The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, February 26, 1909, Image 3

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•••• • 1 THE STANFORD -WORP STANFORD PUBLISHING CO. PUBUSHER AND PROPRIETOR DUDLEY AXTELL, Editor and'Manager Printed and published at Stanford, Montana, every Friday. . APPLICATION HAS BEEN MADE FOR EN- TRANCE IN U. S. MAILS AT STANFORD, MONT., AS SECOND CLASS MATTER. STANFORD, MONT., FEBRUARY, 26, 1999 . The World at Home The World made a great hit at home with its, first issue, and the home folks are what counts. Every- one praised it. It wqs freely pro- claimed the best pope!' in the Basin and of that the World is proud, for there are some good papers in Fer- gus county outside of Lewistown. When a paper, like an individual, has the people at home as strong friends, it will experience no great and enduring trouble wining the good graces and plaudits of the peo- ple abroad. This paper made no special effort to issue a buster ed- ition. It did nothing that it cannot do again with ease. Getting out a good paper is not a matter of luck, accident or guesswork. Nothing counts but good, sound sense, ex- perience, education and newspaper instinct coupled with a desire to work like blazes, the last being, per- haps the most important compon- ent of this intangible something called success. As time goes on in its ruthless career shattering the idols we all set\ up for worship, he may take an occasional whack with his scythe at tik pedestal upon which rests the World. - Time is a great iconoclast and nothing escapes his ravages but the real and he submits that to acid tests that leave it seared and scar- red. Nothing that is the product of human ingenuity is without flaws. The World has them, it admits. . If in times to come this paper contains things of which you do not approve, remember that it has from time to time, perhaps, contained things you did endorse, and, let the good, as you see it, counter -balance that which you consider imperfeet or wrong, and on these terms the World and its readers will always be the best of friends. Those Indictments The indictment of the New York 'World and the Indianapolis News, or more accurately speaking the publishers of these twi:k ) papers, has stirred up the nenpapers of the of the country to a point never reached before. These gentlemen were indicted by a federal grand jury in the Dis- trict of Columbia for circulating newspapers containing caustic com- ment on the president, his official family and others who were tangled up in the Panama canal deal and the affairs of the republic of Pana- ma. Now the question is how to get the indicted gentlemen into the jurisdiction of the court for trial. This involves questions. of law and modes of procedure which are eternally bobbing up. In the mind of this paper it requires the print- ing and circulation of a libel to complete the crime. If one admits there is a separate and distinct crime committed by th6 circulation of each copy Of a printed paper, then you have a condition that would make intolerable the pub- lishing business anywhere. Then there is also the question of taking a person away from home and business and placing him on trial in foreign parts. Guilty or not guilty, the experience would bank- rupt the ordinary publisher. The fact that such a thing could be (lone would keep most editors lan- guishing in jail:- or else ttirn the press of the country over to a bunch of puerile sycophants. In the name of the countless numbers of heroes of the pen who wrote, fought.: bled and died that the freedom of the English press §hould be acknowledged, the news - Papers . of the country should - rally to the support of the New York World and the Indianapolis News. The mode of procedure has taken the_ question back three hundred Years. • • :Administration Changes The last session of the present congress is now nearing the end and al - March 4th . will cease to ex- ist.- And on. that date also Theo- dore Roosevelt will go out of office. The World believes that it is voic- ing the •opinion of most people of Montana when it says that the change will be welcomed. Just what place Mr. Roosevelt will occupy in his country's history matters but little at this time. The World is of the opinion he Will tower over some of his predecessors, but will not reach the rank of Washington, Jef- ferson or Lincoln. But that isia matter of personal ; opinion, and 4ne man's guess is as good as *another's. One thing, the average westerner has fout4,his government brought nearer to his door than ever before. Some of this has not been relished, and it has been said that there was entirely too much departmental officiousness. The World freely admits that it sees but little to admire in the offic- cial career of James R. Garfield. He whitewashed the beef trust, one the most damnahle organizations of industrial highwaymen the world has ever known, and was promoted for the job. There were several little instances of like nature which somehow made the poor home- sipader ponder whether he Was get- ting his just portion of the square deal. The country has seen things shak- en up as they were never shaken before. Precedents were knocked into a corner, kicked out the door and battered down the stairway. It has amused the public intensely to see some of these things done, and they ought to have been done. The country has stayed with the president as against all comers with the one exception of giving congress a,little under dog sympathy now dful then. The personnel of congress will also sustain a change, and the country will shed but few tears when the roll call displays the absentees. As a 'general rule men can be sent too often and for too long a period for their country's good. Some of these 'old barnacles have been left at home. The country, or at any rate Mon- tana, will breathe more freely with Taft in charge. With a president in Washington who makes no pre- tention8 of knowing the country in the west better than its residents and with Charley Pray, Joe Dixon and Thos. H. Carter on the ground and on the job Montana can safely prepare for the greatest period of prosperity she has ever known. Montana Climate As this is being prepared for the press the day is a -.most beautiful