The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 18, 1909, Image 4

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zwvainisinalessnsest a vow , - \vevs nw . Page 4 THE STANFORD _WORLD THE COTTONWOOD COAL COMPANY'S 30,000 ACRE TRACT OF RICH AGRICULTURAL LANDS IN THE HEART OF THE FAMOUS JUDITH BASIN IN FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA , H AS just been placed on the market. Sold on seven years' time at 6 per cent interest Ten per cent down. Montana people who are looking for a good investment should make selections early. Don't wait until the rush begins mid all the choice pieces are taken. Don't delay until you have to pay two or three odwr fellows a profit Buy now, while the land is at first price and you have an enormous trial to select from For further information, amps, price lists and terms call or write S. J. S.& All /1 „ Local Agent JUDITH GAP., MONTANA LLOCAL AND PERSONAL I Job printing at this office Stanford ,World 82.00 per year Cash paid for eggs Stanford Meat Market. L. S. Butler made a flying trip to Lewis- town. Sunday, Big show every Monday night at the Mitchell opera house. 27-3w Mrs. Vanden Hensel of Windham spent Wednesday in Statiforti. Albert Cotner made n busituss trip to Belt the first of the week. Mrs. Bert Skelton was the guest of Mrs James Chamberlain, Wednesday. Mrs. George Edwards of Great Falls, is looking after her business interests here. Mrs. James Weaver and sun returned front a week's visit with friends in Lewis- , town. Sunday, Chas. Marshall, of the law firm of Ayers I & Marshall. of Lewistown. was in the city j Wednesday, on professional business. ' J W. Stephens, of wham be it said, has so splendidly conducted the Judith Basin j experimental station, was in the city, j Tuesday. Stephen Strouf, one of the prosperous ranchers of this section. who enjoys life on his home north of town, was in thel city. Tuesday. D. W. Bunday. traveling auditor for the McCall -Webster Elevator Co., dropped off 44, Tuesday. to enjoy a day's sojourn in a live community Frank Mitchell has been out in the country a few days this week attending to some of the many duties he has in connection with his ranch holdings and possessions. Ray U. Miner JEWELER All Kinds of Repair Work at the Lowest Price. Work Guaranteed. Orders Taken for Jewelry City Barber Shop First -Class Work Guaranteed Get rid of all your warts and Moles. I can do it without pain. Ladies don't let the ends of your hair split. Give me a call. Shampoo a Specialty STANFORD, MONT. Smoke the Belt Miner. Stolen—Gordon setter, female. Bring her back_ R. Annan. J. 0. Currie, of Harlowtown. was in the city. Wednesday. W. R. Mowery, of Great Fella, hail busi- ness in the city, Tuesday. J. P. Reed, of Lewistown. Cala(' over front the county seat, Monday. Miss Eva M. Connell, of Denton. was shopping in this city. Wednesday GeorgeArnold. Jr.. registered at the Hotel Stanford, Wednesday from itilliogs. E. G. Warden, lawyer, First National Bank block. Both 'Mimes 127 Lewistowo. Mont. David R. Ituniford. enterprising real estate lemon of Windham, was iii the city, Wednesday. Wednesday was the first day of the Jewish Year. Did anyone notice the fact? (Yom Kipper.) Among the Lewistown visitors iii the city. Wednesday, was Russel Kreiger. who Was here on business. George Learned, of Waverly, Minn., was looking over this section of the Basin. the early part of the week. Frank E. Jones. of Helena, collector for the International Harvester Co.. was in the city. Wednesday. on business. C. H. Cobb, one of the enterprising citi- zens of the hustling anti growing town of Geyser, was in the city, Wednesday. transacting business. Wanted—Situation as a private teacher. Music, art and elocution included if pre- ferred. For particulars itpply to Z. Stan- ford. Mont. W. B. and Floyd Skelton were in town. j Wednesday attending to the necessary Idetails of shipping the cattle that 1.41 Stanford for the Chicago market. Wednes- day. Engine No 730, hauling an extra west , bound freight, went out of commission here, Tuesday. and one of the boiler makers from the shops at Great Fails comedown to repair the damage. Homer Detrick. that prince of fortune I who makes