The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 19, 1918, Image 1

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S 141:bic orb I . *rib. Vol. 9, No. 31. $2.00 Per Year. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA. THURSDAY. SEPT I.: 19,191S. - - _ 5 Cents Per Copy Chautauqua On This Week What Do You Mean \Afford\?Letters From Soldier Boys _ - - The Chautauqua Festiva 1, FESTIVAL LECTURER :S opens here tonight with Polubni.1 Oir and Mrs. Poluhni put On an! zuul magic. Mr. Poluhni (and that is his real name) is a thir- ty-third deg,ree Mason. Pritley evening Dr. Elliott A. Roy) eomes with an inspirational lecture,\ The Advantage of a H andicap. Saturday evening Mary Adel Hays. American soprano, gives a recital. Miss Hays insistedup- 4)11 her own aecompanist, .• and the Chautauqua ...manage- . meld. at considerable additional expense. secured Miss Milligan, who is one or the MORI aCCOM- plished pianists in the country. A treat is in store for all lovers of good music in this number. After the recital, Sumayeh .Ati- yeh, a young lady from Syria, tells from personal experience of U Syria \nder the Rule of the Ot- toman Turks.\ Ahmtlay evening Sergeant Gib- bons gives is war talk, \Back from Gkman • \ Prison Camps, and as he hes been through it all his lecture is bound to be very interesting. The Festival . closes with an evening of music, vocal and in- strumental. and readings. by the Liberty Belles Orchestra, com- posed of five talented young ladies. who put. on a splendid en- ert a inn; ent This. year's Chautauqua is 'go - big to be sueebisfut financially HK well as artistically, the com- mittee of guarantors reporting sales of nearly enough season tic- kets to pay the guarantee. POPULAR WITH AUDIENCE helpers. The volunteer workers serer 11111111 MIS a country that interesting • program of music I Dr. Elliott A. Dori Brings mesSage of sl ream in myriad hosts along the has eudowed you in thousands?: Inspiration. By GEORGE ADE We come to another big task. being a slacker! AMERICAN SOPRANO This tinw we need not call for Are you getting ready to an- SINGS AT FESTIVAL _ main highway leading to victory As you sound your eyes and and vindieation. try Iii (!Mule upon the suni which All patriots. by eonfession. will fairly represent your intli- The grumblers are awed into vidital quota, are von acting as the taint of disloyal- attorney for the United States of ty . ii ntattns enywhere it is hidden Ainoriea or have you gone in for as a shameful secret. The heads teehniealities itt order to protect are wagging and we hear many speeial interests? bold assurances. • In reasoning with your eon- \ do all I caw - seience. are you trying to h e gen- .111 go as far as t h e next f e l_ ('rolls or trying to play Wet is up,to you. take all I can afford to The tmeh cannot be passed. take.' It is for each Ma II t II &CI& WI` are speaking. of course, of whether he is going Ii, hi a thor- the Viiiii•th Liberty LOH 11 and the ough-bred or a squeezer of 50- willing,ness of the war -backers eeto pieces. to substvibe. For the sake of voitr own self - This time we do not explain a re...peel. come through to tlw lim- Liberty Loan and how it works, it. If you live to be a thousand or why we battle with Germany or that a war costs money. It just about reiptires a search war - Dr. Elliott A. Boyl •N, rant to rind a man who does not • Dr. Elliott A. Boyl, who is, to lecture say that he will take all of the on the second night of the Chautauqua bonds he Ca 11 afford'' to take. Festival, has become one of the most popular lecturers of the platform. The splendid endorsement of Lyceum and Chautauqua committees throughout the United States—the constant de- mand for return dates—attest without further comment his popularity with the public. Dr. Hoyt was one of the representatives In attendance at the National Cohference of American Lec- turers itt Washington in April. He has been one of the star Ellison -White lecturers for two y4ars on the summer circuits. Ws lecture subject at the Festival will be \The Advantage.of a Handicap.\ lint. 0 my countrymen, we need night schools and corres- pondence schools, private tutors and Chautauquas and special in- . formation bureaus to enlighten Mr. A and Mr. B and Mr. C as to the real meaning of the word \ a f font Are .