The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 26, 1918, Image 1

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orth. Vol. 9. No..32. , t!.00 Per Year. STANFORD. FERGUS:: COUNT V. MONTAN THURSDAY. - !' ttc.. 5 Cents Per Copy . _ YOU Are to Be at the City Hall Saturday, September 28 between 8 a. m. and 6 p. m., and subscribe for your share of Fourth Liberty Loan Bonds . ,,,n,., a.,,..„,, by the BOOSTS FOR STAN FORD w e are ' ki ng \\\\\me\ i s AmERICA's , to offer our subseribers an inter. l'• COMING OF AGE-ii?ed's Cross • . . (sf •,linneatp,,Ii. for the raising or N: nob r4,t4•Nd I/4...r,, t nst eto . 1 War Department. called \Keep - I est ing book, published by t he ; .- allottment plan. The Connell of the hillrIll Libert V 1.01111 is the An Advertisement by Dr. Frank Crane Act/1)1/1es J. J. McCaughey, who is bar; 1111; One FIghters MC' . It tie - Deieose. aith tlw chaitlaan or rho vesting . 1,he crop on his litneh seilies with text Auld pictures :/aericil is vowing of age. Nrti World II spirit of triumph- Liberty 'tow' :•taii , s or Fergus »ear here strayed into Great t he various 1 raining 'and reere- Falls the other day and got into alum activities carried out in the ticntoersey have been but the cannot be made. It iii list be Ihni week of September 23 for a eiwt, indiviitu a The nation's hundred .vears of ant Demoeracy. Such a spirit Th e R e d c r „,,, h a , „ et as id e ,.„ t o y. hay, si,.7,11.1.07,!.11„y list of tin. bands of a• Tribune reporter, cantonments. I The book retails prettaration for its manhood. grow n , inbred. sp4;eial campaign to raise eloth- and tax payer of thr ,o l ony, at who gave hill, the following fur 95 cents. and we will give it It is a cheap jibe to say that I tu this Western continent n ig r or t h e nee d y B e l g i ans. . , r I to l ' mil , I his eeencd mid i he reeord write-up: . free to all who pay lot. the World k zdocrieti was unprepared for this 1),•..ii o y h as h,, eo i ra t n i ng ti v . t are suffering for lite!: of proper of' p as t so h ser i pt i mis t „ L i berty J. J. MeCaughey. an attorney one full year in advance. war. It has had th e m i g hti e st youog Galahad for the resew. or e t„ t hi t . g. E very kho or gar- 1 tio , its filey hare allot led ' to the of, Kassan, Minn., was in Great preparatin in, the history a nit- the tvorld. . in,no tor all ages and both sexes: ..rv cral proper( y holdvrs and lax lions. For over a eentury Des- , Nature has an antidote for ev- are needed; milY art ml's or hilt . HiYi•r.‘ 0 1' Ilie•yffinity ow itmowit• tiny has been preparing in this pet poison. most durable material should he Whiell they 1114410'11 neeeSSIIVY for, . . mdleeted: send no rubber goods, the several individuals to pay Amertcan Democracy Is the An/ ...1.• party dresses, stiff hats or lettere and have 'unified such iodivid- • The e b it hi iig tic e a nO t be Ili Per . i i t 1 1 :: . ! . i i 1::1:41114; ilium' nut! 1 1 :1 1 ' ;i l e li l , l' t i1; i i: % 1 . 1 , :i i t e li - ii . dote for German Autocracy ri.0 repair. but still he eapable, Falls yesterday from Stanford, o loivaria on the WeSt, SIIX011) . On Wil l he is S i leilliili g tile Km \ - the north. awl Prussian Silesia -.ler n Arrow Creek basin, Mr. on the east. McCaughey states that his tern- The Slovaks live iti the upper regions of Ilitngar, adjoining amount of wheat this fall and the Czechs to the east and south _ - that ah. crops are generally good east. Id . hi a ildilW . litird itatigV. 111 ad- 1111%1 a re 10 allIll'a I . to tali ICI' said tiarougliont the Judith basin. Every one of our witi•s hati I Veld i1 - t• skill sold our business' .it t i o „ . pi,14. gom1H—light , w arm i s ub s ,. ri pi i ons. Those %vit ., do itta The two peoples are in effect - same race: their language been for the same purpose: to ability. Our ti•aining has been, .. 