The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, July 25, 1918, Image 4

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es • '2.iT. A .Nr.,r.:7, WORLD: t TREASURE STATE FARM. AMU LIIVESTCX„ PREVENT DISEASE AMONG CHICKENS DUST THE NIOTHER HEN EVERY EIGHT DAYS WITH St ).l GOOD LICE POWDER Lard, Sulphur and Kerosene in the Right Proportiona Is a Good Rem- edy for Heed Lice; the Best Sys- tem, However, Is to 'Seep the Poultry house Clean. To help prevent diseases too com- monly prevalent among young chicks at this season of tire year, dust the mother hen once every eight days with a good lice powder. Clean all poultry houses once a week in warm weather and clear out and burn all nesting material once a month. Spray the 'nest boxes with kerosene oil or some good disinfectant and refill the nest boxes with good clean nesting material. It is much easier to keep houses, coops, anal poultry yard in good, clean, sanitary condition than it is to fight diseases and parasites once they get a start. One of the pests to be guarded against is head liee on the growing chicks. To destroy this insect the following home-made, inexpensive head Bee ointment la reeommended: 1 tablespoonful of pure lard, 1 table- sphonful of sulphur, 10 drops of kerosene. Mix this thoroughly and grease the heads of the young chlehs by rub- bing it well into the feathers. A pimp about the size of a siniall pea is suf- ficient for application on one (hid h. One application is usually all that is necessary, but if a second applica- tion is needed, wait eight days after giving the first. White diarrhoea is quite prevalent during the early spring months. Medical treatment is hnpractical, as It is expensive. ilutterinilk s is a splendid preventive of this dread dis- ease. A daily feed of well -cooked rice is also good for infected chic's. Toll of the SniOnarilie Lord Beresford of the British ad- miralty says that a month ago Brit- ish, allied and neutral tonnage sunk amounted approximately to 13.01)0 tons daily: a fortnight ago it was 1.- 400 tons daily, and last week 3,000 tons daily. • During the recent advance of the Germans between Rheims and Cha- teau Thierry. in which the Americans outfought the boehe and drove him back, German losses in some in- stances were estimated at 65 per cent. BE BUSINESSLIKE T1. post tip-to-ille-taittiotc•. •tot you , 1,11 business basis. illt.1 sada ta adminand higher prices for your products. We are specialists in mulligraphod 1,1s term. Our prices are right and we gire yoi! immedlate service. McCready Letter Service 228 Rialto Vildg., Butte. Mont. KODAK FINISHING Rolls of Six Exposure, 11 Cents Roils of 12 Exposureo 2:1 Cents Deieloped and finished by Expert Photo- graphers. All orders Shipped Within 24 hoar.. SCHOETTNER STUDIO, BUTTE 311 N. Main Street 'The largest and best portrait and 4`4,MIllee. vial studio In the west. Sawyer 150'x8\ 5 ply Thresher Belt $105.00 Sections. Guards. Sickles. Pitman,, etc., for •11 mowers. Binder Reel Arms. Riots. Canvasses. What do :14,11 need? Order now; SPECIAL PRICES. Irri- gation plants a specialty. E. L. VINEYARD Irrigation, Power and Farm Machiner) 820 2nd. AYe. S., Great Palls, Montana CROP SITUATION REVIEWED; NOT UP TO OLD STANDARDS NIELD Br: Accotto. \I, III BA XIX IN(. )1(1 . 01t.VtION I.: X PERT; GRAIN KERNELS WILL RE SMALL, IBA' SOUND AND dids GOOD talsti.ITY; AN.11.1(- 515 OE CONDITIONS IN Niat.1NY COUNTIES; ASIDE EROM THIS CE- RE.ILS :11.1, YIELDS ARE EXCELLISNT. Crops this year a ill not be up to usual standard. Lack of rain the first week in June at germination, for small sprouts lacking suf- ficient moisture -with this back -set and lacking the usual June showers, crops will be less than it Irrigated wheat will yield 35 bushels, and non -irrigated wheat from 7 to 15 bil8lIels. However, while this is not tip to the Montana standard, doily about 12 bushels is the usual average for Mates like Oklahoma, Kainsas and the. Dakotas, so there is no need tor par - Uvular apprehension. The Wall Street Journal recently estimated the Mop - lane wheat production at TO to 55 million bushels -we think this far in excess of probable results; government eatitnates quoted 18 SS million bu s. slick' last year, and the estimate of The Banking Corporation for this yehr Is 30 millions, arcordling to the semi-monthly crop ,report issuad by the Bank i lig Corporation of Montana. There have been varying reports due Id' spotted condition of the crops in Montana this ).