The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 12, 1918, Image 3

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Need Help to Pass the Crisis Safe,. ly—Proof that Lydia E. Pink. ham's Vegetable Compound Can be Relied Upon. Urbana, Ill. —\During Change of Life in addition to its annoying symptoms, I had an attack of grippe which lasted '11 J4 alli winter and left me in a weakened condition. I felt at, times that I would • never be well again. I read of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege- table Compound and what it did for IJ women passing through the Change of Life, so! told my doctor I would try It. I soon began tO gain in strength and the annoying symptoms dis- appeared and your Vegetable Compound has made me a well, strong woman so I do all my own housework. I cannot recommend Lydia E. Pinkham'e Vege- table Compound too highly to women passing _through the Change of Life.\ —Mrs.FeaNK HENsoN, 1316 S. Orchade St., Urbana, Ill. Women who suffer from nervousness, \heat flashes,\ backache, headaches and \the blues\ should try this famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink. ham's Vegetable Compound. JUDGE DECIDES STOMACH REMEDY A GREAT SUCCESS Commissioner of Mediation and Contd. iation Board Tries EATONIC, the Wonderful Stomach Remedy, and Endorses It. Judge William L. Chem- bers, who WEN EATONIC as a remedy for loss of appe- tite and in ligestion, is a Commissioner of the U. S. Board of Mediation and Conciliation. It is natural for him to express himself • tu guarded language, yet there no hesitation In rile pronouncement regarding the valne of XATON10. • Writing from Washington. D. 0., to the Estonia ReMs edy Co., be 3018. \EATONIO promotes appetite and aids digestion. Shave used it with benacial results.\ Office workers and others wbo sit rnuch are Martyrs to drePensla, belching, bad breath, heartburn, poor appetite, bloat, and impair' scent of general health. Are you, yourself, a sufferer? EATONIO will relieve you just SS surely as it has benefited Judge Chambers and thousands of others. Here's the secret; EATONIO drives the elle out of the body—and the Moat Ooea With Iii It Is guaranteed to bring relief or you get your money back! Costs only scent or two a day to use it. Get a box today from your druggists Prime Conservation. \What melting eyes that girl has!\ \Good gracious! Don't let her go near the icebox.\ Heal Baby Rashes That Itch, burn and torture. A hot Cutleura Soap bath gives Instant re- lief when followed by a gentle appli - cation of Cuticura Ointment. For free samples address, \Cuticurn Dept. X. Boston.\ At druggists and by mall. Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.—Adv.. Ail Figured Out. Jack took great pride in dressing up In his little soldier's uniform nth! drill- ing with his air rifle. When his uncle came home on it furlough, . Jack, stretching to his full height, with a serious and important, air, told him: \Next year I'll he old enough to go to kindergarten. and then the year after that I'm going to the war.\ Modified Request A tramp went into a farmhouse re- cently. and, seeing no one about but a very old woman. he staid in fierce tone: \Give s me a good drink of milk, or else—\ But Pat Mulcalley. the owner of the house. eame behind hint suddenly, and, catching him by the neck. said: \Else what?\ \Else wittei;,\ said the tramp hums hiss A la Berlin. \Say: pop, what Is a signal victory?\ \In Berlin the'capture of one Ameri- can with the loss of only twenty tier - minis is so regarded,' my son.\ The Proper Way. \I see where photographers are going to form a union in the West.\ \I suppose, then, all Its proceedings and reports will he heard In camera.\ Any kind of success worth hosing never arrives unexpectedly. THE STANFORD WORLD WASHINGTON CI SiDuk rat, 1 tilIT 4::, VMVIIVI ):1 : ::,,Piaa_ - wiikauzifr7sit. • - 1 soba - •. - .7- --, - -.... _ • • ef ,, , ,r7777 11 4. Loads of Fun at the Zoo During Feeding Time WASHINGTON.—If you are fortunate eneuji to strike the zoo about three -RR o'clock, feeding time, you will find pit oty to amuse you. The bears manifest greet signs of hunger, striding Intel. and forth in their dens, setting up great bear cries and striking their long claws across the bars of their cages, like giant ukulele players. ,14 When the keeper comes, with his wheelbarrow of bread, the fun begins, The keeper's aim is to give an equal number of loaves to each bear, but the pig In the bear sometimes upsets this calculation. When one big hog—I mean bear— grabs twice as many loaves as is his • due, it is Up to the keeper to make him give up the exult loaves. MIS Is not an easy task, especially when It must be done from the outside of the cage. But with the aid of a long iron bar, with which