11„„„ e i ai d „ t i le r Id no l s; s t„,„ in nth ., 1 . 144 , cik as property lerS lir Ii1X 'Myers( ilre eXpeel- - We are ill the middle of t . he the . , harvest now,\ • said Mr. •Me- has only slight dialectical dif- • The Revolution of 1776 was tot libeiTte the common man., , I intensive. . l ot' eloth I'm' whielt to make g .. a . ii:- ._ l e i :1 11 10 lie present at t he several ' 4ilong with' the big job we find es- , . eau g he Y' \ and ag ' ye g et furter ferences; the political division Now God says, \America you meets for new horn bithivs. Ii I [daces for subseriptions and there timates of yieldsniade earlier in : 1 ..., e7 1 oetweell them was ereeted wily ' g et the P rivile g ed Class (d. gli g - i are come of age. All I have done ing. sheeting. mid blattlietS. WM41\ 11111.1 off the hacks of the en goods of any kind.-- and shoes Milk.. their sobserilotioti with al .ol, wdeii to divide the eller- Aineri- i for you is to prepare you for the the season to have been eonserva- gies „ f t h e i „,„ 1 ,1,, t i e , Slovldis (1111 enh011iStS Whin Were redeem- present conflict, your real work. of evers size are asked for. those who are giieti allo' t ments. live thtough. The bite nuns were put wider i bmgar i a „ rub,. ing this wilderness. G o fort h an d ma k e t h e wor ld a s4er u p leatifer is needed for l'e- . 1 . 10 St11110111 li 1st 1'10 . W111(11 ill - vii USN! . the grain t CS 11111111re lll c zee i ni an d stovaks have worked Tin- wit]. of 1812 was to rescue pairing rool o, , ,,.. ,,,o.o., :, 1,...iito.., or slatilord, good' tills!». atilt we are going to Anio•iean seamen front oppres- . . decent place to live in.\ Doci•l• 11 eri/10, 11101 111/11 lair11011 together with absolute harmony • ,.At this time every son of Amer. ...lot' ef the Milwankee ! • • market a big yield of wheat of for witty nod independence. MOW 4111 excellent graide.\ , Thi• Mexivan war was to litter- lea is called upon to do his ut- Ned Cross Notes for . Friday. 4 ,,,, i ,.„.,,i, h i , 1„.,.„ ri ., 1 „,. stt .,1 t „ . 1:11,,. .\..i.00tt. 7 'los almond inay The Czeells are one of the most . 1 .,. f T ... . r , ,, most. he slacer is a traitor. Mr. M(( aught is one of the itight. at the st11 (is o (xas tom (lit September 13: Those presini . '..„ ' • ,„, . civilized peoples in the et/ VI'.I 11111Si it. a (en pipm•er investors in the north whimsy cruelty of Mexieo. • \V,. are sending itien across the were 'Mesdames Renter- l''risble. j . . hut . t , . I I world, and economically the most , ..,. ,,; • , . Judith basin country, purcha,s- i li ,• , pants') liar wie; to save ocean, men who ,iire physiertry Volliel• ItaYlis• : 4 1 1 0111 . • “lbsoli- wt .. ..„. s . d ., ratio „ that the . eimi ,_ 1.01'1\ Will Market all 1111111011Se mg several sections of splendid wheat from the . Mt ate in the spring of 1910. Sine'. that time he has numbered among the sue- cessful farmers of that territory and hint been interested in' sever- I' - pKosperous hi the Austrian . II .1 11 i • I i • Ille Peolde 01 t Om from the and meotally the pick or the a‘‘ :, 118 i. 11114 Miss 11% I. t•riiiiiiy of the Spanish govern- will id. an incomparable army. latent. • But the men at home must back its .oft lie empire. the principal EV4•11. time our army and litivy them up. still ; Airs. stroll'. 1 1 )i) S S 1111 ! 4. 14111 ta111114.14. Tio• ..ash hall of manufactures. and the most pros- , . • ,. , . ,• , , , . : 0, , ; , , int‘e gone forth it nits D e mi to it is as imieh our solemn duty All's. Busie. i Sine( ; .ors. (libson,',1.