The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, July 25, 1918, Image 1

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N rib. Vol. 9, No. 23. $2.00 Per Year. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1918. 5 Cents Per Copy WM. BOLTON WRITES 1 gle mishap and vent to work ! training shortly after arriving ! here. We spent monthe of hard INTEFCTINC LETTERS work getting into fighting trim. We at last colititleted our final work alai started for our plate in I he t rotates. The day we were Trench Life /s Hard, but He t o s tart the 11uns met its with a Says He Rather Likes It—All violent bombardment which last - the Boys Know They Are Over ed about an hour and would have There to Fight, and Win tasted for a week I guess if our artillery hadn 't opened up on them; but it didn't take our al- lie War Owned. and esPeeiallY lied girs long to show the Huns Buy Where Reputation , that there were two sides to the oaign. to the Seeond War Eland emit - war. No sooner did our guns Counts 1 / 4 , s t ar t w h en a ll was , p n e t a l ong /// Our silliserititi ons went over . / • the Germant lines. Well we fi- f/ the 101, ltY more than seventY Per When you buy merchandise there is The following letters from the nally made our way up to the ifti i i that ;',. great satisfaction n knowing a you eent. anti this splendid achieve- oge — :.. , ,u n d a y . nearly ev er ylne .• trenches in Frame are mighty trout liner taking up our l)0-osi- ment is due in no small part to l ing eit her to t he Children 's Day interesting reading just now, tions as thettgli we were old vets. have received good value for your money. But the satisfaction is greater t i o . a d vert i s i ng an d news e dit or . „,, it mining \VI r gs• ia 1 ht.'', or !eh newspaperN. wag- „ , , when the tide of battle seems to Every, man said. to himself, \1 when you know in advance that the wit hi tile PYlhilins ill) DrY Wolf. be favoring our armies. We are mil taking my post to hold it, a(ines, brio press and trade !m- idways more than glad Co pub- and hold it. they did 'until they value is going to be good. • 1 ,,,,„ t h roug h mit t h e mit i re About every car in town was pressed into serviee to provido halt letters front the boys, at the were properly relieved. We very United States. That's what happens when you trade front or on their way there. often received a shelling; also Your eo-operation was invi t ho transportation for the Sunday t local the dl have at stores, where e eaers some maehine gun fire. but no„/, iiiii,,. W1. lit 40 know that sch oo l „ w i ng. ,,,,,t w hi k , smilt , good reputations to maintain and M y 1 °' 81 ' S l is l o rt — I jus t t'r - One was even seratched from our I .011 are entitled lit feel a sense were rather erow do l. 145 Peolth' eeived your most welcome letter company. I liked the trenches where they do maintain them by sell- of the keenest satisfaetion for the in 21 cars. we all got there in today, and was very touch ing only good goods at fair prices. lime f,,r p piettie dinner at 2. 80 well that I Was really auxious pat riot iv sitviee ;vim have ten - pleased to hear from you again. to return. • t ier e d w o l 'he h e lp p . m liii ... g i V - The :.'41 a 11 1 . 0111 Italia WOH there, It has been a long time since I / IN. 3 When you buy from strangers you are i.ii . VOil ill i h e int e r es t e d to or emoigh of t heal at at* , rate to have received any mail. You • The front - Hee is the only place 1 1 I $ very apt to receive know that the ti , tii i „„ mmit re . produee some very line music at. where a ntan can see real war in, see a transfer from one company / 0 mediocre value at to another always causes a slight its true state. I will agree that ! it is hard, hot hardship was to be 4 ,0,7,ki t . price of better. For ! , 1 , , , , ,. tt ,, , I . , 1711.‘ 1 ! „ l i t o . i, ,,, , , 7170 ,1 7s ,.., : : ! 1 ). „ 1: d ; I I: 01 1 1 7 o t it iI • ' l m .,,, (;(nt .. ( 141:4 1 . . k, 1)::g rt i:! i ni l l i tg in( a i t i le delay; however IV mail is be- am' lot, and Wfrt are smiling un- ginning to come same as before. _ ,;!TRADE \V-- your own protection t „fl y yours . A1 1 1 4 .6 01 111 a short Children's I lay program I am enjoying fair health and i der any and all conditions. 7 AT HOMO, -..,110-T.,: ! tion counts—at home. buy where reputa- Ued ci l i t s : s p ‘ . v iii t ,,, ( ;,. 