The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, May 30, 1918, Image 5

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, THE STANFORD WORLD , • 4 1 Ward II U. A tiribb'e WARDEN & GRIBBLE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Vractice in all the Courts and U. S. Land ()thee Old First National Bank Building LEW IQTOWN, MONTANA Dr. H. 0. Moore DENTIST Office Over First National Bank Stanford, Montana Resident Deputy State Veterinary Surgeon Dr. F. B. Remer VETERINARIAN office at Leslie's Livery Barn Mont. Veterinary License No. 7G of the Fergus eoutity fair is now Stores 1011 be elo sed all day ! 46 4 .:.....10 fr 1 mg The Town and Vicinity MIN .. ,. / ..,„ itt today -AIEMOIZIAL 1):\', (Ieorge Volkel. manager of the . (; rocer y deply . ittleut of the Stan- s iort ., w ill t h . „.1 0 ,,.,1 a ll ( 1 41 l ..oal.N r I ) i i i t s. B. 'I'. Sikes visit ford e Mrcantile. went to Harlow- 1 ,,, 10 ,- _AIK.3,((imAi. l),\\.ed hit stali, I Weillnesdlt.v. ton for a few days stay \Viallies- 1 d a y evening. .'0R AI s,E_ 14116 ti ver i __„ 1 „1 car , Jess ie li t eating returned home mod e l i. - ir.-_Ii i. s iti i re a l th e Ford. Vrida . % after having finished her 'flu' catalog and premium list th ini e.,. , ., . ter.41 ot :school at T'olirad She t)tit and ready for circulation. Enid IZaillint rettirn4.41 from it ' I ,' e ,, 1111n .\ 41, It 8 11 , .. 00, 1 ,1 . ;_or tile coming ear. business trip . to Le‘vistolvit Wed - contains complele list of pre - initials offered in the differ e nt I ll'sd\-` evi . \ 1 \g• L. Lid Mrs. E. S. Ireland departments. rules and regtila- Vasil Nieola eanie tip from I- hi 1 \\ . \ 1.4100 Ii.e.‘'erSat Ill. lions for exhibitors. explanation higl. Alonday and stopped over ' 1 \.` rla•le a shun 1 vt--tt al tile ‘41 . :heir datighter„ Mrs. %V. of methods of shipments, etc.! for a short visit. It is a splendidly t,fotten up book Atri. \ rover , .AH11,4..411,1 let 1)1 11 1101i• Ir•land iittend- and eVerYtille illiereSted the T ues d ay for tier Le ! 0 . 1 1 V1 , 111'1'11 S . 111iiiiiy allo t was I fair, and especially those w 14 . ; 1. a wit \ ii \r ionl y , ' . . „ -;',.\ . favorably impressed vvillt the I II ' S ' 1VOrk all(' %Vitt' the pr44- , expeet to inalip exhibits, should li sts. . Airs. It. (*. Vris)ie left :11onditv gress:‘4. spirit 11f tin` 10%1 - 11 in gin- , morning for Spokane, vvliere 81;e! eral. will visit at ihe hom44 of tier No1141411. %% - ho returned ' mot her. Announcement Dr. J. Lebovitz Formerly of Chicago Is now located at Stanford Call Hotel Stanford 0.000000000000000..0000000000.0 0000 • oo o o • STORE CLOSED ALL DAY TODAY DECORATION DAY Basin Trading Co. Shoe Departm'nts BARGAINS IN SHOES For the Whole Family We will run this sale one week longer for the bepelit of those who did not get in last week to take advantage of these great reduction prices. This is your chance to save money on shoes. Every one of these lots are REAL VALUES One Lot of Men's Work Shoes, Heavy Box -Calf and Gun Metal, values $4.50 and $6.00 at BARGAIN PRICE One Lot of Boy's Shoes, ,spring outing shoe in black and tan -;$ Values $2.50 and $3.00, while they last $2.25 0 • '• 00000000000000000 000000000000000c0000000000000 BARGAIN PRICE One Lot of Men's Fine Dress Shoes, button