The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, August 15, 1918, Image 1

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The tanforb • °rib. Vol. 9, No. 26. $2.00 Per Year. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 15,.1918. Some Facts About Previous Issues of Liberty Lon Bonds tinily, and carey eonversion ONLY ABOUT 300,000 HOLD- privilege. ; The toda was au _ nonneed for *3.000,000.000, but the right was reserved to aceept all additienal stiliscriptions. Sev- enteen million subseriberS 811b- svrilled for $4,170.019.650 of the (muds. all of which were allotted. A great feat m%) of • this loan was its very wide distribution among the people and Il»toughout the Union and the fact that the country districts promptly and heavily subscribed to the 10811 in a 'great measure making up their quotas earlier than the cities. Secretary McAdoo) pronounced this -loan the soundest of national financing. A little over a year ago there were some 300,000 United States bondholders; there are now be- tween 20,000.000 \ and 25,000,00o. Awakened patritnisto has made I lie 'Amerieati people a saving people, a bond buying people The efleet of the Liberty Loans on the national eltartieter. on our national life, on the individual eitizen soul our home life is int- measurable—of inealeulable ben- efit, Not less inealculable is their effect on the destiny of the world as our ships plow the seas ERS OF U. S. BONDS YEAR AND A HALF AGO—PRES- ENT NUMBER ABOUT 25.- 000,000—FOURTH LOAN IN SEPTEMBER. The United States entered the war on April 6, 1917. Eighteen days later by a practically unan- imous vote Congress passed the Liberty Loan 'Bond bill. On May 2 the first. Liberty Loan was announeed, - on May 14 the details were made public, and on the 15th the eampaign be- gan and closed one month later. The issue was for *2,000,000,000, the bonds bearing :tt-() iier cent interest. and running 15-30 years. The bomb/ carried the eon ver- sion privilege, entitling the hold- er, if he chose, to coovert them into bonds of a biter issue bear- ing higher rate of interest. Four and a half million subscribers from every sect bit of the coun- try. representing every condi- tion, race. and class of citizens, subscribed for more than *3.000,- 000.00d of the bonds. Only $2,- 000.000.000 was allotted. and our men and material in The on features of Em.\ne hell I iiii \ 11 the It \ - th e Fi rst Lib erty L os] , were th o The Fonitth Liberty 110iiii earn' promptnes w ith w hi c was al , paign will begin Saturday. Sep - ranged and conducted, the pa- tember 28, and close iletober 19. trjolisou of newspapers. banks, No American doubts its success; corporations, organizations, and no good American will fail to people generally in working for contribute to its suecess. The its 811cCe88, and the heavy over- subscription of more than 50 per cent. Another notable feature was that there was no interrup- tion to the business ot. the coun- try occasioned by the unprece- dented ,demond.. 1. 44.0:1 its' . .mmtey resources. * The Second Liberty boan Cam- paign opened on October 1, 1917, anti dosed October 27. The bonds of this issue bear 4 per cent interest and run 10-25 years. They eii i'e) . the vonversion privi- lege. It was announced that 50 per cent, of the oversubseriptio» would be taken. Nine million subscribers subscribed to $4,- 617,532,000 of the bonds, an over- subscription of 54 per cent. Only $3,808,766.150 of the bonds were allotted. This eampaign was marked by the same enthusiastic support of the public as its predecessor. The labor and fraternal organi- zations were especially active in this campaign, and the women of the country did efficient organ- ized work which greatly contrib- uted to the success of the loan. The men in the Army and Navy W() rked for and subseribed large- ly to the loan. The Third Liberty Loan cam- paign opened On April 6, 1918, one year exactly after our en- trance into the war. and closed on May 4. The bonds of this is - 811e bear 4 1 Z 1 per cent interest and run for 10 years, are not sub- ject to redemption prior to ma - 0 0000000000000000000000000000000000 blood of our men fallen in Enfore coils to us; our answer must. be patriots. No slackers there. In and will be worthy of them and not one of these twelve eounies our country. has there been a single War Say - Th e resu lt o f t h e l oan w ill b e ings Stifinp cashed ill at the post - watched wit. keen interest in office. When the 'citizens of Europe, noC'enlY- by our associ- these counties bought st atups r'i t i tt ii g : 1 1 / ; \1°1 (ththinill\\n?