The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 26, 1918, Image 3

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IN MISERY FOR YEARS Mrs. Courtney Tells How She Was Cured by Lydia E. Pinkhafti's Vegetable Compound. Oskaloosa, Iowa.---\ For years I was simply in misery from a weakness and awful pains -a it d nothieg eeemed to do me any good. A friend advised me to take Lydia E. Pinkham's V eg e - table Compound. I did BO and got re- lief right away. I can certainly re- commend this valu- • able medicine to other women who suffer, for it has done such good work for me and I know it will help others if they wil give it a fair trial.\ - Mge.c1_22 1 11E gtaillITNPY, 108 8th Ave., West, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 0 Why will women drag along from day to day, year in and year out, suffering such misery as did Mrs. Courtney, when such letters as this are continually being published. VEvery woman who suffers from displacements, irregularities, in- flammation, ulceration, backache, ner- vousness, or who is passing through the Change of Life should give this famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink - ham's Vegetable Compound, a trial. For special advice write Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.' The result of its long experience is at your service. QUICKLY RIEMovE Hit SKI! 1 0 11 1 / 1 16DANORI/ff liii HAIR in9111 1St PPNOSCOPralalloo1 N11.o.• Old Engli1ToiTJayi. In the list of old English holidays CandlemaH was February 2, the date on which we now look for the ground- hog to forecast the weather, and Old Candlemas, February 14, which is now observed at St. Valentine's day. • Always sure to please, Red Cross Ball blue. All grocers sell it. Adv. 'Scusa Me, Mamma. Ituth is just three years old. Re. cently she has been playing with the neighborhood children, and has learned to use words which until then had been foreign . to her vo'cubulary. The other day she was on her hack porch. The screen door came to with a bang, tipping over the chair in which were her playthings. \Darn !\ she exploded. wrathfully. Immediately her mother, who had heard the expression, came to the porch. \What did you say. Ruth?\ she demanded. Ruth looked up from the scattered playthings and smiled her most allur- ing smile. \ 'Scuse me, mamma,\ she returned. New Gospel Hymn. At a New Jersey camp meeting o new song is becoming popular as the old gospel tunes. It Is \Telephone to Heaven.\ Many of the ohl hymn writers never heard of such a thing as a telephone, but a 1918 audience sits in the grove and makes It ring with the strains of \Central's never busy, always on the line; you may hear from heaven almost any time.\ -Utica (N. Y.) Press. Should Say Not. \It's all right toyay as you go,\ oh served the almost philosopher, \but If you have to pay 25 cents street car fare to get there and back, the chancey are you won't go.\ Pliers have been patented by an Bit - aids Inventor to split insulation and re- move it from wires neatly. always goes with health,and health` making is the bid reason for A delicious food, rich in the vital phosiThates. No Waste.You eat and enjoy it to the last atom. lielth making, nourishing, economical. Try it. \There's a Reason.\ STOCK RAISERS ARE FIGHTING WINNING BATTLE WITH PESTIFEROUS FEVER TICK Tick -Infested Animal -Of Little Value .as Meat or Milk Producer -This Type Is Being Replaced by Good Meat and Milk -Producing Animals and Dip. ping Makes it Possible. (Prepared by the United States Depart- ment of Agriculture.) Progressive stock raisers are fight- ing a , winning battle with the blood- sucking cattle fever Mks In Okla- homa. Through their effective co-op- eration with the United States depart- ment of agriculture and the live stock sanitary bound of Oklahoma in dip- ping cattle, it is expected that 22 coun- ties will be released from quarantine December 1, 1918. During May there were 987 dipping vats availuble and there were 889,144 dippIngs of cattle. During June 995 dipping vats were mailable and there were 841,263 dip - pings of cattle. The Oklahoma _state council of defense firmly indorses the cattle tick campaign as a food con - Dipping Cattle to Control Tick. servation measure and in this it has the support of the governor of the state. Food Conservation Measure. In a statement just issued by