•:11'. NVe have Made elaborate inquiry covering all Mon- tana and develeped up to the moment of tins %tilting. The tollowing coy - (Mm's our investigations: Ii. Mineral, till 11111.1 . 14. Flo (111.1111 1.111,11111 1111111 TI1(011 C lie- gener- ally. riders will eutulul i,mil fair; isu iii.' 111.1 II t it ••-. TO1111 1 , hI ill, 'Hai\.l'luiIlIIir'. ,11141 ValleS. 'salml mis. nil! he disaleefilltina: in Sheri- dan colintS, ('soind studied; r)e 111111 ilai iu(Iiie 14 (14 \I• 1(1115 Of 1411114111W 1.1.1111S 'I / I III 1'111411 I' i11141 1'i jilt IV, ii, the south; the of tile first 'Week in July made zig-zag etcuisions along the al is •i river, producing drenching rain OVVI. (1111,1111.1 . 11 11111 I 11111101) . --)I 111.1)111 311/II' It of 10 bushels; three-fourths trop anticipated e Milli 12- m a i . nu ll\ „ 1 ' la ddi„p,• ; pa.1 ii I Plenlyn 111011 gO0t1 e Minty. aroond Scobey, 11001. l4/11.1i1 111 1l11111 1141 I :4.(1141/Ill• auth 11,1 %V 11% it 25 per rent crop. anti ea , lern rinx anti torn, g ood. owl- and late Ilaiv poor; eye lair; wheat, 10 to 12 bu- shel , . 111 littselitill 1011111), crops ate poor north of au iii or, in fair 0,1(11 I seuth of the la llovv•I .; lii I 'lister county—geed crops south of aides City. to the 11 1111 114/I (4.II III/Ilk IMO M.SC. irt, 11•0111 ra I 14111 i 1111 11•11 g4/011 c lit 11/11 east lit Dakota %Mill illtlivat • • id' is; bushels. .td% ices la'..... Carter indicate ht(1m cit 14/111.. itIII••• and pi ,iI,clI,l S inialtels tor %Olean Northi•diatern Chouteau, p ools lh, I.‘ 1)4,%1 of -.out hero ( '1 iiiii I eati. good '1% est (9'11 I 'holt( eatl, clinclo f Mix...010a count s . probably II 511 per relit 0 inter tx Itc•al crop anal , prilig (i5 per re111. II:It All lotlimi y f••• probable yield of 20 per cent more cc heat than last year; fr lllll Granite and Jeffer- 1•••1/11 1 . • Milt it's. (111111., 111VIII*11 1111 1 W1/1•11 ; from Beaverhead a nd Badison smithies, lithr conditions, irrigated crops promising well alt Ii disap- pointing 1 . 1 , 1/1 I 7.• MI (Ile 11111101111 III C11111111 :V. particularly the Belt %alleys there are andedrities olio estimate 25 bushels od the Here. In the broad area bf smith central allothina. embraced a it kin (III. 11111 III II'S III Fergus , . Meagher, W'lleallancl. 1111 ,, elsliell. liroaclwater, (iallal c•et (Crass. SI 1111Y Yellon stone. l'arboit intl Mg I 11111. ( 11 1.1. I 11%01'111/le 1.11/11 14111/01'(14; 11'1111, especially fine ( lit' in Carbon and Big limit counties. Altogether, a bile grain kernels will be small this year, they will be sound and of good quality and we repeat our prediction for a United States government report at the end of the season of So million 11111111els of Wheat in Montana. Peas. specialized in Itavalli, Gallatin, Park and Sweet Grass counties, will make good returns; beans in Stillwater and Carbon will yield well; fruit in Bitter Root valley, good; in Clarks Fork valley, fair. Sugar beets in territory served by Whitehall factory. not very good. due to poor stand early in the season: surrounding the Missoula factory, beets are below the I, American Troops Superb Lloyd-George, speaking of the ' American troops at a dinner in Lon- don, said: \The x are auperb, both as to material and training and in -- Great Falls—The :aeal filtration the way they have borne themselves Are you subject to hay fever? plant is removing Bayed tons of mud in the very trying conditions of the It you are, and if also you are daily from the water conveyed to battles which they have fought. And comen iplating enlisting for service it 0itton_Continued rains in this I itie found a very great spirit of con - 10111$ wh ich I will not say extends, consumers from the Missouri river. tIi.' hay fields of Montana this fall. vicinity have put an end to haying, but strengthens the conviction of yodi may find yourself