sundry thumps are ad- ministered on the seemingly concrete head of the bear, the unlawfully seized bread finally goes to the right bear. The t aby hippopotamus, growing bigger every slay, is enother favorite animal. During the recent hot days both baby and mummat enjoyed them- selves eating hay, seemingly unmindful cf the heat. One day last week a young woman with a scientific turn of mind experi- mented with potato chips and their availability as animal food. With it big bag of potato chips she went through the zoo \trying them out\ on the animals. Sonic animals liked the chips and others turned up their noses at them. Animals, it may be remarked, really turn up their noses at food for which they do not care. Some of the monkeys eat potato chips, the experiment showed, while other brands of monkeys will have nothing to do with them. The exact result of the experiment the young woman refused to make public. ' She said she was saving the information for an article, In which she would incorporate further experiments with pickles. \Why not,\ I suggested, \try out an ukulele on the animals?\ So If you happen to see a young lady planking on an ukulele, and singing to the polar bears the next time you go out to the zoo don't get alarmed. Salvage Section of Red Cross Doing Good Work COUR stray cats, two dogs, two canaries, an organ, four baby carriages, a set of bedroom furniture and a crate of eggs are only part of the things that have poured into the salvage section of She District Red Cross, of which •Mrs. John Allan Dougherty is chair - Men. Two outfits for tiny babies were among the saionges — One bundle Of clothing had never been used. It was plain Sand coarse but complete to a cake of soap. The otlftsr little bundle held clothes of some child that lied died. A battered eyeless doll accompanied the little worn clothes. E. H. Droop & Son sent word to Mrs. Dougherty that they would bale their' waste paper and send It to the salvage department hereafter instead of selling it. Other firms of the city have promised to do likewise. All the money raised by sales of salvaged articles goes Into the District chapter of the Bed Cross for war necessities and for the civilian fund. This fund takes care of dependents of the boys In service. Many offers of aid come to Mrs. Dougherty of the salvage committee. I. Rosenburg, the trunk policeman at Fourteenth and Pennsylvania avenue northwest, offered to drive his brother's truck all day Sunday. At least 500 tinfoil collecting boxes have been scattered throughout the city In shops, restaurants and all places where tinfoil is apt to be discarded. These boxes are Wanly marked for the salvage section of the Red Cross. Twenty pounds of tinfoil were collected by Policeman Larrick, alone. All Because Small Boy Followed Jack -o' -Lantern T HIS is about a Jack-o'-lantern journey which a boy took one starless night. U you halve lived in the country where Jack flickers his sinister gleams over the marsh, you will know exactly how it happened that the boy, lost in the dark and niistaking the light for a candle in a cabin window, followed on - and on until the squashy mud under the cat -tails would have mired him ex- cept that Adeline heard him call. Also, if you had known how the virtuous neighborhood treated Ada- Ilne,,-who was only a poor white—be- cause of—but that is her own affair— you might have wondered why she should have risked her life, but some people are that way. Anyhow, the boy was saved, but when the baby came to earth with withered feet that could never walk, and a back that could never unerumple, the people around said it was God's Judgment—as it they personally knew. So Adeline came here and Worked her poor splendid best until the baby's soap box became a cradle and then a cot, and after ,that a wheel chair and after that a casket—white, with shiny handles and fringe. You may have kit/nen Adeline professionally, because her baskets ot wash went into the very best ftunilies until a few weeks ago, when she retired from business permanently. And now she isn't going to do anything in this world but sleep beside the crumpled -up boy in a green place under u tree. Which makes one glad for Adeline that there is another world for her to go to where she will have learned by this time that: \Greater love bath no man that lie lay down his life for a friend.