Judith Basin County Press (Stanford, Mont.) 1920-1956, December 02, 1920, Image 2

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- JUDITH BASIN COUNTY PRESS ako \ a.r CLOSE POLICE NET ON SINN FEINERS NEW THREATS ARE MADE AGAINST ENGLAND BY IRISH SYMPATHIZERS 15 POLICEMEN ARE KILLED 100 Irish Republicans Ambush Motor Lorries and Open Fire on Auxiliary Police. -Bodies Are Rifled of Clothing and Valuables Liverpool. Nov. 80. -The Liverpool pidice Pace was busily engaged yes- terday rounding up men suspeeted of ing ishij•ed a port in . Saturclay's great emisplisey of Incendiarism. In Willett the government claims inembera of- the Slots Fein were engnged. The hint - ifs hi the affected parts of the city have been strengthened nod the ef motion appears to he well in band. Several men already hove been ar- rested. 01w of them charged with hav- ing 01411 ii nil killed a civilian • while tire police were trying to ar- rest the necused, who, they assert. had u hand In the warehouse buntings. The entire pollee force Is exerting the greatest activity In urn effort to prevent a recurrence of the fires rind possible assassinations. ' The darnage to property in Saint- dny's fires will total hundreds of float- s:snits in pounds. London. Nov. 30. -The Evening Strtottlertistlya-the latest Sinn Fein plot contemplates the burning of boiewit mid other property In England belong• ing to ''litteck anti tans, - W11(1 tire seri- * log In Ireton!. 'The pnper asserts that the details of the alleged plot come Into the possession of the antlowitios IS the result of a raid on the iriAi The Standard says that 11/11 only have cabinet ministers received letters threatening them with violence. but that threats are now being made tigninst members of their families. Macrooni. Ireland. Nov. 311 -Two lor- ry loads of \black and tans\ were am- isitslied Siiiiiiny night by from 80 to 100 men near Kilmielutel. arid 15 of them wore killed. 'lire bodies were brought Isere last PVP11111g. All'4.1111411 - 1 , 111 , have %wenn_ and reports from the vilIngle of .101m.sta,,;I, ter came up In reeent wage hearings before the board. that the boon! hail to.tween Al:PT/H/111 111141 11111111111:11WHY, stale that scarcely it house thew- Is un- POwer only to dent with wage ques- tions and that consequently it could dismaged sold dint some of the .410p.; t 4 : . its th bn e ilisiriet have ee set Ofire. The noL l rule l n n t r l d k e til ' e err lle f the em - terror. other ii tire fre residents lire fleeing from the place In .11 c' to ployera tinder tolvisement • and an- not:need that If it decided to go Into .. the matter »n early hearing woulti be -Dispatches reint- held. g of 1:1-tutxtlinry police i t ii i s ii l n l :i .l o \ n I st el li; e S re ir riefindinaiiri ITALIAN TROOPS MOVE ON I secretary for Ireland. ISLANDS OF D'ANNUNZIO 1 debate yesterday. , --- lie party a hich amhushed the i‘ cm- Gabe Says Conflift Is imminent and ets votisigted of from SO to 100 men. Calls All Males of Fighting Age li dreRsoil In khaki and wearing steel trench helmets. They fired from both In Fiume to Join Colors sides of the road on the lorries arid ISO directed sin enfilading fire, - v ferce of //MIA some of the cadet.: ha been. disnrined and brutally tour - red : their holies were rifled of inn 31141fley it nil valmitiles mid even their i \s vitiatin m g wits taken. Ars and in intuit- ion also were taken and the lorries hi\ rued. . /The secretary thought that. with 1:i ACirmer officers of 11w late war lying ' (7 dead. lis house u-ould not wish to von - CHARLES SWEENY Charles Sweeny, American million- aire soldier of fortune, has been 101111e a brigadier general In the Polish army. RAILROAD MEN WANT PLAN TO AIR THEIR COMPLAINTS Veiled Threat is Made of Strike Un- less Some Satisfactory Method Is Put Forward by Roads ('lilt -ago. Nov. 30.-fl.presentatires Of the 16 recognized ratio - try Its hot unions yesterdny tusked the railway hoard to find some plan through which the differences hei wren the ritails and thelr employes. other 111/111 wage di, owes. Collloi be settled. l'he union heads declared that unless smite satis- factory pion were forthcoming inniosil- titely. \I lie men would nike the settle- ment of auth disputes in their own hands.' During federal control of the raft - roads disputes( which ditl not InvolVe, wage agreements were settled by hoards of adjustment known as No. 1. 