The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, August 29, 1918, Image 1

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1 ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE, AND PAPERS PRINTING MORE THAN EIGHT PAGES MUST REDUCE SIZE—MUST CUT SOME EXCHANGES ebt Vol. 9, No. 28. I2.00 Per Year. Orb StANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA. THURSDAY, At ti l'ST 29, 191$. 5 Cents Per Copy • - War Board Announces Rules Governing Weekly Newspapers he , plain. nod unless we get a dif- ferent interpret at ion of it we , will have to comply until eon- ditions iii the paper market int- I ' Prove. AN APPEAL TO ALL TO SAVE MORE SUGAR The American pe*e did WOIlderrat thillg in the Wheal The dente shortage of print saving eampaign. ()or sueeess paper anti wood pulp from which literally held the allies together it is made has forced the Will' : during the spring and summer. Board to make some rather thins- It gave them comfort and cour- lie rulings. I age until the title turned last After September 1 publishers of month. Aloe thanr aoy other per - weekly newspapers rill not lie rOPIllallee if established Anieriean a ll owet t to earr y an y o f th e i r su b_ ,. re di t - un til th e splendid 10111 our seribers more than three months, troops tool: in the seeonti IItiiiie tool while we might feel that you . battle. were per f ec tly goo d f„,•ally 1111111- g r a i n 1 ,•,• 4 . are etilled itp ,,,, t o bit Or years, this paper will en- share xvith those who sit at the (kayor to obey the ruling to the! common table. Ii is a eliallenge letter. So if you wish to receive. of war eonditions to 0111' 1111110111- II e paper eac h wee k i t w ill he,itv. our c hi va l ry an d our wor th . neeessary for you to be sure that This time we are reiiiiired 1101 to • your subseription does not get ..mploy a substitute for neeessary more th at , 'three mouthiii al , f oo d . i m t t „ g i ve in , „„ rears. No iii liii- 104011'S Will he lll'Oppell from the listuntil October I. We Shall we sueceed? Ask your - hope all our readers will look tip- selves.. would we do it if it were 011 this as it really is, a necessary to share with a siek %amity next Wilt measure. 11001' instead or siriekeii The World. hi e011,100ii with hors. aerosti the sea! maliv other weekly papers, has We tail if we will we will if been devoting a good deal of its we realize. time is short. space to publicity for the various Within a short time everyone war activities, Liberty Loans, must realize that it real patriotic Thrift Stamp salos, Red Cross. serviet. must be performed in the etc., and we expeet---toemit intle saving of -sugar. on this line as long as the war As the Ithys have lefo our 1'01111- ln/4S and the need for this pub- ty front that. to time there were lieity exists. SO if you are a lit- 1011#1 proclamations and assur- tie thin-skinned in your patriot- dimes that we would stand back ism, and don't like to be, remind- of them. Hero is an opportunity. 441 that there is a xvar on, per- Will we stand bark of our boys halls you had better stop your and their comrades in arms, the paper. But if you think. as the British. French. Italians and publisher does, !that this war is .giant - N4Ar yin g ourselv,es the the biggest 4: titlark ilt*-t l ever tigotfr. s)flint I heir 'needs led and that .we NV1111 Cannot go to may be fully supplied? the front can only do our whole We 'MVP been apportioned two ditty by keeping in as close touch pounds per per8011 per tnt,iith it 1 1 for the 511111e 111011ey and you the guns roar in the distance .I 5111 S1114110111 111h1 il O NSible ttIi liii'WItI iiitlioi- meets I•VPI'y requirement of ptIi I ill lii I t, lie sir' • 1',. iii,. I I I iiiiitl u hug 14 o't, ,!! , , A.IJorow .1. Dooley. who eta- ,* ity we mdy know exaellY sten) 'w ain,' doll vitality. Yet as ,' o r lite P . \ , e' t 11 \ Pr\ . \i k '\ ;i '1 I ii : . \ mu filmed at ;lie VJ 1,1)11 I lilt ii•. Wh:11 it, eXpel!tell Of 114, YOH!. ertqw day numerous ealls !. ti i, tilt 101 h;! e I IreO I Ile 'wt sting. anyw.ty iim „ mu mime d it eri . m f ot hearty support will be great fully to this offiee asking for speeial lolo,r befnr,• I eau A sti•iknw quottition. isn't it Th e l e o ure course . Av Inv W ill get a seal!), I was 11 110 1h W:111:11of 0I 1 the Dover appreciated. ollowance. EVet5' week we find , , tonne!. ..