The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 12, 1918, Image 4

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.\•. THE STAXPOttp wouLD Ebe ttauf orb atflor!b W. I'. Editor rod'. od \v‘iiid Office iii Sumo ...Id NJ' taInt. .%',y •ri on .w ay. Eilterel at tin , ,4 /iir • elli IthitOftitf inn! matter, linter tit. , Mardi 1, $2.00 rer year. Local Red Cross Notes al • the IZe,i ripo m FrittiR september 6, fitilrs In wk. Lester. strootif. 1;.•mer. Ross. e!,•tt. SUIYIIIS11111. (1. (att. Alyriek. Frisbie. nod Misses Alitatteltatt and Lucile Bannerman. Those eredited %vitt! home 'work : Ales. Donaldson. 1 shill. 31rs. . !killer. 1 shirt NIrs. 5041. 1 Shirl Letlirvitz. I II lull Ia sM Vimlider: Hiteroft. 1 holy 's suit ; Airs. Lester. 1 shirt : Mrs. Alex:toiler. 2 lied shirts: 3Irs. Itlintoti. 1 In•Ipless ease. shirt. 1 '0101011 hits Were giVell 1111111: 1/1iPere Stud 311.. Stevens when 11 0 .• left for eantp Potriolny. 1•1itted goods: Oibson. 1 tooi• socks: s‘vitz.i.r. 2 pair sorks: Ilrs \V.. Oidt. pair socks:. Alexawlej• 4:2.0\ Ili ill.'I lint. I 11r/111411 log S11411111'11 , WASuir II' Ott (ow Itt th e \ Ao;e1 otit 1111111 1 hi,. Till• 1 . 41110%1 ing is4t Wilt in.1111111S 11011 you 141 111111erStand 11,11V 111114'11 't1 lirli rnallY iS 111•1111: I 1111114' in lin' Cross room and ive hope to do stilt lo.• , ter froa' nov.%' . oil. as tlie il)i- . prininv and t'., l,,tui fill'iVarll tim T- '04'144 4 , V t iry- -Stiwrocil AVOIlltinj pres,1i1 in 11:e work ranni 1111 4114 . 4 week thi. ‘vinter. A rt h.', es shipped : 1:\) conaorl villo‘v•i. 25 hell)- II'..shirts. it; hospital bed 20 suits pajamas. paili pi!t..\\ 5 knitted NWG•1111.41 , .. pair knitted socks, 4110x -s of Let 's a!! emote. earli Friday and' Ho one - toil - ;Intl help preptire for a biLfvfer li , N1 FARMER OVER LEAN YEARS ISTRATION BOOKS , , , ,Ige. and belief. N. H. M Al\I'llEWS President The farmer's erop usually has Notice is liereli.‘ given that III'. Subscribed and swtorn to before me this 7th day- of Sept., A. D. a entilliet with enemies. It may Registration P0000ks for the (Aril-. 1918. .1. .1. 11A AI NI ER, h.. droligth lir l'XI'l•NNIV 4 ' rainfall, eral Eleetion to be Ilelil on IlleSe: \Wary l'Iddie ill and for the State of Montamii. residing. at Stanford. or ti mperature. or ins* ets. tor day. November 5th,•1918. will bej Altmlana. Nly cOMMiSSiOn expires May 1:11k 1919. bac tet ia. or inold, nr sun spots, closed (la) Saturday, the 3th day! CORI{E1'T---Attest: W. 1'. bliteroft. Loretta J. MaltheWS, Direct - Thei.o. is //0 III her bin/illf•SM that, Of Oetober, at 5 p. In. i Ors. ) l!as sits' Ii an array of formidable Eleet ors may register for said e 'opponents. election at the office of the Comi-! Consumers must ro.noloirse the ty Clerk lilt be Court House in I IT - O'fICE FOR PUBLICATION I.) establi,it otsill i to, thi• i ali 'd t.\\1\9..t.'\. this 14144 ' \I' he Will he - Ow I ItY of Lowislowo. Fortstis 1.)epartment of the Interior. U. above df-a•rilood . 1,,,i - 111 .,„ .,,. 1), 1. \In' l\olvent mid ageteulltire ConlitY. Montana. bet ween the 8 14111111 Offil4 at Lewistown omeldort, U. S. Commissiimer ust 4 asP hours of ll a. tn. and 5 p. rn.. or by al Stanfoi•d in the State of Montana. at the close of business on . . , W, \l.... As a erop raiser, the farmer is appearing before any Justiee of August 31. 1918. Montana, August 15th, 1918. at Hobson. llontatia. on the 24th ' RESOURCES a gambler against the forees and the Pea PC or Registry Agent in , Notice is liereloy given that day of Sefill'Inber. 