The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 19, 1918, Image 7

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. • THE STANFORD WORLD 'te 4 S . i\ S. • • • NOW RAISES 600 CHICKENS After Being Relieved of Or. ganie Trouble by Lydia E. l'inItliatn'r, Vegetable Compound. Oregon, BI—\ I took Lydia E. Pink - ham's Vegetable Compound for an or- ganic trouble which pulled me down un- til I could not put my foot to the floor and could scarcely do my work, and as I live on a small farm and raise six hundred chickens every year it made it very hard for me. \I saw the Com- pound advertised in our paper, and tried It. It has restored say health so! can do all my work and I am so grateful that I am recommend- ing it to my friends.\— Mrs. D. M. ALTERS, R. R. 4, Oregon, Ill. Only women whohave suffered the tor- tures of such troubles and have dragged along from day to day can realize the relief which this famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, brought to Mrs. Alters. Women everywhere in Mrs. Alters' condition should profit by her recom- mendation, and if there are any com- plications write Lydia E. Pinkham'e Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., for advice. The result of their 40 years experience Is at your service. _ Caught Seitior—\I thought thitt professm was a bookworm - Junior—\Ile was until an early hird of a co-ed cane along.\ Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured by local applications as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There Is Dnly one way to cure Catarrhal Deafness, grid that Is by a constitutional remedy. HALL'S CATARRII MEDICINE acts through tht, Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Catarrhal Deafness Is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the F.ustadhlan Tube. When this tube is Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when It is entirely closed. Deafness is the result. Unless the inflammation can be re- duced and this tube restored to Its nor- mal condition, hearing may be destroyed forever. Many cases of Deafness are caused by Catarrh, which is an inflamed condition of the Mucous Surfaces. 'ONE •HUNDRED DOLLARS for any case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot be cured by HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE. All Druggists Re. Circulars free. F. J, Cheney & Co.. Toledo. Ohio. Keen -Eyed Bellboy. A keen -eyed bellboy at the 'Lincoln hotel. and It urn it's hat prevented II se- rious loss to Mrs. D. Scott. 315 East Twenty-fifth street, ono evening re - ca ally, relates the Indianapolis News Mrs. Scott wits resting on the Inez iii iii no lloor with some friends after dinner, enjeying the music and - trying bc keep cool and comfortable. She was ctinafortable enough hut not so cool. In wiping the perspiration from her !Hinds she pulled MT it diamond soil - little, whit-li fell down in the lobby. 111rs. Scott and her party got down - 'attars hurriedly and soon guests, mu - Steams, bellboys and all joined in the 'enrol' for the missing ring. • The search revealed nothing until one of the bellboys became inquisitive illiout a man's lint that wits leaning up against a column. There the ring was, inside the lint. told Mrs. Scott went s‘u ay rejoicing. Turning of the Worm. Friend Wife—ilenry, drop that gar den work for n while. I want you to come In anti lace up my shoes. Mr. Pewee—I'd love to do it, my dear. But I'm afraid if the provost marshni general should happen along find lind MO working as it lady's valet he'd put me In the army. CincInnAti has a dent and dumb %Artier. but with the aid of a phono- graph he matinees to pull through. Meis.vsyr 111141010611110 Riff; TAKE POSTUM! —you hear it more and more when one is asked 'what he'll have for his morn- ing drink. Deliqhtful aroma' and las te.and free- dom from the dis- comforts - that go with coffee. Nourishintl health- ful, economical. NO WASTE at all — an important item these days. Give INSTANT POSTUM atrial. NUT PEN( 0,11 IL TURNER HIE GULL '3ECRETARY LANSING MAKES IM. MEDIATE REPLY TO AUS- TRIAN NOTE OUR TERMS ALREADY STATED July Fourth Address of President WU. son Enumerated Peace Conditions for Which We Are Holding Out, and They Still Stand Washington, Sept. 17.