\ T1115 is time day of the farmerette, conductorette, clerkette and woman munition worker. The \win -the -war\ woman is as inevitable a hit of the daily news as it Is Inevitable that the Yanks will keep on driving until Fritz Hun finds himself with his back to the last wall In Berlin, Everybody, by this time, realizes how well women are doing their bit in the ranks of the home army—the army that makes the very necessary work of our boys \over 'there\ pos- rr It would be well If everybody could be brought to realize also that America has a few women Focbes and Hales and Pershings. The most important of all govern- ment appointments announced Intels. In this city of more appointments than disappointments was that of a Woman. Miss Mary Van Kleeck, who rubbed her eyes one morning and read the news that she had become chief of the new women industry division of the United States department of labor. Being all that, which is equivalent to being generalissimo of all women who have their sleeves up for Wade Sam, \General\ Van Kleeek found also that she was the only woman with . a seat on the national war labor policies board. A. women, Miss W. Wenborn—\Major Bills.\ Wellborn of the provost innrshal general's °Mee—dispenses more information regarding the operation Ohio farmers are forming co-opernt- of the draft than any other individUal in the country. No local or district mg buying Societies. droft hoard ln any city tells so many men \where they're at\ as the little I \tnitior.\ Americans are louring New Zealand In Increased numbers. 'esesessie -- Killing Burdocks. A ii experienced gardener Says that ii way of exterminating burdocks I\ them off close to the ground fore they go to seed, then api0 a i kerosene to the root. Ile ustss -swum machine oil can for apply- ing Ole oil. Not a New Experience. crults were waiting for fur- s..issictions at Comp D o dge, mi. iiint the Men, striving to be s o - said : \Well 1 suppose this %1•;1 1 , 1HIlleSS will be new work to us. - \4. I don't know,\ replied the other. \Yon see, I have been married to the wrong girl . for five years.\ Always proud to show white clothes. Red Cross Ball Blue does wake thew white. All grocers. Adv. But She Suffered. she sighed, \for many yeurs I've suffered from dyspepsia.\ \And don't you hake anything for it?\ lwr friend asked. \You look well eflough.\ \Oh she replied, \my limisbami has It—not I.\ State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lures County—se, Frank J. Cheney makes oath thag he is Senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney Co.. doing business In the City of To- ledo. County and State aforesaid, and that onto firm will pay the sum of ONE HUN- DRED DOLLARS for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of - HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed In My presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 1884. (Seal) A. W. Gleason, Notary public. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE le tak- en Internally and acts through the Mood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Druggists, 76e. Testimonials free. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. A New One, \I mounted my Pegasus for a swift flight the other day.\ \What kind of an airplane Is that?\ Not Attractive. \I can marry any woman I please.\ \Then I conclude you linven't pleased any yet.\—London Answers. Too many men look upon education as it sort of loophole through which to escape work. A conceited woman dubs a man a woman hater just because lie doesn't happen to admire her. Oregon has 672,765 population. WORLD HAS CHANGED SOME Reasons Why Feats of Phenomenally * Strong Men Are Not Likely to Be Duplicated. George I Ineketiselmildt 'was ii prt`tIY .:trong into and Malty tire tin. tides told of Ms woutirotis feni. of strength. But I lie IttiSSIMI ikon %%1ILS Wt . ithlilig COMP/MA to Wan who lived on the southern coaSt Of 1101811d. II IS suld Of flits particular Irish- man thin alien lie went fishing for whales he always lists) a threis-imf hawser for a Iliac and u notspound nil - iiaii' for it hook. He'd bait his hook with it couple of sheep, er maybe It calf, whirl it evolvei his head two or three Ounce and send It sailing out tato the ocean. We forget to mention Ilint lie tenant- ly used an old cannon or something for a shaker. Atlas used Ism do a pretty neat lit- tle turn in holding the world on his shoulders. But It mast be reinetithered Gait In Ills Dine tcorld wasn't Its as it is HOW. Then` Weren't so 111:1113' pl'Olnie and practically no heavy ustchltiery. and big guns and 1110111I - Went:: fuel bridges and Wilbert Robin son and ISill Taft and othecs.—Elattisits City Star, Pershing Paid for Pig. The Isretich papers delight 111 an- ecdotes of Iii,' good rein ii. ills bet own the American soldiers unit the peas- ants. One of these stories, with which Gettertil Perishing's mune Is couple/I. Is printed this week. \A big American automobile tore through at French village sin its way to inn American camp.