• getting Anti s vel it is the - messagt• Pl'es-. ruffle d ur i ng t h e f a ll mi d w i n t er . to mie elderly lady and DV , The paid year has been an ex- some people who have over-pur- • wetly well thinned out of its eV/411110y hard one on eountry chased their allowance. Always ident Wilvon. sent through his eontains the following numbers: the use of au English-Prem.,' , es Local Dealers' Advice Is Often Helpful Your local merchants know their goods and are always glad and willing to let you profit by their knowledge when you go to them for merchandise. When you are undecided between two articles—when you don't know which is best for your needs— your local dealer's advice may make your prob- lem an easy one. But when you buy by \sight unseen\ methods you h.:ve no one to ask for advice. Then yclir experience is the only teacher, but, unfortunately, a poor adviser. Moral: Patronize the local dealers and get their advice on important purchases. //, 'Universal War Bread Provided For All Nations FigWillg Huns LETTER FROM GEORGE F. HONETSCHLAGEL De), Vtieliti W11(111,11. I is 'HMI I nIle I /1111 NVe11111D: VOI1 71101 let you know I 11/1Ve s:are- ly — 01'er hell. — 111 Frallee. 111 al Val her 11111T.V. 11101 1:1111110Se N • on , won d er i ng ., ‘ •h a t h a d b me of iii,'.ecoI felt rather gloomy \Olen leaving Ihe slates. gonti - hY 10 all. and then Illere \vas soell a pretty sunset just tilt. St ill tie Of Liberty was fading ay. But I simoii ell ev Iii 11 12. 11 III I\ I I imv Ave the °P I I Y °I . he I Ping ke hie WHEAT FLOUR RESTRIC- TIONS IN UNITED STATES TO BE RELAXED AFTER SEPTEMBER 1, AND ALL' ALLIES PUT ON AN EQUAL . FOOTING \Veil, Judge. we left ihe stale% front 1Vashiligtoli dated /111gl1st. 27 say that universal %vat bread for all nations arrayed against the central powers is provided for in new regulations announced by Food .141ininist valor 11410V1'1', 1111414.1' %%1114.11 \Olen, 1 . 1111e l'eS11.1e- IIMIS 111 Ihe Stales are 11101 Ihe allies given bread emitaining more %%heat thini they world safe for dentoeraey. and 11 ha\. Iuitisiin, do.ia; days or hinks Is I lifitigh flit rate the Sam- t h,. .. t . golat i„ os ore ,, t • odes are 11:01111; We SO1111 trill hilVei t-u-Iseplemloo , w iwathess \III K1IISt\ . \III bY I lIe reel' thuiiI 1111VS atlll WhealleSS ultuhhls will he \\ 1 1Zdtti itty °hall\ iS lilt far nfr. iholo1 good tioo• whik. flue twiny deep ; iold i „ ., ,.,„.,„„ 1 „„., 1 \Will \ll\ eVelling : gl l\' 4 If \ .11 '' ;I I I le, I IF le ee l eOl I !lei I ill I 4i/11(1011, all . , tatil-byi. one more sul , maritte.. b read inieh , ,:ftei . seviem b ei . I \\''' 1111(1 1 \ w .\ s l 110 da Y s whih• for Ihe ,iiiii., ti ill ho. nook of crossing and quite a number of . , m i xe d fl,„„. emi i „ i II i t) g $O p ee t iii. lads had the misfortune tit pt .,. t ,,, to wto , at loot 20 to , i . emu beeoming seasiek. bin I did not, pm h, t i tio ,, ( . m .,, als. so I recoil I W011111 Mahe a fall' .th baking rvgli i iii i ons i ii eon Sa1101\. Mostly /111111Ned Illyaelf ni et Hi ... i .,, si , i \ dud. i ny l in li ng il i „ Stanford Will Have Fine mid ‘, 1..4. ,.....s E° 11 Ike ling flO111 HI : silks in 111/1O0.1101(11'114 l ' el i iii \g 11 . ° ,\ kS (.\. g\ I \g ( d e d i 11111 l . /IIIII but regulation control - old boat. and I hat permit t nig bakers to Chautauqua and Lectures lovely Ifiiiee. the city w\ a° be im' mat slimily of wheat now.. We ver)ainly di41 1\1\1 \I ii mo , m o s 7 0 per emit o f t h e i r.ilor . ---- -- - I - ;mber and Pe °nil: 11180 i t s ' llnl ' es • R e ally a MI :/rationin ad am g of breong I epte 19, 20, 21. ..)