The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, August 29, 1918, Image 6

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s 4 Packers' Profits Are Regulated The publi&should understand that the profits of the packers have been limited by the Food Administration since November 1, 1917. For this pur- pose, the business of Swift & Company is now divided into three classes: Class 1 includes such products as beef, pork, mutton, oleomargarine and others that are essentially animal products. Profits are limited to 9 per cent of the capital employed in these departments, (including sur- plus and borrowed money), or not to exceed two and a half cents on each dollar of sales. Class 2 includes the soap, glue, fertilizer, and other departments more or less associated with the meat business. Many of these de- partments are in competition with outside businesses whose profits are not limited. Profits in this class are restricted to 15 per cent of the capital employed. Class 3 includes outside investments, such as those in stock yards, and the operation of packing plants in foreign countries. Profits in this class are not limited. •Total profits for all departments together in 1918 will probably be between three and four per cent on an increased volume of sales. The restrictions absolutely guar- antee a reasonable relation between live stock prices and wholesale meat prices, because the packer's profit can- not possibly average more than a fraction of a cent per pound of product. Since the profits on meat (Class 1) are running only about 2 cents on each dollar of sales, we have to depend on the profits from soap, glue, fertilizer (Class 2, also limited) and other depart- ments, (Class 3) to obtain reasonable earnings on capital. Swift & Company is conducting its business so as to come within these limitations. Swift & Company, U. S A. Standard Wisconsin Binding Twine . 24c Farmers Equity Elevator Co., indhani - THE UNIVERSAL CAR It is important NVIIell yorir Ford ear re- quires Inning up or repairing that you place it •in charge of an authorized Ford dealer. Then you an. sure of having re- pairs and replacements made with genuine FOrd-made materials by men Who know all aliont Ford ears. Bring your Ford ear to us. Satisfaet ion is Sure and you will re- ceive prompt attention and IVO prices. 1 Galt Bros. Stanford, Mont. ' 4 THE STANFORD WORLD t)tanfora Enortb 1 . • I'. DUNTON Editor Publi•lied at the World Office at itanford, Niontana. every Thursday. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoOoOOOOOOOOooO000OOoO000OQOOOOOOOOo REVERTED TO TYPE ,i f e ave on an Ferret's Night Off an Orgy of g Several Used Cars Which 0 00' We Will Sell or Trade 2 2 00 Franklin Roadster Maxwell Touring Car 0 .0 00 Inter-stateTouringCar 0g Chalmers 7 -Pass. Allen 5 -Pass. 0 00 Several New Chalmers that 0 you can buy before raise 00 0 These cars are all in good condi- 0° 0° tion and priced right 0° , Britton, Service Garage g r3 00000000000000000.000.000000000.0.0.0 . .•b00000000000000 .0 .0 i 1 0 Little Killer Left Thick Trail of Dead IS Which He Had Destroyed for the ; 0 10 Pure Joy of Slaying, and Entered at the Stanford mistake Went Home. I In 14 SM4111,1 triadt matter. under the !o .0, of Match 3, 1s79. Ills [wither was a ferret, lean. yel- g low alai Wilk eyed and a she devil 1 0 to lame, says a writer lii London An- 10 ription /12.00 per year. . \ I e l i ts .s. father wok worse, a wild pole- g eat ef lily mountains. and . ii worse g dir II I an ever. Um he, the cherub, was so SIM an I o furry and fill and creamy. and. though g lie had got pink eyes, there seemed g 1.1 1,,• of mother and 0 father :it t him. Ile never bit, lie g never spat, and he never used bad o guage, and he lived upon bread and g milk. like it gentleman. 0 so In.' was till the spring broke. 