the Oklahoma state council of defense this body goes on record as regarding the eradication of cattle tick, which conveys a disease which kills thou- sands of beef -producing animals and makes scrubs of all in a quarantine area, a most important food conserva- tion measure. At a meeting of the council a resolution was passed greet- ing county councils to indorse the action of the state and federal agents in every way possible. It is hoped, the statement says, that no misguided citi- zen, for reasons which may appear to him of personal importance, will In any way lend himself to the creation of any opposition to this ituportant FOULBROOD IS CAUSE OF BIG BEE LOSSES Symptoms and Measures for Control of European Variety. When Strong Colonies Headed by Via. • orous Queens of Resistant Stock Are Present Malady Makes Little if Any Trouble. • (Prepared by the -United States Depart- ment of Agriculture.) European foulbrood-a disease of the,.hrood of bees which has caused great losses to American beekeepers - Is often confused with American foul - brood, though it Is a distinct disease and requires different methods of treatment. That beekeepers may be - come familiar with the symptoms and measures for control of European foul - brood, the United States department of agriculture has just published fermers' bulletin 975, \The Control of European Foulbrood.\ When strong colonies headed by vigorous queens of resistant stock are present, this malady will usually make little, if any, htad- mil, according to the bulletin. If the disease appears because of an absence of some of these- precautions certain remedial • measures described in the bulletin, should be put Into practice. Symptoms of, European fouibrood ore variable, color being perhaps the food conservation measure 'which will also contribute very materially to the prosperity of the! state. Benefit of Eradication. The benefit to be derived front erad- icating the tick is shown by the Im- proved conditions after quarantine has been lifted. Restrictions on shipments of cattle have been removed, the loss from tick 'fever has been eliminated, more cattle are being raised, and a better grade of breeding stock is be- ing Introduced. Calves grow faster, cattle put on flesh more - rapidly dur- ing the grazing season and go into the winter in better eondltion because of the absence of the ilek. Dairy cows give a greater yield of milk, and the values of farm land are entinneed. In appearance the cattle show a marked contrast since the tick has been erad- icated. Pure-bred cattle have been brought in from other sections to hie prove the native breed without any loss from fever. The Southern ani- mals can enter the show ring of the North without restrictions. • Result in Mississippi. In Mississippi, the first Southern state to have all Its territory removed from quarantine, which opened a wedge to the gulf, the state-wide eradi- cation law, passed in 1916, is legard- ed by many as one of the most pro- gressive! pieces of legislation enacted In the state for ninny years. The Mis- sissippi commissioner of agriculture says that if the necessity for such a law had been realized four years prior to its passage, Mississippi would no doubt be the greatest cattle -producing state in the Union at the present time. The people who were responsible for getting this law on the statute books foresaw the possibilities for the per- manent development of Mississippi's resources and turning into profit the abundance of pasture grass which had annually gone to waste or was eaten by unthrifty cattle to make blood to feed ticks. Work In Louisiana. Louisiana passuiti a state-wide tlek eradication law In 1917, and at the time it was under consideration plant- ers, cattlemen and others throughout the state hastily sent to their various lawmakers a flood - of telegrams urg- ing them to support the measure. This state-wide law did not become effec- tive until the first of last April. Rec- ords show that during March 250,000 clippings were made under state or federal supervision, while in April the figures leaped to 1,700,000 and in- creased to over 2,000,000 during each of the following two months. Louis- iana demonstrated that a state cannot afford to wait on a few uninformed stockmen who are opposed to dipping cattle and who have failed to advise themselves of