\4\ more, but in getting thou- ates ill the war against, the Teti- the y did Si.) to hold them It Win ', sands and thotmands or eitizena I onic powera but. bu our enemies. not matter of buying to g et rn t, interested in this, the Govern - b e regarded b y t h em as a of the solieitor during the drive or to get their name in the Inn» t i rt lit ; t it r i, g , e re tt t i i t . o l t g . h l t vil LZ a t i o nti a g ev l i. . measure of the American peo- club with a deliberate intention' suppert of the war eeol thotomnds or eitizenst the int- Tt o . (I to \ Ds h o -e, f u n we ll or ''; I/16g •1111et. Of saving and hive...71H; 'h.. tremendous weight and sig-t :aeir money in \Var Savings The selling of, Liberty Bonds! s taimia,, nificance of popular support oft The State Director has the war, of the people at home( and the ensilin g in of War Sa y 'l prepared a tabulated report, backing up the army in the field.' in g\ ert i ficates are acts of en.-lahowitig the amount tooth eminty tirely different nature m BIT Every dollar subscribed will help exceeded or fell below its quota, Governme»1 fi mid encourage the American sol- effect on the and in this table we find thirty notices. When one sells his Lib- diers and hurt and depress the (nointies went over their quota, emenies of America. erty Bond the Gover»ment is not The loan will be a test of the called on for ally eash, the own - loyalty and willingness of the ership of the bond simply pima - people of the United States to jag from one person to another. When War Savings Stamps are make toterifices comparable with the willingues - of our soldiers to cashed in the case is entitely do their part. There must be and ferent• The Government must will be no failure by the people pay out in cash the amount the pledged is $611.742. The total holder of the War Saving Stamp „ lim b er of pledges i n the to measnre tip to the courage is entitled to. In this ea,se, the i s (065, ecuiluty and devotion of our men in En - money the Government planned rope. Many of .them have given to use for the purchase of am - up their lives; shall we at home n»mition. foods and ,simplies for withhold our money . ? Shall we our soldier boys in France, is spare owr (rollers while they paid out to the person who cashes spare not their lives? in the stamps. a 11 as Montana any counties in The Formem' elevator at this place has been soh] to the m oo _ whieh not a single War Savings There Stain') has not been cashed in? .tana Elevator company. present the State Director's has been no change in the 1111111- At agement. S. H awk b e i ng m ill office cannot say, as all counties have not y -et reported. If there in charge. .-As any such county or counties in Montana we shall be delighted to proclaim their name. far and wide. The report of one. of Mon- tana'a postmasters to the State 6 I I 12, 7 /7/i In Case of Emergency When you want a thing in a hurry you rush to a local store and get it. But do you realize that the exist- ence of our stores depends upon continued business. If every person in this community were to use the stores only for emergencies there would soon be no more places to satisfy those urgent needs. You should do your part towards keep- ing local business alive and in a con- stant state of betterment by doing all your trading at home. It will be pro- fitable to you as well as to the entire com- munity. 