the commiseionerie, counties as well as repretiekon. wheat grower of Central Moieties private office. The sheriff will having several plans •,' in • ' view,Ihtre. 1 . ebrgan is the best knoWn beelie melee head throng le which use the \Kitchens' room for his to be the building of vitelts on the • leader sof eointuttpity singing in titeeeontention of the state game live,' front Chouteau mid \% heat. in order that they ittily emisider ' office and will also have access to wort side of -the building with - a !Atiterien. giving a leetut•e recital waln efe will be attacked, an d the land counties, an orga term t ion same end be ready for the sign - the private roomof the tountY door leading trona the. ''Lodge'' on \Bongs That Live.\ Mr. Slily- method will be through testi- committee' of elevee men was rte m h;eh will men - m. % . up capaign -- e w i attorney, which is already con- . roo According to 7 'A airm m i l- „ an ' ee - :. ee (• is viee nresident of the, Na- money of actual farmers in every and additions will not cost; Newspaper editors of Montana, aCatey time any prairie chickens pointed with full authority to ern. inIeete eis moon as the various , di nected with a door leil the entire neeekery remod timed Fern' Bureau federation p if the state as to whetherre . eeed with the orguniza n tio or the triets hie sered (l atvcu an ionize The \Lodge” room will accom- cling- . ' who are especiadly interested in ' or him of any kind leive been aesociation. whi(!th svill •Mengerlite lion comniittee. modate, four oftiees—the clerk, the comity to exeeed. 41,000 or A. A. Elmore. organization treasurer. clerk of court and as- $3.500. . . eglicultural subjects. will meet semi dead as a result of the geple a new as s'em of marketing ereie Reeser. This room will knee no for a eonfereme. (Neely the week et gme-o» products ale far as Montana is eh/driven of the Wilted Grower,' An agreement With the town A • - : 1, ' 1 ie . ' • ... I 1 eoneet•ned. association of the Paeitie North- partitioes, but will be subdiveled for the (•its to take over ell per- • i i n t ronunent agnettemee eimor -.; is said Wilt the game %ver- ity jam mugs and countere. Th influent improventeents made by will w present for the confereuee. deeess dike will nitroduee a bill The oe • • • ennizahon committee, west, arrived hi Lewitenwe on clerk HMI ti•ensurer will oiesap he pure Ne.ed show will be in prohibiting the seettering of poi- leidity morning lied held an de e - -. 77-1 ` .--7 :=1•IT'Wesete-Wreliiii'Llie'elir.lit's! .7i , one interests of person); who hove seeed oats, and it is to cuunteract e \\ 41. I'd in g of I t• II ) - illdIen b eek• I..................................... county at the expiration of .1 : . _et: s ettee, Siete_ ftle mire seed r°r -8-0- ( 7 - ---( \ 4 7)s and et • rflr - Veltteetete - rtert - witt h e ereeen ee-lieffe103,_11.,,L_Jeuks..,X1WW0.!,J1- Vr4)(1104, 1 !Itl. v. ov ( . ..pim s eore . rpieci . the clerk of the court and the as county may gee flt to vaseate the sereor the east -half. lions will he awarded to the whe eil with this ibll that the letter\ C. letelealy. Hobson : W. le • el e _ i with the committee of seven, unit. bilildin g at a 'nic e to he \ed bY ners. Seed will be tested by the will lie mi,.ed. Vottghey, St a n fot•ol ; J. C Hoot . i' en 8 III lt \Lev It flerlmett edIll'eNe - The \Library\ room will be an appraise! board. Nineteen griiuii labor:eery. The sel ieet is OM' that 'has est the delegates to the market divided as the of her—by rail- The work of remodeling Juts Denton; James Veneto, Brooke; • ineeti»g. Mr. Elmore ; ex pl a ined It ix believed that at ( en damee been di- • ii osed Fro and eon der- . , ings and \eounters—and will ac- \teen - given to Albert Soreneon. VI ettrick Hit er E C• • dering farmers' week this year iee the pset two oe.:1N. and a set-! ( ''''' A • (-1 I - • g • • in detail the plan under Willett the commodate the superintendent red earpeeters were put on the Cooper, Lewietown: Dorris - Mule wheat [trowel% of Washington and will be more than t wiee is large Bement of the (meet ion by legis; of sellOOIS mid the auditor. The job Tuesday morning. It is ex- ale the attentemee the previous Julie\ et ion will prithably he wel- Poreat Grove: W. Smart, Kuril) ; Moho are operating ,itt uresent. commissioners will also have a iteeted the building will he ready veer, • !crested by aill\ eoncerned. I 'and le It. Crease. Lewietown. Thie plan, shutter to the one table in this room. This provider' tor occupancy in less than 11 week. , _ • adopted by our OWII assoeifiti011, , • meet immediately niter the af- •office room for all the officers ex- \I'lle iten, now puzzling the board . • • i appears to be one of the enost ceptiug the suiweyor, public ad- is the matter of a jail and tem- ' • • !femme) meeting and adopted a ministrator and coroner and ponnely, at kale, the county ja.. ii Dairymen to Hold Convention, form of (welt emit met uPoil practiced plans yet devieed to market grain. being patterned theme with the exception of the at Geyser will be tesed, should I • which . rests the fundamentall after t he very tmeceseful fruit Purveyor will not need office room. there be need. The officiate will! - 1 1 prineiplee of the Hew organize- growers atemeiation of (alifornia. The plans call for • the intall- there be need. Timeofficials ocials will T an he nual emiventon i of the • Thursday. December 9. Morn -1 • :tem. Under ilea fm -mu of contract This motociation when n fuction- ing of one or two ',leeks); fur- take office a week front Monday. hlontana State DairyinteCe. assos ing---Weleome addre ' se bv Scott ' ' ing properly will le; of ineritim- names i t :) . 4 . grower of wheat agrees for a to adeu qately heat the Much of th n e minor supplies and elatio will be held in Great Faille Le secret r y l r t he are a e Nitt, able value. to every farmer, batik- - ... e building, which will be an ex- fixtures, such as typewriters, RI- December 9 and 10 at the Hotel 14`alla Commercial club. Address' em -rind of six years to deliver his er atid 'emitter; Man its, ?amanita, . pentoe to the conety- of $60. The ing cabinets, etc„ • are eakeeeet ' w. -.-The third minuet meet-ley-Piteldent Frank AL Edes. Two entire •eisp of reeelimit except Opt , ,• • • in that it ..wele e letele I the price partitioning railings and . the here and by the 12th of Re4.tie? ! , It dairy me raintite•• taIke• ,b0.0aftyniefse . .neese- s e .srel for feed a)mi seed to the as of ieberfe(411e1 , ..Wrtig west side and - other necessary items Will have arrived. with about 100 representatives in by the . president. • •assoeintion being a teneproflt non- his wheat. e fitenteer etitiatiotte to etee fo tithe. , The the greatest imssib . eetrice for cutting in of two windows on the her the major portion of these washeld last year et Missoula ente Appointinent of committee ettendanee. The attendance at Noon—set livestoek pavillion, .Great Palls this year will prole '• Hew to Judre Dairy Cattle,\ - ------ ------ ---•-• - \ ----7 - , New ivilty Gets Tax Money _ cording to reports that have been • Winter Feeding of Dairy -Cat -es ably be between 150 and 200. ae• by G. L. Mertin of Bozefan. R Lewis' Interesting Letter • 'received by F. E. MeSeaddeee, the\ by W. L. Stockton- of , •-• , _ _ ..• A matter of great interest to the to the matter after being inform- comity agent for Cascade county Clarkston. \My Experience iii' . t Prom ins view ectint. the arm- h d id e not have time to prepare new county, and whieh has been cd of the difference of opinion and .Oue of the sessions during the Shipping Pure Beeds.