and maintains his resident. at the town that the \Jaw -Bone\ railroad is pleased to call Moore. was in the city. Thursday, attending to sonic matters con- nected with duties and responsibilities. the which he is over -burdened with. To the already extensive number of radiators, the which push nut the heat for the \forty-one\—(count \em forty-one)— steam heated rooms of the Stanford Hotel there conies now a few more, the same ' being installed this week by those bri- gands of fatuin. Edwards & Baum- gartner. . — Sianford,World $2.00 per year. Ask for the Belt Miner cigar, on sale everywhere in Stanford. Ii sou appreciate good goods, drop in the buffet at the Hotel Stanford. Miss 1.01a Milsafe of Dover, spent Wed- nesday in town visiting friends. Mrs. Albert Sorenson leaves for Reyna- fiad lids week to join her husband. Martin, who makes his home on Wolf creek, was in the city, Thursday. Mrs. Yr estey l'eck of Geyser, is visiting at the ranch of W. B. Peck near Stanford. John Wahl', of Denton, came over to a la i• town. Wednesday, to transact bust - Iles' John M. Nelson. who has a fine rsnch around Cottonwood. was in the city a few ela), this week Th;. Belt Miner, cigar is a 'product of Montana labor. Try one and see if it is not a good one. Mrs. Chas. Whitcomb. who has been spending 1 few days in this city, returned to the ranch Thursday. School opened Monday morning with Miss Nora Westfall as teacher: There ViCle twenty pupils enrolled. have quite a lot of haying machinery for sale, also other machinery, including well drill and engine. Jesse Backus. 27tf Work 1M the building which the. First State Batik is erecting was temporarily suspended yesterday, on account of the ' rain Job Printing a Office Suppies T HE WORLD is equipped with new type and all necessary machinery to promptly execute in the most approved a n d acceptable manner job printing of any and all description. If you need anything in the line of commercial printing ---Letter Heads, Bill Heads, State- ments, Envelopes ---write or telephone the Stanford World If you twiny of any Items of News you would like to have published call the World by Mutual phone No Charges ' Mrs. Annie W. F. Edwards. of Great Falls, was in the city a few days negotiat- ing for the sale of her ranch property which lies west of town. Frank Mitchell left Thursday for Lewis - Iowa) to attend to some business duties, after which he will take an extended trip through Yellowstone county. W. L. Graig and A. 'r. Harvey came in from Lewistown. Friday. Mr. Harvey for sonic time lionie his residence at Hobson. but later moved to the county seat. H. N. Klinellelter, general accountant for the Basin Lumber Co., was in the city a few days this week acquainting him- self with affairs of the local office of his firm. A suit was tried hit ire Justice of the Pern'e Latency Axtell, Thursday, in which Dr. (gel sued MOS. Hegela1111 to recover the sum of $21:roo Judgment was found for the plaintiff for .$S3. The Wish! is indebted to Miss Irene Butler for a part la the local and personal matters in this week's issue. Miss Runlet is the le.ipular little lady who cares for, and attends ti; the duties of the local office ofthe Mutual Telephone Co. The local freight yard this morning re- sembled a terminal tangled up. No less than four freight trains were here, and it lorAted as though a Sam lAyli puzzle would have pi ii. worked out in order to ' permit them !ii pass. 'there will be heavy freight boSitless MI the road for some wee to 011111. 110W all'01111I if the lipellifig of I lirougit traffic EDWARDS--AY DT The good book Imparts to all men the advice to \take unto thyself a wife.\ Of course It does not say lust whose wife to take, but It does say \take one.