000 ATTENTION. We beg . to remind . that your Liberty Bond final payment (40 per cent) WAS DUE ON THE 15th. 1 We have . a - number of bonds On ,hand ready for de- livery. We must get this third loan finished and get; ready for Jhe which starts Septem- ber 28111, 4lla us \stay-at-homes\ should at least, be prompt in nfecting' our . debts to Uncle Sam. Basin State Barik Stanford, Montana • Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN Let's keep the Hun on the run. 0000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TIME TO CASH YOUR WAR SAVINGS STAMP, IS 1922 The state of Iowa dm an honor roll of twelve eounties. Theae twelve counties are placed on this list because their citizens at, real ENGLISH OFFICER TO SPEAK AT LEWISTOWN ('111)1. Edwards. of the Itoy-al English Fusiliers, will be it guest or the city or Lewistown vriday e, tiling, August it;. and town iiiN)tes her neighbors; in - eluding Stanford. to meet and hear hint. Ile has served since the beginning of the war. and knows first-hand the extent of the German at roeit There will be no eliarge. and it is hoped a member from stonrord will be able to go and hear hint. He ap- peared before the State Bankers' Director shows that a former yes- eenvention at Billings last week ident ,who is now in the State on iota delivered it fine address. a visit. from New' York, has cashed in two full certificates of War Savings; Stamps. These statepS • were purchased in New York and that state gets credit for. the sales, while Montana is charged - up with this amount and must. sell two more full certifi- cates to make up this loss. It is bad enough to cash in War Sav- ings Stamps when one is forced to It.v real necessity, but thts is addi»g insult to injery by cash- ing theln ill .Montailit whe» Nett' York gets the credit for the sale. THE GERMAN BEATITUDES It is not known whether the following creed was composed by German Or by a foreign student of Germanise», It has the ri»g of genuineness; it is not far-fetehed 111' overdrawn. The Military Illas- ilary masters of Germany have ;wed npun this ereed, and the German army, their diseiples, has Iket1 up to it. - Ye have heard how -in olden times it was said 'Messed are the meek for they shall inherit the earl h ; but, I say unto you. ' FINAL RESULTSRESULTS OF THE _ sed are the valiant, for they shall W. 5. PLEDGE DRIVE l A s i i:!t i e Although the War Savings Blessed are, the p9or, itt spirit pledge drive e»dell June 28 and but I say unto you, 'Blessetl are a .month has passed, State Diree- the great in soul and the free in tor Harry W. Turner is just now spirit, for they shall enter Vol- uble to eve complete figures on htl lii. And ye. have MVO the' drive. It has been FM l'1101'.. say. 'Messed are the peacemak- mous task for the County Diree- but I say unto you, tors to arrange, count and tabu- sell are the war Makers . , for they late the thouttanda of pledge slut II called,, if not the children cards. It Was a task entutl to of Jehovah, the children of'Qdin, taking the census of the entire who is greater than Jehovah.' \ , stati- Ninny parts of this state are far from the railroads and the mails to tiles() are necessari- • ) Cents Per Copy 'Ranchers May Get Additional Flour Under New Food Ruling Church News Selt001 IleXt miuidii, iii the nsintl hour, 10 it. in. The at- tendanee thus far through the summer months has liven etwouraging indeed. Last Snit- ELEVATORS ,1„ y fi ler , \veil ( about 90 present Si l i ‘ i i i i (1y li 1. 1 , 1 ,ugh el l; ( 1 )::e t li voilii e ll: g e iti iall and winter we hope to have du average littenditnee of 140. ,in be no ultev preaeh- iltg 18.1*Viel'S fills 1110111 11. Willi I lit' 1.011140.11l Of 8V8SilM 1 Ile 1/11811/1' Will be 011 V11(410011 111010 of whieh he plans to spend harvesting. Sunday Seined, or coin's\ , ‘Y.ill go on as usual. Tile 1'1'11'111N 1114'11 Willi us f01' 1/1181 11111'I' weeks left Itere last Tuesday for llilger MAY BUY EXTRA ALLOW ANCE WITHOUT SUBSTI- TUTES DURING HARVEST- ING AND FALL PLOWING FROM MILLERS OR THE Alontana has a notice that Y81'1111.1.11, 11111111 . 1.! 1 111' peril/11 or fall plowing anti harvesting, trill be allowed extra quantities of Boor. During the harvesting - harvesting season. areording to Vood Administrator Franzke of Fergus farmers may pur- ebase wheat flour MI OW .1111ailti tut Well'a• /41111141S 111 . 1 * 1110111I1 fOr eaeh harvest band or OuvOter- till Ii. Where. they hope 10 ( . 