The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, July 18, 1918, Image 1

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• • \ No. 22. $2.00 Per Year. ortb. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1918. 5 Cents Per Copy JOIN WAR SAVINGS SOCIETY AND SAVE MORMONS EMPTY THEIR GRANARIES OF WHEAT More than a quarter of a mil - lime bushels of wbeat have been turned over to the Food Admiuis- nation from the Mormon wheat storehouses in Utah, which are beingswept elean for the first Possible the Safe Financing • • time an more than thirty years. the War. This represents the enmemous re- .01A0 supply built up under the tithing praeticte to protect the NUMBER OF socirmEs Lwow,. against :my emergency. NOW ORGANIZED HEn,s1 -Thee earh harvest the church members who are farmers eon- - tribute our -tenth of their pro- eluetien to provide seed for In - tins• losips and as an insuramee against famine. Aids You to Be 100 Per Cent American and Helps to Make There is a never -cutting stream these days of American khaki - clad boys following along the railroad lines to the Atlantic coast from where they go to PLENTY OF COAL FOR.ALL , Pranee. They are truly the glo- . ry of America- these young THRFSHING MACHINE OUTFITS fighters who go not only willing- ly but anxioaly-that the prin- cipals which our forefathers laid • Fuel Administration Also Au- down for the guidance of the - - United States 142 years ago shall thorizes Use of Lump Coal in the future shed their radiance by Threshermen of liberty„justiee and equality , _ over the eotire world. That this fi g h t i ng mac hi ne way a j wayg b e Thresheys have been placed on maintained at its highest. effici.- preference list No. 1 of the U. S. ency both physically mid spirit_ luel administration. This means natty it is necessary t hat it con- I \I I he f\ ' d \etas o f t bre \' st aid stream of dollars flow into ' In e n inn s t In ' sill'Plied Ii rat and the -United States Treasury at gl ees r, s \ r \.\\ l ' h \ t , lite ,\ will Washington. that clothing, food, be no delay el turesenug nee new medicine, the best. guns and an grain er 0 1 ) . nialiatted supply of ammunition State Fuel A elminist rotor M. may be bought aml furnished to 11. (lerr • v • ' 11.- h \ Iwtified all re - our fighting boys. The Gov - tail coal dealers if the state that ernment has arranged its finan- !he needs of threshermen must cial program so that the humb- de 41I P 1)lied. beftirr, coal ell \ be War Savings Stamps, take part P rufer r e , liee list , N() * , I .,.. \ni a lit !;Boy Scouts in Camp kat citizen 11111Y, by purchasing delivered to indust ries not on in keeping this gi•eat staTalll of committeemen nave eeen aseeu saottar.. . dollars ever ate high - tide. bet a to. retitAtleer&.goventil/C_ little rivelet of W. S. S. flow the supply of coal for threshing The Stanford Troop of -Boy . *owes, enough to say that me be - from every home, a larger stream l ' Il lr e se t l io l i s te( s i ti t ti t Y e s ol f ) t s u e 4 i.v a t iu : Scouts went into camp July 8. gait our homeward journey at • k • • • tl • t This troop is made up of two pa- hoot !I a. in., and about 2 o'clock from each town, and a river from • each state, all joining and form- • ' ' ing a mighty stream on whose there will be epal for n, tug . trots, the Bears and the Eagles. tell Monday morning the last Each patrol is made up of eight • loile•li had resulted Stamford. bosom shall ride t he ships which purposts, ma au tom« • et of lump eoel ali well as tniue rim. se tenderfoots. The Bear patrol Antos from this, however, all en - Everyone , •iii . • Mtinsaurt WhIle . .. -.a* i No.2 is not complete in that four ,t a •.:••el themselvea immensely. safely carry our boys to France. a • .... . .. h are not yet candidates, not \hav••:alialitetlIOIving learned much from cent War Savings Pledge Drive, !colons. TheY can 'induce their ing taken the . required testiathis trip we are looking forward signed a -pledge oard in the re - is new ('legible to join a War members to save more, to do their The following are the names of to the day when we shall again! Savings Society and wear the hest to compete with other Noel- those who went into camp: V. go into camp and have a still bet - society's emblem. The War Soy- eties to see which- can help the Norentt. Gregory, .Lewis, ter, brighter and happier time. molly ta Natkerson. LeR. Cheney. H. . THE WI ) UTM ASTER logs Society badge is the torch Government most. 