2 and 3. These hoords went ont of ex- istento when the roads were returned to itrivate ownership_ me) she elts- ployes want thein . ft('-enitui hill stied. rontis cont4htled wliret lite mat - London, Nov. lug to the Will eati'tS neer Iii house of enwood. eh inhe I r Brno , th diseussion. lie termed the - affair in ch Menge to parliament and civilization. Liverpool. Nov. 39.-N young ' man who &Mined to give his name. hut who said be was in Sinn Feiner and a native of Dublin. Was arraigned In po- lice court yesterday on 11 charge of murder in connection with the eotton warehouse fires Saturday night. The police stated that the prisoner and two other risen were discovered near the scene of one of the fires act - lag in a suspicions 'mintier. The three men tried to escape. when police fie - them. and the man under nrrest Pm aerosol of having fired at the of- ficers. His Millet killed in civilinn. It Is charged toy the pollee Butt the man under arrest had in his possession plans of the premises in whleh the fires occurred. lie was remtinded to prison for one week. Cotton Mills Reopen.' Gordo/dn. N. C., Nov. 30. - After standing idle for two weeks, cotton mills, inn -hiding thelLorny, Gastonia's largest mill. and the Armstrong. chain of 14 factories. resumed operation yes- terday nn greatly reduced schedules of working time, ----- WOULD STOP BOOZE FLO(5D. Victoria, B. f'.. Nov. 30. -In in ef- fort to solve the problem of preventing Canntiliin liquor from finding its way into the United States through British Columbia tier points. Donald A. Me- Donnid, nie 1 prohibition agent for the Ma WatthIngton rind Alaska, yestert y (Iron in serlea.of confer- ences ith Canadian officials here. M McDonnid. It was said, was net - In Trectly under instructions from 3 n' F. Kramer, federal prohibition COMMiesioner at WiliebIngton, D. C. London. Nov. 3n. -A - dispatch to the Ti Isles from Milan (litotes the news - purer Secolo as saying that a move- ment of regular Italian troops is re- ported HD along the armistice line in the Adriatic , zone and it is rumored Ihnt General (*avian has been ordered by the Italian government to take the ImInntle of Veglin nnnl Artie. which were seized by Gabriel crAnntizio's legion- naires and also to oceupy the strip of territory near Castile. invaded hy trAnnunzio soon after the signing of the Rapallo treaty. (PAnntinzio. ii -cording to the dis- patch. Inns issued a intinifesto saying a conflict is imminent and that he anti his men are ready to fight and to (lie i•ather than submit to the Italian forces. The dispatch adds that all thr males in Fiume from IS to 52 years ve beeti recalled to the colors. Camp Dodge to Close. Des Moines. Ia., Nov. 30. -All I imit the government wottlil maintain- Catlin Dodge ins is military post or for une under any system of universal military (raining . that con- gress might provide. was officially re- moved yesterday by infornintion re- ecived here from the war department that all buildings and equipment will he offered - *or sale. Would Trade WlerRussia. ' Watibington. Nov. 27.-Re-establi4cr- ment of trade relations with Husain is provided for in a resolution by Sen- ator France, Republican. of Maryland. ender which the president would he \advised\ to lake steps to that end. The senator plans to introduce his pro- posal at the coming session of the senate,. AID FOR ATOCK GRDWIRS. Chicago. Nov. 30. - 7 -The Livestock Fl - nonce commotion yesterday completed Sic organization is Indy to begin its work of !Resisting the livestock in- dustry. It was announced after n meet- ing. The corporation was launched with a pool of $22,000,000 enntributed by New York, Chicagn and Boston blinkers at its disposal to be used in making loans. An optimistic view of the livestock /situation was taken. Mel- vin A. Taylor, OliCagO, Was elected END CONFERENCES ON GREEK Bilifil PREMIERS OF FRANCE AND GREAT BRITAIN WILL MAKE DECISION LATER ITALIAN MINISTER COMES Representatives of Three Countries Will Get Together Soon and Set- tle Affairs of Orseks.