The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, August 22, 1918, Image 1

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A , .„I rg • • • jt / Vol. 9, No. 27. .•10 Per Year. Agricriltral Department is Staring War Against -Smut STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 1918. 5 Cents'Per Copy ' WORKING wrIf STATE AU- STANI:ORO SCHOLS THORITIES AN INTENSIVE: CAMPAIG1 IS PLANNED OPEN SEPTEMBER 3 FOR THIEFALI,,, IN WHICH EVERY PHEAT GROWER 1 SHOULDOELP. , boy was asked •how he lilted the I smuttier and he replied: •' It has gone` too fast far ine. •• That iitaximoi grain (-rips cameo , pt,ttt I lint varal ion days are just be Pro.ftivil wil loon treating Ine 1 ,1• slo w . about over and that soon every III) n,0:1e , how good the season. ehild in the emitnitinity• will be! or how -ell the ground is pre- 1, (41 \/ 1 . (41 . 4 ..0 1110 1 . ......41. 14ti ,, 0 44 , 4 ,.; pared. ! he average aillllial las\ 1 hird is Net fur the in 11 1 , , Slates front oat opening of schools in disiriel smut e• a ( \II *I li . 1 \ ) . 419 °. I numbi-i- 12 and indications point froto sinking smut of wheat, i o a goo d p.m.. ORM! 4 114)1 J\/\ 0 .tus a direct loss Almost all slimmer the board and i00.000 lilorc front it low - of trustees have workmen ering ,1* toolorkol 310 sl busy oti the different selleol of His could he Prvvellted b.v !ndlilings and liy• a wt-ek ft ii, seed irealtiii-10. Foe example. ill Tuesday they should be in lip lip Wist :144i111 all eXaillillal 14411 or ,h,„ p4 ,.. lin. lttiiltliiugs i n 1,,, ,„.,„,.- 301) oal fields showed 1 hat Ire; ed seed gave 0.4 per cent of oat 1111111.:111.11 SIS'41 10.5 pe , 4'1'111. ill tinie.; of ui/h!wives these loses .n 11114)1 ilt. 09111001:491. Ilerare the seed 1.; sliWil 1 he smuts eau be prevented. 41' 1 49 - ward it is too late. Smuts are eattsed by the ;Maid: of parasitii- fungi. and different ones attack diffei•ent gi•ailis. As eai.h kind of smut is distinct. there is no danger ill seeding wheal after smutty mils or barley or after any - other ( (top except wheat, provided the seed is free front its own pi•eillior smut. 'Phi,' oat Knott ;Ind Iii.' stinking stout of wheal do most dv:nage in this slate. tlii• next thirty days 1111 111.1ellSk eallipaign Will be car- ried nit it wheat stout Throughout the seeding period 8(11 -4 1 .t.11-$140r.,ti?..AttX0fit stink- ining :tt( will do iiiore to proteet next year's evil. I ha it a ily 01 her •rie••• - tir , - 11 , 1. , •110.11. l ; coins! ry (List riels have' been thoroughly cleaned and a teach.. erage is tieing built ;it the SturIty school. Vor the imst four years the Iii•ating• plant al the high seltool building has given ti'ouble. 3Iany beeause of lat•lt of heal. This days of school haveb een missed should not be Ilie ease this year.l. has been irompletely overhauled, V Duritig the summer the furinioe EUR sAvr ,„ rooD ittitl 1114' or radiation has been praelieally doubled. In r , : ir6 7 ,F1, -; : g LiE s (loin.. to this, it Watt!!! prcs.sure; CULL tank has installed in the , 3Jo I . 1 4 7 Does Your Money Help Your Community? You who demand better streets, better sidetkalks, better pblice and ffre protec- tion—are you doing your part towards such • improvement? Not if you send money out of town—money that would have just as much buying power at home. Every nickel you send away makes your community so much poorer, for the people who receive it d6 not re- invest it here. That money goes for the development of another com- munity or city. TRADE T .1; -(AT HOME /1 1 r. rthil.A* \ aft Patronize our home merchants whenever possible and you will do one of your fore- most duties to your community. Italliss 1 • 'A base it and drill king 1011 tll 4,1111S and tire 1,,, s ,. $111,, 140111 Food Administrator Writes Presi7 ;owl s i •vom (1 nom oor tlio .• dent AmerV2a Corserved 141, - budding.' Tho , ;(• drinkiliv tains are tho tho-st that can be: °C3Ci'3°:; Js Wheat ithd Iii 11 town wilLoot worTH works mot wm CREDIT DUE To v,tomEN . to the sehool. • I. I., it:tee:0111e OP° • h to ., l At .,. 