going to your while hail storms have done consiti- evervbody who believes they are an - w irk or fight\ occupation patriot i- . erable damage. acce'ssion of strength beyond tile rains hi west- t•allv dad in huge goggles and gas era part of the state have m us. to materially us. of the most sanguine et he i cause of the allies. illa \ alissoula—lleary aided in the checking of the`forest a s I k any lieu afflicted with his fire Johnny laing, 7-year-ol. f ey ' lle \ \\\\.1 1112 ' . d u rsi \ ,- ; ti r 'newsboy of this city, has saved 8111 1111.! - 111011(11S to the lake shores and 'admit pennies to buy eight bab elsd•ithere to escape the eonstant bonds. , snuffles and stieezings that go with Butte—Seven eurses of this d s this eomplaint. War's necessity may ha ye\ lit 1 ell ordered to proeeed d (Soap Pike. Little Rock, Arlatiss, keep this army of necolc•,1 workers at . t t where they will enter the sciwii . i , cc . home in SOIllt! 5. ,t 1,1[.- v he at on ' ii -l- ; the Red Cross. 111.ffl °I. the .arin i \ -I ' . ' ''''\ -Itit '') Helena -1'w° hundred :old si.-. $1 \ . \\ iirls \ 1 \ ) 111 \' '' ' I ' \ sttid Y; graduates of the grammar grades' Is of this litinlike malady. s S.sli results, alontana are to be sent to the 'nil tread a subtle air invads.., .. ' vers it y of MOtIttnia for in 'litmus Aa - dphylaxis, ;is it is dsi:led, is it ! trainiwt beginning August 15 ;•;•• 1•4•1 . -1,1•118i Willy u ti foreign a lite inens, 1 vi hid in plain sneeze language loplin—The local movie hoese has been dame(' and the building will be that tiny grains of pollen scat - leased! by the First National Bank, id•ret by the breezes ii ii ri ng the tilos- which will remodel and oeclIPS the sdadding season from andonbars of the ' structure. grass family, light on the moist Ilium - run' Great Ealls—Two issnes of bridge es, mbrane of the eyi• and nose, bonds atgregating $50,tiodd have ll11.11o•t as a poison to thtsie 1 %110 can - been sold to a minneapolis firm. 'rhe tido resist this particular kind of tic lug. bridge is to be erected across the I Missouri river at this point. Foods Affect Sonic People • itozenlaii—When a beggar. posing The same isliosyneracy a • ) •, li f - as a eripple, was arrested here he ` t \ 1 “' P r()Ide are I\\sume\ by was found to be i possession of a dn. foods. such as oysters, crabs. crudely drawn ma of the local wa- berries and cheese. Cases have tecwochs and tithe data, , • II I; no w II %% here anaphylaxis to- rI cow's milk has produced poi- Great Falls — Stock shippers in fill:1111X, and repeated this vicinity have filed suit for $5.- at - 01 1 0 damages against the 'Great Nor - tempts to force the food on the child them railway, alleging that stock have doled! fatally. . was damaged in transit. Some persons cannot eat eggs- A Lima—The Big Rock reservoir. tiny portion of the white of an egg on erected] here about 15 years ago. has the tongue of some persons produces been purchased by the farmers and swelling of the tongue and violent , ranchers of Beaverhead and Red na usea. Rock counties. The reitervoir on- areThe golden roil and the rag weed, shinny cost $250,000. ((mons the best known members Shelby—The town of Shelby has of the grass family that fin •nish the brought suit against the Great Nor - flying corps tor the hayfever cam - them railway for the sum of $5.821.- paten. 21. alleging that this sum is due Amongtheff I .• a\ n sasg : i the Billings neighborhood, they measure to a fair quality. . spra%ing with a a - Minion of timothy them for water supplied the corn- -- N - V e bileresults are not up to the s.plendidl. band:Mille standard usually I giaiss, greasing nostrils with boric pany. prevaillag s there is far from ally cause for apprehen n. sio in other than acid salve and the use of a nasal Hi-, Ilarlowton The Merchants' Loan association of Billings has purchased scattered cases of individual suffering. Wheatland county bonds amounting ter of cotton batting to arrest tlo , pollen grains. to $95.000. The money will be uaed The lies, remedy, however, has been to fly before the grasses begin emi to e n r t V bridges and highways In this to blow to some spot whereu sch