-All Op- posed to King Constantine 0111=11.. I.ondon, NOT. 29. -The conferences between Premiers Lloyd George mind beygues have ,been temporarily sus- pended owing to the necessity of the French Premler's return to Paris this morning. Premier Leygites Is anx- ious to lie present when the chamber of deputies discusses the queetIon of French repreeentation at the vatican. lie requeSted the debate he delayed one day so lie could complete him Intim - here. He decided to go to Paris earli- er than lie hnd bitended, hint hopes to return to London Wednesday. COlInt Sforzsi, the Italian foreign minister. who is to take part In the conferences with the premiere, notnbly In eminection with their consideration nf the question of Greece, in view of the Greek demand for the return of former King Constuntlire to the throne, arrived In London last night. It doeR hot nppenr likely, however, that the Greek Wilk will he straightened out instil rept.esentatives of all three no- tions-Enghinth France and Italy - get together. Premiers; Leygues and Lloyd George briefly dismissed the Greek situation Saturday hut soon cam he e to t conchn. shin tha t further co>versations on the sobject would bete waste of time with- out the presence of an Italian repre- sentative. London. Nov. 29. -The British gor- ernment will Insist on the Greek army being maintained at its present strength and thnt the Ithallls cabinet shell not Include inert viewed with die- filvor by the allies. The foregoing dews are set forth In ii memorniplinn u - hich Earl. Curzon, secretary tit foreign affitira, has hand- ed to the Frem-li premier. ;11... Lesgues, for perusal by 111P Freneit cabizet, when he returns to Paris Utility. Great Britain disapproves the return in?Constantine to the Greek throne he- Ing . made the subject of a formal pro- test, hut nevertheless wishes that the British views shall lie emphasized to the Greek government. This is a firm- er attitude than the British govern- ment held a few days ago. and it Is believed In eonference circles that it will oppeal to the view of the French government. It Is further interpreted as ineahing that Etigintid at present tines not favor revision of lite Turkish peace t Tea ty. Paris. Nov. 29. -Count Sforzst. the Italian foreign minister, wbo left Rome Pridny evening for London, arrived In Paris yesterday morning. After a long talk with President SfIllerand the count resumed his journey to London, In an interview with the Temps, Count Sforza recoiled the part that he had vainly Argued f0011P at Spa for easier, more just terms for the Turks, not only in the interests of world peace hut in the interest of Greece, he de- clared. The Italian foreign minteter added he was going to London In the Rnme frnme of mind. BELIEVE BARGE AND 24 PEOPLE ARE AT BOTTOM • Astoria. Ore.. Nov. 20. -The finding of scattered pieces of lumber Adrift near James island and the appedrance of a large amount of lumber on the beach rit 7 Cnite Johnson yesterday add- ed to the belief that the missing barge W..1, Plrrie lung gone to pieces on the rocks with her burden of 24 souls. The wireless station at North Bead was in communlention late yesterdny wi s th the cutter Snohomish and the steamer Santa Rita, both of which were continuing the search for the lost craft. The Santa Rita said the beach at ( - vine Johnson had the appenranee cif being covered with lumber, but the Sea was too rough to permit the meant- er run close enough definitely to ascertain this. The Santa Rita patrolled the coast up and down nil day lint saw no signs of the Piffle. The Snohomish had Righted a few pieces of lumber not far from .1Inmes Island but reported the seas so rough she was tillable to run In and determine whether or not there were any persons on shore, American Glria Held as Spies. Wnshington, Nov. 30. -Two Anierl• can relief workers In Poland. kilse Martha Gracszyk and MIN Mary Was- ilezk. were said to be held at Kovno on suspicion of espionage, in ads-ices reeelved yesterday by the state depart- ment. They are inenthers of the Grey American corps, assigned as inspectors of•hhe Europenn child fund, and were nrrested by LIthunnInn.Authoritles. (The (Minitel' espfAined tliey had gone I to Vilna to distribute foodstuffs, ship- Ped there for babies and children. pi•esident. Their chauffeur Cie Wee arrested.. WILL SOON LAY KEEL OF , SAGEST U. S. WARSHIP 13111plae*MatiCarGlaht FlAting Craft $ 4, 111 . 11s,43 ' ,200 Tons an Speed Will -Be 23 Knott Per. Hour -- Quincy, Mass., Nov. 29. -The keel of the 'superdreatinatight Mansaelmsetts will be laid soon after New Year's' day, it was minonneed last night at the Fore River platir of the Bethlehem Shipbuilani Corporation, Ltd. The - Massachusetts will he larger than any veesel now in the United States navy. Of 660 feet length over all, and 100 feet beam, her displacement will be . 