•,. i . gits ..,„,„ 1‘ , 11 „, verv li t tl e op perous agticult twat (list rict s. de tin tip some filthy auttoeracy._ to 14111 Ohm money into the Fourt1111 shirt. - ..liiiitted artieles turned! ei .,.,,, F or . 1918. and this makes the _ . - 7 - Tlie - SioViik - have been held al shipments of high grade dairy back h i . At„ g y„,. repress t,„,, limit But all ot our wars have been ;Liberty (Joan as it is the duty of in; Mrs. Baker. 2 pail. soeks:' „.,,, t ,...„ 1 „, et i„„ . „hid, h t ., h et _ vows in the Stanford section. etsew .h e ' re, a.; in the t ... tittet . but a preparation for our pies- the soldier to stand firm at his NWs. Chas. 11 , 11u•sli, 1 pair socks: 1 ,. 1 . I . i .„ ps. 1 ,„ y „ j„,. g „ us e ,„„ ) ,1„t A S\Ciat I'd with other P arties ae States. have siman that their na- ' ent task. We ilid not realize it. post in battle. Mrs. W. I,. Hobart, 1 pair soeks; t h„„ „11„.i.wi„ w ou ld I„, 1 1 ,_ 3iiiiiteaOta 100 head of full -blood apse' y is as glee as ht nation for.sees its mission. Yet to be our supreme effort. Clod Mrs. John Wilson, 1 tot -ester. This is a war of every 111101, , of the Czechs. 11 0 1 s t e i lis w hi e b h ave s i nce th e i r The area of the ( ,, ieett countries the hit. or every nation, as of ev- helping us, we shall not be found Those present at the Red Cross women Hod child in the Foiled -JP- 18 8 luseribe nil room Friday, SI . IdA . iiilier 20 were: States. l'ou are not buying Lib - a rri v al figured conspicuously in wanting. 1 1 1 II IS 11110111 30.000 square miles, and er Y man ' is the P hi° of God - the growth of the dairy indult- (lod has been piling up .riches we van, and . a little more. Mesobooes (iilisoo, Solos, Lebo- erty Bonds for the p11 'l'of of the Slovak region 18,000. It try in the territory where thecy • • 1 on this continent until we are thel America, Civilization, Demoera- v i t . /. 1 ) ,„„ t i ttsott, Loot , i , i yii i , trort, prott , vt i ng ally iildvifittiti op si , t, were - sold. Is estimate( that-therei are ay- wealthiest nation in the world.,ey. Humanity. expeet every 1111111 Nivriek () I Unit 'llit.'41 4 K ' Wk. elf VII IIviefisiik . liiti-vivou bd - proximately • 8,000.000 Czechs ' ill ilie state that have erops ph.e. Their count IT ine hides Those ertillited with h()I 1 11' 1 must an additional amount »nisi of the coal and iron depos- work 'were: M FriSbk. In >y assist the dist riets thitt linve severa l y ears ago b roug ht f ront hind e I t No man forsees Int; Destiny, no This Pourth Liberty Loan 18 Mr'1. N.. II. Nelson, 1 sweater; qu i t .,.,1 . Czecho-Slovaks (From the Roston Transeript) Who are the Ozecho-Slovaks. the trops so frequently mention- ed in .dispatehes relating to Si- beria? They are composed very largely \f Austrian forces whiell surrendered freely to the Rus- sian General 13rusiloff in the ' great offensive in 1917, and which were sent to Russian pris- ons beyond the Urals. Their strength was Originally 60.000, but since has been niereased to 300.000. When the Russian revolution 011f t hey were libels:it ed form prison and began their march eastward for the avowed purpose of fighting alongside the _Entente Allies against the Teu- tons. The Czech peoule inhabit Bo- hemia, Moravia,- and Austrian Silesia, which under the present constitution are crown lands of the Austrian empire. and lie be- tween Austria proper on the south and . the _German empire-- He has been sharpening Olir in- I to do 'his duty. , H MI iti . sm . ea jog t i h ein t „ pelt . art' h etit ' i v . m 1111(1 3.000,000 Slovaks in the two eountries. In addition there are Don't fledge --Buy Fotirth Liberty Loan z i e \\d „„41 To do less than more than 2,000,000 Czechs and , I t %emi t,' l it , great ly a pp ree i.. your . hest. of. what isreitoired of Slovaks in the United S'ates. Bonds to Your Absolute Limit anyttott having an old You Votirlh Loan bed spread in their home that Will not liv ave:'/'!