'llo'w Myrick. G. Gochenour. 0. Moore, of liberty in a field of blue, en- more War Savings Stamps wcluld von now own than you do i f the G. Hughes. L. Holland, L. Hawk. _ circled by the words \Wat• Say- W. Lewis awl J. Gregm•y, three CHILDREN'S DAY HP St at of a War . Sayings soei- . . In• 1 eme it a . being b. , . 1 1 ., (mutely is emslially invited to be together with t he scout master. IN THE mou NTAIN s the guests of the people of he - and six other friends, made up high at a big smoker to be given the - camp, a total of 20 persons. in honor of the boys who 'will The place chosen lei. the camp leave leer %val. during .1111y. Le- win; on Running Wolf, some 15 'weather '011ditions having high is a 1110.1\ town, hut it is wide For scouting i f e n th and , 7, 81 ,• of , thw , n • disarranged mIr Plans last Situ - 11W111C11. HMI they have planned to r'or scouting ano fishing tne to- ,j v. We t wo . t o ear ry o ut the. g i ve i . veryong . w h o \fi en d, t h e 4 1 / 4 . tf lags Service.\ e IV bad been jogging your mem- The wearer of this badge is orv each week? Your intent - helping to win the war in a tru- ly effective manner. First -he tions were good. You wanted to aid yom• Government and at the is tatving and lending his current t i sa y, your mo n e y, but savings to the Government. Sec- ond -he ia providing , the Goy- you just let it peas. Some of your former associates, friends ernmeut with both labor and ma- i l t11 1 re l at i ves are now i n France, terial which he would be using or at the cantonments: Yon if he were spending his savings „. a „ t to s t an d behind them; you for luxuries or unnecessary food, clothes or amina•ments, arid last want to be able to write them but none the less important, he is attending War Savings meet- ings, thereby spreading the propaganda of loyalty and pa- triotism. Members of War Say- ings Societies are 100 per cent Americans and that is what the W a r Savings Service badge means. The War Savings Society can do ninny things more effective- ly , than, individuals usually do thein. These societies provide the necessary machinery for col - LEWISTOWN MAN IS HURT JULY DRAFT TAKES WHEN AUTO TURNS OVER Paul Lovelace, a salestflall tbtt MO11011111 F10111' Mills emu paby, met with \viten might have been it very serious accident Sat- t matey evening when he attempt -1 Two 1111»dred and Fifty-two ('(Ito make it turn near tovvii. Bei From Fergus County Will going at rather h ,igh speed. „ roit rain at LeW1S1OW It M011- % 111141 'Ilk .11110 1111'111 . 41 turtle. rote - (lay, 22. nig eompletely over and Jelly 111111 1111111'1' the enewhilie. A i - ou- iI' ea me along on a (101111re'ele :11111 /It' r ii iii assistaw.,, CATINGEITrWILI. tied he was brought in and at- GO TO CAMP DODGE, IOWA tended by Dr. Lehoyitz. 114 , lakt.11 to Lewistowtt (att.*. .anti _ now ablet ti he about. having war will k r 252 more of e:wed with worm. severet \ fikses - ap %elike e.ln e of Fergus coule- :end a bad shaking tip. t. next week. when the July eon- liogelit leaves Lewistown for the (quint:intent iii Camp* Dodge. In. •119•1. 0i 1 I vst! 11 re r/1 . 0111 SI L111. - .Do You Really Make a Worth -While Saving? Long distance buying is not always as profitable as it may appear. Your ex- press charges, money order and fee, postage and stationery may come to al- most as much as you would pay right here in town for the same merchandise. And the time you spend getting your money order, writing your letter and then waiting for your goods to come often make the \sight unseen\ method of buying the most expensive. Compare that last lot of goods with the kind yourlocal dealer • could have sold you and see if you saved any worth while, ii ati; : i / laarMS/NONSM GREAT NORTHERN TRAINS THREE FROM HERE USE MILWAUKEE DEPOT tutu, 118 t'oIt,ts: REINERT ol,St IN AUGUST IV. H. Vt'ESCHE All Trains Leaving or Arriving EM IL ml. 1:Atin 7 T at Lewistown Now Use the cation was most ideal, no better a l to s, progreun next Sunday. i (a u eila i int „., 0 w „, o f t i t ,. h ad could be found in the vicinity. There will be but the one service times they ever had. From an early hour on Mon- , at 11:30 a. tn. Everybody is ill -1 A couple of boxing matches day morning till well on in the h ated. Come and bring plenty . mi d a wrest li ng „ m o t w in h e on that you are backing them up by .