\ Now, all men like to live up to, and follow the teachings of that big book, and some of them do at some time or other \take unto themselve a wife—and that is just what that foxy old rascal. A. C. Edwards has gone and done. Quietly slipping away from his native heath and bungalow. Mr. Edwards enriched the coffers of Jim Hill to the extent of the price of a paste- board to Great Falls, and those who know say the dry goods emporiums of the \City of Lights\ were filling rush orders for wedding trosaeau for the bride to be upon his arrival. The marriage of A. C. Edwards and Elizabeth Aydt was solemnized at Great Falls, the latter part of last week, and the I bride and groom returned to the city Wednesday. What was down on the program for a charivari was pulled off in the Hotel Stanford the evening of the arrival of the popular couple,' and from \Int created we were . of the opinion that the annual re -union of the boiler makers union was in session, and that j the Stanford fife and drum corp wereaid- ing In the Jubilee. Certain it is, there Church Services Ill 11 letter to the World, the Rev. R. W. Edwards states that he will hold church services here In the school house, on Sun- day. Sept.. 19., at 11 a. m., and 8 p. m. - I have not visited Stanford for several months.\ says Rev. R. W. Edwards, \as Rev. George Edwards has been coming down. _ - Notice for Publication Department of the Interior U. S. Land Office at Lewistown, Montana, Septem- ber 13. 1909. Notice is hereby given that Ira D. Snell, of Denton. Montana, who on the 21st day of April, 1908. made homestead entry No. 5801, serial No. 04432, for 160 acres, rive% section 8, township 17 north, range 14 east, Montana meridian, has filed notice of his intention to make final commuta- tion proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before the register and receiver of the U. S. land office at Lewis- town, Montana. on the 18th day of Octo- ber, 1909. Claimant names as witnesses: Russel Kreiger, of Denton. Mont; Ed. Shelton, of Stanford, Mont.; Mike Mikkel- son, of Stanford, Mont.; Cachreen Coulter, of Lewistown, Mont, C. E. McCem, Register. First pub. Sept 18. 1909. was a celebration, and the bride and Notice for Publication groom were the recipients of many well I wishes and congratulations. Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Lewistown. Montana, Set:item- ber 1st, 1909. Surprise Party Notice is hereby given that Nick Zeller, of Stanford. Montana, who, on March 14th, A surprise party was tendered Miss 1908, made homestead entry No. 5717, for Alma Edwards, of Windham, at her home lots i and 2, and south V. of northeast V. in that town, a few days ago. 14 her section 2. township 16 north, range 19 many friends and admirers. Miss Ed-pamlargrear commute - wards fialtead- wards has gone to the Bozeman College east,ni taper Montanaif .ntiean testablish ion nc t o i claim to thy land to take up collegiate duties, and the party ' above described, before Dudley Axtell, U.S. was given on the eve of her departure. commissioner, at Stanford:Montana, on the Refreshments, cards and a musical pro- a 0: m t o c b: r aja . 19 w 0 ii 9 . Claimant ta a es: gram furnished the evening's amustnent. Jessie Backus, of Windham, Mont.; Oscar I 18th Anderson, of Windham. Mont.: Louis E. Greater Homestead Land ' Deranteau, of Benchland, Mont.; Carl Nel- son, of Stanford, Montana. The lands designated by Secretary of C. E. McKoia, Register. the Interior Ballinger, in this vicinity, as First pub Sept. 18. 1909 coming under the provisions of the greater homestead law, are as follows; Township j 17 north. ranges 11,12, 13. 14 and IS, east; ' township 18„,north, ranges 11. 12, 13, It and 15; 19 north, ranges 13, 14 and IS; 21 north, rangeit 13, 14 and 15; 22 north, ranges 13, 14 and 15; 23 north, ranges 13 and 14; 24 Mirth, range 13; 25 north. range 13. Render Good Program To a Fair Audience I - '. -n nearly two hours last tught. the !Jowls Comedy and Novelty Show for- tli911V41 an entertainment. which was not only versatile.. bid which in parts was as ; good as that se en in the big show shops A the lar.ter cai , s Mr. Lewis' ability as :la elitflralnll ;S i'f rtainly good, and there :ire many 1:1,,ch-r., on the program that brought our c , :nsidcrahle applause. Open- init w. , .11 a •:..,ppy little sketch Mr. and ‘1,4 1...w ; . l.4.11 the plaudits of the :milieu... ::1 - ..1 then Mr. 1,ewis spent a few moments in feiat ill legerdemain. A irm,7e :.e t v.'as the next m xt nuber on the bill. mei the audience 11011 their breath %bile, he Willi through his nerve tryon\: act. The closing it of the show howevi , r is where the liet part comes, and in a two., rer000;rgige Mr. Lewis a - as at 111, bin's; floe of Itic songs ho rendere,1 - Wmildn't Thar Stake Yon Hungry. - sop , Mall(' a hit a nil the crowd. In a very . credit able. manner Mrs. Lewis sang - I Lave My 'Wife. But Oh! Yon Kid - An.I that is just what time audience thought. Tonight the same company appear at which time a new bill will he presented. No Mail! On account , of the change in the run- ning of the trains, No. 43 did not go - through last night, and the dear public received not that Pallth needed factor in the successful operation of business.