gun metals and fine Vici Kid lace, values $5.00 to $6.50 at BARGAIN PRICE $3.85 One Lot of Men's Florsheim Oxfords in tan and black, button and lace, values $4.50 to $5.50, while they last BARGAIN PRICE $3.60 One Lot of Children's and Misses Oxfords, values at from BARGAIN PRICE $1.50 $2.00 to $2.50 One Lot of Ladies High Top, button and lace shoes, values BARGAIN PRICE S4.50 to S5.50, real bargains $3.50 -One Lot of Ladies Oxfords and Pumps. patent leathers and gun BARGAIN PRICE metals, values $4.50 $3.00 One Lot of Ladies tan and wine colored Oxfords, values frdm $1.50 $3.50 to $4.00 BARGAIN PRICE Extra Special This Week One Lot of Ladies wash Silk Waists, values from $1.50 and BARGAIN PRICE , $2.00, while they last $1.00 \ One Lot of Ladies Pongee Sport waists, a genuine value at $1.50, while they last BARGAIN PRICE $1.00 One Lot of Ladies Crepe Waists, values from $2.50 to $3.50, an excellent buy at this season at - $2.00 and $1.00 Basin Trading Co. • 0 0 0 0 (-) 0000 Mrs, I,. Al. Ilarrod returned te Merino Saturday after spending, Its winter at her home at Edin- burg, Illinois. John I'll III' OVer 1 . 1'0111 I ier/111611e ItisI Prillay and at. Olideli to liltSilleSS 111.1'e kir a . t . OW Mrs. A. E. 1411.1.54W went to Le%i Weiluesda,\ evening wend meiemial ita.‘ hee l MORE SERVICE FLAG STARS friends and relatives. hi he very near future f our more service stars will It added Alderman Kerr returnial to his to the ennintimitv service flag home in Drew Falls Tuesday tolieli hang.. inIII c i ty mi l morning after a week's visit T „.„ with his daughter. .‘Irs. John U. - • • lvii'iN 1114“ .111111\ \V i1S\11 NVIS1111. 11'11 Sli4111111111 1 . 111 . till' SV1'Vt1'1' ;11111 It 4i In Catit . 111'llill I'll lull TK AE \ (T _ A ' • .11111\ %Vali engaged al the !twill roan heifer, branded lazy h depot for about a Year Previons heart on len ,i15o has tt. U.tlu last fall. Last -lime he regis- Nliner's brand. - Christian- tereil in Stanford. Later in the sell. Stanford. year Ile was inarv,ied to Miss M r . a nd 11te NielierS011 atoll shortly al . - mov ,.,1 w oo i t„. A . • A i„ t t s Inwards was transferred to th, ! d a ce th e fi rs t wt .,.k . A set 1 .alispell division. Ile is now in of new Intildin, , s are being, ervel hi' servire and Al\. WitS\11 is 1.11 1111 this 11111111, Ittuikilug ilf.r home in Stanford. Ml'. A . c ti wi ns. a brother o r 11111111' Will he lhe ( 'harle.s Calkins. arrived Salm.- ti4h ; 2. s1)4)11. 1111,1o t v frni Nebraska and lark i . has Is- „ aild , 1 : IsIhl 0 tII' , it 11)11 415 ,, herk with the meang ti left Die lust III week Stanford Alercatitile. 4.1 Camp Lewis and their -ill lii'pial'ed 1111 the Hag. Ali% Nice. of Illoore. and (5 0. j u tio s 1115411 has volunteered Ilat•roll spent several days look- hi s servii.i.s, has heel' lleeepled, ing al the homestead 1111111 10 soon mid i s eli titio t o a 1 ,1 1101 4 on the Ill' draw\- 31 rs• ( ;e0rge Harrod tlag. This flag should then hold went as far 14,5 the Falls 1111(1 re- stars . representing 118 \ M1141 “the daY bY the •winy men ill serviia. front this - Jim Hill route. - community. Last 'week a deal was dosed bet WI•ell W. I. Perkins. Of Den- CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOU 11 ' 11 . arid U- I'• wilerebY This week the 101111 banks re- beeante the owner ceived a 'letter givving the 11.Xt Of the Perkins residenee in 4)1' two telegrams from Seeretary smith part of town. Mr. Ilarv-ey\lu'\IIII(lIII Th eo d ore W o ld is the new druggist. pressing his appreeiation of the RAUHUT SELLS RANCH efforts of all wiloassistlii with ihi' Third Liberly Loan . 