The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 18, 1909, Image 2

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Page 2 THE STANFORD WORLD September 18, 1909 1.1 THE STANFORD WORLD STANFORD PUBLISHING CO. PUBLISHER AND PROPRIETOR DUDLEY AXTELL. Editor and M....or Printed and published at Stanford, Montana, every Saturday. Entered as second-class matter Feb- ruary 19, 1909, at the postoffice at Stanford, Montana, under the act of March 3. 1879 Advertising accounts must be ad- justed on the first of each month. Rates given on application. STANFORD, MONT., SEPTEMBER 18, 1909 M EN come, men go,—the sun riseth as ever, the old world swings with the same pre -arranged plan, and history recordeth not the time when the demise of one man marred or The Passing of blocked the Men wheels of progress. There have been critical times in the affairs of this old world when the death of a ruler, or king have for the moment dropped the senia- phore on the game as 'tis played in the commercial marts, and there have been times when for the moment the nations trembled, but there never was a time when the passing of one man hindered the march of progress to any great ex- tent. Men of world famed history have come and gone, and yet the same old sun continues to shine. Men of fame have passed to the great beyond, their life's work a standing monument to their labors, and yet the old world has gone on in her course. The shoes one wears in the walks of life will fit other men, and no matter what be the cause or crisis, yet ever there are men who can step in and fill the vacancy thus created by the demise of a man who has achieved fame and honor through good deeds done, and accomplish- ments performed. We have only to turn back the pages of history to confirm and substantiate that statement, and those who have followed the well beaten path of progress are cognizant of the fact. Wm. Mc- Kinley, honored martyr, died, and yet the republic lived. Men of prominence pass from life's sphere. and the nation for a time trembles, but others there are who fill the vacancy established, and while the world mourns the loss of a good man yet soon a monument arises to his memory, and another mind masters and rules the situation. Look to the history of the week gone by. What did that produce? What did the wires chronicle? A brilliant man, an empire builder, passed to the realms beyond, and yet the world goes on. The passing of men in this age and date is a matter of natural consequence, but no crisis ever arose, or no panic ever faced in this proud, honored land of ours than that some favored son would not rise supremely to the occasion, and carry on the plans and purposes of those gone before. \Oht why should the spirit of mortal be proud?\ F'VE R Y so often,—no matter 'what the frequency thereof.— a select coterie of graduates from the \correspondence\ schools of \Monkey\ Ward; and \Rears Saw- buck\ gather. to - That Tariff gether at a point Revision along the Potomac, the which place is named after the pater families of this primitive and historic sod of ours, and discuss, digress and de- liberate on matters pro and con,— (chiefly the former)—on how the necessary e pluribus should be col- lected and attained with which to pay off the deck hands of the scow of state and keep the old thing, a moving along the canal that knows no locks. Every so often,—and that is plentiful,—these barnyard philoso- phers gather, and frame the,.. dope sheet onahe affairs of the nation. Hiram Jones, from the remote and recluse regions of \Rack -en -sack\ disturbes the piece, quiet and dignity of that august body of dip- lomats, by introducing a bill mak- ing it illegal to kill mosquitos on the forest reserve, and then Mr. Henry Pumpkins Whitcomb, the honorable representative of eighty - Mar loyal and lawful constituents, moves the speaker, that sugar should be put on the free list, for the reason that it is a sweet pro- position. And there you are! Now what do the free born, white, male American citizens excercise their right of suffrage air? For what reason do a lot of political barnstormers gather in re -union and dictate to the folks who raise kine and kithern, as to just how the affairs of state should be conducted and controlled? For months these salons debate and discourse on just what products of life and luxury to affix the revenue thereto. One day the ad- missable charge beyond the statue of liberty on hose and hogs is de- bated before committee of the whole. and then, the question of whether 'tis advisable to send the north atlantic squadron to collect six -bits from sonic banana republic creeps in and blocks the game. And there you are! This tariff revision is an over- worked game. and the sooner the crop of ninety million or more suckers, the which comprises the enumerated population of this land over which the stars and strips wave get acquainted with the fact. the quicker there will be a lot of sheep -herders and outlawed mem- bers of the hod carrier's union get back on the job. As the matter stalls, it looks as though the disinterment of the body of the late James N. Sutton, Jr., United States marine corps, is hardly necessary, for the reason that a little more discipline applied to the naval academy would remedy the effect. A dispatch in the daily rags Tuesday, stated that \a bath house in San Francisco blew up and threw the women patronizers of the street.\ institution out into the Going up? of \What beats sugar beets,\ asks an exchange, \as far as crop profits The Boulder Monitor is two years are concer,ned?