The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 19, 1918, Image 8

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' THE' STANFORD WORLD a . / I Sot_ J000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000C I 0 • Red Cross . . 1 g 0. 0, Activities O Your Farm Mortgage .3 . 0, O 0; o 8 ; Christmas roll call I he w. eS O We are quoting low rates on 01 ir611111 lig Herernber 2 of Ole o o ,Ii; wind,. American people lot- moo- o High Grade Farms. We have 0, 0 O 0, ,„.,..,, i ,, ii , ,,,,. ii.,•,, (.,.. ha. bi•,•,, o o 1 ,initouneed by Ilerry l'. H6 av,,,,, o o a half million dollars to loan .„, cp,,,irm„,. or 'h.. „aflizatio„-, 0 0 ,,,,,. „in,,,eil. Lim, will lie op o o o on choice farm property. Jr o ,....i. ,,,,.., A.,,,,i,,.., in every eor en - o o o you wish to make a farm 0 101' ill tile elll'ill. o 0 ° ' — Till. Rol Crosh.— !Ir. Davi,,e i o o mortgage ---SEE US .. .. .. 0] 0 .sid. -.-4,,,ts „t.,„ii, to giVi. In O 0i Willi illi011t'l.1101 ollly, lillii A 0 0.I'- O THE °' ion yin fight. but that to the lust O 0 . O 0 man. woman and ehild we ataiiil o o Banking Corporation . four square for mercy, honor alit!: 0! o o o 0 good faith among the nations. - ' O LEWISTOWN - - MONTANA 0 , O 0 GEORGE P. ARNOLD, Local Muita4er 0 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Wieg O 0 0 • 0 0 • 0 O 1 0 0 2 S a t ur d a y sp eoa s 0 O 0 0 . 0 . RETAIL DEPARTMENT 00 0 0 o o 2 Beef Stew 8c Neck Boils 15c 0 :(3 ) Shoulder and Chuck Roasts 20c, 22c 0 0 Steaks 25c and 30c PORK MUTTON 2 Stews 12c Shoulder Roast 20c E Legs 22c and 15c Chops 30c 0 0 POULTRY 0 2 Hens, dressed, 25c Ducks 25c O _ 0 2 Frys 30c 0° ( 2 ) : At the above prices, rembmber that O CASH ONLY will interest us. 0 * O (hie !Mildred Belgian families O will oson be ovelipying as many g O he American lied Cross is o . building on a picturesque hillside Just outside of I.e Havre. act;orii- ing to reports jiist ret•e•i‘'eti frffil lla vro. EV4•1' . 1' 01011 is hen iin,h to /MVP the village. whit eimiplele, resemble a hit of Bel- gium transplanted in Franee %•illage will have pined streets, eleetrie light and an no - o date water mato syslem. The g will II, seleeted from O the poorest or 1110 relitgees. • o family with less than four ehil- liren will be given a cottage. Each voltage will have it gar -1 o uI.pi and will rent for six ilollar.1 a month. Tenants who cannot g Win 1/1 . taken care of sonie charitable organization, j bill t`Very0ilt• Wili) gets a cottage' will be expeeted to work. The • O 0 O 0 0, 0 . . . . O W. S. WEISS . . 0 o o o WINDHAM 0 O 0 o o o o 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000v 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 o o • E Bring YO us Cream to the Basin 0 0 O 0 O Trading Company 0 o 0 0 0 0 2 We pay hi g hest market price and cash on the 0 O 0 O spot. TRY US. 0 O 0 . 0 O 0 O cts 47 cts 0 0 . . 0 O 0 O FOR BUTTER FAT AT PRESENT 0 O 0 O 0 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 You'll find more tobacco sat- isfaction in the coudensed Real Gravely ChawiLg Plug than in a thick piece of ordi- nary tobacco. Peyton Brand Real Gravely Chewing Plug 10c a pouch—and worth it Gravely lasts so muchlortger it costs no more to chew tha ordinary plug P. B. Gravaily Tobacco Company Danville, Virginia • EXPENDITURES OF SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 14, FERGUS CO., MONTANA, PROM JULY 1, 1917, TO JULY 1, 1918. Salaries of teachers for four country schools $2.700.00 Coal for country schools 325,00 :100.00 Repairs on country sehools Building !landlord school house 1.656.00 Diging well near Hanford Sshool 102.01 Repairing Stanford High school 1.156.00 Salary of Principal of Stanford High school 1.:350.00 Salaries of all other teachers in Stanford school' Salary of Janitor of Stanford school 4.5 01 81. 765.0( Money paid out for hauling school wagons 2,400.00 . Coal for Stanford school 610.75 . Books, domestic science tablos and m.see..aneous supplies - for Stanford school 1 025 30 Fire insurance premiums 120.00 Balance on heating . plant in Stanford High school paid to A. A. Stapleton 1.39:3.50 Electric light bill 9850 Telephone bill 22.50 Clerk's salary, including the taking of .school census 160.00 Paid out on school bonds 5,125.00 ' 4 .• TOTAL .. . a •• 23,890.55 A. D. STROUF, Clerk. rent from the eottages. ii haq been figured. %vill pay the ex- pense of riming the tiovn, will be Iwo Belgian sehools with Belgian learher.s. Belgian priest. Relgisn offieitils and one of the eo-operative stores so popular in Belgium. The cottages are port- able and after the war can bc shipped to Belgium and set up in the native towns of the peo- ple who occupy them. • a a IS what one American soldier wrote 10 the Home Ser- vice seetion of the Red Cross in his home tOWII: \I hope you won't mind my taking the liber- ty to write to thank you and your orgunizit I in it for the gre , at help you have given my mother. My mother is lull Or praise for the visitor of the home service, for she said that you did not help her financially. !nit spirittially, Si yllii SIP I have a great deal to thank you for. and I want you to feel ilia! I appreciate what .vou have dnne Inc my mother and tlie children. I think. under the cir- cunistatiers. my mother is fairly well fixed now that she reeeives the government allowance and my brother is working. but I would, la • greatly obliged if you stop in to see my mother once in a while. I know she worries. and I know you eould help elwer tier up. I would also consider it a great favor if you eould mmmi- 1 let 1(110W how' situ- Soldiers' Letters IC4)1116111'41 from First Iigi- mzu'umeral