The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, August 22, 1918, Image 7

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BASIN TRADING Co. 00000000000•000000•000000000000000000000000000000 00000 0000000000000000000000 Dr. J. Lebovitz CALL PHONE NO. 26 Stanford, Montana Resident 'Deputy State Veterinary Surgeon Dr. F. B. Remer VETERINARIAN Office at Leslie's Lively Barn Mont. Veterinary License No. 76 Dr. H. 0. Moore DENTIST Office Over First National Bank Stanford, Montana E. G. Wardqn U. A Gribble WARDEN & GRIBBLE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Practice in all the Courts and U. S. Land Office Old First National Bank Building LEWISTOWN, MONTANA GEYSER HARNESS SHOP Regair . work of all kinds. Shoe repairing a specialty Harness washed and oiled for $2 a set. Send us your work and we guarante satisfaction. PRICES REASONABLE M. M. Brown Geyser, Mont. I 000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000 • o 0 0 o 10 R. Thompson 0 ,o Watchmaker and Jeweler . g Now Open and Doing Business g 0 Bring in Your Work • o o o o _ o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o lgel Building, Stanford o o o o o o ALL WORK GUARANTEED g '100. often have a crop failure o o g with milch eows. o 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000 g ,k opine wishing to enter train - 11.:11011 iliNII'le1 Wettne.,:lay. oi) • Tag' 1•011Sittel'11111e itafflagi.. Tul) : ' • talks ,•aRt of that pla,, hail lav : Protect Yourself and Help Your Government i six iiiritt, & I t ai tit, gromid. .0 ,, nastily a the :omit, asa, . By Buying Your Coar NOW . t i • Harvey ' s Drug Store O. P. Cramer made a trip to Great Falls Sunday. %mot am Th Town and icinity Two 1915 Fords tit the Service Garage. BUY your Miller' tires before the September raise. Service Gar- age. Helen Nelson of Belt visited Hortense Matthews a few days lb first of the week. Mrs. A. G. Gillespie visited her husband in Grass Range ,for a few days this week. M. M. Hammer moved his fam- ily into the R. C. Harvey house the first of' the week. Dr. Mottis of Nebraska ar- rived Monday and will make 'a short Visit at. the A. D. Strouf home. Mrs. Geosge Volkel and little son. Stewait- returned Sunday from a couple of weeks visit with Misoula friends. Mitgi Ada Leslie returned to her home Sunday after a pleasant week spent in Denton, Square Butte and Great Falls. 'Mrs. Cole and two children left Saturday for their home in Lew- istown. Mr. Cole will follow in the course of a few weeks. STRAYED — One two -year -old red heifer, probably with calf at side, branded LazylIT on . right hip, and one yearling white -face steer, same brand. Will give $5 a head reward for return, J. A. FELLERHOFF tf V • • Wesley J. Peek WaS 1)11138C11 - gel' 011 44 Tuesday for a business trip out of town. Joe McDonald of Nate was in town calling on old friends the first of the week... J. S. Webber is enjoying a Visit ,with his sister, Mrs. H. J. David- son. of Normal, Illinois. Ber»ardine Hatulow andelittle sister of WindhTini visited at the Jess Nickerson home a few days this week. Mr. and Mrs. John liegla, for- merly of Stanford but now of Salt Lake City, were in town the first of the week. Mrs. Hosealisher and children left this week for California to spend the winter, going early so that the children may shot in school. - - Mrs. NV. j. Kerr of Great Falls who has been a visitor at the J. R. Nelson ranch for the past week, returned to her home- on Monday. 'Barney Mooney of Woodstock, Minn., is visiting at the J. b. Denim.' ranch this week. Mr. Mooney owns several pieces of land in Fergus county and will see to the harvesting of crops on these places . before returning to Minnesota. Mr. and NIrs. R. C. Frisbie were irtgit Falls Sunday. wa.,.••.••J •••••••••••••••......, • 00000000000000000000000000000000000900000000000000008 Rev. and Mrs. Ireland of Gey- o , o sit were in WW1 this wees. 0 Ff•I: SILE--400 tow heed rye a1 % pet* hundred at ranch. U. I'. INNEN o Mrs. Alfred Chester is g iti Great I .••a..s a .•'..A‘ da s 0 t week. \ !g 1 , o Mrs..1. li. Nelsoo oho lias•lhaot g ill for the past week or so ig hot,. now. lo !0 w. w. (loll i o t a %i i's, I,„„ g :„..• ,isiting E. F. (halt at 2 tt.•.\-,.t. this Welli. 0 r 0 ).: r\. Iflark is moving into ill,. g b , . ,, •R , I .,, iiimy . ,,,, pied by P.. 1 whirh ,I„. ri.t.,.ittly in 'g ..„,•t:;.