\1 1 bY Bonds put the dam in Potsdam. This space contributed to Winning the War by Stanford World they hove no use for would bring it to the Red Cross 1'00111 1IS Make WilS11 ellitht1 Or 1111'111, SOLD.IERS ALL on nitnerial; idso we would like and at this time are a little short HOW MUCH WHEAT IS WASTED IN THE STRAW? To find out. how much waste of wheat occurs by being thriNVII OW ill straw make a blanket test : Secure a sheet of canvas, or other suitable cloth about 18x24 feet, and a coarse screen from 24 to 36 inches in diameter. Spread the sheet on the ground and immediately after a trip of the weigher turn the spout so all ' 811111W, etc.. passes onto the sheet while 'weighing device trips five complete th»es. Winnow straw from CallVeS Rad screen. The wheat that is left has been wasted. Measure in pint measure and figure percentages as fol- lows: 2 pints 1 1 / 4 per cent: :3 pints2; 5 pints:3.; 6 1 / 2 pints 4: 8 pints 5; 2 gallons 10. The more bonds the fewer tin. casualties. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00000000000000000000000000000000 000 000000 •000000 Your Duty • Appear at the City Hall between 8 a. nt. and 6 P. in. Saturday September 28 and pledge yOur allotment of the FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN Basin' State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 . Surplus $10,000.00 PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN Let's keep the Hun on the run. 0 0 0 0000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Contributed Our dander is up! lilting: and he who withholds We're mad! We're mad clear' thot is failing in his duty as a citizen and a patriot. t ! Our country is at war! We The duties that we are called hate war! I upon to perform are largely op - We Want peaec—but only that ii mia 4, peace will satisfy which comesi vo last' compels us to become from victory. That's why we're l members of the Red Cross. all working and saving and giv-I No law compels 118 to contrib- ing—that this war of ours will Me to the V. M. C. A. m ak,t - it possible for every man to continue unmolested in the use No law compels um to buy Lib - (V the natnral and unalienable ertY bonds. rights with which he is endowed. These are matters that are. left Does a ny011e thin.k - for a ino- Ili our own emiscience and pa- ment that we like to give up our iriotisM, butt where is there one sons and otu• brothers? or that among us who can stand four - we take pleasure in shedding square affil fa e0 OM' boys when blood? NO! We are a long way they return to Montana, and say removed Wont the heathen). Allil to them that We dill 1101 :frail we all know that it WIlS only al- ourselves of the opportunity to ter. a long series of insults and, sec them through; that we failed abuses and crimes against our ahsolutely in our iitity as a neigh - citizens that we consented to en- it, a citizen and a patriot in ' measuring up to our responsibil- ter into war. Beeause we iviithed to see fair; dies and their needs: only the play and a strict observatiee of i satiport that WilS W rl 'at N f rom I us international laws Si'(' were called by sheer foree of law did tve give eowat•ds. and treated with con-, and that complainingly and tempt. We swallowed that. But grudgingly. Inc hill ndred and one crimes that Our boys have dedieated their followed—crimes black as night. lives and everything dear to them against us and our sister Conn- to the service of their country, tries, could not be . ignored by the and were it possible to shower red-blooded men of the U. S. A., noon them all the material Inm- an(' so (.I are at war! and we„'re orN of the