1 ,: i n i . li,,,i,.,,,,i„ . . day sehool, and ten minute talks was given by pupils tit' the Son- ata certainly ideased to know ( was sorry to see our old MOH- 1 .77/AN, fl 11V 1Ie Ilawk and Dr. Myrick, Mom, - out' little mother is getting bet- tana regiment busted up, but it i• •t _J1 4i'l. ' 0 ! — which were very much appreci- love to be home agai» with you chums, and as it is on the right / SI ih;;;/////aftEMENA SS 0 IS BUSY THIS WEEK pleasant (lay in the woods (dosed ter. God only knows how- 1 have doesn 't make much difference, /4 i IN A mmo' ii tit ell by all. only when in battle we would be COUNCIL OF DEFENSE longed to see her,as,she was be- fi g hting b es id e our h ome s t a t e , ‘....-- 4 The homeward trip was begun fore her long phess. I should , about six o'elock. and a very one may have a big Kentuckian folks if peace had been estatb- from the back mountains. and on tt ---------- ceithout a single serious mishap. 4 lished, but my work is here now, - • This. too. in spits of the fact that will be u til the end of the war; the other side a wealthy fish on ,. di scovere d 4 , 11 t h e Way cip , dealer from Los Angeles. All WOMEN WANTED TO either a civilian training school Local Board Invstigating Case of Alleged Slanderous Re- that NO. :148, old \Doe Yak's” ft I have een much of the real war shoulder to shoulder to end t he el. t he A riny Nunsing School. Those who so enroll will . be called marks About Country little old red ear, was one Of the then wt shall all be free again. are h ere f or i h e cause , fightin g already. I have been where real ENROLL AS NURSES i ii.,,,,. Ti.,... It, preCedent, \DOC shells burst. and machine guns altit'sw(tth'ItitrisaesMit'irol:.t: Yak \ got lb ere and back as world struggle for s .iliberty and znlix(:::::litilltitt:ntt'irisut.), everlasting peace, whieh can on - rattle; ,yet I like it. It is a hard . ity of those who enroll will thus A registered alien (-outing from quickly as the next one. ly be gained by a final victory game to play, but. it must be put down their names for both. ,, over our enetnies. Great Falls caused some little --I played, and to a finish. Then we Government Wants 25,000 Young ; There are 1,597 nurses' train -- One would be surprised to see 1 ipiestioning on Tuesday because DEATH OF MISS 0 'NEILL can have what every trior•Atner- Women to -Enter Training to ing schools in this volatility. The what the U. S. has done since en- of stighting remarks that Ile Was lean loves, peace. .-• tering the war. It is wonderful. 1 . 'Release for Service Overseas need of these is as great and MI - reported to have made wit h i•er- The vonimumity was saddened Please tell Mr. Meredith that Those Already Experienced . 1 \' I 'a tive as that tit the Art ° . erence to Unele Stun. Imo Friday to learn of the death We all realize that wheatless and I haven't heard a ! word from him School of Nursing. Those who ( but will drop him few lines for ote4 4.u,1,:i..; as well as other meatless days in the U. S. is all cotton for these scholia will be ith- * >, 111.11ell less a German alien, to ,el Mrs. Mary O'Neill, at their • This is tin time Oar a»yone, it Miss Edith O'Nt•i)I, danghter the fiFst . (mitre 1' catilnid a!few . • • tiezned as vacancies occur: - . - - -A , ' make remarks that might be Willow Creek raneh home, about savings, amt it mitre SIIIIWS over NEED IS URGENT FOR spare minutes. Also thank hitn questioned. The past reeord of a ix miles film' Stanford. here. We love no wheatless or • HEALTH OF COUNTRY for his kindness in sending the looked up Miss. O'Neill had heen ill for meatless (lays and always have the offender is being little gift. When you see any of MONTANA LOYALTY LEAGUE by ow 11,fflitio.... o and if he is NeVerti) WeekN, Slid all hope for plenty to eat. thanks to those Who the people I know give them my .1er reenVery \Vali abandoned for best regards. I should like very IS ORGANIZED AT HRENA f'.'\\\ are working with us at home. 1 The Government i ii milting for to show not I right be will be turned over to a \\lilt( before her death. She , much to write every one of them 25.000 young women to join the P.M'S OK HMI had wish to mention one more thing before clocing and that is our the sheriff and charges made un- 'Vas SeVelitCell personally, but that Is tilipOgSi- Reel /\. Unit ed States Student Nerse Ile - many friends in Stanford, hay - personally, - Cross. Words can never ex- serve 1111(1 bold themselves in Organization Will Adopt This (ler the Sedition law. It lentil() be a tnighov wise tug lived ill town one witatersev- pr6ss how much good this unit is Well here it is over 6 months readiness to train for service as doing here in France and every- nan•ses. Is My War\ As Its Slogan— . e 1 iti; ng t . 