11 emp l oye d i „ k i d, offl i m ,' Meat Shipments Increased t y Ow Walls Or all 1}i.' Morns s:. C4-i,GCG,OG0 Pound:, ;1... 1 . 11(,111 !!). :.• itl 1 4 , • • ;Itis the Extension Service il the l'ol- eharge are anxious that all wito ; 1 : lege lois kept ill Alontana a foree pe(t to attend gel registered ! 4 Of plant patho h logiNts headed 1v the °piling day. hr.; 11)-. ,krthin• T. F.vatis 10 study the Nolliwilltstantlinv the fail 111;0 smut los I ses. here and to take sehool teachers in e'Vf`I'y state aro me:I-owes rm. I heir 1141110 1011. t • X l reiiihy sea rt .. e l oca l 'M a ni 111111 :Ill' 111 1110;11 has slIeCcediol ill satisfactorily disc:Is.'s. /Intl their. work ;lemon- tilling all the positions in the dis- stl•ates beyond a (1011111 toy! be- I ricl, and if nothing linforsee!! paid anY'lltiig 11011t. /101 . 40'4' ill hill1111'118 the follolvionr, faculty Montana I he 111SS1 ;11111 11'1, begin %York the day follietv- firial results of seed I real Olt`Itt. ing Labor bay: •Worldng proogro•ssivyly limo ] w. H. lio . nolo . o . s. , to. Ah.xfoom tiord.q. ho offladiao line they ail. finishing I heir work in this state, making a eompara- tiVe or prevalenee of sitt to 1 I hroughont he lloeky mountain reg.ion_ Iii this mom- parisoti Ifolititita shows tip fairly vvell but not the hest. Also in smile eounties in this state wheat smut is 11111(11) more prevalent than in others. lost eonspien- outs, holvever is the amount of (Theriot I,' I ioekes. 'High sehool Mary l'•' ( ;b 111, and domestic scienee; Fickas. seventh & eighth grades; Laura inzie. fill It & sixth grades; Ethel NeYvtitait. third & fourth grades: Ales. It. L. Schaefer. ' primary. , Tettehers in the eimittr;v selmois %rill belts follows: Lyman III' • St neky S('imol : Lona hunt. Smart School: ter. 111111.1 11)111 Sehool: , continued on 1.ast Page) Coyote School.. May Railroads Will Give the State Fair Benefit of Reduced Fares CI ARENCE ErHAMLOW- !ONE AND ONE-HALF FARE FOR ROUND TRIP FROM ALL POINTS IN MONTANA —ALSO. ALLOW THE FREE RETURN OF ALL EXHIB- ITS THE SAME AS AT PRE- VIOUS FAIRS TO LEAVE ON SUNDAY Sianfoi•il will he r!lite5,1ilid iii Ilie Atigust draft by Clarent-t• !hollow, the txnly one ealled who registered here. lloyvever oth ers %%ell known her ha'. ,' been called, among them Tillman liain, met -11;00e at the St•I'N it.i. WhO goes to Fort Bettlon, and Paul Fisher, now employed at (Irt•at but '.yell litiown here. So . eretary I hietice Ensign, ti I Ii M111111111 hag (\Mil igililiV:111011 from 4'. E. Stone, passtsigi•i• traffie manager of the Ilreat Norilten railroad to the effeet that Ile had been instrurted loy• 1/irector Cleo - era! .11vAiloo that the railroad rates for Illy Aloolana Stale Fair hail br-en fixed al open round- trip 1-ati• tir 1111r 1 . 1114' /11141 11:1Sed liii 1114' Ill'eS1.111 one way faie.s. from all poiiiis in the state of The usual dates 1i' • At it meeting of the Fergus Co. 1.` i d r p)116 r i ,ialt• mid limit, will it, :lot to.oph. or the ismitly were count- Dist ri,'l Freight and l'assenger ed and it was found that five .‘geiii L. B. Woods has also re. tittles as many people ‘ the . velvet' the order, whieli he '.'ill i\itir its \'IV l\ ii S \ l\ Ill\ vall'imm Sill • ji wits definitely ilevidell that • ions awl ticket agents iti Ihe Ferxr,iis I l ounly would have a 1 ., -;11 state. W. II. Alet•rimaii. assist - woe Ibis r ail- Th e11 th gelleral awl Passe\ - 11111ellinery haS keen sel ill 11140 1../1 ger SiffSli utf 1111. NO11111'111 — anti fllir Will be a good 0111. ASO advised Seeretary Fat- fr .„,„ our lust hnrvpi4t „ f wheat win lie IllerefOrC, about 141_000: ono bushels, .ti tt total of 154,900.000 its ilia is imeh of the lair and l'aelfir, bushels of prime breadstuff_ In ad. I d es i re.; d ia l I h ere oo.umwees The (Mimi to this we have shipped somesry ,.x t „.„ s ,. „ H y m 1;„,.ii.m tas .,..4.11.:)111::.%::::.