Livingston—County 'attorneys of LTR blossoming is unknown. !the state, who met twee for the first ,POUY GROWERS LINCOI,N GARDENER N gas masks may be worn to prevent it, Now conies the suggestion that; time, transacted eonsiderable busi- and Montana nifty see one of the ness in the course of the sessions. Great Falls was chosen as the next features of the battlefield depicted in nieeting place. the hayfields, and a number of pat- afissoula—There's a burglar loose riot's. citizens will evade their annual in Missoula who steals nothing but pilgrimage to the primitive il 1 w t: feminine apparel and after using it where the tiny aviators have not yet reached. returns the dollies to the place from Choose Vacation iota whence they came. Aside from be - Chronic victinis * of the malady I ing a bit soiled no damage to clothes • is apparent. claim that the specialist has failed Kalispell—A representative of the to provide a cure, and the specialist agricultural department of the local claims that the patient is more or less high school and a representative of a victim of mental attitude. the Conrad National bank, have gone Writers have often held the suf-i to Washington, where they will pur- ferers up to ridicule In consequence , ichase pure-bred cattle for .the boys and have pointed out that some per -land girls' calf clubs of Flathead. sons get the hay fever only after Dillon—An Austrian, who boarded they have arrived at the pollen -free l a train at Lima and tried to tell a districts. especially those places near bunch of Serbian recruits that the water where the camping and fishing United States government was no offer excellent opportunities for pro- good, is in jail here. The Serbian traded vacations. volunteers were about to mob him _ when a sheriff boarded the train amid took him prisoner. many years. They, too, left Spring- took growers of this field years ago. Their home at vicinity have donated fleece to the Springfield was at 216 West Jeffers value of $1,400 to the Red Cross. The son street. Any one baying tutor- value has been sent to a Boston wool mation concerning her breBliers is re- house from where it will be turned quested to communicate with her. over to a mill and made into yarn. Mrs. Martin has a vivid reeollee- lection of the Lincoln home at Springfield, and of the excitement of the reconstruction days following II war of the rebellion. She remembe her father being accidentally sh ' by a stray bullet while standing t the steps of President Lineolt •II home. the shot being fired on Dann by a soldier at a pig, the la . ter the property of her father. TI . bullet struck him in the foot. One of Mrs. Martin's treasured po sessions is a piece of embroidess - werk done na Mrs. Lincoln. SOME DONT'S FOR HER FATHER WAS GAS MASKS AS A HAY FEVER CURE Ni tl BE (\sal) '1'0 1:1,1 i.copi.E st FrElum: ' , nom 11 1 1.51)1 IN 11.11' FIELDs THE STATE. Iluntley--A Catholic church is to be erected here in the near future. Bozeman—The 'new Deaconess hospital to be built here will cost $76,000. Livakston—The second fish hot- elier). for Park county will probably be located at this place. Kalispell—A carload of grayling has been distributed in the waters of Rogers lake and the upper Ashley lake. Anac la—While volunteers were removing furniture' from a burning house, the two -year -old tem of the \W\ris ur right\ °I'd\ Likely --- occupants was suffocated to death. alake Th is IVI/1.111 of Protection Nes alissoula—Shortage of natural ice ' 511 hinds of \ Cures' 4)f. has necessitated the starting of an ferdol; Many Specialials Are Un- artificial ice plaid here. Ten tons st 'mud het it, daily Is the present capacity. !the latter being returned to the local ited Cross, members of which will knit from it garments for soldiers in , the American Expeditionary. a forces. Butte—When the Corbin Copper company sunk a shaft and cont- inence(' mining operations within 50 feet of the home of M. J. Cavanaugh, the latter brought suit. Mining operations beneath his home dam- aged the structure and the court awarded him $1.250. Ilutte—A remindhr of the North Butte disaster of ad - ear ago when 164 lives were lost, was brought li light when miners uncovered a body on the 2.400 foot level of the Granite mountain. .The drift in which the body was found has not been used shire the fire. DON'T LET VOCIt HENS IS.aT DE- MONTANA W0B.IN 11.55 RECOla c.11 . / . 