\ ley George.. . ,, ewe eeleeration wrie a great site- tf, giVe 11 talk at this thee. I won - the sub .1 of considerable dis- have paid their Judith Basin meeting will he held in a Great II. Webster of Bozeman. , I . am • .e tiered. Os did other% what he. county taxes to the Cascade Faille t heel er 'honey to e1111131(' ?CV . - EValling—htilinine: at Ho'. el . •••• , Glove who were ena nble to be would have given um if he had - elltigiOn, is the question of wheth- county Ii easurer. er al reels of film on the modern Rainbow, „ roil; .. m. pailesnie eresent will never know what lieet. urepin•ed. It is tececolingier er or not the new - county will re- A queetion which is still in dis- 'Method of dairying to be eshib- lorning-- •'. . . , '' .ayi lies eel. S• re rt in g with un fort 'milli, that a reporter WAR •CONO this year's tio: f xee end when woe ie Whether the neW e01111ty ,ited: wit h Pure le rer le t., r tirades.\ ov . fine peeriotic nun - there by the Stan: not preseet 9 0 Oita Mr 'HOW103 ' and how they will fie turned will receive the taxs paid hito Aey person milkieg «owl\ is el r4. TO; 140Ost I , •!:1'1 titevene- torte band. whieli were well ren• trek could hove gottett in the over. It hats developed that all the treasuries of time old cone- eligible to a enembeeeltip in the ville. • \Alow I Built Nly Holstein , si „ The preeee To eaill hie effort a talk le 2 d State Dairymen's essosizttion. Ad- Ilene\ by E. limit 'stew of baud (tress :Vit\.11‘mil etterR( tax Armee; of the\ new eounty. . . , . me e mine. (tress' applallse fro i alum up - falls far short of th neemoion. - wilt/be handled ht the treasur- en eourse, th es e would be person-, drestee`Will be delivered by Man- Poplar. \Why Fanners Should J. T: Strive for Better Illoodlines.i by I „„ i lie s[th school girls gave sev- eloceenot do justice to the spietkee ve audienee. Even to reeognizeeit e ee a tee tech ers 'et the old counties, tied turn- al taxes where the taxpayer holds\ fred ',defers of es:eight': • ed over to the officials of the new 'iii real estate and which were due Hart of Power end Harry le. J. -T. Met. afeleower tions that Were reeeiyed er or the \lib jeet he wax talking I Noon--Motiou pietures -C o e. era' \ le( ''. t 1 e' • At VOr by their bearers. eletite. lit feet. it wats att oration •county as soon as a balance call on March lst. It is the general. Mitchell of Great lealle. be stuck. (lemon that thus money will re- Tie. program for the t(yo oleys lit te liemenee \How to Keep Mre. Winemliall'a sengs were or ef a high i i'll'!!(•ter lied will rank • 'In explaining the matter. Trees- main in the hands - Of the old will i-e as tolioWs: Contieued on hark nacre yery high order. were Wen t'eOt Wtt It Lincoln's Getlysliera.r and neer F. C. Andretta of Cascade countie. and whieleat any rate. .dered. and appreeinte)I with eon- 11 ml Alitheity's oratioo over the county. states that a settlement! will he of comparativeely small tineed applause. Mr. Waddell'a I lea ft body of I ' a (\le r. The moetik- etweeti theetew county anal (711s- 1 eonsequenee. cede county will be made SS at S Mr. Andretta states that his of-• • Off' . 1 CI ... , turnip! .• ilos cert ainly did him . greet,- redi emit 'meet weventeetive thousand er Hosed very feelinely with the, the close of buuness on Septette fleet has taken special pains to • , 1 The-Ihtthee WIT ilis:rihnted by lir oer Loye gave ii ii livete for ber 2., 1920, and flutes receive -I keep tlie record of money to !le. l a di es o f th e hi g h fre;/Ton ,. t f ind li'rert‘ of our ese• since thee for the new county turned over to the new enmity up are being carried in a sepat!itte to date and his office ti•ill be reede , T . .. . . ,‘„„, , , ,,,,,,,. The writer ilel not leant enhtie. They have ottr 'tram . eir . ssistants-h60- milit9. An old settee'. of the one 01-nretlz end our leir . 