The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, August 01, 1918, Image 1

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it Ii 4 i s • Zbt Vol. 9, NO. 24. $2.00 Per Year _ ttforb STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, New Variety of Slacker Pound The painful fats is coining to light that many people, who do not need the pones' are ensiling in their War Savings Stamps which they bought during the last drive. Under the preSSilre of the soliciting emmuittee these people purehased stamps in or- der to pretend they were back- ing the government. with tbe sec- ret idea that they could cash them in slimily, thus retaining the false credit that they were helping the government end in no on a ii n e r ineonveniencing themselves. This war has developed anum- bee of kinds of slackers, a choice variety of which are the persona and business houses who bhught, the limit. of War Savings Stanton to get their names in the papers as members of the Limit Club, and have since cashed in their stamps and got their money back. You ask are their slackers of this kind ii) Montana? We bow our heads with shame and answer ther ease a number of them. Such action is not clever, it is very crude. The postoffices throughout the state furnish the County Directors and the State Direetor with \limos at inter- vals of all stamps cashed, and it is an easy matter for those ac- quainted with the people of the various towns to see at a glance the reasons why the stamps are cashed. , The cashing of stamps in eases refered to above is simply a very clumsy attempt at camouflaged patriotism. These people are within just and severe criticism. It is the essence of hypocraey. It is legitimate, but it emits an odor of decayed patriotism. Can a man do this and then look a wounded soldier, in the eye with- ont *Ma hes4). firing with r e . Morse? He will then realize that he did all he could to stab that soldier boy in the back at a time is when his aid was moist needed. Will the friends and relatives of the soldier boy patronize the bus- iness house that does this con - temptable trick? We leave it to them to answer. We are sure no firm in Stanford would dream of committing such an outrage against common decency. It is shameful and infamous prac- tice meriting the scorn of all true Americans. To cash their War Savings Stamps when not in dire need of We have a limited amount of last year's winter wheat for sale. It has been twice cleaned and Bozeman shows 98 per cent germination. .Also feed wheat containing some oats, ground or not ground. Farmers' Elevator Co. STANFORD, MONTANA' the money is the passport to dis- i faVer. 'rile raShOr Will have I about his 148rs the unanimous' chorus of derision and bitterness. He will be in no small degree re- sponsible for the death of many so ldi er t i() . ys. I h e i r m oo d w ilt b e upon him. it derelict Amer- ican and a moral enivard. The ehild that saSeS fr011i his candy and buys thrift stamps : the la- boring Mall or NVOIllini who buys stamps each week, though it be a small amount, and holds the stamps. are worthy examples of American patriots belying in their way. though small, to win this mighty struggle. While they receive semi lit reeognition at this time, they will have the knowl- edge that they did all they could and their ismseienees will never bother them like the man who ensiled in his stamps. simply 'W- eil I INC he thinks Ile IleorIS the money. MONTANA POSTMASTERS AqL DOING THEIR BIT To all post masters:—May take this means of thanking you for your assistance in securing recruits for the United States Marine 1'orps. The showing made by the postmasters during the month of July was a most ex- cellent one. Our month is from I June 21 to July' 20 and is called! the month of July. For your information you are informed that the postmasters in the District of Montana, which eomprisese the State of Montana and that part of Wyoming and Idaho noVth of the 44th parallel, have secured more applicants during the month than any other postmasters in any state in the United States. Further, they have seested more men than the pontmastera in the combined states of California, Was,hington, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, Nev- ada, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, and that part of Idaho mid Wy- oming sonth of the 44th 'parallel. This information I am giving to the Associated Press in order that you May be given due credit for your efforts, and that the country May know just what the postmastert4 of the Montana Dis- trict are doing to halt the Huns. In conclusion may I again thank you for your co-operation in this patriotic work. Hoping you are successful in the futtre as you have been in the past, I am, very truly yours, CHAS. GORKUML 2nd Lieut. in charge of the Mon- tana District. Every time you stick a Thrift or War Savings Stamp on your card you are mailing money to yourself to be received later with interest. Cashing in these stamps is going to be better than \get- ting money from' home,\ for with the money comes the reminder that you contributed to the great victory which then will have been completely won. ' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 THE PAST THREE DAYS are the kind that usually precede a hail storm. .The money from your harvest is almost yours; if there should be a hail storm and you were not insured, where would you be? .There have been just such instances as this right in this neigh- borhood, and not many years ago. Play safe; .insure tomorrow, and if misfortune comes it won't be a complete loss. We represent two well -established companies; you should insure for TEN DOLLARS an ACRE in EACH of them. Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN Let's keep the Hun on the run. c., \00000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 MONTANA, THURSDAY, .NuuusT i / •',;; 9 // • erimit - - You Get What You Pay For When you lay your money on a local dealer's counter and tell him what you want, you get just that. If it happens tiibe temporarily out of stock, he tells you so and asks your second choice. You get nothing you do not want. And what you get is yours at the time you pay for it. He doesn't make you wait until he is ready to give you your mercha:A.:se. Thee are only two of the many reasons why trad- ing at home is bet- ter than buying by the \sight unseen\ methods. 441 TRADE HOME fi /74 ed Cross Wa of Caring For War Prisoners The .American Red Oroas forwarding. suppliesclo all Amer- ican prisoners of war confined in German prison camps. When this work was started tke sup- plies consisted mainly of bread, made . in and shipped from Berne and supplementary packages of food shipped from time to time from London, through the Brit- ish Red Cross. . The business of caring for our A soners is now organized on a more practical basis. The Amer- ican Red Cross has leased a large warehouse at Berne and it is in the hands of an efficient organi- zation. The War Department has shipped to this warehouse food and clothing for military prisoners. The naval prisoners are furnished with food and olothing by the America - II Red Cross, and an accounting of the COO of these supplies is given to the Navy Department, which in turn reimburses the Red Cross for the expenditure made. In the ease of civilian prisoners, many of whom were taken from .torpedoed ships, food and cloth- ing is supplied .'entirely by the 'Red Cross. As soon as a man is reported oficially as a prisoner of war, it 20 pound parcel 9f nurishing food is sent him each week. as well as porper clothing, certain luxuries, toilet articles `and to- bacco. The surgeon general's depart- ment of the United States gov- eminent' as, in connection with the Amen e an Red Cross, worked out an invalid ration which is is- sued by the gerernthent and the Red Cross for shipment to pris- oners of war whoo are reported as being ill. At the present Hine there is sufficient food at the warehouse in Berne, or in transit, to supply 10,000 prisoners.; for a period of six months. It, is earnestly 1 soped that. they are not going to need this amount, but it is well to be prepared. In order to meet i'Ve'ry emergency, a similar warehouse has DOW been leased at Copenha- gen, DentilaSk. It will contain 5,000 rations and will be, pre- pared, in an emergency, to take up the work of prisoners relief at 'a Moment's notice. As a fur- ther safeguard, a supply of food and clothing is stored ill France. It moy be seen from the above account that an organization has been .established which through the generousity of the United States govermnent and of the American people ,as represented by the American Red Cross. is in ti position to take peeper care of all Ammiwan prisoners. The Bureau of American Pris- (merit' Relief in this (sondes. as well as the Division of Allied Prisoners Relief, is located at the ArneAcan Red Cross bead- tnuirters at Washington, I). C. Mosquitos Are Thick in South M I A AI A. HA., .1 lily 23. 191$ If the Mosquitos will, permit I will drop a few lines before I go to bed. I have a smudge in my tents_ and between the smoke and mosquitos it is a pretty hard job to write. Have been working pretty hard since the imnell left., but believe me I will get paid for it, 'idealise I expect to be mode sergeant when the next bunch of promo- tions, is given out. Don't know when `-t hat will be, but don't think it will be long. Have been working on autos the last few days during my spare time, and tows whenever a car goes on the bum its \Wad- dell, will sam fix up So andSolo tart\ or \Waddell will you take the miss out of my motor?\ Its good experience, thougitand will help me when the war is over. The crew I am with is holding the record here for keeping the ship in the air the most hours per day, and we are kept busy to keep it. The nearest one to us is 20 minutes behind. Ours was in the air 7 hours and 50 minutes out of a 10 hour tiny, the other 7 hours and 30 minutes. Was up .over 15,000' feet the other day and nearly froze my nose and feet, and had to sit on my 11111n18 to keep them from freezing. I looked north to see if the big Great Falls smoke stack was in sight, but it was too 'cloudy. GUY WADDELL. MONTHLY REPORT OF WAR SAVINGS SOCIETY Name of society. \Oyes the Top\ W. S. S. of Stanford; President., Mrs. 0. 