‘1.gei. 111,000.000 inISileiS to neutrals depend- t h at w ill from tile war. ' Ensig n , o )i and we have received o r fi ll . fair , Er,. .AlrA.I.10 rfereiii-i• to exhibits S401111. Imports ft. other quarters. accompiishatent of our people In dos mailer stands out even more elearlv if we bear in mind that we had tint net entry -over iii,t Its s1,1:11-:1;ii1173 Pr , miiiient speaker,. Inca! „r aw l uniolio•iol 000 lo to ) Ill- pie of die votintry, and shipments over our normal consumption about Fares, mi d orotter e i t t e rt v i timeli t be promptly and 120:),000,000 bushels of wheat which we ..„ , mai vu, export thIlt year without I \ I \ ut ia l' i t g ' i c i liz I . u s % II . 110 11 1 : 10 .*. ta I rtmehin. la h s o t u j i • P ear h . ): 11 1 1 ;:aleN 1 •1 1 .,r r .. 41$' 1111.1 Jildging w i ll 'Tiling transportation or eXhilittS ing to the large failure. of the 1917 lie .1 I I I ittt4'I'lIttutl lii „ 1 9 1:- „.;1 t„, „rr„,0 iv,' iii 191t4. '- !Ma :Iirglighif. from not , • I lint the free re'tiro i\tl' I of exhibits to. the Alontaita Stalf• •I , ...r ,e • : I • 111•11,1t• 111,•:i' • .1 I. '.• Ph,_ 1111 1,1'. 411 1 ,y III., „ .lesttiotts ..,/- • \.• ” 'ler 'Ai' FERGUS COUNTY WILL HOLD FAIR THIS FALL ryolie IS asP.,,, s lat ,. v a n. : lio•ii• prodovk h„. ,„, n ub t i n , inn ._ Eolo bkok,.; it,• tHIS„„dtisiti o n , Iwo . . ni .,:,a proximately savings front our (Mglit14,11 III I III . fair \ilh he held wheat bread. ,1 • f'•-'. tile j :I,I \These figures, however, do net fully hire Itred te4sti4'iation should II , A FREE TRIP TO THE convey the volume of the effort and made ‘‘iii 11,,pry m itiTas Id MONTANA STATE FAIR I., . 1 -o . : , t ,. .. \ 1 a , saerifiee made during the past year ij o b soo. ill. W. i. e ;Il a d . 1 i' . ,..\ ,1• , '1',•hiry or '' 1 \'•'' '''''' I \. by the wle•b• Ariel-MO) people, Iie- fin , 1,, , ,, rgum . I - mo o 1,••„i i .. 1,,, ‘ „ i s , - ''''''' - ''!\ ll '\ '''' ':' '' spite the tur•_t,i'lleent effort of our ',gra- town. . ' • t\. .1! ' - • ''. , . 1 ;• • ‘• • ' all ‘.;;- 44 .•;1;111.11`1 . 111:0 . 1.:1.1 :: -1 I of iIs 14.1 the shipment of '.• 1. ;S. .1 all food ship- ' ...e...;•111111mis amounted all this food briog In collaborali ,, I, .14l/ , islra I IC. Th.-, : 1 repirrs -c f4.1441 eXports for Ihe /hal eloset1 .1t1IIP :to. 1111.s. • he of locals and fats (Inclitilln;: I alit produ('ts, dairy prod- les- tints. vegenible oils, ete..) to Allied des- Gra v, (Inane:is were OS f011OWM: Fiscal year 1910-1 7....2.1116.500,40 lit',. Fiscal year 1017-18....8,01 1,100,000tbs, 000000000000000000000000000 • 000000 000 000000 • 000000 SAFE FARMING It is imt enough that the 1 . 411111er have buildings to care for his inaeltinery• and livestock, insuranwe to protect his propet•ty. hill Ilie farm profits that. arc turned into eash and credit, should also have ample protection. The liasin Stale Batik places its eiptipment and _spi%iit, itl iii e disposal of every farmer around Stanford to safeguard and adVittlee their in 8, SS Wel) 11S the IMS1111'SS t•Xperiellet. or its Offiet`I'S, wilOSI. daily atlefition to business has added much to tht• safe and profitable emoluel of' the money side of farming around Stanford. Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana' Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN ,Lets keep the Hun on the run. 0 0, 000000• 000000000 0 0 0000000000000000000000000 0 000 Itie:.' , re increase 844,4300,000 lbs Oar sin ugh animals at the be- ginnit,g of 1111! last fiscal year were wit appreciably larger than the year be- fore and particularly In hogs; they were probably less. The Increase In shipments is due to conservation end the extra weight of animals added by our farmers. Tile full effect of these efforts began to bear their best results in the last half of the fiscal year, when the ex- ports to the Allies were 2,133,10000 pounds, as against 1,266,500,000 pounds in the saute period of the year before. Tills CompAreS with an average of 801,000,000 pounds of total ex - ports for the same half years in the three-year pre-war period. , * In cereals and cereal products re- duced to terms of cereal bushels our shipments to Allied destinations have been: Fiscal year 1010-17..259,000,000 bushels Fiscal year 1917-18.240,800,000 bushels Increase ... 