0 Wa! , I IWIr men fault, the ferret- 0 er , . They took hini out rabhiting, as g titit They put la collar with a bell 0 on round his neck. us 11Allal. uuitil g long long string on the eollar. as 0 alai they turned him into n rabbit warren, as usual. And he sneezed three times, as usual. and 1141 wai , ..e.1 docilely down the first rabbit hide he came to. nil usiml, to turn out the rabhils from their burrows, as 11 , 110i, I limit the sportStnen outside - might shoot them as they bolted. So far, until he got Into tlii middle of the III/17.0I4 of tunnels. the Inky dark- nesses, and the stuffy heat, full of tlii. smell Of castor oil—don't know why. by the wny—and lie 001111 boar the 1111111111141g of rabbits' ft•et ileehig before hls ghostly. terrible self. .'very - thing happened as usual. Then nothing 11111. Ile was pulled up with a Jerk that nearly choked him. He tried going for- ward. lint it was all no good. 110 had only a yard of play either way. His line Was entangled In a root. The hours passed. and the ferreters. after trying every (levier known to num to get him out. gave it up and went home. The cherub did not give It lip. He worried slowly, and he chafed, he pulled. and tugged. he I hacked, and he sweated, and he sneezed, and finally his collar came undone or broke. The cherub sneezed three times, and walked three -yards. Then he realized wris free. It was the first time in till his life he lind been free, and it neted upon him. In that second his mother, plus his father, got to work In Ills own body, mot lie began. • It was really very Mean killing. Fif- teen rabbits done to death, eaeli with a single. elean fang stroke behind the A No. I T ur k ey „. 4 , 4 1 w h eilt. ears—was not 511 bad for one small ferret. Hut he Improved. for he slew Apply lit MI's. \Silt ter, ;I JIM in the next hour—lsaving every northeast or Stanford. 8-4e 1 eareass 'immodest where it lay—and, LAND coring durqty. came above ground for II' von want to s _ t .., vein . farm outer. no water lie did not find. but ,ii , covercd fowls in it fowlinmse he 1111141 4 'r stl'ek ran l 'll li s t with ; stend. awl, as 1 said. teing thirsty. W al'\'on 1 \\ 41 1 :NI\ , 109 drank bleed. There %erre no live rid .kve.. nreat Falls, Mont. 9-11 fowls in that lien roost soien_he left. He visited the lintelies iitc the Bell:inn Films Developed 10 cents roll. ' , aro ,. \olio , sio „.. 0E0 ii „, Prints 3c and up.—Photo Shop, 1 mote, where hi. got ))))) re Mood. !Lewistown, Montana. Adv. I After that he returned e mile across cpuntry. killing three reirtridaiis on NOTICE the way: drank at the dog's troir,zii- 1 \eage lOd I t'1i\ miii relmit's 1. \ 1 ' I biting the deg badly in the model ear, new or seemid- , walked into his owe hutch and was tb.,j wa t er. ter.; found eurleti tip, ealinly asleep, among Itt(1st ergren. the hay next nilirning. HAI: SA 1,1c---lnie gray team of Rabbit Meat for Wartime Food. horses, weight 2300, new 3 1 . 2 in.! \Vernoi . conservatien of beef and wmi gon a n i l h . pork has enabled a Kansan to devidop a rather extraordinary business In the .1 ;oily to Cheste - rfield, - o marketing of wild rabbits, both jacks ! I -ce and cottontails. A ralibit-paeking plant •i LE__w ( .11 ! m il t has been established tool is nee- sip - Si ford. 22,:12. will so li f in ,. ping frozen bunnies by the tens of price of lumber iii. building.' thousands ' • A -review contraet called for 480,000 ! V I a la' 'g ut \' rali( ' Iu buildin g nr pounds of Jurkrabbit Illefli. The Jacks 4 -,111 tarY• ( 'att lie easily nutty oil. it four pounds each when Inqui re Basin State Baill; dressed. This means that approximate- ly 120.04Xl rabbits were required to fill • _ th e NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION n . nip fliSpIlSed of at a handsome • Department of Interior. F. profit. It is used In the manufacture S Land Offiet• al Lewistown., of high-grade felt, such as enters into .\11.41 1 .4 1311). the malting of men's hats. N„li et , I I tere l i.‘ t ,t veil t h at All waste produets are rOlIVOried MINNIE MOORE, Into fertilizer. The industry also rids the country of a crop-destroyIng pest. iii stiael l ird. Montan a . wh o , on —Popular 'Mechanics Magazine. September 11. 