--:{ 21. rson th n at e r %vveim tieross n va-, it„. i di e d Imt i,„,, w ill i n , di se „ n . DATES SET FOR CHAUTAU-.. ; ,.1,,,i,,, not realize Imo pretty this coon- t i n 1 no t !g ent %. ,, i . lily iii,„. ''Vim'- QUA ARE SEPTEMBER 19, it is only through Chatitati- trY ig• I in'ver 'lid '\'e Hie li kr. tory\ broad is assured the eivil . ol s awl Lyceum bureuus that 1111(1 I have Iraveled a 101111 wil.v 1 „, 1 „ i i a ti mis H i a tutu w h en t h e 20, 21, 23, AND 24, INCLU- , 1,,A its like Stanford can gel real- inward 4ill\ I kilt led : bull hit\ „ 1„. 0 ,it tun i,„, j ut t ;,. i . many mi d SIVE—LECTURE COURSE , ly good eutertaimitents, and by trains in this emilitry memo to go \ w o r n, i s tinv il i i,,,,, hit p rom i s . our Chautauqua tit this so slow. iiitattiv marking time. We are situated at a. pretty , DATER ARE NOT YET BET' 4-kinli .....1 t _ rim( , it it\ c en Iiit I, 1.:1 111 AI gta 1 —PLENTY OF GOOD MUSTC I,,p• lent enterlainnods and the plaec iiol far from a river you ONLY TWO IN STANFORD ,1,•1 ore season. wt. get better tail- rend so nitwit Ilb011l : 1 1111 Ill'il r I) 1 ,. I .,. wore mi l v I iv() regn i t ra _ 0 1 MAW newspapers as a whole. and lit- there are those who are trying to cording to trade journals nearly' evade the regulations. thOUSalld have gone under he- . This appeal is made to \ every cause of increased costs without real citizen of Fergus Coatity. increased support. , Help to bring people to tut country - press has been the derslanding of the sugar short - medium used most extensivly by age. Ilelp to create an Minos - the government in giving patine- 'there that will make it mighty its - to its various war net difieult for any Mall to evade the and needs, and these little papers regulations. Let us look the sit , have given ill he aggregate mil- tuition squarely in the ft3,ce. lie lions of dollars worth of spnee,, who is violating this re4ulation and first page space at that ! and consuming more sfigar than Anti these efforts to '•do their his lillowanee is deserting the bit\ is appreciated as is shown boys we have sent from Fergus by the fact that the governinnent County ; is playing treason to the is doing everything ill its power' eallae for . which _ Amerien is to make the eontilintsi piddles -1 fighting. lion of these papers possible. 1 In the name of patriotism save It will probably be neeessar • v I sugar. for us to cut the World down to A. A. FRANZKE, eight, pages. We do not like tol Fergus County Food Adminis do this, but the ruling seeins to trator. 000000000000000000000000000 000000 COO 0000000000000 The Secret of Success A young man: may have many friends, but, he will find none so steadfast. so constant, so ready to respond to his wants. so capable of pushing him ahead, as a little leather eovered book. with . the nanie of it bank on it. If it were possible to inject the tumid l y of saving into every boy there would be many more real men. - .11ow about you or yours, now .that you know I he secret ? Don't. put . it. ott; open that acemint toddy with the Basin 6tate Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN Let's keep the Hun on the run. • 0 official c.licesmitative. llon. (lea.; 0. I) 1.•1:eever I reel, to all Lyeetlia and chau-' Wry.% T \\\ 4 ta10 1 11/1 WOrliel'S and S111/11011e1 , 4! .1010/Ohip,f. ID/111/111eli throughout the eotintry. Alen at effittloottY th e cen t er o f thi ngs i n w as hi ng .. , The St ti it , Quartet toil gave an impetus to the Chan- . VIIrtlier Partiollors or taliqua movemen t a t th e eonven . 1.11 tertatimpirtits be given from lion in Chicago mueli as it has lino' to tint\. never before received. They re-: Mize now that it is one of the' fundamental needs of the eoini- CIRCUS AT STATE FAIR I'll' Of thi` timilsement features at IrY • \ling wal. ' the NIontana State Fair will be They have worked out plans for' Ilappy Fi itiveing this mov, , tiwilt. with its v i rrison's real out' ring thirty million or more attendants ', 111.1114. to lit \I. of the direetly in touch Wit h govern-, ,, x hit • • Jugular. eaptivating and unique most w it ,\ ,: ver per f orme d hy mental matters. During the sett-; indite(' „ into's. son of 191 these governmental' plans and purposes will receive, hearty co-operation through their PATRIOTIC TO THE CORE programs. The Montana State Fair is ii The dates fol. o it r comingi patriotic institution. in eharge of Chautauqua festival have finally' patriotie people. held in a state been definitely arranged for composed of patriotic. eitizens. I Am the Red Cross HENRY PAYSON DOWST (With acknowledgments to Robert H. Davis, author of \I Am the Printing Press.