011- season and I ittuteI heir 'Ivor!: through the & w o o! , i t,,, 11.j .1„41 of fall plow _ tent season, lii regard ti) inont'Y ing. the /1/OT allay get wheat matters wt. were soutiovhat hand- limn. ..rnni III, elevulor ni• jeapiped . 01) StIliday 111 14 lieeliStql grain lotier jii 'xu'liuiuig.' weather conditions. I am glad for his own w heat Or 11 . ‘' to say more than the full amount .ji1g o r his ,,wi,t%'l44';iI, till flit' Iiti iit slid thus wt. were en- tit eight pound, per 010111 11 fOr til,lt'ul Iii send them awaY eaeh member or his family. Ife and pleased. I wish to add that may purehose flour tilt this basis I deeply appreciate this generous' mull Oetober I. Nutlet. to suieh response and thank each and all effeet has liven still In all mill - who so kindly helped its out. ors, 1111.11 Mill grain buy- t . I's Of I Ile St ate. The F00(1 Adinieistration is at NURSE TELLS so urging that shi mien' or re - OF SUBMARINE ATTACK 1.ttirs 111111 Ito els fiH' remit i lig j ly slow, making the task of the Comity Directors a hard one. . M it FOE ifi„- Imitanit has passed its tniota in 1 . 4 ( After nearly three years ger- 'Hilt\ he given 1\Pren\Wl. tlY War SilVillltS SW10101 1/011gill NMI E iu rone. M rs. J imeg 1171I'VPSI st./18911. Ron hi,i ii g pledged by a margin of $648,400, own . ° gra 4 11104 , in ..., o r s l. tint, each day of iillettess by a j which is it splendid showing. j a asep 7 i , s hompital. Si. p aid. is thro.shing outfit Illinois it serious .11, .1,6,4. lots o big sueceam t o re f t o 114'i' l ionle IOSS ill rile 1114' F0011 1101 only ilk selling War Savings rs AtI- 411d a kelaroil reeen tly Dint alteH\i\ialcali\\ in \ 110101 t 've'rY lent.,b li eit a sigh of relief .iyileil'im•Ksibie prevaiitiipi Is , give that () 1 .( 1 1 : 1 : 11 :::::Te i ( ;:::: ( 41 18 1 ) 1 1 ; 1 0 1% 1 !I t rt e l x Y: sufferings of wounded an t i d y i ng PreSSed their to give ! machine parts rm. threshermen preferred shipment iii the coin- itta front a port in England (.4)11- ing tittuutl ii, •is ed of vesels. with the' usual destroYer P1'0 1 146 011 Iii Ow LOCAL ANGLFR8 CLUB danger zone. PLANT 136,000 TROUT Thromigh the efforts of James; ' was A. Weaver, deput,v state game the submarine warning sounded. and everyone eon \ . On warden, the George Washington o - A i let climbf Stanford I ' L a s ti n g exeess „r $1,349,879, deck ,i, ir `T ared ittr an y ellwrgr- been furnished with fifty ('1(1)5 or miis hot fell below e•'''‘ 111) wiee the %%1 18 Stilt lit tt'.l trout 1'11% containing in . all 135,- their quotas, yelling this (miffing 1 \' t MUM \ a l ) P elL e‘-' ltuut 000 minnowa which were planted down to $648,400. Two eounties .1111 ( . o. third call brought three to this week ih the MI 11411118 just (.11111111e(1 their (1110111S. v)ew. Intent upon destruction. Fergus eoltumty's quota was After nuiek maneuvering. one eetit to Staltl°111 ' $5 4 5.202 and the total sold and of the destroyers toothed if aO1 . 10. 111111111Pd in' u' with 11 direct In t. and down she went. Another was shelled and sunk; but the third managed to get away. The telltale rim of oil nod wreckage left no doubt of their - end. said Mrs. &inv.,. 0 11 , t h e eoltvoy was . torpedoed. the slow - - est ship, hilt before sinking all the passengers were savel. Optimistic Thcught. Fostrest Is (letter thml certnin rtrcetion. We have a limited amount of last year's winter wheat for sale. It has been twice cleaned and Bozeman shows 98 per cent germination. .Also feed wheat containing some oats, ground or net ground. Farmers' Elevator Co. STANFORD, MONTANA , -•ammt6mmoman,.. 00000000000000 00 000000000000000000000000000000000 The Fou s rth and Last Payment of 40 per cent on the Third Liberty Loan • will be due the 15th of August. Please be as prompt with these payments as possi- ble, so that the same play be remitted to the Gov- ernment at once. First National Bank of Stanford Capital and Surplus $50,000.00, SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN 1 000 000000 0000 00.00 000 0 000000000000000 0 C r 0000000000000

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 15 Aug. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.