the benefits to be de- rived from complete eradication. The entire South Is looking forward with confidence to an era of great prosperity In the cattle Industry as the net gradually closes around the last cattle tick, most constant symptom. The earliest indications of the disease are a slight yellow or gray discoloration, and the uneasy movetnent of the larva in the cell. As the decay of the infecteatcells proceeds the color changes to a decided yellow or gray. A symptom of the greatest Importance Is the fact that the disease attacks drone and queen larvae nearly as quickly as those of the workers. The disease Is very in- fectious at times, but It weakens rather than kills the colordee. If the colony is strong It can usually with- stand an attack of European foul - brood, and will clean up the diseased cells. But where the disease Is per- libtIent, and the bees are not able to Ward it off, the beekeeper should re- move the ,qtimn and strengthen the colony by combining the bees from . two hives, and after ail trace of disease hits disappeared give the colony a young vigorous Halton queen of re- sistant stock. A queen whose colony becomes badly Infected Is rarely of any value and should be killed. Further details for the preventioti and eradica- tion of European foulbrtibel are eon - tallied In. the bulletin referred to. a copy of which can be obtained so long as the supply lasts by applying to the United States department of agricul ture, Washington. Use Fallen Timber. Clean imp all down timber that can he used for wood. Use any spare tInic to baul It to the woodyard ready ts , saw late this fall or winter, Qua,: :s and Immediate Premises :old Be Thoroughly Disin- fected Every Month. (rrii , 1 by the United States Depart - mitt -lit of Agrieulture.) It should be provided with clean,. dry, ell -ventilated quarters. Feed- ing i-es should be kept clean and the .rer supply pure. Hogs should be a wed access only to streams the sow .. •••, unit mairses of whieh tire known to be uncontaminated. Wit I - lows should be kept chain end sup- plied emistantly with clean water. The and immediate memises should be thoroughly disinfected once. a month with air -slaked lime or a 5 per cent solution of crude carbolic acid. Hogs Kept Under Conditions Here Shown Are More Susceptible to Die- ease- Than Those Kept Under Sani- tary Conditions. Animals that show Indications of sick- ness should be immediately isolated and the premises thoroughly disinfect- ed. New hogs brought to the farm should be isolated or quarantined for several days before they are permitted to run with the herd. . Hogs, and especially young pigs, often suffer much from lice. When numerous. lice are a serious drain on vitnlity, fattening is prevented by them, and hogs so affected are very much more subject to disease. To eradicate lice, dlp, spray, or rub hogs with crude oil, crude -oil N1111181011, or kerosene-oll emulsion every ten days for three or four applications. A very troublesome affection with hogs. IR caused by a mite or parasite that pricks the skin of the hog to get tissue fluid. injury produces a red spot which finally remelts in a settle under which flutes mey be found. The symptoms are itching followed by a loss of hair and thickening and cracking of the skin. Treat mange by applying lime sulphur or nicotine dip once every ten days for three clip- pings. Hogs should be washed thor- oughly with soap, water, and brush before dipping, to remove the scales. It Is Necessary to Have Number of Pigs on Hand to Consume All of Perishable Feeds. (Prepared by the United States Depart- ment of Agriculture.) Under ordinary conditions hogs return the largest profit when raised to utilize waste products, and when kept for this purpose alone the number will depend upon the quantity of waste products to he consumed. Skim milk from dairy herds; shattered grain from greln fields; unmarketable prod- ucts from the truck farm; undigested grain In the droppings of fattening steers, and many other minor wastes on the average farm are examples of foodstuffs which would be wasted were It not for their utilization by the thrifty farmer for the productIon of pork. In order to utilize some of these products, It Is necessary to have a number of pigs on hand for a relative- ly short time, on ttecount of the per- ishable nature of