%•oti penciling a round to find out how much money you Call set aside without the slight- est inconvenience to any of your pet private projects! Are you trying to decide how many bonds you will have to take iii odrer to escape the charge of lads, all of which she sings with keen tempt to . beguile you from the • HOW KAISER COMFORTS grief of a loss so overwhelming. BUY LIBERTR BONDS intellIgence and sympathetic under - MOTHER WHO LOST SONS But I ean oot refrain from ten- standing. The differenee between alarm- d r yi ng to you the consolation WHOLE TALE NO 7' RETAIL racy and democracy, between an that may be found in the thanks emperor and a president, be- of the Republic they died to save. contributed to Winning the War by Stanford World' lwVeml UernintlX.I•ais5.1.00siTtlilca peay thet1014- Histivenly leather States, is symbolized by the may assuage t h e angu i s h o'r your Mary Adel Hay. Prominent Among soloists Of Platform. lowing letters—two messages of vondolance written to mothers who bad given several sons in battle. The first was written recently by Emperor William of Germany to Erma Meter of Delmenhorat- Oldengurg. ,who had lost nine sons in the war. Compare it with the second letter, which was written by President Lincoln to Mrs. Bixby, who lost five sons in the Civil war. Would anyone bid a despot say \gratified?\ The Kaiser wrote: \His Majesty the kaiser hears that you have sacrificed nine sons in defense of the- Fatherland in the present war. His Majes- ty is immensely gratified at fact, and in recognition is pleas- ed to send you his photograph, with frame and autograph sig- nature. - President Lincoln wrote: \Dear Madan — I have been shown in the files of the war de- partment a statement of the ad- jutant -general or Messachusetts that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle. - I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of One which should at - bereavement and leave you only the cherished memory oft he lov- eit and lost. and the solemn pride , that must be yours -to have laid so eosBy a sacrifice upon the al- tar of freedom.\ • • CHURCH NOTES Church services for Sumlay, September 22, are as to Sunday school at 10, morning service at .11, evening service at S. The pastor is exchanging this Sunday with Rev. Ireland of Geyser. It is hoped that a good crowd will be out on Sunday to greea Rev. Ireland. Stanford al- ways likes to hear a good preach- er more than once. Let every- body come. \Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise.\ R. ALEXANDER ; Pastor. NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS If you wish to receive The World without interruption see that youi• subscription is paid in advance after October 1. We Euges elistylis and wife um- mnst cut off all who have not paid. Don't be a slacker to your home town. 0 0 0000000000000000000000000000000000 000 000000 000000 FARMING IS A BUSINESS and should be treated as such During the next few weeks you will be hauling your wheat to market and getting your checks from the elevators. Then you will have your settle- ments to make to the , stores, banks, neighbors, doc- tors and others who are your creditors. To proper- ly handle this matter you should deposit your Nvileat checks with us' and give these creditors A check on us. Then you have a record of each trans- action and we don't charge you a cent for this ac- commodation. It pleases us to be of service to you. Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN Let's keep the Hun on the run. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 )000000000000000000000000000 • 00000000000./000000000000 SOLDIERS ALL Contributed What do you know about tact! this 'time. Its just possible you 'net, OE the lack or it, has W011 KOlieited at all; but of or lost battles, has pros- course you have known ever TACT pered or killed a !nisi, since the last . issue that there \Not•ss has made the warm- would be another one this fall, est of friends or the bitterest of and no doubt have been planning and saving so as to be ready w hell they are on the nuti•ket And' for heaVelt's sake, this is no time to do .vour bit. Do your durndest! Jesus Christ, whatever else he was, was tactful first. Now do ADVANTAGES OF DAIRYING you care what it means? 1. The Bale of dairy products If ever we needed to know and enemies for life. About three people in a hun- dred know the meaning of the WO rd ; do yon? yems old you never will have another chance to start your iron dollars upon such a noble mite Rion. . Do you wish to deepen the wrinkles upon tlw brows ill Pots- dam ! 1Yould you fortify the eourage Mary Add Hays l of every soldier in France! 