—the United States mail. I.W. HARPER KENTUCKY WHISKEY for 6cittlemen who cherish Quality. — For Sale at — HOTEL STANFORD BUFFET - , September 18, 1909 - Land Filings and Final Proof Business at World Office You Save Money by Doing Land Business in Stanford JAMES KELLEHER & SON Agents for the Famous \EMERSON Engines Plows and full line of Farm Implements Also Agents for the Russell Road Locomotives, and Huber Traction Engines for Plowing, Russell and Huber Threshing Machinery and Saw Mills. Hart -Parr GASOLINE ENGINES . Van Brunt Grain Drills Special Offers—One Hart -Parr Gasoline Plowing Engine and Emerson Plows. First class shape. Has been used. First payment June 1, 1910 Easy Terms We carry a Large Line of Engine Plow Repairs Stanford, Montana. EDWARD MASSEY, B. E. STAC Disc Late Reg. U. S. STACK Sharpener Land Office. Brassey&Stack REAL ESTATE AND COMMISSION Loans Negotiated Settlers Located Land Scrip For Sale We are prepared to sharpen discs. We have the latest machinery and gasoline power. All work guaranteed to be done in a first-class manner. Bring in your discs. All kinds of Blacksmithing. Agent for the famous Balsam of Myrrh, for horses' shoulders SCHMAUCH & HOMBERG LEWISTOWN - MONTANA Stanford, Montana Stanford Mercantile Company DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS, BOOTS AND SHOES, GROCERIES FURNITURE, HARDWARE, FARM MACHINERY, AND DUMBER COpYriSlit 1909 Kabo Corset Co: F OR the woman of full figure with hips larger than she would like, .there's only one corset—the Kabo Form Reducing Corset. This corset will do more to give you cor- rect lines without dis- comfort than any other corict. The adjustment IS ma(!c after the corset is put on; it works wonders. Kabo Corsets are made in every conceivable model; always stylish; always up - nab., Style 1010. The form reducim: means exult/ to -date. what the words form redwing would cnnv.•y. A ciirs, t for the stout woman with moderatelY high huuu..n arid ru, mad, Of rites Ilea() C01/10: has 3 pairs of strong suspender web hose supporters with 13.inch reinforced front clasps. The redecins device being the broad Hap which laces on each side of the front steel and which is iiasily adjusted after the corset is on. and will positivels reduce the figure We carry a full line of from 3 to 5 inches without the least dir. \orlon or buluinit Of flesh: a great boon to the stout woman. white only. Kabo Corsets. — thee 19 IOW seas ate: aavnr - nrhatistr. Theo, 0.00 Prices $5 to $1 DRY GOODS New Fall Goods are arriving every day. Wei' - have already received a very fine lot of Fall Dress Goods. The very latest in Satin Stripes. All the new Greens, London Smoke, Slate, etc. Also a very fine line of Ladies' Belts and Handbags. A little better than the best. A little lower than the rest. THE KABO CORSET Knowing that a corset is one of the garments a lady is most particular about we have studied a great many lines. The KABO CORSET in our ,esti- mation is one of the best. They are guaranteed not to rust or break. Please do not be predudiced, you may be wearing another kind, but, there is a KABO to fit you. SCHOOL SUPPLIES School is about to commence. We carry every- thing in School Supplies and sell for reasonable prices. McCall Patterns Expected Every Day We have signed a contract to handle the McCall Patterns. It is use- less to explain the merits of these patterns. There are more of these patterns sold ihan any other. There must be a reason? Stanford Mercantile Co. Stores at Stanford and Denton, Montana toe

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 18 Sept. 1909, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.