\) am the Symbol of the pity of God. burgeon upon the flaunting banner of victory and the drooping guidon of defeat. • am the token of peace in the midst - of battle - , of gentle- - ness shining through the sombre 'mists of hate. am a chevron on the sleeve of mercy, an honor mark set high upon the brow of compassion. am the color of blood spilled for democracy, the form of Christ's tree.of agony, and my followers, at need, , crucify themselves to make men live. I carry the hope of life into the red pits of death, and a dying soldier salutes me and smiles as he goes to touch the hand of God Almighty. I stand for the iorganized love of mankind, the co-ordinat- ed impulses of young and old to do good, the sacred efficiency of human service. I mark the flag under which are mobilized the forces of industry and finance, of church and school, of capital, of labor, of genius and of sinew. I am Civilization's Godspeed to those who defend her; I am the message from home. I am the Symbol of the pity of God. I AM THE RED CROSS. dietionary she told me she hail • one son and OW grandson killed , The , Atote p oi; moos die b ite k in 111114 1 1 / 1 1'. They were bolll of- yard — biddie\ lay Iwo eggs fieers. Still she seemed so lutiit„h en , slip dropped ow . before. py, and ad I he people do. wire ailing(' 'Hymen' trying to learn French evenings, and illey Seelll sure will be grand old days Avhen as eager to leach its am we Ore lo eat! go Inielc lc) the sinteit vie - learn it. espeeitilly the older peo-H torimits arid say we have done our lull' They certainly out like the hit Sainolies. thitig a 144.rson I (1011 . 1 116111( I would in re to not i,,,, s i s fl in t l ie m p g nn y oung s i t a y 0 1 Fe l inee„ The good old U. nien or young ladies, they are all ' S. A. for where the flag flies serving Frallee /01 soldiers or that has til‘vays been vietorious. nurses. Wish you could have seen us 1 ,„„•,. I 4 , H ie d mom ,. „ r ,„„. lilt s t a l es. II sure with it Wounded Salinities. and they all' pretty sight. have a ,i.rood story to tell its. and I Will close; tell all hello. aml guess 'Wylie — don't like (midi be sure to /111SWel' S11011, am we ail Hi eel. SIO.1118 its t bough We got IOVI' 11111 W IIN our the Duns bluffed and seared oli \Vitt' best of !wk. your friend, us. and some or these days wel l (IMO. F. HONETSCHLAGER, will 1.1111 them off the map. It Co. A. hit hi E. S.. Am. E. F. 000000000000000 00•0000•00000000000 • 0000000000000000 BANK THE, HARVEST 0 0 0 0 0 0 The whor of the` reaper and the hum of the thresher sing it fine song into the Vara Of the 1'111111- VI'S this slimmer. The farmer has a whole lot on s his H110'1141(41.14 these days. Ile feeds us all—so he's a mighty important. link in the supply chain baek of onr soldiers iii eomitrv milled for - increased Alllt 11011e 11118Weeell 11101'e readily titian the farmers. Now they're reeviving their reward in the form of fair erops with the highest prices that ever tire- vailed. Doil't let Die harvest money slip through, yonr foigers. Don't leave it on the farm where it way he lost, destroyed or stolen. Bring it to the bank where /1111 . 1 , ty is assured. Now's your chance to !most your bank lialollee. hiring your erop Chee.10i 111 us. Well gladly cash them for you or credit them to your account. just as yOu wish. You can either take the money with you, or leave it 00 deposit for your future need.s. First National Bank of Stanford Capital and Surplus $50,000.00 SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN 11 0 0 t100000 0 0 0 0000000000000 00 00000000000000000 , 000•.9000,30000 , 00 - ) JO0000000000000000CC 000000C

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 29 Aug. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.