- , • i afternoon companies of seouts o f buying W. S. S.. but would') t it . . .. good things to eat. At this wrote them your War Savings . baggage and all kinds of' camp- word from a number of heed i - and your money will he no good. \ ' t ( e ll R e ' nt i ;• \ t g o rn e l i tt i i. a e r l i e! g ink t h(l'imiTel will be inake them feel better if o y . 0 coold ee titan moving south with serviee we lope also to have Soeiety had out $500 this month ing t irluirem i ents. It was a hap- „,\. - John Ward. of Lehigh. was in , or most et the boys and all presen t an d g i ve a mon ik er o f se -I boys at the front know that that seemed to en j oy i t to t h e f u ll . h.o , tions. etuffluelleuu4 at :1 , 1). in i thuaitsin for the event. and the means you are really back of When the last contingent had art them with your dollars. We are hopeful that those who' s h li u ::: I ... h i r i t t . i n e i s i s tri Z t n in w g. ill do their rived ,on tint eamtUng grounds promised 104/01 i111/* last Sunday ' ' the sun had reached the west, may be able' a, h e l p us „„ th e All the boys who go this flout Ii and yet, by 6.p. m. the last tent was erected. Everything around the camp was put into shape in due time and with neatness and dispatch. c littler& were thrown around the camp, not knowing hut the enemy might make a night' raid. At 10.30 p. m. our bugler, Law - me are . a new experience Th e st an f o rd l a wn will be Ill \V an Savings Stamps? 'rile r 1,,wo this week working imp en - Father Mohunex will hold ser- viees in the Catholic ehurch at. this place on Sunday July 28. Muss wil be at 10:30 a. tn. 0 000000000000000000003000000000000 0 0 0 00E) 0000000000 000 2.20 inches RAIN and just when we need it. When you are in the Judith Basin you are in a sure country. Your confidence in the country is the same as you confidenceln your banker. He tides you over, until harvest and the old faitful local conditions take care of the rest.' You have selected the right section fqr your home and for your banker select the Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 Are you bujing your thrift stamps regularly? 0 0000000 0000•000000000000 0 000000000000000000000 000 and forestry. • Before coining to the NO1411Welit Mr. Laybourne had been a scout master in Col- orado, mat this being so, espee- •ially qualified him to speak on subjects deeply interesting to all. Dm•ing the 4eek we had vis- its from Mrs. W. Lewis, Nh•s. E. Lewis and family, - Mr. and Mrs. hailer and family, Mr. Hawk, Dr. Moere and 1)1.. and Mrs. My, Whale mem has le•come so rick. popular where it has appeared on Of all our experiences perhaps the table that the need of a trade the evening camp fire was Ow or rather a market name is be - most interesting and enjoyable. Here all sat around and lititeneel with rapt intention to stories, songs. and volumes of oratory. Everyone 11;118 surp d• risc and amazed at. the number -of orators we had in or u midst. In this way some of the happiest hours of the trip were spent. In regard to .Sunday's experi- tote. peening Sunday. 'flee following very kindly promised: Hager- man, Lester, Ala/ thews. Mere- dith. Strout*. O. (hilt, 'hest I0' m Baylis, Hawk. Ostegren, Soren- son. Bell, Fliteroft, anti Cramer. If 'any others can help UR it will be appreeiated. These ears will be at the ehtireh rence Hawk, sounded \lights at 10 a. m. Those t(im have a out;\ he seemed to say \go to bed;' go to bed.