1 Mary Adel Ilays, American soprano, Shall we set in such a stack that the Kaiser ean't see over the Lop of it? All right! You are appointed a Spoeial Agent. she uses with rare delicacy and taste. Don't wait for it committee to Her attractive appearance and strik• hunt up or run you down. log personality add to the general vou effect.\ Horn' to the -hank and break miss Hays possesses an unusual throng - the line and order so range of three octaves, singing high ninny Liberty Bonds thin t t he ..jir with perfect ease. Her repertoire man inside Will be dazed and all is extensive, consisting of operatic the neighbors surprised and lin and oratorio arias, and the little etas - of your relatives proud. mica in song down to the simple bal. practice the use of the word it is 110W; now when we are living and working and suffering as we nev- er remember doing before. Just how are we goingtd talk our neighbors into buying Liber- ty Bonds! With friendly argu- ment, or with a brick! Do you know that you can catch more flies with molasses 2. l'he market for dairy prod - than with vinegar nets fluctuates very little year • 011. you say. yon heard this or 1 ' . .v year as compared with other that, and you think So -and -Si,' prOdlletS. ought to be properly squelched. lie mighty positive. without it singlt• fraction of a doubt. that this story or that tale is trint--or even a tiny - pai•tiele of it is true —and then, listen! Ile on getter - furnishes a steady income all the -ear round. The fal'Iller Who (1(.- 101111S 111)011 el'Op sales for his in- come usually makes the bulk of his sales during one or Iwo months of the year. while during I he rest of the year he has no cash income. Such it system re- ceives long misfits in it C0111 IMM- O V. 1. Through the return of Ma- nure to the land the fertility and physical condition of the soil may be maintained at a high lev- el and crops increased. Even af- ter many veers a properly omin- ous to that person or persons tai tied dairy farm has constantly coneerned u that you will make 11,1\ea8Ing crop yields instead of them ashamed, it . they ought to I (rea8 \- . 011eS. g; be ashamed. And if the tale is 4. In dairyin labor may be ' all manufactured anyway .. as ut a more uniform rate throughout the year than in near - they almost always: are, yow_cau 1y tiny other farniblismems. The thank your God with . 11 clear eon - grain grower,' for example, may science that it stopped with a thud! when if get as far as you. Don't look cross-eyed at, some-, body who may be falling doWn di Uncle Sam's stay-at-home army. If you can't help 'him kindly and quietly to see his error then at least it need not. hinder you from doing your duty as 'a patriot. Rather, it: should make you hustle around twice as fast as usual, in order to do his work as well as your own. You can wade in regardless, and criticize the other fellow to your heart's content—but tell ine—what have you gained? He is immediately antagonistic to every cause you are attempting to advance! And . ' you know if you will but stop to think. Let's not, rile anybody. Let's broaden out and learn a little bit about the Brotherhood of Man. Really, it's worth the effort. Bonds will be itold differently have to employ much additional labor at harvest tune, butt so far as the dairy is concerned the dairyman has aboutt he same ditties to perform every month in the year. Thus, less help is required seasonally and perma- nent employees may , be kept. 5. T-hrough the dairy cow many unsalable rotighages may he transformed into products from which cash may he realized. Grass, hay, corn fodder and other roughage which may hot hilive a 1 . 0”14 sale are econondeally util- ized by the dairy eow. Land not suitable for cultivation, can be utilised for pasturage for dairy cows. Balance the Books Properly. When we are setting down the things that Are against us, let's set down some of the things that are on our Aldo., A practice of this )tInd would be jowl for all of Us. has 1)6011 one of the most successful soloists ever presented before Chau- tauqua audiences. The New York Musical Courier says, \Miss Hays pos. messes a lovely soprano voice, which MONTHLY W. S. S. REPORT ,Nattlut of society, ''tiver the of Stanford, Pergius enmi- ty, Montana; President, 'Mrs. 0. NIonth ending August 31. 