these feeds. The rest of the year the fattening pigs mid the breeding stock must be maintained upon feed raised expressly for their consumption, and while they are not kept at a loss during title time, 8til1 the greatest profit is derived when they %re eating their cheap feed in the form of waste products, rind the num- ber of hogs which can utilize the waste to the hest advantae should be the limiting factor In determining the umber of hogs to the term. On forms in the corn hell where hogs are raised simply to market the corn crop on the hoof, the number is eontrolled by the smount of corn which can profitably ie. raised to fatten them. Present Object of Government and State Authorities is to Gain Control of Disease. — (erepared by the United States Depart- ment of Agriculture.) The federal government nnd the state authorities aim at the imItheate eradication of hog cholera. At present the object is to bring -it under strict control so as to reduce MAWS to the minimum. Prevention; however, Is bet- ter than cm -e. Methods for prevention its well as cure may be found In \Hog Cholera: Prevention and Treatment' (Farmers' Bulletin 834). Losses, from tuberculosis luny he serious also, and In order to be fore- warned and 'forearmed, \Tetherculosi of Hogs\ (Farmers' Bulletin 781) should be studied. There are two distinct types 0'. swine, the lard and the bacon tsues. One Sure Thing. \Who Is back of this show?\ \I don't know who in back of it, but t know the sheriff is in from.\ Australia's menufneture or motorear miles hits received enormous impettis from time Wilt% One Exception., \I believe in hatielliterq01 in Ii gloves.\ ''I loin about live wires.\ A brush, eolith, mirror and electric light mire emiiiihied iii ii new toilet set Nutt (1111 Ile carried in mu pocket. 111111=1111111111111.1111111. Castoria C ASTORIA is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregorics Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age is its guar- antee. For more than thirty years it has been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhcea; allaying Fevetish- nese arising therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowele, aids the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep_ The Children's Pattacea-The Mother's Friend. Tho Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been In UBO r OVer 80 years, has borne the signature of Chas. II. Fletcher, and has been mata ader :tie personal supervision since its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you it. t All Counterfeits, imitations and \Just -as -Good\ are but Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children -Experience against Experiment. Genuine Ccumtoria always bears the signature of No Regard for Nothin'. I of New York's regular police forego Not content with, smashing records 3,000 are tigiiiing in France. 3 WI Huns, the American soldiers are 1 yen going so far 11S to Upset the titan of natural dynammics-putthe the push lit Youk. it it. Waist:fate seventy-te 0, hits re. tired after 44 years as keeper of Pros- iiect Ilarbor (Me.) lIglithousi-. ASTHMA INSTANTLY DELIEVED WITH OR HONFY REFUNDED ASK ANY DRUGGIST WEAK KIDNEYS MEAN A WEAK BODY When you're fifty, your body begins to creak a little at the hinges. Motion is more slow and deliberate. \Net so young am I used to be\ in a frequent and unwel- come thought. Certain bodily functions mien which good health and good spirits so much depend, are impaired. The weak spot is generally the bladder. l'opleasant symptoms ,show theinselves. 1hienful and annoying coznplications in other organs arise. This is particularly true with el- derly people. If yoti only know how, this trouble can be obviated. For over 200 years GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil has been relieving the in- convenience and pain due to :olvaiteing years. It is a standard, old-time home remedy, and needs no introduction. it is now put up in odorless, tasteless capsules. These are easier and more pleasant to take than the oil in bottles. Each capsule Contains about one - dose of five drops. Take them just like you would any pill, with a small swallow of water. They soak into the system and throw off the poisons which are making you old be- fore your time. They will quickly relieve thoRe stiffened joints. that backache, rhea - Him slim, liiiiibag.r, gall sienna. it 1 a , \ 1/rlek iii- 1,'' etc. 