The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 12, 1918, Image 1

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• Vol. 9, No; 39. $2.00 Per Year. nforb orth STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12. 1918. 5 Cents Per Cep, Registration at Stanford Thursday Was 247 FORMER, STANFORD BOY IS WOUNDED Thursday's dispatehes earried the »amt. of Corporal bawrin A. Vowlet among the list . of st•vet•e- ly wounded in aetinil in Prance. Ile lived for many years in Stan- ford and has twiny friends here who vilI be sorry to learn of his ntisfort tine. URGES ALL FARMERS i VI EXHIBIT .AT FAIR; R. C. Ilm•at, local chairman of! 1 he Perm Bureau of Fergus Co.,I is in receipt of the following let -1 ter, whieh is self-exphinatory: THE CHAUTAUQUA Stanford Chautauqua be- gins one week from tonight, Sept. 19. This will be the greatest series of entert ments ever held in Stanford. Five eveniogs of music, edu- cation, inspiration. entertain- ment and patriotism. Seri geaut Gibbons. late front Ger- man prison vamps; Poluhni, magic and music; Mary Adel Hays, American soprano; Su- mayeh Attiyeli of Syria; Lib- erty Belles (wettest 's'. You should 'get your season ticket - now. The purchase of a sea-' son ticket save you 111011- (7 stud assure the Chautauqua Slieeefig. 'Let 'S lint , have a deficit. •• Will you not as district eltair-1 man suggest to t he people of your community that as large an I Ili , -exhibit as possible be se»t to the! county fair, in ordet• to show what can he grown under adverse conditions? Next year we hope to arrange it so that the various Parm Bureau districts will com- \The Princes of Germany AN APOLOGY ATTEND K. P. GRAND wt• feel ata it palogy is title Are Shakin g Dice for the Of our eoll(latts his reates\•s for the erowdest LODGE AT GT. FALLS ' United States BY HERBERT QUICK • We must buy bonds to the last cent of our ability, because our country is fighting for its very life. Make no mistake, citizens of America, the crisis is just that -we are fighting for our very life We must light this war through wt . iitust fight it through to a l'aee the basis of whiell will be written loy US /1110 omit' 11111sl 1101 Write a single elause in the troaty. She must month. We have had three rather lean months. and now we are being gorgesI. HMV - ('Vet'. We have plans folder sitter/Ilion whieli. if we eau work thent out. will make the World a 1111101 lleller paper. low about .vour yon! 1V. H. Nor('tito .1 I). Strout', Iles mats to tergr ,.„ . w tite _ • men, Leo. \Vets! wort It, W. .1. and Mr ;nut NB's. A I Itet.t Sorenson attended the seSsions of Ow Knights of Pythias (1ritittl Losit.y• its I;rent Fis I Is 31()Iulay -11111 riii.mhi‘ iii this , sta . \ they listened to an interest. - be whipped until she will sign a treaty every word of which will. I 'vi OFFERS SHADE TREES hg and inst rise' ive Its.ltire on drawn by the Allies. Germittly must isot he allowts1 to dot an I or . TO MONTANA CITIZENSI••sanitai.\ iir rol. ,111tgruder eriiiiS a t. . 11'11Y! .... • The State University of Nloit- and in the afternoon Ses•gt. Maj. . talus school of forestry has al I Frost and Sergt. Athet•ton. re - Because Lermaity has become nothing but a !libber elliplre. thou , and hi „.„ am ' shad ,. t' empire. in eoliths. every purpose of %olio' is the enslave- sixvitrio rnuig . I 1111'10 of ' the rest of the world. Huh turPoses Permit \f \° emu' lug its size from IS Undies to six names by the gentleman of road. This was more than Alsup could stand and they mixed. Mr. Alsup had all the, better of the argument until twO of the bo's friends stepped in. 1 About this time an N. P. break - man happs•ited along. and among pete against each other at not it was tht•ee to one Mixed a little not onl!' the Count.v Van'. but a t himself, and the thi•et. must kayo the State Fair as well. During thought one of the Allies tanks the week of the fair a special h ad hi t t h en ,. I t was soon oyer , booth