“. I frolli A. Sort.11R011., 0 0 Miss Florence l'otelialian re. g 1,-,,!,,a to her home in st. Paid g Siiiyhiy after ii emu'''. of months s sta.k iii Stanford. o o Mr. and .N1r.:. itayle: Mr. anii g Mr , . Rouen and Mrs. 11•M t .i. :1 0 ----__ k ti,,' skin 0 fOrill iiill , (:; - :;1 1, 1111.1 iti 4,i!!:111%, 101111, 0 0 Ile•rerore 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Spent StiltditY Ili 11111littl LOP, 0 0 0 Ohl SOlit It Of the Judith g 7Mhe Reliable Rexall Line g ,o -0 grip, filled with eliihrs -Yell o w i t 'd ! ' Ol ili t t 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000L! w t i lia it ie pry hit, er plyase - IX. R. lientli.rsoi, ot,' ise and Patriotic . . Iii Dv0V4•1'.. • . • Are those who are getting iit 1 . 01' SOHO' 1. ! • • frig' 1 their winter s supply of coal .1. p. ,„„d„ a trip t,, stored up NOW. Stilpher Springs the • ter pail of last week. Ile sav - • * • Prices Are Getting Higher . + good. but that they are maisidet • • A terrifie hail storm swept th,' . 1 , Coal Is Getting More Scarce : old:, later than they are here. • small hen's egs. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Woehes- ter and little sou arrived t4utiday trot,, itroekton, Al ass.. and itokvell into the inn house in the south part. of, town. Mr. Wo- ehester will take thy piney in thy Basin store recently filled by Mr. Peterson. A. E. Peterson resigited his pm sition a: clothing man at the Ba- sin Trading vompany a short limp ago, and on Saturday even- ing Mr. and Ali's. Peterson hid izootl-bye to the St au going from here to 1,ewistown. It is 1101 k110110 What Mr. Peter- son has platilleil for the flatus'. Fred R. Darlington of . Cut Rank WaS in town this week look- ing up prospects for the 'ode of his herd of dairy cows. has been called to the service and most dispose of them within the next month or Iwo. Ile will probobly hold a sale here in the near future. We would like to see the cult ii,' hunch purehased bv farmers in this section. You log for the Merchant Marine ean gm all the information wanted at Harvey's Drug Store. as all Rex - all stores are remaining stations for this 141.1'Viev. Apidkalits front ls to 20 and from 32 to 35 will eonsidered for training as sailors, cooks and stewards. l'he training station at Seattle con- sists of shore station and two training ships, U. S. Chippewa and U. S. Iroquois. l'he hail storm which visited this seetion Tuesday was, the heaviest this season, and consid- erable damage was done to the ' ripened grain which. owing to the rainy weather. the farmers had been unable to cut. How- eVer the damage is not as heavy a* was 'at first feared. The re- portiA losses vary front about a bushel per acre to as high as 75 per cent in a few eases Most of the losers carried insurance. NOTICE State Eighth Grade and Teach- ers' examinations will lie held at Ito. court house in Lewistown. Fergus County, Montana, on Thursday -and Friday, August 29th i and 30th, 1918. • N ELIA E L. FAIL EY, County Superintemboit. FOR SALE Turkey, lied fall wheat for seeding purposes. Parties want- ing elean seed wheat of the finest, quality QM drop me a post card and advise me as to their wants. This wheat was grown on new 8,4 A. G. GILLESPIE, Stanford ' • • HARVEY'S Drug Store 0 Beci resoles ellieft\LL 0 III' skin. Tho COMBINATION CREAM JON TEEL softens 111111 101111qt', !NIJII NMI IWO- , t'Clti It ag/11114 t We:11111r. It is percret htiSe aet. it Perrtilltell Wit it 1 PISS' ly 0,1101' to• 21; Gov, ers---Joitteel. Wonderfully refreshing. 55 Cents • \Quality\ `?)ervice\ Frank W. Lester Stanford, Phone 40 Montana. • 11-0-4111-0-•-•-•-•-• . • • ••••••••••• WASTELESS ? Are put Parrying out that poliey in every N,•11...' it the word! Now is the time to be loyal sons and for us behind the lines PNCI,E, SAM says \ECONOMY!\ What benefit would he derived from saving in one line only your efforts must be broaden d to in- clude all. 'flint means getting your money's worth in tires. We have the Patriot'' , tire: costs more at first but less in. the long run. Ask the man who travels. which tire gives the most mileage. Quality eounts, and Republics have been - over the top. - A trial will eonvince you. REPUBLIC, the Patriotic tire 1)11 .°6\ FORD GARAGE PHONE STANFORD, MONTANA 0 1 1V1.era's Confectionery and ICE CREAM PARLOR Sodas and Sundaes of All Flavors Fresh Candies and Nuts. Everything clean and new. A fine place to spend a half hour, ALL THE LATEST MAGAZINES Great Falls 'Hotel GREAT FALLS MONTANA FITZGERALD & FOSTER, Props. EUROPEAN PLAN A First -Class Cafe Connected Advertise It in THE WORLD

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 22 Aug. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.