1 made . Courts:14 of the French, iri iiis memoirs, speaking if oil. of the skirmishes in the ler.s.ell and Indian mir. wits how th e rrma outiolo oc- ellS11 , 111 1.4 One e.)111:oliiiiil for Iii,' of a 11i2. mu ,111, OVVII miii lipple. They are Ile. hunt or solibers to •vhoin honor is 111,41* fh.itl :I (1.0.k1 fat' th'eS1 Parade. Tribute to Friendship. \Friends.\ Raid John Hay. \are die 5111lAtihat• Of life. ali nien seek SIM. and every man seeks a friend after him own kind and nature. Thue best and most Intelligent .0 us silk roils the rarity and value of friend- ship; the worst and ntost Ignosatit it us Is unwittingly the better for know - lug some friendly conipanion.\—Atitin- tie Monthly. Fasting to Induce Dreams. Fasting for the 111,1111 , lag dreams may . lie traeisl back to a very early period. And the foremost believers Its dreams •vere Our dlWtu pie- turempie Indians. History tells us of certain tribes whe enjoileal rigorous fasting among ellitistren from it very early ago. II;; ',4\11101 11:11,' Special attention wits paid dreams. The First Primitive Measures. Doubtless 't iel•asares of all kinds were origoia,, , , isi,en from the human body. An Melt Is roiighly the j igth . of the top iidint or Ito , !!nool . Imo Is a ipiar:is• or a pace. ins] it (oleo is hair Tio• soon solii tho cu e‘• Werl• rt . 01 . 511111V tin,. foimil a tten of all measurement. nod we out sleatk ! quite comment:, 'If NI) ala 117 Pag•eS ti19- 1 . tarn. Clas . silied Ads FOR SALE Teaching the Boys to Sing. %lead entry. Nit. 022406. for N 1 2 Nw i \\\.1 A distinguished youtig musician re - 1, ' I :8\1'1 Section 11, 14 cendy joined the English army for the N.. Range 11 E.. limit aim has filed notice of intention to make Final Five l'ear Proof, to establish elaim to the land above described. before I, Wonieldort. F : S. l'mumissioner at Hobson, Alontatia, on the 2411; has been excellent. They have (levet- day of Sept ember, 1918. oped a keen interest in singing. and lainiant hill nitc AN Wit IleSSeS: George E. Nett ,'r. of St an Torii. I Motana : Robert P. Skinner. of Stanford. Montana ; Alive ( 1 . Of Slallf111111. AIOIll .111. 1. Mall' Shinier. Of SlallfOrIl. N1011- tuna. band is out of the question. Improves Revolver. K El , rX• Register.I By providing the ordinary revolvei First Publiest ton Aug. 22. 191S, With a circular cartridge frame or clip, Joseph II. Wesson of Springfield, • -• DR. J. W. WADE Physician and Surtfcmi • and Obstel icc Moccasin - - Montana • purpose of tenching the boys to sing. Attached to.the royal air force, he luta been commissioned to train the men at the various centers in choral singing, thus dispensing %vitt) the necessity for hands. Ti),' effect upon the spirits, the morale and th discipline of the men many of them have been found, to their own surprise, to possess excel- lent volees. In ViVW of the success of the movement, it will probably lie ex- tended to other branches of the army, especially where Ike formation of a has given the older weapon n11 the convenient features of the newer automatic weapon; that is, the rapidity of fire and quick reload. His clip, holding five or six cittridges in position, serves to push them into .place In the revolver barrel at one operation, in. stead of indiviilual loading, as 18 usia ally the case, • Let a man once get the pure clean taste of Real Gravely Chewing Plug—and he bids ordinary tobacco good-bye. Peyton Brand Real Gravely Chewing Plug 10c a pouch—and worth it Grovelylaete so machlonger it coals no more to chetviluan ordinary plug P. B. Gravely Tobacco Company Danville, Virginia Copyrighted ( 1 I T is wrong for us to feel that we must labor all the time and relax none of the time merely because the world is in trouble. Recreation is absolutely neces- sary. When the cantonments were built Liberty Theatres for the entertainment of our boys in kakhi and blue were deemed an essential. Healthy, wholesome amusement is offerea you at the Montana State Fair at Helena, Sept. 9 to 14. 4

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 29 Aug. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.