41111- IMS! •xvek a deal was closed Ile- paiign. The. telegrains read in tweets Emil Raninit and A. It. part Iluegele whereby .N1 r. I litegele lie- \I'lease accept my warniesi came the OWIler Of Mr. U/11111111 . A vongratulalions Oil Ihe magniti- ranell. Emil eanie to the Slanford cent SIlel'eSS Of 1111' TI11111 1.1111'11Y e\ 1111111111 1 1 .V 811111e three YearS ago. Loan. It is a tri111111111 Of S(1111n1 FOr V1111•4111erithle tillle he %VHS elll- war 'Unloving and is highly ered- isloyed al the II. I. Nliner ranch. liable If, the intelligebee 111141 Pa - Last year he purchased- tile A.,11(ly triotis... of the American people. Tkaell plaee and mince has farm- I lope that every purehaser of I'll for himself. This place is bonds will keep them for his own cated on Willow creel( romriliill'sg‘doht hin d for th i s eoludr y s sada.. S011111WeSt Of town 411111 15 all ex- •61•1• 31 1 are the resourelis of tra good nitwit. Last fall 11r. ATherieit. but greater are the (Ill- HlhllIilIt 011e of the best gar- conquerable soul and spirit of (14.ns in eimidry and sold sev- tler peOple. eral dollars vvorth of produve to \The people of the Ninth Fed- 1\'\I'le in Stanford and Lehigh. ••ral Iteserve Distriet hays. every his wheat was up to the average. reaso n t o be prowl of the very NIr, came to Stanford prominent parl lheY art' PlaYi fig from Texas about two months ill nial;ing the Third Libertv lotan ago and has shim , been looking etimpaign an overwhelming site - over the emintry with the idea eel4.S. EVery 11151rlel In tile 1.01111 - of linyintr try did remarlothly well by sub- exPeets to leave serilang more than its allotted Ion St. Louis as soon as he can li tuda 11111 the Ninth Distriet get his business affairs all settl- aeltieved tI hover perrentage Ill ed up. After. a short visit o v e rsubscription on a money relatives he expeets 10 enter the SiS than all.V 0111er 111 . 0011 1 1. 1 SerViee Of his emintry:- hope you vvill emivey III the bond hovers of vorn district OLSEN'S SHOW WAS GOOD est congratulation on this mplen WHS a had 111lV did n'S 1111 - .. 115 ;Is 1V1.;Itill`r V1 . 71S 1.111WO1111•11 111111 1 . 111Oliti1/11S 1111111 ' t improve MERINO NEWS ',well as night eaine on, but Or Frida Y evening the neighbors sen the new inov;ing pit lire man. gathered at the school house 10 gat - '' his show as selieduled any- give a party iii Ininor a Hoy how, awl it was a sph•lifiiii show leatitig tills Il.ft for Camp Lew - and the palrimage was prelty is h a ving- been Caned la I although it eould have been trom , the Stanford registrants - Olsen . purebased one of the, s \ pei l i . f e . r.v ai l i le t i 4 i v g e h i t ii i n i g li improved. littI It'll! 1)11 best moving picture machines on long remembered lu,t those I'\'' the market and expeets logive' ,. 11 1, Th e ti me vvas spent in a sne- shows regillarly Iwiee each week I A way a nd in dallying. At 1111 . 