'or any foreigner, espeeial- ( ral years ago. since 1 arrived in France, yet it, where it is located. I can see Expect Large Membership ty tam enemy alien, to speak moll. The funeral sio•viees were hold doesn't seem a t ,day over two The war is creating an impute- big but the American language. from the Catholie rhurith in Lew - heir good work everywhere I months. Time passes very quick- look, and will say that it IR a very edented demand for trainotl i If lie eannot speak it, it is high -istown at 9 o'clock Tuesday ly here for some unknown rea- nurses. Only those who have to- P o llnwli q! a wei•tine son. June was always my mouth is do i ng a good wor k , . b ut I b e - ken the full training eourse are st a t e el/tined Of ilefetige :II I lel. in g 1 , be ft m ighty un fit p li l a r 7 \ 1 . 111 ,e tint\ he len riled, as 0(411111a is go- morning. The bereaved inother s and fain - important thing. The Y. M. C. A. in the U. S. A., and I . have not eligible for servives with 0111'1 ('lilt Tuesday. mel with the in- iiii , t h m i a ( ,„„,„„,,,; (tat i o „ i,, t hi,, :, 1 lieve more in the Red Cross than ,ay An ye the hearld'elt ilytinuithy overlooked it here, as the world anyt hi ng e l se. forces overseas. These nurses! dorsement of that body as to its mittiti . s . for some time to (*mile. of all Stamford. is the sante in this 'good old sum- are being drawn largely from i aims and purposes. flit' 41outana mer month. .Well it is getting Well Mr. Meredith, I °cannot our hospitals at home. Their Loyalty. league was organized to It' you eantiot speak English flai- 1 tate so I must close. think of anything more impor- places must be filled by studeut assist the county and state mum- eutiv do the best you elm, and ant, so hoping you have no trou- avert the natural suspicion whiN Your loving brother, nurses enrolled for the full train- ( ils of defense by enlisting the BILL. hie in translating this mess I re- ing course of from two to three a id of I lie greatest Humber of i wi i ll i ; : ittto i di to any conversation main as ever, one of your many moo In toe enemy tongue. , years. Every young -woman who people who are willing to sub - boys in France. Billie Bolson, enrolls in the United States Stn- scribe to the sentiment: Mr. Meredith: I just received Co. D, 125 Init., AM. Ex. Force, (lent Nurse Reserve is releasing \This is my war. \ a letter from my sister stating France, . via New . York. that you worte me, but I am Sot'-.. _ . a nurse for serviee at the front The meeting was attended by and swelling the home army we it large number of ranchers, busi- ry to say that I haven't received The Montana Banker, of Hele- must rely on to net as our second ness men, a number of bankers a word, but knowing how much mm, a journal treating of bank - /line of hospital defense. Upon and others who bad come to !lel- interest you always took in t he lug, finance, busineis, etc., has the health of the American pen- ena to appear before the state boys of our little city I will try to moved' to •Great. Falk -where the give you an idea of how I have pie will depend the spirit of their council of defense to devise ways publication office will be in the fighting forces. spent my first six months in futtire. It is the leading finan- . of securing immediate assistance .••,.., France. Time call is for women between for the continued cultivation of .\‘ Well, WC landed without asin- Cities and the .Coast. the ages of nineteen awl thirty- OVC1* 2,000,01M acres of farms fl I I : ) 1 ,:_ t i,. . : 7\ MEthil:Eiilk . . cial jourmil between •the Twin o o o o o o 0 o o o 00000000000000000000000000000000000000 • 0000000000000 Value . 0 . for it. Credit will also be given will serve aR, president of the O for a special scientific equipment.Montana Loyalty league until the o 0 o o o cation is a. valuable asset, /mil mail of the meeting which per - o many hospitals will give credit fected the organization, and he sound health are wanted, the pick C. V. Peck: a randier 6t• For - five. Intelligent and responsible which suffered crop failure the of the country. women of good education and 'Mat SCH8011. A college edit- gus county, was selected as chair- '',4 1 .1 IT.DE111 .00e 1. ;1h.\ ... r.Fi_l icr : -..:.. 7 r:: fk ;,t: • \ r: V -v o —,--,..