inns, Init they all fin- ished now. as the Vrencinnen put it. Well, sis. I am afraid this is- n't a very- iiitevOing letter. Intt will have to l•rt it go at that un- til I get a little more time. 80 will saylzirroti-hyl.. 000'. hots it hive to you and mother ;old best regards It, Oil iii Sia/110141. MM. iiiit,S1/X, Co. D. 125 I'. S. Inft, Dear Dad: Reeeived the pack- age today. As you already know 13011 billed to stay here for awhiie Vol. probably all winter. I was called up for examination though Mid pa .55(01 it perfiletly. but I have to stay and help in- struct the new men that are corn- ing in. I have three men on my crew now and all of tliton lire as green as grass. I can use the socks you sent all right because big woolen socks are just the eheeker here. If I wear cotton socks my feet get so sore I ean't walk and as far as the smokes go, you know th e y won't go to waste. Dad. I sure appreciate all the shift* yn t , have sent 110!. It shows that I am not forgotten. and makes a f e ll o w feel more like myself. I 80) get- ting into this life now mid it is- n't BO harsh 10i it WaS a low months ago. The hot weather doesn't bother much any more, and the nights are nice and cool. We only work front seven to eight hours a day now too, and have more time to ourselves. Things have been somewhat mixed up for the last few dare on account of the Fourth Sonar Help Increase the Food Supply by Killing Grain Smuts Prevent Stinking Smut of Wheat, Covered Smut of Barley, Oat Smut, and Rye Smut 'DIRECTIONS Prepare a solution of formaldehyde in the ratio of I part for- maldehyde to 320 parts wafer 11 pint to 40 gallons). Ask your ,iruggist for formahlehyde of guaranteed :37 per cent strength. It costs about 50 cents per pound. Use -good seed. Before treating, (-lean with a fanning mill to 11000VP StIlla balls and poor or scabby seed. Spreasi the seed on the granary floor or in a wagon box '4 to 1; incites deep. With a sprinkling en apply the formaldehyde solu- tion at the rate of 1 gallon to one and one-third bushels. Shovel over wail the seed mass; is evenly wetted. Pile and cover with bags or canvass previously treated with formaldehyde. Make germina- . non - tests of treated seed to determine amount of injury. Increase r mount of seed per acre to cover injnry and swelling. — United States Department or Agriculture. THIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED TO WINNING THE WAR BY Stanford M.erc Co. LIBERTY BELLES AT CHAUTAUQUA FESTIVAL A Great Musical Number • The Liberty Belles bring splendid. Joyous music to the Chautauqua Festival, These five charming and talented young ladies have, been one of the outstanding successes among musical companies of the East for several years and their appearance on the Western Chautauqua Festivals is of more than ordinary importance. Their program is of infinite variety; orchestral numbers, readings, songs, instrumental solos, duets, costum,id selections. it is an unusual company which pleases unusually a - ell. Every number, whether vocal or instrumental, is rendered with all the finish and musicianship of which true- artists are capable. roil getting ready to shove off, but as soon as they go we will get straightened out again. They drc going to leave some time this week. In a way I'll be glad when they are gone. but still I knew nearly every one' in the Squadron and sort or hate to stay behind; hut as long as I can do some good here I don't Care so much if I am left behind. Several of the old hunch are going to stay. 80 they won't all be 81111111t1•I'S t ii lilt' ill this S4101011'011. I was looking over the casual- ty list in the Miami paper and saw that Fred McGowan of TRW- i8tOWII and Lorin Fowler were wounded guess you remem- berMeGowen, and Fowler work- ed at . Power's garage the same time I did.. The casualty lists sure are big nowadays, but the Hun is feeling their sting, and if they hold out another year I miss my guess. I think Germany's downfall Will be no later than next spring' if they last that long. Well Dad, I 'have written all can think of. Don't worry about me or my health, because I be- lieve my constitution is strong enough to stand • anything now. even this Florida climate. Love to all. GUY. Cot p., Headquart yrs -Detachment ('pint is Field, Miami, Florida. Mr. Arthur Nichols of Cody, Wyoming. has taken the position in the hardware department of the Stanford Mercantile com- pany made vacant by the trans- fer of Jasper Evans to the : Goy- ser• store. • Certificate of Fictitious Name State of Montana, County of Fel% gtts, ss. 0. P. CRAMER, being first du- ly sworn, on oath deposes and says:— That he is 28 years of age, and -411 a resident of Stanliord, in Fergus County, Montana; that. since the l3th day of July, 1918, affiant has been, and now is, engaged in the garage business in the Town of Stanford, Fergus County, State of Montana, under the fic- titious name of \ SERVICE GARAGE.\ That afiant is the sole owner and proprietor of such business, and that his pertmtnent residence is Stanford, Fergus County, Man- taila and that he makes this af- fidavit jot. the purpose of com- plying with the terms and pro- visions of Section No. 5509' of. the Revised Codes of the State of Montana. G. P. CRAMER. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 18th day of September, A. D., 1918. EARL WINEMAN Notary Publics, for the State of Montana, residing at Stanford, Montana. 'My commission ex- pires May 29th, 1920. . • First , Publication 9194,8. p . f\

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 19 Sept. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.