1918. tones he hoses. at other times he vide(' by law. t $215,501.27 MINNIE MOORE, ciaimaili names as witnesses: . li : Ving things of nature. :mil if at the Comity in the manner pro- \\41\; ;11\1 Di \\ 1 \ September 11. P1)3. made home- a Nloittaiiii: Robert P. :41tinner. of die ri .i,.,., o r o w pro dn o s th„t, 1(215,501.27 1,011.45 , of Stanford. limit:ma. who. on (korge E. Poet ter. of Stanford, must win. and in the long run W. IN'. WHEATON, Countv Overdrafts. 'inset -Bred be Sells must be bight enough to I'lerk and Ex-Offieio Reg- , i•ibeelY Loan lionds, 3 1 /.., 4, and 4C 4 per eent, 600.00 stead entry. No.. 022406, for Ni.,. sz. f I xi i ..lall.orn. .•.(ilnillia: Alice 1% s N N 1 1, \ : 1 1 ,1 1 . : s.0 1-l et f i : 0 114 ; 11 N . ‘‘,1,: n I v ' tisli N ip E 1 1 . 1 1 , . 1 1 . :1 11 ) 1 : t 1 . 14 s .r ii ' it i t il l i . i., S .. \ ,, 11 1 1 . 1l s 41 1 1 : 1 1 1ir., A 1. 1 : 1 1 : 1 3 1 7:::::: tint . llial \ahead 01 Ille gams.... ist rar. F'ergits County, ' mIldedged 31mitalia. I Seeurities other than II. S. bonds (not ineltid- 3,060.00 i in stocks) owned unpledged N., Range 11 E., 3Iontana Alerid- iana. . jai', has filed notice of intention . 11 J. h ELLA'. Reeister. REPORT OF THE CONDITION Or THE BASIN STATE BANK, Stoek of Federal Reserve Bank (50 per cent 1.500.00 of subscription: al Stanford. in the State of M ontana. at the elose of business August to make Final Five Year Prool,, First Publication Ang. ' 1 2. 1918. Value of banking house 8,000.00. :il. 1918. Lawfol Reserve with Federal Reserve Rank 12.326.87 757.64 Furniture and fixtures Cash in vont; •tind net amounts due frOill Na- tional banks Cheeks on ol her banks in t he same city ot. town as rettorting bank War Savings Certifieates and Thrift St ant actually owned lit iii' Stainps Help Increase the Food Supply by illiH.g Grain Smuts Prevent Stinking Smut of Wheat, Covered Smut of Barley, Oat Smut, and Rye Smut DIRECTIONS i'repttre a solution of formaldehyde in the ratio of 1 part for- :a:A(101.volt- to :120 pai1ts water t I pint to 40 gallons). Ask ype a. ••':gist for formaldellyfle of guaranteed 37 per eellt strength. It ablotil 50 vents pet' liuUhhtI. Use good Seed. Before treating„ c!ean with a fanning mill to rein i ove - sniut balls and poor or seabby reed, Spread the seed on the grail:try floor or in TI wavon box 4 to 6 itiodies deep. With a sprinkling eon atiply the formaldehyde soln- . that at the rate of 1 ga11011 to Inle 1111(1 one-third bushels. Shovel over i!ittil the seed rilasS is evenly %vetted. l'ile and eover with bags Hy eativass previously treated with formaldehyde. Make germinal- t;oil tests or troi . ii,,a s,•,..! to determine amount of injury. Inerease :.raottlit ol. seed per. 'acre to cover...injury Ault- s‘velling. -United. t•states Department of Agrieulture. TEIS 'SPACE CONTRIBUTED TO WINNING THE WAR BY Stanford Merc Co. ------- • -- GOOD PRICES MUST CARRY. NOTICE OF CLOSING OF REG- ly swear that the she statement is true to the best of toy know hat is a Branch House? The Branch House is the place in the packing organization where what the packing plant does for you is put where you can use it. Both are the natural result of growth and development in the living thing they belong to. Swift & Company Branch Houses are located in distributing centers all over the country. They are fitted out with refrigerating equipment to keep meat cool, sweet and fresh. Each one is in personal charge of a man who believes in what Swift St Company is doing for people and wants to help do it. They are directed by men who have spent years learning how to get better meat cheaper to the places where it is needed. Meat is shipped to the branch houses direct from the packing plants in Swift & Company's refrigerator cars, in such quantities that it can be disposed of while fresh and sweet. Your meat dealer comes here to buy your meat for you -unless some- one else can treat him better then we can. So you need the branch house in order to live well; and the branch house and the packing plant need epch other,in order to be useful to you. Swift & Company, U. S. A. _ - THE UNIVERSAL CAR ih e 1.