1) % . 1 , ; 1 . 1 . %%ALL ( i la dr, 1.1.:(\FION of , Tut.: msurrl - RED 1.1511a:axEcii PRF:SIDENT'S 110)IE Don't Let the Mites a l ai ta r e G e t th e airs. Frank Martin of Great Fails Upper Handl .timot 1 - aur pl ass sa d lhas a Piece of Embroith•ry That Cause You taitold Troulde and Mra• Lincoln Worked on: She Loss of Both Old Stock; St / 011e Breed. Don't allow your liens to eat de- Mrs. Frank Martin, a Montana wo- man living at 425 Fourth avenue cayed flesh of any kind, unless you south, Great Falls, is a daughter of want them to get down with limber - Abraham Lincoln's gardener and handy man, whose name was Richard Seeks Information Concerning Iler 'rwo Brothers. neck and have many Of them die from the effect of it Don't allow filth and dampness to abound in andl around yonr poultry roosting house: it will cause•roup and its various attending Ms. Don't let the mites and lice get the tipperhand about your place and cause you untold trouble and loss of both old and young stod1. Don't be afraid to giv alir fowls , an abundance ot srsed, .1 f at, all seasons B1111 cull - - ------i. I- their sal- vation, whetlier Goa. :ifs old or Important to Range Cattlemen The range season from the hest information wc 1'1111 CeI ill 11 1 1 . -1, (III. Reckon than usual. A great .1.1111:1 cattle will Ice ...hipped on account of drought 111 eer111111 localities of Monoinn. and fal cultic of all kinds ucil 11,1,1 their nay to market Jost as as they are In contlit . 110 II • 1Ve want to offer cow semices to nil of our range friends. a, we are is ,'ti equipped to handle their shipments on account of being represented at all the principal markets. Thi. glies us a decided advantage. il mak-, 114o differ- ence to toc to nicich toarkc•t cattle are shipped. our ohjco lc being to send them to the market nitere they will icring the most dollars. Just now We are hating the biggest demand for Reef tIont is. hate mer load Ii, the history of the ihestock business, and we feci confident ihnt 411 I ion of affairs hold g I cis long as the nar 1104, Best heavy corn fed steers sold this neck at 818.10, nide!' price IcreaLs nil records on the Chicago ncarket. 'The prospect for n bumper corn crop has never been as good W. It III the present time. Even If the crop It partial failure. ne are i101111111 to hate a tremendous demand for stoeker and feeder steers nod thin feeding cous. If our customers will write us what class of cattle they hose i ship, stat- ing when they stand in ship, we still let them knot,. is licit market their cattle silti bring the most money In. We atIsIse holding nil cattle they are Sal enough for market, as we are now faring a hig shortage of corn fed cattle for the next three months and their place nill have to be filled by yip...tern rangers. Write or wire us if yon wish any market information. Clay, Robinson & Co. at Livestock Commission Stock Yards Chicago, 111. Nonni St. Joseph, Mo South St. Paul, Minn. Routh Omaha, Nei,. Sioux (iii. JIM... 1:11,I Buffalo. N 1 II/1110111II City, Mo. Denser, Colo. Ea'. St. Look. 111. - Fort Worth, Texas El Paso. Texas White. Mrs. Martin as a child knew President and airs. Lincoln well. ;old she remembers very distinctly riding to the president's funeral in a faro' wagon with her father and mothers tier father and mother are buried in the Oak Bridge cemetery at Spring- field, just behind the tomb of Lin- coln, In a plot presented to White by the president. Mrs. Martin's maiden nano% was Isophene Burkcoulter White. Mis- fortune came upon her family while she was a small child, and she was adopted by another family and taken avv ay from Springfield. She cam o• to :Montana sonic years ago and is en- gaged in nursing ,for a living. She believes her two brothers. Sam white 1111t1 W. II. White, are still living:. al- though she has not seen them for young. Don't be afraid to invest a tea iol- .1ars in good stock any . more Gum ou would in improved seeds