3. Galt. Cur- rent report. for month ending July 31, 1918: number of mem- liers, 10; number buying stamps, 7; percentage of buyers to en- rollment, 70; total amount pur- chased, $8.75. Aceumulative' re - Port for four months: per cent of buyers to enrollment, usually 100; total bought to date $19.91. ortb. 5 Cents Per Copy Tent Meetings Balance of Week Had a field it, last Sinslay. .11tentlionts. and interest were exceptionally good. .111Mit :di that vololol be desired. There were 108 in Sunday Sehool. and at the preaching services. three in imimimi- I there Wert . Very Dear 400 persion. The eleven o'elock ser- vice was 'in the nature of a pa - / 6 01 4. sa ll y. as s . R es. m e. ( ; e i s . entwines look for his llut'mmm,- ',Auiml','i''ll and her relation to the world to This was a strong address, in keeping with I hit' secsis s, s , mid Nvas well re_ eeived. Stallrord oreliestra was present. 1111d rendered a nums her or mdeet louiS 'liidm added som..whal or it itio..rial a id tt, the entire service. Iii regord to the :1 o'elioel: ii'.', it Willi a Ver,y 011e, all w s . „ were present s e emin K In I'll- .,V it immensely. The text ivas , holm) from I rot% whielo rends We ion. holooreo•A to- gether with God.\ Among oth- er things time speaker emphasised the foto that God eommunicates himself to the world through men, and this being so it' we re- volt we deprive him of the means of sanimouniention. And hsoon his own personal experienee in the work he ettrinierate , t1 many rts inarkable incidents in regard Co the one by one uwthod of mood- - winning. His whole line of I hought might be gummed sip in these words: \'fake my life and let it be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee. \ At the evening hour we had the pleasure of listening to an- other excellent sermon. 'Pilo text Wail taken from the fifth (loop - ter of Second Kings, the story of I Nauman, the leper. wor the greater part of ii ii 1101ir 'the eon- gregation listened with rapt at- tention elosely following the speaker as he unfolded each part of Ho. three promineut charac- ters, namely, Elisha, Nit Hill 1111 and the little maid. The HervieC of song taniducted by Mr. and Mrs. Hillhouse is a very interesting part of the meet- ing eaelo evening. Mr. Hillhouse is ritlXi0118 to have all the young folks who can to come and help out in lite choir. Yon will notice the splendid attendants. we had in Sunday Sodom! last 1.01'd ' s I/ay (108).. Let all plan to be present on next, Sabbath morning mit 10 and make it the best and biggest day in the history of our sehool. Mrs. Huntly of I/enver, who is visiting Rt the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hurst. .will tenet) the worn - t•11 . 8 Bible clogs. She is a stu- dent of the 'Word and all excel- lent teacher, so let every member of the class plan to be present, and all other friends who have not joined are cordially invited. s Hits ; Iij ,.•-'41 la Hosts.\ . Nex t sitiolay services will be as follows: smoky Selma' at: lIt;1. Ht, sod loreaching at 11 a. tn. and amm,lS lo. oil. WIRE COMMUNICATION NOW IN U. S. CONTROL control of I elephinle and tele- graph Uses was taken over at. noidilight • Wednesday by the post office department. Their op- eration was ',bleed under the general suloervision of a speeial elimmit lee created for the 11111 . - pose loy hislinaster General Bur- leson. Iturleson announced that moil further mobs. the minivan- ies will emotilme operation in the ordinary h the reg. 'liar eh:motels and that all offi- cers and employes will etnitintie in the performailee of their pres- ent duties on the same term); of employment. The plan is, how- ever, to co-ordinate the facilities III the vitriol's eompoinies to tho hest inns-est of the publie and the sinekholders. FALSE REPORT CORRECTED To tlio , Taximyers of Fergus (*omits.: In some way the re- port has heen spread abroad that the work of the Fergua County high school or this miming yen!' Will In. earrietl on in buildings Se11111.1141 thu 11111 gh Ola A' Wiiii0W11. hill I mi 1 . (11Teet 1 his errone- MI5 renOrt, A' t. art. having large enough I emporary quarters erected to house the whole seltiool with the eseeption of the Domestic Sci- ems. department, witiell will be eottifortably !nettled in the Lin- coln school Imilditig toily'a block from the County high school. Theme temporary quartera will be steam heated and RO VOIllfort- able and sanitory. Our hew equipment will' be tip -to -date in every way and will he trans - ferret! to the new permanent building. Twenty-five expert tefteliess will be in charge of the work, and every department will be better organized and equipped for work than ever before. CUMMINGS, Principal Thirty-two Thousand pounds of BULK OATS for sale at $3.25 at Merino Equity Elevator W. P. HELIAN MESMasn' — 'ssam FEDERAL RESERVE ---\` SYSTEM Throw& Our Membership in the Federal Reserve Banking System we are placed 'in a stronger position than ever be- fore to take care of the requirements of all our depositors, whether large or small, wheth- er they' keep checking or savings accounts; and at the same, time we give them the most modern banking service, Why not open an account with us and be- gin at. once to participate in these benefits nod the additional protect -n which this sys- tem gives to your money deposited with us? FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF STANFORD

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