4.. Got book and will be turned neer to to make a settlement with the , greet Civil W:11 - :\11'. Win twinned epee(' the time wheti wair will hi the ne•w county as soon -as the Lew county mm few days after itse - tended to. I will hi. neeemlwr 11th- It is ie C ke li onsiderable speenlation is ne • is understood he has SI•VI'1111 melee late World's war Ii. ins Coeirade mother -7 or , 'his rail. land witi , tin is 1,14 I ges no.t+tr-ttnitftrrrer - of , tlfe on -crterreeeeVeheil -theefert hereenni--;-- necessotry formalitiee tele be at- inauguaration as a comity. whieRt . . • • , To subeteetime his opinion that din stood the Fergus treasuretieP to who the va ` rtitll eo T itY - °Ili- ' ., ,olsid:eration. • ; \% irt. the hero of the erest Civil \ever be vetted upon, to melte ell tax 1110flics W0111(1 liSVU I,, ass Ii is lliS I•eeords in a more.cenfttee ..,-• cells will elloome lot the :r: assis!- Cotildy Ateteney John B. Mite.- it ml did i' ss eooty a. I imegive .fl'e:••• loved IMPS omit to liettle and,' t 'F0 (late only three INIVO 011- '.\ tine stalled the: for Iiio m . .. - ;I'lit he charged flue t' r.e:t of t.:! , .. \r , .'..1 1,! ti -Y lo pre\rve tbe)ihprtv amid' through the old countieo. Me. elle I ing state and that it settlement' a ''' . , ., „ . , drettat states that counsel for the with leet•gus coulee cannot biee.e11011111.(S1 Wil0 mew peputies will H• will not employ an .. a , s.stant. jillit4 in - I I . •- i:i % t it's . Mr . if , ,v1; 1 ,-, H„ ,,r our r , , ,,,t L I., , ,,.,,htl e . Be . H erse y ilin 110110 - , 1 h to . e pres shim of . work teed by wey of an apohigy. ihat , se . i?, L ew e s. Great Northern rnilway Went in- made moil a much later date. , \e• A ' 4e83, °-. — • = flounced some time ago that .James I! :or hn may neve<sitate Mali hes _ . , ( sit will, he !his' assistant, awl have et regular aseistrint. A . . . ••• s e ,ertetteelent of Schoom • - , i . nnual. Bazaar to be, Held .Dec.. 8th who ..s iimi> assititing Air. !Jersey I I h e 1 , i T1 anr:cribtro Goes to I,ewtstoiArn F:rm • ifrowiniiirryhe fittrin-rointive-to\ NI t'4. - 74 . 1 eye P4,---044.1---440--A.41(fitar, ..., 4. _ 2_ emolueting the .. offiee. .Cotntty . Elliot C. Hirsch. will not at the i . •• . The Ladies' Aid s'oetiey of the 'en he mist iii but no longer 'Iessetirer Ed Boneteed annottneed , utset nave deputies. all !Here i The er. 1r7,!•1 for 1 re eseribinge otte - : ins'e'nee 55 55 ace - Melt Ss two First Presbyterien t Futrell will nsed.• I...I...various reasons thesd I.::.• week - that Min Tv liollivt r. ink ( ' the Allurliee'• .. , ti 'u Ii ..1 by. iiiy. Nee ,' li itt j i fr ,•, 1 A biou s an d Nina r ••., Mr., . , , „ IC need . as- 'lit r e , I hold ite annual bazaar at the City ; thing!: might fill a long' felt ivant - ,,no' w assistaut (ember of the .Wied- 'stet:ewe-eel the work of their of- i • • • eeeee- le\ • mete/ewe. I is week ect Win- Veteeette cetimate%....9e eteot at Ball en Weline \la Y.. Deeefliber 8 -. 111 ennu'eue ei''('''' holm'. V(,Z11 arilthstin -;t ate Bank. will. be his (+let. rii. , , gm nu . I 2 ,e,It,s'e ememenee premetly ;it enyited to look over VOOl . - storeielehuts • n I Clerk of 'the (emit! In addition to the undersheriff,!\\l e • • ,. .i 1. & kl); . in Irf I ,e - ,VI , it oW it. A.e-1.45!), L 1K10. .anol, '41:t k m I d/' ent4 flint l Silly Will i :,! . noi» to see if pet ea It nOt find GNI& St a tOft elondav that helad the shteetT will have one dt puty. i e\rdieg 1 ° Mr. Wi\° ° \.\• \ .1.4) was I .\ ag Ude' to he under.:lhal knit') Initeded in the sale it many , • . !ottelhing Ii) ( - 01111'0/Ili m . to thief \ fsee ese e th e dep t e es eip in his tee 'eel ie is understood that Alfred lin the' eify Alondayework vf seg- ae . it ie lit he over. art i e le e ael e a bi e for x,„„„ of Is. . depart meet Neese iii.liver al the fire to Jmne's Nee se a G d s .„,,,,.. , I . ) ,,,,, d 6 . now . 