43,200 tone. She will have electric. drive engines of 00,000 horsepoWer, and her Speed Is to be 23 knots an hour., An Irmament will comprise 12 16 -Inch guns and a secondary bat- tery of 16 6 -inch guns. The keel of the Lexington, a battle cruiser, will be laid soon after that of the Massachusetts. She will have near- by the same beam, but her length over all la to be 880 feet'and displacement 43,500 tons. The Lexington's engines, of 180.000 horsepower, will yield a speed of 33 knota, under electric drive. Site will mount 8 Ifl-inch guns and 16 0 -Inch- gone, and also will have eight torpedo tubes. THREE AUTOMOBILE RACERS DIE ON CALIFORNIA TRACK Los Angeles. Nov. 27.-Certifleates of accidental death were IHS11P11 from the coroner'e office here .yesterday in the eases of Gaston Chevrolet and Ed - tile O'Donnell, automobile race drivers, and Lyall Jolts, mechanician, killed In Thureday's •250 -mile clianifaitiship race on the Los Angeles speedway. It was stated no inquests were con- sidered necessary nnd no official in• vestlgation of the necident would be eontitieted by the corner's office. OM- elals of the Los Angeles Speedwny as- sociation stated the denthes woutti not halt future racing events. The deaths of Chevrolet and Jolla. who was O'Don• nell's came almost Mime- dintely after the crash between Chevro- let's and O'Donnell's cars. O'Donnell died in a hos•pletal early today about 10 hours after the accident. He did not regain consciousness. LATEST MARKET REPORTS (Furnished by S. Bureau of. Markets) r - Hay end Feed. The holiday accumulation and- limited demand for ha:.' are causing depression la the principal distributing markets. Prices are generally it o $3 lower than last week's quotations Prairie in good demand at Chicago and Minneapolis be- cause of light receipts. Buyers consider Prices of all hay high compared to grain. Quote: No. 1 timothy Chicago) $30. Cin- cinnati $30.50. New York $37.50. No. 1 alfalfa Memphis $33. Kansas city $27. No. I prairie Kansas City $15. Chicago $25. Minneapolis $20., Wheat feeds Pallier in southwestern markets. 'Prices In north- west holding steady. St. Louis, Cincin- nati and a few other markets quote wheat feeds about $2 per ton lower. Gluten feed maintained its recent advance but honilny feed is $1 lower. Cottonseed meal and linseed meal weak. Stocks of all feeds except gluten feed reported good. De- mand continues light. Abi.ormal slow movement of clover and alfalfa seed con- tinues. Growers unwilling to sell at pre- vallIng•prIces. Clean seed per 110 the. - Red clover $166^18. alsike clover $20012, sweet clover 19512. and alfalfa $125$15.• Dairy Products. Butter market weak and unsettled dur- ing the week and prices broke sharply on the 26th and 27th. (losing prices 92 score: New York fac. Chicago 53c. Weak- ened condition attributed to surplus on market and light demand in anticipation of lower prices. Fruits and Vegetables. Northern round white potatoes In light demand at shipping stations. Prices 10c lower per 100 lba. Closing 31.6051.80. Car lots declined about 20c In Chicago under heavy supplies. reaching $1.7051.80. Middleweatern Jabbing markets moder- ately lower at 0202.50 Movement light- er. Apples fairly steady at f. o. b. mar- kets: 24 BaldwIns mostly $4.25 per bbl. Northwestern WInesaps $2.155 2.25 per box. Eastern Baldwin. advanced $1 In Pittsburg. closing $5.751/6 per barrel. Shipments have been decreasing rapidly for the past three weeks. Grain. C.hicago December wheat reached a new low level on the 26th. closing at $1.53. Sentiment has continued bearish down to the 27th, due to general conditions and tiguldatIon In all line0 of trade, but on the 27th, the heavy export salSit of ten million bushels of wheat during the week began to make an impression and the market brightened perceptibly. Milling demand for cash wheat slightly improved but flour buyers still holding off. Mills averaging only 60 per cent capacity which fa unprecedented at this season of year. Scarcity ok soft red winter wheat indi- cated by premiums over December in Chicago markets. Good demand for yel- low corn at high premium.. Live Stock. Top hogs at Chicatti dropped to $10 on the 24th. the lowest point reached In four years. The net decline in hogs for the week averaged $1.70 per 100 lbs. Fat Aileen and lambs broke 25060c, feeders 50075e per 100 lba. Cattle trade showed rather rigorous rebound from the -de- pressed condition existing ten days ago, beef steers advancing 25075c, and In some Instances as much as $1. Cows and heifers steady to 25e higher. Stockers . and feed- ers steady to 25c lqwer. Veal calves de- clined $1 (j2. November 27 top Chicago Prices: -Hogs $10.2S. '-yearling steer* $17.75. good