will Ise e4ituipped for the atid Ntat . sh m t s hrstt , t . toehtsd the use of the Fail \ \ Ureall • Win principal Offender Ilp over night. you not make it your headsouit•- ters during the week? - ('A1114 H. PETERSON)! TO REPRE' SINT FERGUS IN BAkKING CONTEST *Ruddy Sehnstter tried to burn up ins Ford Satordty night. He ran out of gasoline and was fill- giu his tank at the Service Gar- age. and had a lighted lantern setting near. Next, the flames were shooting twenty feet in air. The maehine was pushed to the middle of the road and the fire extinguished. The top. cushions and mood work were burned, but the balance of the ear was not damaged mat erially. Mr 'Sel»ister has traded what• wax left for a Saxon Six. Miss AliasMoore-left Monday for Helens where she will repro- sentk Fet.gus county in the State 1»•ead baking mmtest held under the auspices of theixtension de- partment Of Home Economics from the State University. This is the second year Stanford has represented the county in the statecontests - datst year Miss May Gray held this honor and made S'ery , good showing at' tile state sootiest . Miss Moore woe fit•st place in The Itwal bread baking (lowest Wednesday evening Mr. Alsup and also in the county s• Ill tried to hire one of the drifters esontwtition with rel»•essostatives who come through occasionally of other sehools of the vomits'. (via freight and when he men- and it is safe to predict that site Honed the wages he was' willing will make a good showiug at to pay was called all mariner of Helena. 3 I M•, R. Thompson Watchmaker and Jeweler. O Harvey's Drug Store, lgel Building, Stanford o ALL WORK GUARANTEED o ° 00000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000 0000000 0 O 0 0 • 8 , 000 Miles Per Year 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Is the distance traveled by the balance wheel of your watch. HOW ARE THE GREASE CUPS? Would you yo run your car that far with one oiling'? STEP IN AND SEE OUR MANTLE CLOCKS 0 000000000000000000000000,00000000000000000000000000000 ' 000000000000000000000000000 • 0 • 0000 000 0000000000000 FARMING IS A BUSINESS and should be treated as such During the -next few weeks you will be --hauling your wheat to market and getting your checks from the elevators. Then you will have your settle- ments to make to the stores, 'banks, neighbors, doc- tors and others who are your creditors. To proper- ly handle tills matter you should deposit, your wheat checks with Its and give these creditors a cheek On us. Then you have a record of each trans- action and we don 't charge you a cent for this ac- -commodation. It pleases . us to be of service to you. Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN Let's keep the Hun on the run. • 0000000 0000000000000000000 000000000 0000000000000000e promise. W(• most 01• the. If we do not confiner We Shall lei' i n iii,ig iit.itielt limy h a , hai l no slie--and tile Slaves. liv eitizens o l do. Nt.,0,. for do. Get•manj• began with the iutention of robbing cost of evading stud traitsportio Iron, her coal. her best land and her ereat fiwtories: of Husking Bel t i„„ t , hat . gt . s. i„_ Otani with hr e t•ich mines. great eitis 11111111'11Se riletOrieS pall e i tit i es w \ terii p i ne, i nreh. C „I„. of Gerillally ; or gaining the Belgian eoast, front whielt she iiijii I ilid„sitt'iii't'„.,.„1„.„ whiff, (ampler England, and it combining under Iler flag the hoed of • p i nt .. ri,.. 11114 1 sugar map l e. Aloltatomedan Turks, and all the Belkao States, so that she might These trees should be planted train soldiers in \untie\ minim's' build navies to sive\It till' °monis , not later than September 20 iu and s•onquer the wot•Itl. ; it' Ill' to »mon , 8111.1.1.8a. lust 1'111' . ThiS War Wits to be a step forward toward world conquest. lions for planting each speeies If not fight the war through to eomplete victory she will it -ill 1 01 n ' ;111111S11141 WIlell Ille tl'eeS still keep on and she will succeed. She Will surely stmeeell! ars. stott Auyone who sends for Russia with her nearly 200.000,000 oeonle lies Prostrate 111 ( kr' aln- or do. ,,ix s i o.,o-, should many 's ft;e). ' Germany . could now give tip the Balkan St ales. give ,tat.' tht , 1 „ 0 . 