ant srain to insure success. George P Fiske, a New York mil Don't keep any males with the t'e- Bonaire who in the earls' days in i males. unless you intend !noshing Fergus county was an unsuccessful, the eggs. Eggs for market will beep sheep man, on a small scale, is back; much longer if they are not fertile. to the scenes of his early experiences. , Don't put all sizes, shapes and He is accoapanied by another New! colors of eggs in one lot for market; York millionaire. Major A. Na bite, a learn to grade them so they will look prominent insurance official, VIiea as much like one hen laid them all Mr. Fiske left lee he had vet: little' as possible. money and retnied his homestead Don't allow a dirty stale egg to go because nobody would buy it. He into your market basket no matter made an immediate success in deal - how high they are or how badly you ing in New York realty and paid the , need the money, taxes on his 160 acres in the Judith Don't be afraid to work with your basin, which as far back as 1905 Poultry the year i•ound, as it is the was only valued for assessment at only road .to success and one lomat $240. The Great Northern built stick to the right track. Keep up right through the property. and it is interest in your poultry both winter now of much value. Mr. Fiske is en - and summer. No matter what other gaged in litigation with the railway duties you have, they should not be company over the damage to his neglected. property. Don't expect every egg to hatch when you buy• eggs for that purpose from some good breeder. Your own eggs, as a rule, will hot do that well. Don't attempt to raise more than one kind of good standard bred chicken's to reap the most benefit from them. Learn to specialize. Poor Rancher Now !Billionaire i Governor Stewart has been made vice president of the League to En- force Peace. Warren Gilbert, a wife deserter, caught itt Laasistown s has been taken back to Kansas for'punishment. STOP! Save Your Auto and Tractor _ Sold By Herder In Your Home Town. ,Carbon ......, • : <• i i , tit, . in. your auto or tractor clop your valves, bakes on your pis- ton and steals your power. PURITAN Guaranteed Pure PortaNrivanus MOTOR OILS produce less carbon than other oils -they're pure! PURE OIL CO. Minneepelie, Mimi. Emphatically independent Agricultural Lands At $10 to $20 per acre. Teruo; of 10 per cent down, balance 10 yearly payments, bearing 0 per cent intert•st. Logged -off lands of the Anaconda Copper alining company. Dairying is a type of farming best adaideil to the thitherto! sec- tions of western Montana. Most of the land can be converted into pasture at yens' little expense and dairy cows will yield a splendid profit from the land without the nt•cessaty of removing the stung's, although it sufficient acreage must be put under the plow to supply winter feed. In connection with dairying, hog and poultry should take all important part. All fruits, berries, and garden truck thrive; field crops of grain, clover, timothy-, potatoes, and stock roots do well. • You are bu.ying at values fixed by experienced appraisers, strip- ped of promotion charges, cairn - missions:, and other trimmings, which are usually added before it reach'es the farmer, We will aid you in selecting a location that is adapted to your needs. BLACKFOOT LAND DEVELOPMENT CO. Drawer 1590 Missoula, Mont, HAVE YOU !TEN MIS SIGN !TEFORE ? hi WHAT DOES FM TO YOU • ? HELENA School of quality MONTANA Write for our special rates of (tuition during July. We can fit you for a while position J. LEE RICE & MRS. 1). P. PATENAUDE, PROPS. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••4•••••••••••••••••••••• i • f s i4VNT ) THE BEST SHOE I1 -----L- -....5 VALUE. MADE OR \IEN AND 11()YR A Colors—Prari and Brenta D 1,1711 P e Vt l e e n'e l s t i o le I tl ii t - o 2 13 1-t.. 111 : 1 ;r 61 1, Men's size 8 to 10 If your dealer can't •upply y,.,1 AINTAN tO) \c!; !N hi SAPAT OFF. Write HENNESSY'S, Butte • 4144.4..4 4% ate 0*•••••••••••••• llllll *4 , 414 ••••de did 4-oetasesna.asai s tas ,11 • •

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 25 July 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.