11- $4>.11 :: ig1151ilv1 : 111r11age ‘441 ig1ta IItl('11 :: \l ';m \..1 i 41 111;1ksi11444ssi114'1:441(1 114. fl4r i 1:11ilI lf111 A: - 1:s1 will secure onl,v • the best pie- watch %vas presented to Hoy by 11111/1111able alla will S110%(' th e eommu nity. 1 , 111 \ a nmeliine 1 11 1 1 will 'toy Keating has lived at Mer- 4 \' \ I \ P\ . \Ire ill 8 liee• for the last three years. dim- St,aniffi'd \'MON a ing whieli time he has been en- fh 7r . ii I g l I l gill' aged ill e. his 1t l '11.1. : 1 1 ii' i g er. 1 ;\1 11 11 it• . has been ill Stanford fOr the 11:151 1 0/111 of 11m. highest type, po5se55- 1W11 1111111111S as mud{ at the l'opii- ; n o ; di d o . q u a lities that go It lay restaurant. Ile expeetm to re- make a •outig inan honored and main ill Stanford and therefo..resimeled aniont: his fellow men, lhose vvlio II 111111 his show'S - 1Thi It i %v ia l pr id e th a t this emit -- hod need III 1 . I';11 . that he illS1 I 111111111y S('eS ItOy tr0 10 answer 11 i IllS 1%11;11 money he eau !del: . 15 emintry's Iii ill all evenirry, 4)1. two and: hen leave. Ile will give his Mrs. Alva Nloore a nd ehi t ldreit next ShIOW on .Saturday evening.: visited at the home of '1'. Sikes i k June 1, thi• past weelt. • holin• from Camp Lewis about two weeks ago Oil a lar1 11-1.111.- 14111g1t, reveived 1111 I'll Alonilii.1 morning !hilt Ile %VHS In 111)1111 al 1811111 Friiiii;,. 'Ala.% :ll. lit' iteeoritiligly left for Lewistown .1 limilay evening. at temled to $mile lousiness niatiers. and has his country. A 11,111 i.,......„•,, ,.. thit• ,,,•,.,.it..• ,.,. Every Farrel Home ' Neecil. Eldth Room It greatly reduces the • house2.vife'swork, pa it !cu- lat:v m taking care ot the children. Ana it adds much to the comfort and convenience of every member of the family from grandmother to the baby. A MILWAUKEE, AIR POWER WATER SYSTEM makes a bath room possible in any farm home bl• supplying an abundance of hot and cold water -both hard or soft it desired. This is a \Direct- from the Well\ system. There is no water storage tank. Lk cry drop of the well or spring water is absolutely fresh and fit to drink. 'Cie pumps are s'Imple and all the mac tinery thoroughly reliable. The cost of an outfit for your place will be reasonable. Come*in 14 and see us, or phone about it. WAIF It ST k.1 1 .1 0.4.401. . W. PEARSON STANFORD, MONT, Great Falls Hotel GREAT EALLS MONTANA FITZGERAL9 & FOSTER, Props EUROPEAN PI.AN A First -Class Cafe Connected HELP U. S. HELP US • • • WE HAVE JUST ORDERED 10 CARLOADS • Bear Creek Lump i t Positively the best storage coal that you can buy. Every- body knows it. 1 96 per cent of the coal you expect to burn this winter should be bought during the next sixty days. : If YOU don't do this the chances are pretty good that you • will be WITHOUT COAL before the winter is over. • i Arrange With Us Now for Your Coal COAL \Quality\ \Service\ Frank W. Lester • Stanford, Phone 40 Montana. • •••••••-•-•- Your Market Fresh and Cured Meats 1)rop- erl3'4 butchered, cared for in a clean, sanitary shop and rea- sonably priced. Stanford Meat Company Prompt Service Reasonable Prices PH :6 ( ? ) 1 'FORD GARAGE PHONE .36 , GLEN A. GALT, Prop.

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 30 May 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.