1 „,\ r i „. wh i,, h t ill . ;II) Itelgitiln, fore': Austria to yield up the Italian territories, give i rees itr ,, t o h e use d, ,0,,. 1 1„.,• r„,. up conquered France. yes. she eould give lip !heal , . and even Alsace- street , l awn. par k . h edge ,„. W i w i_ Lorraine. and if allowed it frts- hand in Russia. she would rain have l o .,.„h . „„d s h m dd tt i ts „ d est . r d„. won a ‘'ictory greater than any of which she ever dreamed at the ! h e e h arite t er , - ,t• th e so il „ ifi t 1 1 11 . oeginning of the war. woisture condition of the local- • Give_her control of_ Russia and she can, and will, within_ a' few i ty w h ere th ey att. to he 1 ,1,„ 1 ,.d . years, eoltie back with . power to taks• back Alsace-Lorraine. crush poor Belgium olive more and &stray exhausted France. sweep every NOTICE -ALL restage of resistanee from Europe, Asia and Africa, and then what ? Single admission price for Then she will thunder at our doors-frm» Asia she will invade Sergeant Gibbons on .the 118 011 the Weal, EltrOpe 011 tile East. and from Als•xiesi on the St an f or d Ch au t auqua pro . Sot» h. If Germany has control ovet• the terms of peace, we W110 read this will live to twe one of the kaisers six soils Emperor of America. • a000000tt00000000000szr00000000000000000boatoobt0000rillsos The time to whip Germ:ur i ic h nOw! It is now or Stever! 0 The Princes ot' Germany are shaking slice for the United o o o 0 Slates! It will take moues., money. motley. I hat we may o o o o send men, int.n. men! o o BUY BONDS, for so only can the war be won. .Unless it is won, 0 everything you possess is lost, and with it the American soul is lost. 8 o o Contributed to Winning the War by The Stanford Worltl. o o o o gram will be $1.00. to ism' Caisailian slashers, told of conditions in Europe, many of the atrocities of os.rittany \W- ins \ they tyitnesse(I being toss horible lu twilit. The fidlowitig Stnitfordites rode the I). It K. K. goat whiles at the sessions: Paul A. risher, Herman Ostergren, A. D. Strout', , wriliwurth. mid V. I. AII ri•Port an i•st , .. ,. (mils etijoY- Lodge. • - - Dr. tool M i's. Lebovitz will spend Friday. Saturday and Sun- day at Helena attending the fair. NOTICE lii eo-operation Asap. of Auto Dealer8 In 1611118erVe gas- oline and supplies, iii' will be closed all slay Smithy bo.reaft(sr. PositiOdy no gasoline will be sold Extreme einergeney eilSet1 tility lie eared for or traetor or ear re- pairs fOr raftelleM. All meehani- cid labor evases at 6 p. it, Sto•viee Alarage, 0. I'. et'atner Ford Gio•age, Harry (lull Report of Stanford R. C • Report of the Stanford Branch American Red Cross, from time of organization to Aug. 1, 1918 RE( 'Ell\l'S A net ion sale • .. • ....$2,098.50 1918 Red Cross drive .. 1,319.15 I )otta ions 415.10 .Membership toes 161.50 Soldiers banquet 75.00 Card pal•ty 29.23 K. P. supper Oct. 30 Christmas paeket B. supper. Nov. 30 Card party, Dee. 31 Oyster supper. Dec. 31 gosiss .... Dintito• Jan. 11 Lamb raffle ...... . Coll. felon church Cavil party. Frisbie ' i4 11 a si itivra de supper ..,. 1)r. Stevens' leeture Wilson's li'lt111*(' Nliseellatissous R. C. quilt books (There are two books not III as yet on the quilt fluid.) Attention Ranchers I EXPENDITU.111i1S o O . Yon will soffit Iiiivi• to feed titres/slog o Workroom expsmse . • .$2,329.63 o Express • '24.82 g Postage Telephone 4.97 1.70 M iseella newts . . . . 197.75 Articles shipped to 14ewistown since organza' ion : Knit ted--2 shawels, 55 sweaters, 22 pairs of wristlets, 13 muttlerso 195 pairs 32.05101 socks: sewed ----92 pairs paja- 15.80 mas,.44 bathrobes. 153 slings, 92 25.78 operating socks. 