\ savs n Lyons paper. \Unfortumitely ii mig belong- ing to an old peasant W011ian Moored Into the path of the cur anti was killed. The oldititly was heartbroken. But it few days later it letter Chille for her, inclosing n cheek for 100 tomes, and slaying how sorry the writer was for the death of her pig. \i'lle signature was that of General Pershing.\ You cannot hope to get much more out of life than you tire willing to put into It. Contentment is merely a lack of de- sire. How very easy are Bottle of the tasks we imagine uht Keep Youself Fit You ssn't ,,ii.s.1 to be laid up with sore, aching 1:Morys iii these days of high prices. Some occupations braes kidney troubles; utmost any work makes weak kidneys worse. ii you feel toed all the t and suffer with Ionic back, sharp pains, dizzy spells, lowl- and disordered kidney action. use Dea a Kidney Pill., It may save an alt k of rheumatism, dropsy, or hint it's incense. Ikinn's have helped thousands Issek tsm health. A Montana Case 0. L. Thompson. pa- perhanger. Alt Moi ase St.. Lewiston. Moos , ears: \My kidneys we, out of order and my bank caumnd trouble. There WAN a heavy halo across the small of my Lutek itt y att,r day aml I was steak and sore. The kid- ney se,rellons passed too freely and were un- li mi t o nal. wh e n I r„,,,,a about Doii i( Pills. I got same they helped Me So SIO101 79 front the first that I took seVeral InOre boxes. continued use cured me.\ Cat Doan's at Any Store. 60t a Box FOSTER4MLBURN CO., BUFFALO. N.Y. PATENTS Watson 111.031enana,,Weeln- toston,D.o. Books fres titgb- est rotersmeos. Beet reitultas (ample cask Ire. st Olna,., fispi Z. $..i W. N. U., BILLINGS, NO. 37--1918. A aispiiiiiii says that tight shows are control - whir because they make 'heir forget her ether tombless Each morning missies; the floor to s new opportunity• %%Stich limit and do not lei it slip nutty unnoticed. As fast 11,4 SOM.' 1111.11 Inntlin oppor- tunities others grub them. ASTHMADOR, AVERTS • RELIEVES HAY FEVER ,ASTHMA aegis Treatment NOW lt,Aintsuutit.Guataatim TIM le a topic we all hear now -a -days IFise so many people are inclined to ex- aggerate. Yet has any physician told you that we claimed unreasonable remedial properties for Fletcher's Castor's? Just ask them: We won't answer it ourselves, we know what the answer will be. That it has all the virtues to -day that was claimed for It in its early days is to be found in Its increased use, the recommendation by prominent physicians, and out assurance that its standard will be maintained. Imitations are to be found in some stores and only because of the Castoria that Mr. Fletcher created. But it is not the genuine Oastoria that Mr. Fletcher Honestly advertised, Honestly placed before the publio and from which he Honestly expects to receive his reward. • ALGOHOL - a PER OSINT. AVet elable PreparatioalbrAs • fiimilatingtheFood by Reits1k . tin g the Stornadic and Bonts Thereby Prom otl g Mac Cheerfulness and RestGdata neither m,1 , 1orptdne n Mineral. NOT NARCOTIC half Se04 $117: 4 4 .40 0404, 0_0/70 1 . 1 SW' Bireryrner /!,snor A hrlpf ul Re me d y for Const p ation and Diarrtwea ftd_Feverishness end resift bid t s h e s () rfn r oin SLEEP e terncy r rac.Simiie Sititurtnre o Cmcramt Colovalr. NE - 07. - yon K i umontas 0-tI C CIENTS 33n0srs - Jur ;• California hopes gate 5,490,360 acres Extracts from Letters by Grateful Parents to Chas. H. Fletcher. Mrs, John W. Derrick, of Lexington. ;3. C., swig I \My children try) for Castoria, I could not, do without it.\ Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cilitlefi, of ittpiey, Term., say 1 \We enclose baby's picture hoping it will induce some poor tired mothers to give your! Castoria a trial. We have used it since baby watt two weeka old.\ ' Mrs. J. G. Parman, of Nashville, Tenn., says 3 \The perfect health of, my baby is duo to your Castoria—the first and only medicine he has taken,. Ho is never satisfied with one dose, he always cries for more.\ Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Johnson, of Stevens Point, Wis., say: \When our baby Was two weeks o/d he cried so much we did everything for him, then got some Castoria and he is now strong and fat. We would not be without it, and are very thankful to you.\ GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS BEARS the Signature of Friendship means more and at the same titne less than any other word in the English language. Ownership brings its sense of pride. no matter what the size of the \car.\ your A Wholesome, Cleansing. Reireshing gad tleallap Lotion —Murine for Rest- ness, Soreness, Granola - S Bon, Itching a nd Burning! of the Eyes or Eyelids; \2 Drops\ After the Movie*, Motoring or Graf will win your confidence. Ask Your Druggist for Morino when your Eyes Need Cart. ails Marine Rye Itetnedy Co., Chicastc.

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 12 Sept. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.