—The United 1Sates. as was fully I?xpected, has un- conditionally rejecte.1 Germany's peace feeler. In tiolog t. alio government has spoken for all the belligerents. Almost limmolintely after receiving the Austrian govertautenCs note !rout the minister fr ttttt Sweden, Mr. Ecken- gren, Secretary.: Lansing last night is- sued this formal statement : ''Tile government of the United States feels iii it there is only one re- ply which it can make to the sugges- tion of the Imperial Austro-Hungarian ;overiantent. It has repeatedly and with entire candor statted the terms upon which the United States would onsider peace. mot ,can anti will en- tertain no proposal for a coliferenee anion a matter concerning Within it has :mole Its position and purpose so Mr. Lansing's statement Wits given len within half an hour after in. had reecived the .1ustrian proposal. It would have been forthcoming almost immediately upon the delivery of the .kai , triata note haul it not been found neces-zary in order to avoid the i05Cl- IihIl pit gIIIVe 011'or to make a care- . til eomparison between the offirlatt :ext it that xeldell was received in news dispatches from Amsterdam]. Course Here in Doubt. Thus emplutsis was added to the declination. if tiny were needed, the quickness of the reply indicating the eXIStelas. of no shadow of tioaht In tin' mind of the administration as to what it shOtlid be. As- soon as 11r. Lansing's reply can he put in form. it will be handed to the Swedish minis - :eft for transmission to Austria. The Swedish legation not the state department early yesterday after- noon that it had received the note and that it would le. presented as soon as It could lie decoded 111141 translated from the French. TIIIS sev- eral hours. and it wits not until 6:20 o'clock t19,14 Mr. Eskengren appeared. Stops Press Comment. There Is some reason '1st believe that the secretary acted with Ibis un- precedented promptness in o matter of such great import with the decision not only to indicate clearly the po- sition of the United States govern- ment, but perhaps to anticipate and prevent as far as possible newspaper discussions of the Austrian proposi- tion, which might convey to the enemy a ntisiending impression that there was any considerable element in the United States willing to consider a negotiated peace, such as the \non - 'binding\ discussions, proposed by Austria, might deeviop. • Sounds Keynote. Also. it is understood. there was a purpose to sound the •note which the entente powers might repeat in their own answer. All these powers had gone on record formally as accepting the conditions of peace laid down by President Wilson as their own. System of Barter Barred. Willie no reference to it was made In the reply which the'EnIted States government made to Austria, it Is known that one of tile most objec- tionable features of Baron Milian's proposition was the secrecy suggested for the \non -binding\ conference. It was realized by officials here that the purpose was to barter away the rights of various nationalities In star - chamber proceedings, so that the vic- tims would !MVP no liarowledge of their fate until it was beyond rood]. This system of. barter was practically de- nounced by President Wilson in one of his speeches. That the German people were to he kept In the dark by the military Inas. ters and prevented from having any voice lit the peace witiell 'was to be imposed upon them, was regardisi as an ossitred fact. There has been some ntapieherision in administration circlet , of it combination of great fimincial in- terests that know no nationality and _fear the destruetiott of all wealth and 1111SineSS by the spread' of Bolshevik' ideas. might in some WIlY 11W behind this movement to hring about at 11PileC mid terminate the war before it had been fought to a clear 110(151 mm. There Is no such apprehension on the - part of the titiministratiov of ii CO1103'8111 WIltell will bring down nil civilized In, slit utions. end instead the genc:ral KAISER IS GRAVE APO GRAY. 'Ainsterdritn. Sept. 14.—\The kaiser looked grave and hiS hair has 'meow very gray,\ says in Essen dispatch tr the Lokal Anzeiger of Berlin. describ ing the appearnnee of Emperor Wil. Ilan On the occasion of his .speech flt the' Krupp munition works. \But if Ms eyes shown the definnt gleam of in Prussinn king. IVith elastic (retie he passed through the hall of tin FrIederichruchai)le, where he was wed cometl with a short speech by Krum von Bohlen.\ ball has given every assurance thnt he war Is proceeding to a reasonably sarly-end complete victory which will Involve the Ill'elptilitre by the centrAt powers: of the only possible terms of peace—namely, those laid down by Presideitt Wilson. America's Only Peace Terms. Thest: terms, referred to in the re- ply dictated yesterday to the Austrian note. were. clearly set 0111 in Presi- dent ‘Vilson's Fourth of July speech at Mount Vernon. There is some speculationsin official oireles as to what will be the next step lu what is recognized as the great tOernotin 1.eace offensive. Gen- erality, .1 Is believed that the German nevi Austrian Military leaders Will polar_ I'. lite American -1 eply Its an evade'L, e that they hatKe done every- thing possible to bring shout Peacc. and thus try to strengthen their people tor another winter eititipitign. Butt another view Is that, owing to the in- tolerable conditions in Austria-Hun- gary, there is noire than a possibility of a breaking up of the quadruple alliance: Hutt Austria, having gone through the form of making it peace proposal. which was ',humidly re- jected. has thus cleared the way for her next step --lilt uncoyitional sur- render on the terms land down by President Wilson. Griot meaning was given the over- tures by the announcement front Paris that Austrian troops whirl' tried to block the way of the Americans were utterly dettioratlized and sur- renderett to a num. GASLESS SUNDAYS MAY BE EXTENDED TO WEST Refiners Are Now Determining if Sur- plus Exists Over Govern- ment's Needs. Wash'ilgton, Sept. 16.