10 ,,,•,, me „ elit e l in e , , (Tat i n „ ' an d th e • ;let iial trans- -1 m'.. -Klein is at priTnt super- _ retch es rings, a variety o f a p ro n s . City H a n b y mom w e d lie4day. it !, sherifT • tiolley has hee yeet lith e,. been at lit for the post al- iscrihing will he cohinieneed in visiest Gee Golden Va ley Irens , . leetcy work and smaller nove es. lti possible. • 4.eethlie atmOuneement as to who though - no perbtie annonneoment !about, a week and ushed to emu- cl•ddiqr, nit 1191indtip... Th0411(14'11 Every member of the society is. Fellowing- their • (Mom; the la. \hi will ettoose for the tinder-sher- has lieeit - made to this elfeet, It p1. ! Mr. Wilmette estineites live, creepy job will.. lie . the urged to remember h e r pledge to ; dies will solieit g , nerally in the lit job. • Three pergom; are.fig-nred may , 1 ee that, (Ming to the eonelthat it will take ;demo :ex months sektfi one be has been emPloYed donate one or more art iclee to this: ( litne'll and out for donations tte es p ossi bl e se i ee t ione , tharlee missiouers - (beetling to teinpornr- to eomplete Bee work. A force, en ' end- hie experien . should departm ent and all frie m e e of the the Itnzaar. the rummage sale mid Gordon of rtiert. (Toler . Steve»son ily nee the eounly jail at Geyser, will first boeput to it at Less is assure ii• steamier etenle fency. - chervil are invited to contribute the supper. If you aee overlea f , 0. H o b son , en d we ll. Wend of another deputy will be ,edoled towu on nip rergus pertioii and 'fife Judith Basin comity job ja atimiliarly. if they so desire. : cd in the 41fufffe kindly Phone Mr al. Ilaynesferd. Theme. hnwever, are later to the sheriff's Circe... . ats soon as that is well melee wily seid to be the Inrgteot ever let in There will . be no grab -hag ihis , A. E. Myrick chairman of the only yeassibilities, and as fat as AII-ehe officials are looking, for,. the force will be divided and a the Mete, which is due to the fact year and ie order that the little ,solieiting eommittee, and she will k nown , [h e ro l imy h e others -who ward' with eagerness to lhe time crew put on at Great Falls to Ilant the territory eomprising the . folks may not be disappointed, lir- be glad to .tell you it We cue the sheriff has in trend for the job: When they win actively lake up, handle the Cascnole portion. The enmity,. both the Fergus end Cate rangements are being made foe a use - -- ft is expected Mr. Kelley.' vcill their. work, and many of them work at Le teem will be con s code portions, has been Settled on • hawker supply than usual of home 'Clic public is cordially invited ?Mike known his choice in a few will be oh the ground tuarrange siderably grea r than at Great en as stage of 15 yearis end many e- 0 . made eandy: In connection witle to patronize the beeper and qttlo, (Tays. •... .7. - . their offices to their own tastes as Falls, but will, is,, so handlCd as records of tracts will date blarek the bazaar will he held a rum- which is Riven alutuallY be! • Clerk tiled Recorder H. U, the furniture is being installed in to permit the com letion of both thane Years faieher e Which owing ' mage Rale, Nome -times known as a the ladies, the entire proceeds be. Brownlee has not made an ah• the court house, which work will units at the same ti / . to its depeity of popelation adds white elepham sale. Evert home ling used for the benefit of the notelicement yet SS to '' who his he done to a large extent next Contrary to early e.timates to the number over that of moat has things stored away too good church. • . . shief deputy will be, although it week: of the cost of the work, which in new counties. - . ss ; r OFFICIAL PAPEE JUDITH BASIN COUNTY , ;r: 5 Centli Pr &py. 411,

Judith Basin County Press (Stanford, Mont.), 02 Dec. 1920, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053195/1920-12-02/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.