one, not a cloud flecks the blue sky and the earth has the appearance of that serenity and peace which passeth all understanding. School, children, in attire suitable for the sunny south, are gamboling through series of spring -time games, and out the rear window of the World's palatial sanctum sactoriutri may be seen the office devil hovering over a collection of steaming coal oil cans doing his annual wash. This paper is reminded of the chi - tirade blessings of Montana by the recption in this morning's mail of a letter from the old . home down cask where a veritable blizzard was ragihg. How human beings can live in f , a-2:1 andiaritable climate and presume to braRd Montana as a region unfit for migration purpose on account of its Canadian proxim- ity, would beat -he explained on the hypothesis that to the cold all things are cold. Every once in a while nature kicks the covers off of things out in this section and we get a lit- tle frost bitten atound the ed)ies, whereupon our friends down east are appraised by insideous papers with black and scarry heads, that Montana is in the throes of the worst weather ever known and that old boreas has Major Ling at Havre backed into a root house trying to thaw out his thermometer. • Poor misguided and credulous wretches! Cold in Montana is a joke. There are more people in the city of.Chicago mourning the ravages of one nighv,ok frost than ever felt the - stiog of zero since Montana secured a geographical -identity. The World is glad it: secured the henign surroundings it . has chosen. The happy prattle of merry children along the pavement of Stanford's thoroughfares on a day in February would gladden the soul of anyone, while if the wretch don't become lazy in the sunlight, tomorrow will find this office with a span -clean, cherubic devil. The cover to the bread basket and door to the -meat house—that's Stanford. • „ The World to any address in the United States or Canada 'ahe year for two dollars. ---- -- Send the World to your friends in the east. Have it mailed from this office. The postage then costs you nothing.• The World has decided to. make its subscription price, when not paid in advance, $2.50. When paid in advance, $2.00 the year. If you are one of the original booster subscribers to help the World along, don't forget that this piper is . banking on you. If you are not a subscriber this is your in- vitation. The compliments of the Stanford World to its esteemed but misguided contemporary, the New York World, expressing the hope that its editor will bring no further disgrace on Ow World family. The coming season will find Stan- ford equipped with several rustling real estate agents who will see to it that the greatness of this mammoth section of fertile agriculture land is not allowed to go unexploited. When the ore teams and wagons laden with mineral wealth from the mountains begin to arrive at Stan- ford in the spring it will be as though the pendulum of time had swung back a few hundred years and we were receiving caravans laden with the gold from Ophir. Dudley Axtell, formerly a well- known northern Montana newspaper num, but for some time past a resi- dent of (he south, is publisher of the latest thing in northern Mon- tana newspapers—and they are coming thick and fast—in the Stan- ford World of Stanford, Mont. The World is a bright, iendable news- paper and right in line with the progressive colninunity it repre- sents—Great Falls Evening Leader. The Stanford World, edited by Dudley Axtell, is the -latest newspa- per venture in Fergus county. It is a bright, newsy, six -column paper, liberally pattonized by the progres sive business men of Stanford.— . Lewistown Daily News. H. C. TILZEY Civil Engineer County Surveyor Fergus Counry Land Surveying and Irrigat iosi Estimates Famished Court House Lewistown orld the year $2.00 any address DT: TDLEY AXTELL th - iiiited States Land Business Of Every Description WORLD OFFICE STANFORD - - MONTANA Till March 16 -Our prices will Be/ International Stock Food Pails, price $3.50, reduced to . • . $3.00 International Stock Food, $1.00 size, reduced to 85e International Stock Food, 50c size, reduced to International Stock Food, 25c size, reduced to International Poultry Food, 50e size, reduced to Internationa Poultry Food, 25c size, reduced to . Inscriiationa Internationa Internationa Internationa Internationa Internationa 40c 20c . 40c . 20e Louse Killer, regular price 25c, reduced to . 20c Hoof Ointment, regular price $1.00, reduced to 85c Gall Heider, 50c size, reduced to . . 40c Gall Healer, 25c size, reduced to . . . 20c Honey and Tar Foot Remedy 50c size, reduced to 40c Dan Patch Linament 50c size reduced to . . 40c Worm Powder, 50c size, reduced to . . 40c Distemper - Cure, 50c Size, reduced to . 40c Stanford Drug Store STANFORD, MONTANA Jas. Kellelier &JSon IMPLEMENT DEALERS Open for business in Stanford in time to Accommodate Spring Trade. See Us Before Buying — AGENTS FOR TIIE FAMOUS ['One Plows, Moldboard Emerson and Disc Plows, Disc and Drag Harrows, Mowers and Rakes, Alfalfa Cultivators, rollers, etc.. Newton Wagons and Byggies Gasoline Engines WILL CARRY A LARGE LINE OF PLOW REPAIRS Call and See Us . Stanford, Montana .1.1,10aNnO161•111111111111111.11 Board of Trade A-. H. ROSf) Proprieknr Choicest of Family Liquors Domestic And imported Cigars Your Patronage Will lie Appreciated STANFORD MONTANA Basin Lumber Our Line of Yards Carries the Most Com- plete stock of Lumber, Building Paper, Roofing, Brick and Builder's Hardware in • Fergus County. We can furnish you With EVERYTHING You Need Also Carry a Complete Line of Caskets Stanford, Moore, 1VIendon,Philbrook ST, PAUL REM. IRANT PAUL W. SOELCH, Proprietor Table d'Hote Meals Served The Best Meats Money ,Can Buy Are Furnished, Our and Service the Best 1 Special Mithiy ates IrWITTstan TvailigMlikalnimilmumffnumispsofinecamilaanizei 'JOHN BRYAN B ARTIER SHOP Located in the New Chamberlain Building. First Class Workman - Shill) on -nil Cteitomers Agent for Great Falls National Laundry. STANFORI4, MONTANA Herman Rose PAINTER Get an Estimate from Him Before Letting your . Contract STANFORD, MONTANA 9 '

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 26 Feb. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.