\ To these in- structions all rendered prompt obedience. (.)fl Tuesday afternoon Nlr. haybourne, forest ranger, visited one eamp and gave us it fine into th e v a ll e ys, which run talk on scouting, camp :sanitation among the it • Don't forget to bring the en- velopes which were given out at Sunday school. This and what- I'V01` the offering may be ,will go to Sabbath School missions. REV. ALEXANI)ER, lull load in their own families Neill go on their own time At the old eamp near thee la's - lit' ranch we simitil meet. Here the seenery is beautiful; here it is where \Ile semleth the springs WHALE MEAT POPULAR SUBSTITUTE FOR BEEF coining apparent. The last ship- ment or whale•ineat from the Pa- eific Coast to the East was ado- aAy - eaten tip '• in a few days and_ there were calls for m e or, T h e Food Administration is pressing for a fuller and more regular supply of this most re- volt and sueeeasful meat aubsti- all their friends and everybody else are urged to go and have a good Ii me wit hi the Lehigh Montana hustishes 4.000 melt Main Street Station for this draft, mid from reports • the past few weeks, when these tie, a get to the front they wilt Until lumber notiee• passenger le. eoual to at least 11000 (Lg.- ! rains of I he (:reti Noll hern will hulls, The; reined States IS 1101%' *,t w.•I1 st a l l '41 gill 1/41e. Nee01111/ IOU 1- iiceuu lea re Irl till 111111 11111 lain the ti l- of Pritlive, anti thiegs 'are Himil 1 01111. 19 happen 11911 univ 1111l0401't. '11111 t. serious- ly with the peeler of tuned of the beast Or hind ION Potsdam gang. The news II/SIMI elteS eVe I Illy Se(011 / 0 AlOW /1 weakening of the Teutonic ferees, mid it is earnestly lowed that the - begin- iiing of the end\ is ill sight. The faster Unele Sam can g et his soldiers to Ille• firing line the sootier it %rill all lie over, mid the 1% tutu wake liii from this horrible nightmare of slaughter and rapine. But get t ii,g the soldiers to Enloe'. is onl,v half the battle. They must he kept continually supplied with the beet arms, austitlit ion, food and elothing that I'ankee ingemeity• ran in- vent and Yankee money buy. For that l'11/01 1111 1110R1' of 11R WhO cannot g.0 hove heavy responsi- bilities. The man who shirks LEHIGH WILL GIVE THE theme resnonaillilities will find DRAFTED BOYS SMOKER toleranee among the eitizer : Saturdtly evening 'everybody of uu ,ottitiry it) whitli 111' is WOl'h1.1 ill tile W1'141.171 part of Fergus than an alien. Wankel. stilt ion t I he tenuity sesta and me lousiness It hatever lee iranslieted at the G. N. slation, tier NVili ll'aillS slOin there 1', 1 41/1.11r1.1. The tiekei °tikes have beet) eneolidateel i,i,l Nle. Rink, for- \. of the Great Northern °r- hea will he joiet ticket agent at the Milwaukee. The Milwaukee will in a fete days also take illarge of all the N. freight. business at the NI ;1i II street freight station. Mr. Carpenter .1 the Great Northern will ha in charge as agent, Mr. for- mer ;went of the Alilwailke.;. leaving resigned. .The• trains, both freight and passenger, of the G. N., as well its 1 . 1 g s 11101i% e power s will 1.0..tulten et/ re Or /0 the Afilwattkee yards and round• house. Now Did YOU Like It? It would he lu i ml to pia(111 all emtinutte on the amount of good accomplished by the rain which began early Sunday morning and cominued all day and night. and until about noon Mondity. hi all 2.2 inches of seater fell in the SW Ilford diatriet, and the grontel is for olive thoroughly saturated. It was about the heaviest rain- fall ever known in this sectimi at. Ihis sensor' of the year, and all kinds of grain will be greatly henefitted. Loans to Our Allies With reeent loans of nearly $16.001E000 to Greece and n1,- 000.000 to Belgium ,the aggre- gate loans matte by the United States to our allies now amount hi` praetieally $6,000,000,000. 00000000000000 LI 0 0 0 0 0 0 ci 00 0000000000000000000000000 0000000 The Third Payment on Your Liberty Loan Subscription Will Be Due July 18, Amounting to 35 Per Cent of the Total Subscription First National Bank of Stanford Capital and Surplus $50,000.00 WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR YOUR COUNTRY? , )0000000 000 e ..... 0..0000 000 00000Ce . c . 0

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 18 July 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.