—The fuel ad. ministration sintiounres that there Is a possibility that its antoless Sunday re- quest may lie extemied to cover the ent ire country. Tiik will .i.pemt, tilt' administra- tion s a 'ai, upon the ability of mid-con- tinent roliners too supply the territory west of Hits Mississippi awl at the stone tame furnish the gasoline they have aii:reeti to deliver at the Atlantic sealitaird. Itefiners are VIIIIVIISSing 111e With II Vit•AV to tteterillillipg If they van provide for both dernamis. adiiiioi,tronon estimate,: that 41-1,000 barrels of gasoline have been saved in the territory east of the Mis- NISSippi in two Sundays since the re quest was made. COAL PROFITEER PAYS $25,000 TO RED CROSS Varies Other Penalties are Also Hupp on Pensylvania Violator of Regulations Philadelphia, Sept. 14. — Announce ment haw been made that the Logan Coal company \of this city has been directed by the fuel administration to imy $25,000 to the Red Cross as n flute for alleged profiteering. In addition the company is required to give to the Red Cross all its profits between Sep- tember 15 and October 1, refund to all purchasers of smithing coal the difference between the government price and the price which It charged, anti deliver to a State institution, with which It made a two-year con- tract, coal tit the government price set prior to its conviction by the fuel administration for profiteering. regard• lees' of any increase in price tlint may come during the life of the contract. MONTANA CASUALTIES. Killed in Action. Elmer L. Parker, Ktilispell. Lawrence S. Ilawdon. Malta. Pvt. Chas. It. Shull. Cascade. Died of Wounds. Christian N. Kerp, Zortman. David It. Ferguson. Glend0e. Missing in Action. Willard S. King. Iliad. Edgar G. Moulton, Conrad. Marko Itnimict, Phillipshtirg. Ernest 0. Eratison. Missoula. 1•Awin Peterson. Butte: Ray George, Kolln. Wounded Severely. 1•:tlward .1. Darregli. finite. Robert Courtney, Bridger. Hari T. Collins. Cherry Ridge. Michael Daich, Butte. Joseph Reid. Outlook. Dan McKevanligh. Amitionda. Edward M. Schultz, Eureka. • Suffragists Bee President. Vi'ashingt Oil, Sept. 17.—A group of Democratic women called on President Wilson yesterday and asked him to use Ills influence to bring 00.put a vole itt Limp' senate on the federal suffrnge amendment before the November elec- tions. According to Mrs. .Mitinie Cult- nlitglenn of Testis. the president said: \I am, as I think you know, heartily In symptithy w101 ,,you. I have eintleal - ored to assist you hi every way in my power. I shall continue to tie so. 1 will do till I ell11 to urge the missile. of this amendment by an early vote.\ HARVESTER COMPANIES ARE TO CONSOLIDATE Hoboken, N. J., Sept. 14.—Stockholci- . ers of the International Harvester company of New Jersey and of the 'Internationni IlarVester corporation voted here yesterday to approve the ngreement between the directors of their companies for a consolidation of the two Into a single company to he known as the Internationtil Harvester company. The new company will have V15,000,000 preferred and $80,000,00t enrc..tran mock. The Branch House Man This is one of the Swift & Company Branch House Men. They are all pretty much alike in the way therfeel toward their work—and that is what this ad is abou' They know iha: most people couldn't get such good mea. prorm tly and in good condition if it weren't for the branch houses of which they are in charge. They know that the branch house is one of the most important links in the chain of preparing and distributing meat for a nation. They know that Swift & Company must have its branch houses run at the highest notch of usefulness; that even a Swift & Company branch house won't run itse:f, and that it is up to the branch house man to run it properly. Any branch house man who doesn't see his work in this light is transferred to some other place with Swift & Company to which he is better adapted. They are picked men, these branch house men. Every time you sit down to a steak or chop, or cut of roast, you can give a grateful thought to the whole crew of them. And remember, in a general way, that everything that makes life smoother and more convenient for you,is the result of the thoughtfulness and effort of a lot of people of whom you have never heard. Swift & Company, U. S. A. Horse Sense. HARDLY WHAT YOU EXPECTED ' A negro officer lit a trebling camp Wits havin g n ' 16s l wrate t ime 14eIti \ I Story Reads Like Opening Lines of an his 11101 to turn and march In the I Elinor Glyn Novel, but You Will right directions. Find Isn't. \Right Ince I—left face!