` 01 .,1 s e d an __ a m i g hty ..aomfortable ear for every- (lay oil the year. Ilas most enjoyable re- fillelnelllS with all the utility of the tour- l ootz car. Finely tipliolstered---almost lexurionsly-- with plate glass sliding windows, it is eool in hot Nveather while dry and warm in fall ;mil winter It is Die t•egular simple-to-hanolle and ever_ e ad oe i lig Ford elnissis with a bon -ton body- the f.o m ity ear that not only pleases with its eomfort bet !.live.s money ill low - fir..a cost and after 'operation. Lei its give you a dettionst..ation. RESOURCES :Alai's and Discounts *1'83.051.64 liver(Irafts. Seettred and l'ilsec t ired 21)4.10 !hinds. Stocks and Warr:1111S 7.774.37 191,030.11 Banking thous,. Furniture awl Fixtures 11.815.00 11.815.00 Cash Reserves t1(1 coin 75.00 Silver coin , 887.33 (Iirrettey 1.310.00 Due From Approved Reserve Agents 16,983.23 hilyenal Iterenti , and War Savings Stamps. • Expense s in Exeess of Earnings 11)1'11. LIABILITIES C•pital Stork Paid in * 20,000.00 Siorphis Fond . 10.000.00. ... 19.45:1.56 102.84 2.386.94 *224.790.45 30,000.00 Inn. to lianks and Bankers 2,500.00 goilivithial Deposits Subjeet to Cheek 81.620.37 Time Certificates of Doposit line Within 3 0 Days . . ......................... 1.430.00 1 . asiiirr's Cheek, 1,989.02 lime Certifieates of Deposit Due on or After 30 Days ............................. 89.015.76 Savings Deposits Subject to :Pt Days Notiee.. 6,203.39 iiIls payalole wit b Collateral . ..... . Liabilities Other 'fhan Those Stated Above,. Inter\( Resit? '\ ...... • • . .......... . TOTAL ................ • ......... State of Montana, County of Fergus, 85 : al, N. B. id 'thews, President of' the above named bank, do solemn - 87,559.39 95,219.15 182,778.74 10,000.00 211.71 1,800.00 . $224,790.43 No. 10625 izt:roBT ot\ritE co'S - inTi0S OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK 21,317.39 202.01 33,846.27 877.15 13.30 TOTAL *265,167.08 LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in 35.000.00 Surplus fund 15,000.00 Undivided Profits 4.942.45 Demand Deposits Subject to Reserve: individual deposits subject to cheek 116,221.19 Certifieates of Deposit dui. iti less than 30- - 'lays 15.000.00 Cashier's checks outstanding 6,017.24 Other Demand 1/eposits 45.00 Total of demand oleposits, $137,283.43 Time Deposits Subject to Reserve: Coil irivat,,, or deposit ( ot her Hart for mon- ey borrowed 62,941.20 200,224.63 Bills payable, other than with D'elleral Re- - serve Rank. ineluding all obligations. rep- resenting money borrowed other fitan re- diseounts 10,000.00 TOTAL *265,167.08 STATE OF MONTANA, COUNTY OF FERGUS, SS: I, Frani( Mereilith, Cashier of the above -named bank, do solemn- ly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my know- ledge .and belief. FRANK MEREDITH, -C . ashier SubseribedAnd sworn to before me this Ilth day of Sept., 1918. •ANION I). STROUP, Notary , Public for the State of Montana, re- siding at Stanford. 'Montana. My commission expires Aug. :to, 1921. conEcT-Attest : A. J. Stough', H. M. Packard, A. C. Edward1s, Directors. h t -j,

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 12 Sept. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.