168 lied socks, 26.40 192 bed shirts, 1st wash cloths, 240 hospital handkerchiefs. 5 43.60 fracture pillows. 1 bed spt•end, 70.20 12 nightengales, 22 towels. 144 58.23 pillow cases, 23 comfort pillow's, 23.15 55 sheets, 12 bunches' gun wipes. 19.00 5 tied quilts. 3 capes. 2 chemise. 57.70 1 baby layette:and I gauze dress - 29.25 ing. 23.42 'F iii' folkswing wo-re shipped to 35.35 I.s-wistown and giV1`11 10 0111' boys 193.00 - S hoses of doroii.:3 french can - Dirtied (Iles. 20 - Christmas pael(P18. 11/111 :Ii .. comfort kits. SOLDIERS ALL -wi t h ma it re towar d „ one, with charity for all. with a firm- ness in the right. as God gives us to see the right, let us -strive out o finish the work we are in.\ -ABRAHAM LINCOLN Nothing could he more fitting at- this time titan file words of our martyred Tresident. Again the nation approaches a crisis glorious histywy. Every effort must. be made, evet•j• nerve must be stt•ained, if onr,purpose in this , war is to le obtained, and the cause of democraey triumph forever on the bulworks of Lib- erty and Justice. The worltUs answer to Ger- many's challenge of a world em- pire has been written in lettors of red. France and Belgium lie desolate at the feet of the invad- ers. Mot. eand more the direct challenge to civilization is being realized and met --there can be but one result. There is no al . ter- pative: we cannot turn back. Onr path is now elear-we can only recognize one condition, Hill! that is VICTORY! • 4)111. boys are now in trenches facing the Ger1111111 hordes at rOSS the barren stretch of \no-tnan's- land.“ The daily casualty lists prove to its who remain at 110111e that they are doing their share in common with their allies. Our soisport is needed -they are de-• pending upon 118 to back them ul. • Can we reIllse suet' sit ail - pea! ? Our boys are faeing eold, storm, hunger, disease and death that our homes may be kept safe li•son the threat of German arro- gassce and brutality. They• are enduring 6141814)s and dangers willingly,' without It muriner. that American Liberty and Justice may' endure. Remember, they are fighting for us. -0- A MESSAGE FROM HOOVHI1 ••(lo back to the simple life; Jo' co»tented 10th - simple foods, simple pleasures, simple clothes; work hard, pray hard, play hard; work, eat, recreate and sleep. Do it all courageously. \We have. a victory to win.\ ereW14., 11011111111ter WI' 1'1111 supply all your needs in the way of Fresh and Smoked MEATS at reaSiniable prices We want your chickens and hogs, and will pay the highest market price I 0 • , 0 Stanford Meat o 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Market 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 00000000000 00 • 00.0 Itori11,9A9 2Aa2fatl tvisastm 1131.11C.414 00000000 • 000000000000000000 BANK THE HARVEST The who!' of the reaper sold the hum of the tht•esher sing a fins' song into the ears of the farm- ers this summer. The fanner II H8 a whole lot, on his shoulders these days. Ile feeds its all -so he's a mighty important link in tins supply chain back of our soldiers in • Franee. Our counlry called for increased productimt. And none answered more readily than the,'farmers. Now they're receiving I heir reward in the form of fair crops with the highest priees that ever pre- vailed. Don't,let the harvest nioney slip through your fitigers. Don't leave it on the farm where it - may be lost. Ilestroyed or stolen. Bring it to the bank where Safety is assured. Now's your chance to boost your bat* balance. Bring your crop cheeks to us. We'll gladly cash I hem for you or credit them to your account, just its you wish. You can either take the money with yoo, or leave it on deposit for yvir future needs. First National 13ank of Stanford Capital and Surplus $50,000.00 SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN )0.0 0.0'000000 0 0000 000000 0 0000 ''00000 -CC

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 12 Sept. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.