-_ - 1: ., ': 1 16 : i \,,. — : .i o o or for preliminary training in general meeting , to be held dur- o o -----;-'-' 22-- \ * \ .. \'\ !'!' •''\ o o o i' Received o O special, courses now being con- Septembeo. o nursing, such as that given in ing the state fair in Helena in -------- (---7 , -- 4.- liosit - .1..- ( 0 o ducted - by various colleges slid Those first eligible to member- o .-.\ o 8 schools. Some schools, on the ship in the Motflinnt Loyalty ., o O other hand, do not even require a league will be the members of o o o o eount n y councils of .defen a se nd o o full high-school . education. o When you sign a note the above words are on it o Women will be given all Op- the \next of kin\ of the :35,000 o g portmrity Ii enroll in the U. S. soldiers - •and sailors who . have and you acknowledge the same. . o o o Students NIll'AC Reserve in any of gone from Montana to fight for o 00 L ,, evee ways: democracy over the saes. It is o inou deposit in a ban a k you re loaning the o o (1) As engaging to, hold them- believed 100,000 members will be Why o, o O hank money. Are you getting value received? 0 selves in readiness' until April 1. secured within the next. two o o o o 1919, to accept assignments to months or before the meeting Jo o If you deal With us yo art' it in service, o u e g o o nurses' training schools. These be held during the state fair: o general all .around efficieney and all favors possi- 0 women will be sent to the schools o o o ble to extend you. o o as, fast, as vacancies occur. Those NO PRICE FIXING o . o of superior qualifications will be It has been stated that the o l\ e 0 o e0 go i, i , ler , 8 , e pre f erence, an d it is, of threshing division of the Food o possible that not every- Administration would set the O o one who - enrolls will be accepted. price to be charged for thresh - O 0 O Basin State Bank 0 o o (2) As desiring to . become can- lug. This is altogether a rais- e , O dictates for the Army Nursing take. The fariner and thresher- ( o Stanford, Montana 0 0 O School . recently established mn by a Can best equitably arrange o o o o . Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 0 authoititg of the War Depart- this between themselves,' recog- O ment, with branch schools in so- nizing the local costs and cond 0 i- o o PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN o !Med military hospitals. t•ions. The purpose of the o o o , Let's keep the Hun on' the run. 0 (3)As engaging to hold them- threshing clivision is; to nsSist, tho o selves in reodioess until April 1, tbresberman in. his numerous dif- o C o C 0 I919,to accept agsignments to ficulties front day to day. 0000000 o o oo00000000000000000000000000000000000000.. - I ., HAS GOOD WORD FOR AMERICAN RED CROSS , -- 1 , 1 RED CROSS OFFICIAL All STANFORD GOES APPRECIATES HELP To time Publishers of Amerieit : TO THE MOUNTAINS ' Ilu behalf of the Anierivan Red t•Niss may we express our Ileill .114)Yeetttliint b and indebtedness Sunday School Outing on Run- , tor the splendid 1..0 -operation tool fling Wolf Enjoyed by Large ' pritetivall sutill,irt, iti tooth the ett- , Crowd—Cars Enough For All , itorial and neW8 C011111018, !anvil: Who Wished to Go. you have given to every effort or Ca r(114 InlVe been reeeivetl re- ( eived by friends from (Julius Ol- son, Perry Kooseli, dark Cole and Arnold Neubert, and they hre all in Ei•ame.e. Olson left t -'t hill 101(1 about June 1. KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS PICNIC ON DRY WOLF NIllitford Ifie — deserted iii - ABOUT GRAIN MIXING The leood Administration has sent ont the following warning to all millers: No wheat miller shall miX any greater percentage of wheat mill 1*(4.11 iv jill other feeding stuffs, or sell ally great- er percentage to feed inixCl'a for such mixing, than he mixed or sold in the year 1917. Throw& Our. Membership in tile, Federal Reserve Banking System we nee placed in a stronger position than ever be- fore to take care of the requirements of all our depositors, whether large or small, wheth- er they keep checking or savings accounts:. and at the same thne.we give them the most modern banking service. Why not open an account with its and be- gin at once to ,participate in these benefits and the additional protection which this sys- tem gives to your money deposited with i ns? FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF . STANPORD.

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 25 July 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.