world, they would still going to stay at war until one hick it just compenimtion for the flag has ceased to be on land and saerifices they are making. on sea. Let's wake up! Enlist today But wars are not' won by sol- in Uncle Sam's army behind the diers alone! Ellett • and every lines. - one of us has it sacred duty to Oo every possible thing! Lend perform, and as important a part It) play as any, and as sacred an obligation pressing upon »s InS ham any soldier that ever donned the uniform of the army, or swore to uphold its integrity. A soldier that disrekards his obligations is a t or to his count i's', and the man who shirks his duty in supporting him in his effoi•ts to defend; it, -is 110 leSS SO. Ilundiseds of opportunities are open to us all. We know what they are. If we can do no more 11»in lend our moral support to the eatoW, we have done some- . • e very effoist ! Boost, save, sitt•vel. It is only when WC are awake and tremendously in earnest that iv' succeed in ay activity. If their vietoties are to be ours till weknow they will be, then to , ,. should we allalT their work, tie•ir interests, their disappoint-, melds and their sufferings. Not for a day or a year. but nal victory . is ours, and we can blot the woi•ll \autocraey” out of the dictionary. Libbrty Bond or Liberty Bound itieh 'will you have it? buttons of any size if anyone fe'ls that they have more than they til•ed. Those credited with home work this week were: Mrs. IL It:. Ken - singer, 1 bed shirt; Mrs. W. W. Galt, 1 shirt ; Airs. Donaldson. 1 ; Miss Helen Unison.. 2 shirts; Mrs. Fliteroft, 1 boy 't4 81111 ; MI'S. 1.49411 . 1% 1 shirt. Knit- ted artieles: Mrs. 0. J. (halt, 1 sweater; Mrs. Frank Ctinors, 1 sweater; Mrs. P. \ E. Smith, 1 pair socks; \'iiiittla Clark, 1 pair socks; Mrs. Ruth Sams. I pair soeks Mrs. MI1111171 thliS011, 1 pair socks. President Wilson ham fixed the priees ft». the 1919 crop at the same figure as for this year's crop. those %Om are asked to neeept he. a . sulmeript ions. lt,member the lime and tilt' placc mid the soloont you are asked 10 H1111- seri be. D. W. 1 / P.1,11EN, PerglIS Count y Frank Whittaker. Irmo tux - !tanning Woli, wits in Stanford I e first of the 1Ve1.1i 1111 his Ivay ho (ireill Falls. Mr. Whittaker is very enthusiastic over the min- eral ipossiliilit lea Of IliS (Hat l'iCt. Ile brought in some maniples, among which wits a elnink of marble whieli he Maid OHM% from a ledge over 11 Wile 1011g. lie al - SO 111111 a 101111nle of tungsten ore. A go‘•erlittient expert has been lookitig over the ground this 111011111, 111111 While Ile has 11111111' no report as yet, has indicated that WitS very favorably impresseil %still! the shouving. There is more I han a possibility that after the %yii m. developments will take 'duce which will put. Stanford on the map firOlier.' 000000000000000 00 0000 0000000000000000000000000000; Lincoln Said m crams FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM The mystic cord of 'ti nemory, stretching frm every battlefield and patriot gra - ve to every living heart— Those who. have fallen on the field of , battle for the greatest cause in all history—our cause and yOlir e»use—these brave souls speak a silent mesage to you and inc greater than words. The spirit of our answer will be measured by the number of bonds -WC buy 'in the FOURTH LIB- ERTY LOAN. Will You Do: Your best? If we can be of service to you in this subscrip- tion we will be glad bassist you. First National Bank of Stanford Capital arid. Surplus $50,000.00 SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN 300000000000000000.000000.0000000•0•000000000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 26 Sept. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.