\ lie would • cull, timid they %%aukh do just t op- posite. Finally he called out In anguish: \It's a mighty good thing you -all is coin' In de cavalry. De horse'll know Which wity to turn when you don't I\ WHY WOMEN DREAD OLD AGE Don't worry about old age. Don't worry about being in other people's way when you are getting on in years. Keep your body in good condition and you can be as hale and hearty in your old days as you, were when a kid, and every one will be glad to see you. The kidneys and bladder are the causes of senile afflictions. Keep them clean and in proper working condition. Drive the poisonous wastes from the system and avoid uric acid accumulations. Take GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capaules periodical- ly and you will find that the system will always be in perfect working order. Your spirits will be enlivened, your muscles made strong and your face have once more the look of youth and health. New life, fresh strength and health will come as you continue this treatment. When your first vigor has been restored continue for awhile taking a capsule or two each day. They will keep you in condition and prevent a return of your troubles. There is only one guaranteed brand of Haarlem Oil Capsules, GOLD MEDAL. There are many fakes on the market. Be sure you get the Original GOLD MEDAL Imported - Haarlem Oil Capsules. They are the only reliable. For sale by all first-class druggista.—Adv. Where She Likes Them. Redd—Well, say, her teeth are like pearls, aren't they? Greene—Well, you ought to see how pleased she Is when she finds 'CIII in oysters. We often hear of /I man hat never of a midtiOngeti woman. A WOI11811 Is either young or old. ASTIMILADOR AVERTS -RELIEVES BAY FEVER ASTHMA %sou Treatment NOW aunnusists Guarantee AR HAIR BAL8 M A toilet preparatton ot merit. to eradirall dandruff. For Restating Color and Donut, to Gra y or Fadad Hair 5ec and li.o0 Si Druggists. It It would have Mom the night before Christmas—had Christimis (Mien on tile following day. However, it didn't. But no matter. Slit. was expectant thnt lie would count , that night to WOW iler II proposal. 1 . 11111W4 11111st In? 1/111:441 over. She w lered how her husband would feel If the worst cume to the worst. Ile arrived. Sill! led 111111 Into the pitrlor mid bade him be stinted. Not a word wits exclumged for a moment. She looked townrd the door expect- antly, but In vein. Then she turned her guise on the man. How old he looked; how careworn. Ile met her gaze. Ile did not 11111111. the OpF111.(1 Ilia Month 1114 Iii slit.11k, but his lips closed !twilit as III' !ward footsteps approaching the door. The husband entered the room. \I have been thinking it over,\ au Iii the man, as the husband took II seal near hint, \ittni I don't see him I ctin possibly paper the dining room mei kitchen for less than $15.\—Inditinapo- lie News. Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, that famous Old remedy for infants and children, and see that it Bears the Signature of 1.4444 In Use for Over :to Veilna, Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria • Another Railroad Poem. The oft quoted Eitinigun has a rival In l'nt Donohue, tin Ohio freight con- ductor, whose train hind a breekdown recently. After the accident, III. sent this mess:ago to Train In•patcher Straight : '\Fitenty-two has !mated 4 flue. %Violet! I do? INOI I UE.\ This nwiikened the slumbering noise in the telegraph office, tund the refal run: \IVnit. Two twenty-eight will nike your freight. \DISPA'r(\111.:11 STRA1011T.\ --Omaha World -Herald. Quite Right. yather—\Havt. yoll saved any urn ill for n rainy dny.?\ Son—\yem sir, .and I bought an - umbrella with it.\ soon protiahiy hail aoiuio good ex- euse for tint learning to skate. MEN Loine tioulde prays up - 4411 the mind., discourages AND tau lessens ambition; beauty, vigor and ..imer- vvOME M (mores often eisuevear • . 11 %darn ii,, kidneys ure out or oi.h.a. or tlisiltse.l. For goo.' results. , ate Ii,. kihm,m,'r's 94Walla, 14014, the great kidney Nedleliw. At ilrogghtts lii iarga — a eol ineollinn size Mottles Sample slate buttlo Parcel l'oml, inl,4, polopitlet. Addrees I tr. 1(11144o1 Co., i tlognitinton. N. Y.„ and 12111 . 10114) tec cots. When writ- ing mention tills pl. al=mck ANTISEPTIC POWDER FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE Dissolver! In water for douches stops pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflam- mation. Recommended by Lydia F.. Pinkham Med. Co, for ten years. A healing wonder for nasal catarrh, sore throat amid sore eyes. Economical. 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The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 19 Sept. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.