\ Sort of a sweet old, and for a youngster is certainly proposition, aye? a creditable publication. Willow Creek Coal From Hughes Coal Mine, 6 Miles from Stanford $3.00 Per Ton at the Mine $4.50 Delivered at Stanford or Windha III W. L Montana Stanford M E N of money, men of brains, of ability, foresight and thought delve into the affairs of life much as does the peanut vendor, or the charge 'd affairs of the street hurdy- gurdy. They Wealth Versus devote their Nature lives to their labor, and what is the ultimate outcome? They pass from this busy world leaving behind the memory of deeds done. and others step in to take their place. The love of gain, and the alluring pursuit of the flighty e pluribus makes men forget their bodies and health, and those who rule and govern the financial world are at best nervous, dyspetic wrecks. 'Tis well enough to acquire fame through deeds performed; 'Us well enough to be able to add one's non de plume to a small piece of paper the which will pass the clearing house, but, sure and certain it is, that those men who do that very thing invariably pit wealth- against nature, and nature calls a halt on the procession. The love of gain has made men greedy, and the numerous watering places and health restoring retreats are shining examples of the glitter- ing fact that these educated chasers of the coin think more of adding a dollar to their assets than they do of caring . for their bodies and health. Of course, coming right down to brass tacks, it is the same old thing over again,—\one half the world does not know how the other half lives,\—and the other half doesn't give it dein. In years to come they'll name a five cent cigar after some of the pioneers who have been trail blazers in the Judith Basin. Wonder why they don't give man credit while he i ves? Wonder if that old battle cry of \Follow the Flag\ will apply to the one that Peary says he has nailed to the North Pole? We all love the old starry banner, but who wants to go to the frozen and fri- gid north to establish the fact?. Some day the old flag which eminated from the thirteen original stars will rule the hemisphere that lies between the North Pole and Cape Horn, and all the Eskimo, and revolution organizers had better get acquainted with the fact, for verily the map of the world is destined to be shaped that way.' Twos Ever Thus A newspaper editor at German- town, Pa., has been convicted of criminal libel against a public official and sentenced to a long term in jail. It is stated that it was proven that the editor told the truth, but that the judge held that such state- ments. whether true or false. \create t a danger to constituted authority.\ And yet sometimes people are jail- ed for contempt of court. The World tells the truth at all times, and as long as the flag of liberty flies will continue to do so. The Pennsylvania brother editor has our hearty sympathy. Just received new line soaps, perfum- ery and other toilet articles. Prescriptions a specialty. Patents, drugs and chem- icals. a full line. at Stanford naig Store. All the nice, hang-up, selectable stuff on tab at the Stanford hole] huffet Stanford Markets, No 1, hard wheat I orkey Red. No. 1 Turkey Red. NN. 2 No. 1 white oats No. 2 white oats Milling rye Feed rye ' Day, per ton Hour. per cwt P. , tatoes, per etvt Potter, per pound. ranch !Sutter, per pound, creamery Eggs, per doz Call money, per rent Stanford World, per year That'll be all r Dtidley United States Commissioner Office- in the World Building Land Filings of Every Description Final Proofs Arranged for and Heard in Stanford thus saving an expensive trip to the Land Office RANDOM SHOTS By. Poor Old litsrksauto. 76 74 72 Ni) 77 Stilt , 3 la 1 50 to to BI :15 2 2 00 Estrays. Two buckskin horses, one light and one I dark, about III or 12 years old, branded IS on right shoulder, came to my ranch about i August I. Formerly owned by me. ' JEssr. BACKUS. Windham. Mont \Full many a shaft at random sent Find, mark the archer never mein. - After viewing the Cook -Peary controversy the general opinion is either there are two north poles or one gigantic liar. What has become of Teddie? We haven't heard from him since he started in to do the Daniel stunt by going into the lion's den. The poet sang: \Oh she was fair , but sorrow had left its traces there.' What became of the rest of the harness deponent sayeth not. Billie Sunday don't ward much for his vaudeville stunt, but then Billie always was a high priced cus—that is if you took him at his own valu- ation. Here's a case where extremes meet. An eastern paper tells of the marriage of Miss I. Brow to Mr. Wright Foot. \Oh what will the harvest be?\ Colorado Springs has set a good example by adopting acharter which eliminates the ward politician. Of all the pestiferous blood sucking ' vampires in politics he is the worst. He is the seed from which grows the greater grafter. We are certainly making history in the first decade of the twentieth century. The wireless, the flying machine and the discovery of the north pole. 'Now if those other star sharps get a wireless from the planet Mars, the record will be rounded out. The star sharps who discredit Dr. Cook's feat of reaching the north pole are like the fellows who sat on cracker boxes in the country stores during the war and criticised the army movements. They know bet- ter than the man that has been there. The fact that E. H. Harriman in his last hours called in another cap- tain of finance to devise means of averting a panic which would ruin hundreds of small stockholders is a rebuke to those chronics who are forever cussing the: rich without sense or reason. Those who think the \ nulls of the Gods grind slowly\ ought to have some dealing with the pay section of the 'postoffice department. The said mills are automobiles in com- parison. They expect a man to work for starvation wages and then wait \from July to eternity\ for his pay. The lady whose winning smile ap- pears each night in the Great Falls Leader gives a novel receipe to the ladies.