The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, February 26, 1909, Image 6

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z 6s Montana Buffet The Choicest Lo A of Cigars and Liquors in Northern Montana AGENTS FOR SCHLITZ DRAUGHT AND BOTTLED - BEERS FIRST CLAS4 Livery and Feed Stable IN CONNECTION Experienced Drivers who Know all the Country Meet all Trains Horses and Mules Bought and Spld [ Butler Pi W I );() 1 w .t1), Prp'.s Local and Personal Stanford Markets Flour, $3.35 cwt. Butter, ranch, 30c. Eggs, ranch, 35c. Potatoes, $2.00 cwt. Hay, $10.00. Seed oatt, $2.00. Seed wheat, $2.00. M. Cicon of Belt, was in the coin- mercial metropolis Tuesday. List your land with Plumb & Wilson if you want to soil it. P. L. Soelch, proprietor of the St. Paul restauratik departed today for Great Falls, where he will attend to business matters Saturday. Henry GrooYe of Sheridan. Wyo., recently arrived in . Stanford. and immediately possessed himself of one of Uncle Sam's 160 -acre farms. Fresh milk cows for sale. Enquire Miss Anna Nickel, the young lady at this office. ' pedagogue who has presided in the List your land with Plumb, & school room in the Hughes district Wilson if you want to sell it. during the winter, was a visitor in Stanford Thursday. Mrs. Alex. Tuttle, who owns one of the finest ranches in central Mon- tana, located near Stanford, was in the city several days this week look- ing after her property. Mrs. Tuttle is at present making her home in Lewistown. Thos. Chamberlain, manager of the J. B. Long properties and in- terests in this section, after an ex- tended visit to points in the east and south, returned home Wednes- day. Weaver g„: • •0 Live Stock, Loans Real Estate and Insurance If yod want to buy or sell land see Weaver & Bebb For 20 years residents of Fergus County, Montana SAFETY LIBERALITY The Essential Quality While this bank adopts every desirable method of modern banking it never loses sight of that essential quality. ABSOLUTE SAFETY Safety first, liberality next, both are essential to successful banki fig We desire to serve you, and to that end ,oto call and see us State Bank of .Moore t COURTESY CONSERVATISM Stanford Liver AND FEED STALE JOHN W. LESLIE. Proprietor Rest I3nggies, Harness and Horses Furnished Always Trade of.Commercial Travelers Catered to. Satisfactory Service Guaranteed. Leave orders at Hotel Stanford or telephone the Barn. -Oldest and Best Livery in City STANFORD MONTANA ..1•11.011•1•••^ C. M. Stone of Denton, was in town Monday. List your land with Plumb & Wilson if you want to sell it. T. J. Murphy of the Hughes ranch was .in the imperial, metropolitan metropolis Sunday. C. R. Taylor, an influential ranch - man of Wolf creek, was a bosiness visitor in. town Tuesday. A. S. Kilroy, solicitor for the Great Falls Tribune, Was looking for live ones here Thursday. Miss B. Minnehan of the Hotel Stanford, is in Culbertson, where she was called by the illness of relatives. Gus Johnson section foreman at Dover, has been transferred to this place, and Matt Galan of this place, to Dover, effective March 1st. harry Spence, formerly_of Moore. but now a prosperous Arrow creek ranclunan and grain raiser, is haul- ing lumber for extensive huilding that he will do in the spring. A social dancing party was given at the Hotel Stanford Saturday eve- ning which, besides being attended by the, young people of the city afforded many from abroad a pleas. ant evening. A. A. Axtell of Sheridan, Wyc,. was in Stanfon4 the ,. first of thi week and made a -trip of inspectioi. into the country. He will returi: in a few weeks and may then dt- cide to locate here permanently. Mrs. H. Wilkins, wife of Mr. Wil- kins of the Great Northern, wa! called to Helena the first of the wee! to attend (he funeral of her sister- in-law, Mrs. T. J. Flinn, who died a Salt Like City after a protractet illness. The Misses Ruella and M. E. Stephens, young ladies who hay( valuable ranch holdings near Denton, returned Thursday from an extend ed visit with relatives in New Or- leans anti other places in the south- mi states. County Surveyor Tilzey was ii. Stanford Tuesday, and on the fol- lowing day drove into the country, where he in company with John Ross and Christian Kneer as viewers laid out for travel two toads in township 18-13. Rev, R. W. Edwards of Great Falls, conducted services in tilt chapel of the school -building Sun- day afternoon at 3 o'clock, that hour having been chosen by the reverend gentleman in defference to the desire,: of many ranchmen from a distance who wished to attend. Jas. Peatson, superintendent of the Cottonwood Coal company, was in Stanford Tuesday, and accompanied by Postmaster John Hagerman drove to the Hughes . ranch where matters involving title to a body of land were adjusted. Mr. Hagerman officiated in the capacity of a notary. Fred Whitfield who resides be- tween Stsnford and Windham ; was a late caller in the city today, and summoned Dr. R. L. Igle to the bed- side of his little daughter, Dorice. The illness, however, is not theu t to be serioiis and the littlp . _pa nt is expected to rapidly recover. .• Fr . Silencer and wife of Gey er, Are in Stanford today. Mrs. Spent& filed oh a large tract of desert land in the northern por- tion of the county before il. S. Corn- missior Dlidley Axtell, t&s saving. the time expended organ otherwise compalsorary trill'IOThwistown. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer, being former resi- dents of Stafford, the train interreg- num was pleasantly passed with relatives and friends. C. L Cook, who has extensive ranch and stoek interests on the Judith river, w'as in the city tohay enroute to Geyser on a business trip. Mr. Cook is one of those pleasant and affable gentWnert who inspire one to a ripe ad age that their friendship may be prolonged. A decade and some years ago when the World's humble scribe Was run- ning a paper at Harlem for h flying and studying Indian legends and per- forming other feats for a diversion, Chance inhabited that country mid courted a living, or death, and Milk River ladies mounted aboard the hurricane deck of - a tow horse. As promiscuous as life has since be - 1. COMC a chance meeting with 'Mr: Cook was a pleasant event; Suicide at Windham As the World goes to press news of the suicide of Joe Vandenhouvel by shooting, in his room . in the Windham hotel, late thili evening, reaches it, Dr. Igel of Stanford, was sent for but the man died shortly after the bullet was removed. The wound was inflicted with a revolver, the bullet entering the right temple, shattered the bones and lodged in the right side of the skull. The cause of the suicide is supposed to have been domestic troubles. Mrs. Heuvel conducts the Windham hotel, and has lived apart from her husband for some time. He was formerly in the saloon bus- iness at Geyser. J. L. Ross of Denton, was in the Aty Wednesday. Dr. J. H. Cabbage of Lewistown, is at the Hotel Stanford. List your land with Plumb & Nilson if you want to sell it. John Gill attended to land busi- -iessin Lewistown several days this veek. nS. J. Sca lan, the genial mixolo- !ist at the Montana buffet, made a ,rip to the electric city Wednesday Walter Sinai!, a progressive set - der in the Arrow creek country, airchased supplies in _Stanford on donday. Dr. lgel who attended Miss Jessie Nilkins during a severe- attack of 'agrippe, reports the petient'well on :.hc road to recovery. Adolph Fefferman of Billings, :hipped a carload of pelts Monday .vItich were purchasod - from ,the Lota4 Investment Co. W. C. Doherty of Great Falls, and :on, Chas. Goherty, of Lewistown, vere in the cify today closing up the business of the old stage line. W. J. Owen, general manager of ihe yards of the Basin Lumber com- pany. is in Stanford today confer- ring with Manager Landoc of the local yards. A pleasant terpsichorean diver- sion was enjoyed by the young peo- ple of the future county seat at the 7,hamberlain hall Monday evening, Washington's birthday. The Stanford Mercantile Co. at a meeting of the directors held this ifternoon, decided to open a general store at Denton. A building for that purpose will he built there at once. F. A. Jones, a prominent Coffee creek ranchman, was in the city Wednesday and purchased a bill of lumber from our merchants. He is constructing some additional fanch buildings. The Lady Did Not Consent (Continued from 1st page) winter and made a trip to Helena, where he was arrested and sent to jail for \nothing as he expreSsed it. During his stay in the jail here he committed no little havoc with the furniture. He informed Deputy Whitcomb that he would kill some of the people who were \fighthe him n when he got out. After hearing the testimony of several witnesses Sattirday, Judge Waddell sentenced Kopchak to 90 ; days in the county jail. He lifasi taken to Lewistown by DepuL, ' Sheriff Whitcomb Monday. Stanford Confectionery Mrsi James Chamberlain, Prop. FrUits, Candies, Cigars Tobacco and all kinds of Fancy Confectionery Line of Fancy Writing Stationery STANFORD, MONT. DR. P. L. IGLE PHYSICIAN ANh SURGEON Stanford, Montana: M.P 1111 3 armers 0 0 Would like to keen - an account of their receipts iind expenditures if some one would keep it for them. Open a bank account with the First _National Bank and you will find the account keeps itself, with no expense. Your checks are always eyidence of date and amount of disbursements and your deposit book shows dates and amounts of your receipts. 'Many of your friends and neighbors have accounts _with us, WHY NO'!' YOU? Don't wait for a big start— any ambunt offered, either large or small, is cheerfully accepted. It's a handy convenience to the farmer as well as the business man, THE FIRST N AICTONAL BANK gssmob. Of LK wy-;TowN, moNTANA HOT F1: L TANFOIZD Best Hotel on Billings & Northern Railway. Handsome Three -Story Hotel Building. Forty - One Steam Heated Rooms. Neatly Furnished Throughout. All Guests Courteously Treated. Headquarters for Traveling Men When Making the Judith / Basin Territory RICHLY APPOINTED BUFFET IN CONNECTION STANFORD MEAT MA RKET 4 1 4 Wholesale and Retail Meats STANFOith - MONTANA LA -ND The right kind, the kind that will grow crops, the kind that you can buy now for $20.00 to $25.00 per acre, that will produce 50 bushels of wheat per acre or 100 bushels of oats. Flax, barley, spelts, alfalfa, timothy, till good crops and bring good pried at local elevators. No irrigation, plenty of rainfall.. You cannot better invest your money or your labor than in buying and farming this land. Lays level as a floor, no waste land on 160 acres, good roads into town. You can raise anything in vegetables or fruits. What more would you want? We are exclesIve agents for the Townsite Com- pany. Write us if you wish to engage in any kind of businesst • Upon request we will prohiptly give any 'afar - illation regarding anythini! pertaiiling to the Famous. Judith Basin, Montana. YOU WILL BE DELIGHTED WITII THIS COUNTRY PLUMB & WILSON ST-AgiVRD, MON'I'ANA

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 26 Feb. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.