'rimy are ans etiective remedy for all 111S1 . 111 , 04 01 the bladder, kidney, liver, btonutch and alliedl organs. (IOU) MEDAL Ilaarlem Oil C374.111(1, cleanse the kidneys 111111 purify time blood_ 'limy frequently ward off attacks of the dangerouti /11111 fatal de -asses of the kid- neys. They have -it beneheial effect. and/ oftetecompletely cure the diseases of tits leolily organs, tithed with the bladder ant, kidneys. I are troubled with soreness arrests the loins lir with \simple\ ache' and painw in the back taLe W111 - 11111g, it fluty be the dreadful pieliminary indications of I. ing,litily which e..11 be warded off or cured if - taken in time. On to sour druggist today and get a bole of 011,0 EIM I, ibiarlem Oil l'aparttles Money refunded if thee do net help you_ Thret: rizeg, 1111.1) 1‘11.:1).Al are the pure. original imported Ilnarlet» Oil Capeeks. Accept No Sulmetitutem.-Adv. Fall Run of Distemper MAY WHOLLY AVOIDED 115 IMINU - iispollwsp A pmaii tutlay Or money brings Very Kfrilt TeS11111., it is ft pure tern and a tatr,.ntlyr it Jolt UPO it al Per 111 1 \M . 11 0 1/11. Simple, safe soil PM'. The large age is twice the quantity end in ounce more then the P111.11 glee. (ite* your M.Mte In 1 est condition for tate fall Anil n Int, r. All tins- sista 111110.Po ,itismeia or tommufficturcrs Spain Medical Co. Goshen, Incl., U. S. A. It's Just Acidity That Makes Millions Sick and Suffer. It's true. There are millions ol people all over time land who are weak_ nervous, all tired and dragged out, who are trying to build up their jaded nerves and weakened bodies with drug. and stimulants; and many of theme also EAT Ind EAT -but fall to get anywhere, near the full Mount of etrength anti nourish- ment out of their 10041. Why? Simply ?..,f-atuip of too tuuch acid la the atom ach-superactdity. Get rid of this excess acid. Your stomach Is all right -Just give Its chance to work easily- sodnaturagy. Then meet' ow gone) you wiii feel— yourpepeomee bark, and your Nom, warms opt A new method -truly a woogstful &score cry called ATONIC (OOR YOUR STOMACH'S SAKE) ' is eosfilvrly guaranteed to ciesn tho excesi acid out of your stomach and bowels. It is made In the form of pleasant -tasting tablets -handy to carry ardent] with you. (lets big box of EATONIO at any drat store and ate how quickly It banishes the Im- mediate effects oil acid -stomach. Away with h i ear r i o b v 7 8. 1, belchin n g, food repeating, indices- tIondete.-aud then see how yourgeeralbealth tnp So again we ti l l , : you-inelst upon ft -fl yota are ailing get a b box EATONIO from your lt r o t 141 I t 0 d i a n yo e urd eolt ireb s le little—only nty r;oe You ft. .. Min to absolutely guarantee EATONIO em yaw and you can trust your own druggist to snakes thlt guarantee good. If )(ATONIC fails to an? way, take it back -he will refund your tummy - If your dniggist does not keep YATONIC,droP 08 a postal card and We will Send it to you es one , : you eau send tie time l'oc after you iv( St. Address: II, 1, K tamer, Pres., Eatonio Remedy Contirany, 101 S Bo, Wabash Ave.. Chltaio. Are Common in Western Canada. Time thousands of U. S. farmers who have acceemted Canada's generous offer to settle on homesteads or buy farm land in her provinces have been well repaid by bountiful crops of wheat and other grains. Where you can buy good farm land at $15 to $30 per acre- - get $2 a bushel for wheat and raise 20 to 45 bushels to the acre you are bound to make money --that's what you can do in Western Canada. In the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan or p. Athena you can get a HOMESTEAD OF 160 ACRES FREE and other land at very low prices. During many years Canadian wheat fields have averaged 20 bushels to the acre -many yields as high as 45 bushels to the acre, Wonderful crops also of Oats, Barley, and Flax. Mixed Farming is as profitable an Pr industry as grain raising. Good schools, churches; markets convenient, climate excellent. Writefor literature end particulars .5 10 reduced railway rateg to Supt. of immigration. Ottawa, Can..or tO r. Meek, Clifford Mock. Or fork a. N.1) •Porfe. Dues na...Grest rAnarlinn Mvornment A gents

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 26 Sept. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.