80,900.000 bushels Of these cereals our shipments of the prime breadstuffs In the fiscal year 1917-18 to Allied deStIllatiOnS Wheat 131,000,000 bushels and of rye 13,900,000 bushels, a total of 144,900,- 000 bushels. The exports to Allied destinations during the fiscal year 1016-17 were: Wheat 135,100,000 bushels g,noi rye 2,300,000 bushels, a total of 131,400.000 bushels. In addition $ome 10,000,000 bushels of 1917 wheat are now In part for Allied destinations or en route thereto. The total shipments to Allied ' 0 WI the last day. Ent 'eis ill the cultural population in plantitig ft 1111101 increased acreagc ill 1917, not only W118 there a ‘ery large fallUre in wheat, but also the corn failed to.inature prim- 'erly, and our corn is our dotultinnt crop. \I am sure,\ Mr. Hoover wrote in concluding his report, \that all the millions of tour people, agricultural as well as urbaii, who have contributed to Nese results should feel a very definite satisfaction that in a year of nnlversat food shortages In the north. ern hemisphere all of those people Joined together against Germany have come through into sight of the coining harvest not only with wealth anti strength fully maintained, but/with only temperary periods of hardship. \It Is ditlieult to distinguish between various seething, of our people—the homes, piddle eating places. food trades, urban or agricultural popula- tions—In assessing credit for these re- sults, but no one will deny the domi- aunt part of the American women,\ A hoarder Is a man who Is more in- terested in getting his bite than in giv- ing his biL COMMISSION 1TRGE8 TEE CONSERVATION OF CARS All loyal residents of Montana are not, only doing everything in their power to win the war, but are willing to find further ways in whieh they may help. 0 it r investigations develop that you ean greatly assist the important railroad and transpor- tation branch of the war work by keeping in mind the follow- ing suggestions: Release curs as quickly as pos- sible. Do not Order Cara Unless you are eerfain Of Wing the !lame. Alarket your produce early to avoid congestion. Mereliants and manufacturers should place orders early for ,their stocks of merchandise and raw, material. Store your steam coal now 80 tI8 not In\ congest necessary do- mestic shipments later. Use wood when available. Use eleetricity for power when possible in lieu of coal. Avoid the winter rush by mak- ing all possible shipmentti dur- ing the fall month& 0 0 0 0 0 TO I Ile IWO W111111'11 l'1\41111.111 l4 this eounty selling the greatefit amount or war savi and Thrift, MUST REGISTER AUGUST 24 maim). si . };(.9. ng . 1 .9 .5 . \ 18, Iii' given a trip to the ,titte fair, including all expenses Alt who tray ,. rea d ie d (hiring the slate fair and chance tItilit. ,..ri rst bi rt hd ay s ow. , t. lo . rontesl for $500 in additional 5 last are requii•ed lo regispl• rm. \'wi t .\ i ll t h e N a ti ona l A rmy , 1i0VCI'1101. Th e reg i strat i on o ffi eer f or S/111111'1% Judge Brant - Stanford awl vicintiy is N. R bOY. Mrs. 'fart. wife of tile State Mattheu - s. at the Basin Slate .1).\48\I'vr•iiti,l l is%V- A. Climb - I tail I:. ol I it Helena Independent, It ' you have re•aelied .viiiir I well- will be l'11/1111.11111191 101' the thrift ty-first birthday since fifth ladies who attend the state fair. of l ast j um , . 3 . 0it must 11111 1 104 a result of this contest. Call On ('0111113' direetor for de - register. tailed information. 11 Ii Y ri I IZ I STA M PS S..1. t.11A1 41,, Comity Director. 000000000000000 00 000000000000000000000000000000000 ; 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 The Fourth and Last Payment of 40 per cent on the Third Liberty Loan Was Due on the 15th of August Please be as prompt with these payments as possi- ble, so that the same may be remitted to the Gov- ernment at once. First National Bank of Stanford Ccipital and Surplus $50,000.00 SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN 9 4•I 0 0 - 100.00000 0 00 0 a. *0***000****0000. •0.0

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 22 Aug. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.