beef steers $15.50. heifers $12.25, cows $10.25. feeder steers 210.50. westerne $12.25. veal PHI'VeR $13. fat and feeding lambs $11.50. ewes $4.75. ARREST MAIL RAIDERS. Council Bluffs. Ia., Nov. 30. -On al- legations that an Attempt was made Sunday night to break into tin express ear on Milwaukee passenger train No. 8 soon nfter it •Rleft Connell Bluffs, three suspects are under nrreet nt Iowa, and will he brought here. According to statements of railroad officials, similar mem; were taken to enter the express ear RR those used by the men who robbed the Ilur/Ington Mall ear on November 13 In Council Bluffs. MINNA L FISHER Minna L. Fisher of New York, form- er Red Cross worker In Fratitee anti later a Near Enst Relief worker In Syria, ts mu cull -fledged captain in the Arabian nrmy tnt Prinee S'elsati nt Da- maseits, necording to reports. She is in charge of the industrial educntion of women and children In - Damascus. WORLD NEE IN CONDENSED FORM The federni grand jury at Chatta- nooga. Tenn.. has indicted 24 coal com- panies on the charge of vlohiting the LeePr net. * * President Mennen! of Culla has sign- ed ti decree e:ctentling the existing moratorium, which would hitn VP expired December 1, moil December 31. The moratorium will continue under the Millie conditions nine's have prevailed since it .vas first ordered. * Cr ,Reduetions of 1(1 cents is pound in the retail price of pork, nod time cents on beef cuts have been put into effect by a number of the larger retail meat markets of Spokane, as in result of low- er prices on liveatisck. Price redne- -ti ( n k s e a rs ls . o 7 - ere tilinnuneed by Spokane pa o ▪ * Succees:ful tettts have been complt•t- ed in Tokio of a new poison gas shell. The shell is of Jepanese manufacture. • * Tine United States shipping board freighter West Camak has arrived In San I:mm.1mo with the first shipment of German toys to he received there since the W111'. str Supporters of Gen. curios Kreen, who recently WAR deposed as governor of the Mexican state of Tobusco. for- cibly disarmed the police at Villa Her- mosa, the state capItiti, and appointed Tomas Garrido as governor. The seizure of power was t•arried out with- out loss of life. * Five masked MPH entered a hotel at Penn, III.. near Springfield, held up a score of men engaged in a poker and erap game, and escaped vrith shollt $2,000. They lined up players, ratt- ed the money into longs and escaped Ins an antoinobile. Mine the grain growers of Kansas are holding more or less wheat in hope of realizing a profitniiie price, a can- vass just completed by the state board of agriculture showing an area sown to wheat in knosas this fall probably ranking with the third largeat lit the history of the state. refutes the eliarge that there is a \strike.\ act•ording to a 'report issued by lime secretary of the board. Former Empress Auguste Victoria of Germany is very low at her home at Doorn. flotaind. She has been uncom SOWN for some time, • * One person dead, another missing and property toss of apitroxlinntely $100. 1 100 Is the result of in tormido of t wo minutes duration which strto•k nil Port Arthur. Textte, near the (-mist, and on Sabine lake. A portion of the l'ort Arthur eanal and dock cointinnies' sheds were dernollithed by the 511011/1. • St F. Alfonso Pettqueint. brother of He- bert() V. Pesquiera. confidential °gent of the Mexicali government at Windt - Melon. has been suspended as MPICIP1111 consul at Douglas. Ariz., because Inc refused to accept an order from Mexi- co to viae the possport of United Sintes Senator Fall of New Mexico. Further rediretIons in the wholesale price of certain styles of , SlIOPH have been announced by MO St. LOUIS shoe manufacturers. * thigh C. Wallace. American ambits - *odor to France. proved the \hest gun\ of Ill prominent hunters who attend- ed President Millerand's first official game shooting party on l'hanksgiving dny. Mr. Wnlince accounted for 125 pieces nf game out of n total of OM for the. enttre partv. Mnraluil Retain was Recond. Marshal Foch was among the \also rants.\ STATE'S 12 MN MILLS OPERATING MONTANA .ESCAPE . S . , SHUTDOWN REPORTED TO AFFECT SO MANY RFRIONS NEWS OF' THE CAPITAL CITY Stitt., Railroad Comnilselon Denied That Wheat Grinding Caw is Flout- ' ad by Millers. -Many Would Trap Beaver in Montana lieleno.