1918 --number of members, 10; No. buying stamps, 7; per cent, 70; total amount bought. $7.50. Aceumuletivel report --No. of memberS bll)'ing. usually 10; to- tal amount bought $27.66. Name of soviety, The Hustlers. of Stanford. Presirb.rit, ('. Peisbie; secretary, Mrs. A. I). strata. Report for month end- ing July 30, 1918: No. members, 14 s No. paying, 14; per cent of bi-yers to enrollment, 100: total amount bought, $24.75. Ri•iport for month ending Aug. :to. 1918: No. members, 14; No. buying stamps, 14; per ('('nut buying, 100; totl amount bought. $29.50. ice - Cumulative report : From date of organization, five months: No. of ineinhers buying. 14: per vent of buyers to enrollment, 100: to- tal amount bought, $131.40. One couldn't wish for finer weather than we are enjoying in Stanford this week. ,It makes life worth living. The filEllIers It re sure taking rulvantage of it too. Nly Itear Sister: --I received your last letter a day or so tigt) and was %er . %• pleased to hear from you :wain. I also got all I lie papers oil selli for which I nun very thanktill. I always en- joy reading the \Viotti as it is the same as a letter. I wish you ‘voillt1 send it to liie %vhenever II is eonvenient for y•tol. I have just returned from a treasure hunt, or rather a lIerinan souven- ir hum. Nly lurk wasn't very good toda.‘, as I didn't find any- , thing but dead Germans, and they are '111(.1'1. are it great liiall.‘ hellilits and other equipment laying lint of , .oursi. we , never pick them up, as !hey are too livaVy to carry around. I would like very much to ' have the sweater you spoke of, dear. but it' would only be sur- plus neight, mill when in battle %ve east aside everything but What We 11118011111ely hay(' to 11111(e • so you ean 11w it is. If we are here this 1Villter I Will be glad to get any Itind of clothes. 'rho Iasi battle up here was it dandy, Mitt'.' hot enough For everyone. The 1;1.11111ms made a long and hasty retreat, leaving everything behind them. Nlany dead (mem covered the gromid. as they did not have time to Iniryt heir dead. Lots of aminituilion and guns was eaptured by the Ameriertaim it 1VtI It as many prisoners. Air bat- tles are very frequent ; in fact We net- 011e nearly every day. As SO0111114 we put tip a balloon wer I'0111ES Frii% 1.0 bring it doIvii. butt he most always meets hard Ittek, because he no sootier starill till 1111 /1111.11 1)111111. is 011 kiln and he either goes dole,' or back to ther- mally. War is a hard sight to look upon. sister, blit we ha ye to grin and sliolv our flag. I don't imagine that it willb e many months Until dune kind \ of a I eace eonferenee is called, awl if I am Itieky enough to stick it out I will he home with the rent. But iti s hard to may that yott are alive at limes, anywa,v when the shells burst all around you. Anyone that conies out Of . this %Ear wit limit a W0111111 is eertainly lueliy and nothing else. f con- sider myself Itielcy right now. I am writing! his letter so close to the froot that I cat, liefir the big guns boom. We have Imsehe visitors near- ly every night. They Nome over via the air route and drop it few bombs here and there, but they tot e' do much damage except in large eitieff. I hear they bomb Paris once in a while and do lit- tle or no damage. The lowlis or villages around here are ill IOW shape, as the artillery has blown tht-Ill to pieees. 'lids had to be dime to move the Germans. Of eourst• they boodnirel the to‘viis as welI as our timis, so often both artilleries have had in shot at a 'town. and HIVE(' Ihal ' t much left of it but holes. Some of these old buildings have been standing for many .,vettrit 11 11(1 !MVO II() I 101110 fbi-ut Ole 1101111'S of n,veral it 'oi tinned . on Last I'llge) 000000000000000 • 00.0000 000000000 • 0 • 0000000000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Lincoln Said m ENDER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM The mystic cord of memory, stretching frm every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart— . Those who have fallen on the field of battle for the greatest cause in all Itiritory—our cause and your cause—these brave souls speak a silent, mesage to you and me greater than words. The spirit of our answer will be measured by the number of bonds we buy in the FOURTH IAB- ERTY L)AN. Will You Do Your best? If we tine Call we be of service to you in will be glad toassist you. this subscrip- First National Bank of Stanford Capital and Surplus $50,000.00 SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN 000e0 00000000000 0000000 0000000000000000 0 0 0 0 0

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 19 Sept. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.