- on how to keep cool. She says, \have two suits of underwear and at noon take a bath and change.\ That might do for the idle rich, but how is the girl who works in a laun- dry, or the waiter girl in a hotel to manage to take a bath and change hers? Oh, well, like all good ad- vice it is seldom practiced. GEYSER. Mrs. John Skelton was in town Wednesday. Mrs. Georgie Lane is visiting Mrs. H. S. Benedict. Mrs. John Skelton returned from Great Falls last Friday. P. J. O'Hara returned from Hunter's Hot Springs last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Lane visited Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Benedict last Monday. Mrs. S. C. Purdy, who has been visiting her parents in Belt, returned Tuesday. Miss Martha Skelton made a bus- iness trip to Great Fella the first of the week. Miss Ethel O'Niel is touring through Idaho. When last heard from, she was at St. Anthony. G. L. Blaisdell of Billings, travel- ing freight and passenger agent for the Great Northern was in town Tuesday. The well drilling outfit is at work on a well for the hotel now. After sinking Geo. Knerrs well about forty feet a vein of good water was struck. Two new settlers commenced to build on their claims just across the line in Fergus co., near liarino this week. There is quite a colony now within five miles of that sta- tion. J. 1.. McCall the head of the Mc- Call -Webster Lumber Co., together with his lieutenants, D. W, Bundy and J. H. Ehrlee, were here for a short time, Tuesday. They were well satisfied with the business here. C. S. Purdy has broke ground for his new house and has the cellar nearly dug. It is on Second ave- nue east and Third street. It is to be a cottage 24 feet square. Heck i& Livingston have the contract and it will be ready for occupancy in 'about a month. ' Mrs. Wm. Skelton returned last Sunday forth! Missoula where she had been to place her four children in a parochial school. She was very much pleased with the looks of the country especially the fruit orchards where the apple trees were so heavily loaded that the limbs had to be propped up. It will only be a few years until this country will be raising fruit in abundance. Mrs. Sanders pet lamb is very fond of young lady's society and \there by hangs a tale\ not the tale of the Iamb, but a narative. If you want to hear it ask those interested. In this connection we are requested to give the following notice. LOST STRAYED OR STOLF.N One sheep herder, the sheep was found, but herder is still missing. Valuable reward for information leading to dis- covery of same. [Edrtors Note: While we are perfectly willing at all times to run matter contri- buted, yet, we do not guarantee or stand sponsor for articles contributed. The above matter was submitted to us and the name Of the correspondent is on file in this office.] Hay on Shares, have 700 acres of good hay which I will let on shares of one-half for harvest- ing. Arty amount of this will be let, to suit harvester. FRANK STROUT, 26-3w Stanford, Mont. The buffet of the Stanford hotel is sec- ond to none for quality and service. Drop in and be convinced. Money to Loan on Farm Property We can furnish you any amount you desire from One Dollar to One Hundred Thousand Dollars on Improved Farm Property anywhere in the Judith Basin. SEE US BEFORE MAKING ANY NEGOTIATIONS We will furnish you Money at the Lowest Rates of Interest obtainable anywhere. No need to pay excess- ive interest. Come to us and obtain whatever amount you desire at the smallest rate - of interest, and avoid any agents commission. Real Estate, Loans, Investrnepts, ' Insurance Moore Loan & Realty Co. MOORE, MONTANA. S. C. PURDY General Merchandise, Groceries Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes and Hardware Nothing like having a weekly cash income. Get yourself a U. S. Cream Separator and get all of the butter fat out of your milk For Many Years STATES N !TED CREAM SEVMATORS have been tested under all conditions, and have proved to thousands of satisfied users that they are the very best separators in the world. There are good reasons for their great superiority as the 1909 Model l i United States Cream Separator Has Greatly Reduced Diameter of Bowl I still retains its great milk capacity. The currents of the milk in the separator bowl are so increased that the U. S. is unequalled by any other separator for efficient skimming, hence the U.S. separator won and holds the World's Record. All parts of the machine are strong, simple and easy to get at. The gears being entirey enclosed are protected from dirt and dust. The whole machine ia v, ry light running and friction is reduced to a minimum because the working parts run in oil, and are accusalelv made and fitted. No other separator has all these ad% antage.:. the Improved the cream separator for you to buy. :,.: e one for yourself S. C. P IT R T1 AGENT GEYSER B oard oi - MON l ANA 1 ade-. WM. E. COPPEDGE, Prop. Choicest of Family Liquors Domestic And Imported Cigars Your Patronage Will Be Appreciated S I NFONI) MONTANA DA V IS CAFE I D. N. DAVIS, Proprietor Meals at All Hours Only Short Order • Restaurant in City Private Dining Rooms For Ladies Bakery in Connection REGULAR DINNER 35c STANFORD, MON - TANA LAND! Buying and Selling Land Is Our Business LIVE STOCK, LOANS REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Settlers Located. Relinquishments for Sale Chem WEAV ER & BEBB STANFORD, MONTANA Stanford Meat Market Wholesale and Retail Meats STANFORD, MONTANA • •

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 18 Sept. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.