-None of the T2 flour mills in Montana hes shut down, or is con- templating stuck H step, its far as cau be learned by the Montana Trade com- mission. Reports hive been received here. of tunny flour mills in other states which, have ehut down for an indefinite period. but this action is not heing followed in this state. The mills in operation in Montana have a daily capacitA of 12,008 barrels. The INOthia trade comniission has recelVed reports front all of the mills la Montana regarding all details of op- eration for the first month of the two - months' test run. The test run WOR ordered some time ago bY the coon/ 111,- 81ot' in response to the plea of the millers for higher rates. The commis- Ston then nskefe - lor the test ton to secure a bilf114 on which to arrive al ronclusions In regard to costs. Membership of the trade commieslon Is Identical with that of the Montana railroad conunission. The trade porn- inission has control of flour mills only. During the fiscal year ending June SO, 1920, the ntlils of 'Montana ground 3,665,129 bushels of whent into 817.710 barrels of flour and 29.696 tons • of bran nod mill feed. At the close of the fiscal yea there were 27 mills which were not operating because of the abnormal wheat crop. So far this fall, however, none has giszen any in- dication of closing. * * * . Board Stinks Up for Millers. Millers'of flour in Montana ure gen- erally> foil wing the law creating'the Montana trade coinmission for regu- lation of flour Ming, members of the Montana ralir -ad comml.Rsion . sleclotre. The stntement followed the announce- ment from Billings that members of Montana farm bureaus claim the state milling law Is now 'uniformly Ig- nored.\ Members of the Montana raltroat) commission constitute. ex -officio, the Montana ctrade commission In charge of flour mills. Members of the com- mission said that millers and mill men are co-operating with the commission under the law and members of the Montana Millers' association ore co- operating to the extent of playing a part In making it two -months' test run of their business to establish a test ease on which to base costs. So for the Montana trade COMM)A- Mon has received only two complaints In regard to flour millers. * * * 200 Ask Beaver Permits, Beavers are not destroying property, lamming creeks and flooding forma or cutting down favorite trees this year Ro the extent they were IMO year, but hi many parts of the state they have continued their depredations, judging from records in the office of Li,. De - Bart. state game and fish wArden. During the year the office has re- ceived applicatiens for 200 permits to trap heaver because of the depreda- tions. IturIng 1919 there were 1.000 applicatimiN for these permits. Taxpayers may, under the law, kill heavers only with is special permit and then only on his own prenahtes. when neeessury for protection of his dams. Irrigating ditches and trees:4am, In prevent overflowing of • water inn his premises. .. * * * Children's Diseases Lead. Although measles and chicken _pox______ _ eases show a slight decline In num- bers. necortling to the weekly health report of the state boor() of health, they continue to lead in the lists of contagious diseases. Nlissonin reports one ease of infantile paralysis. ,yasil Kalispell two cases of influenza. There., are 20 cases each of milliner laid scarlet fever In the slate, hut no in- crease in cities witieh were fighting Meal mithreaks during the hist few weeks. * * * Finger Scratch Causes Loss of Foot. Scratches on the fingt•r from barb wli•e cost Charles Best of chotenn it font, according to word reeelved by the state accident board. Best aWa1 , 4 einpioyed on rond work by A. E. Arnett and 1V/IR engaged in sereening gravel. He ran n piece of barb ms - ire' into a finger while screening gravel. arer blood poisoning set in. The poisoning settled in his foot, which required ain- potation. * * * Red Cross Seals Ready. Plans for the contittet of the annual sale of Tithereitlosis Christmas seals have been completed hy the Stnte Tit- bercillosIs. ossorintion, announces Mrs. Sara E. Morse, the assneintIon secre- tary. The 1020 sent differs from those of previous yenrs In ttint it hears the double barred cross -time Croix (le Lor- raines-the emblem of anti-tuhereti)o- sis association, instead of the emblem used hy the American Red CrOPR. It le - It cheery, attractive design indica- tive of the Christmas spirit and will .. - Supply a practical seasonal need. . e n 01

Judith Basin County Press (Stanford, Mont.), 02 Dec. 1920, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053195/1920-12-02/ed-1/seq-2/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.