The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, October 03, 1918, Image 1

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Over Veva. NOrSett, eislest Km of 1 Mr. and Mrs. ,.W. - ---.11Noreutt i Stanford is well over its quota. ppssed away on Tuesday, Octo- ber 1. Ile Was bOrn in Sidney, Iowa, in 1902, and was 16 years old his last birthday, July 31. For the past nine months he has been a intooher of the Stan- ford Troop of-titoy touts, mini - bee three, Eagle Patt•ol. During this time he has been one of our noast entbusiastie scouts, gladly and cheerfully co-operating with every movement for its welfare. His kindly and congenial dispo- sition endeat•ed him to U all and his depo't tire from our to WC deeply regret. m the parents and family who are called upon to face the sorrow of separation we extend our sincere sympathy. Having passed the required ex- amination, he had reached the i•ank of Teodeefoot ter, 'WO; Martha Kempendorf, had arrived safely in France. The following is an extract from a letter to her family, de- scribing a very beautiful serViee the nurses part ieipated in just before sailing: of $31,000 in the Fourth Liberty Loan drive. Complete returns are not available this week, as the time allotted has not expired. In the next issue we will publish the names of all who have bought bonds of this issue, also, if there are any, the names of those who are able to and have not sub- scribed their allotment. KEMPENDORF'S SISTER IS NOW A NURSE IN FRANCE 0. L. Kempendorf has just re- ceived a paper from his home town, New Hampton, Iowa, in which wast he news that his sis- Soldiers All Contributed Ile was a faithfol, loyal mem- ber of Mrs. Myrick's Sunday school Mass. Here, too, he will be missed by his teacher and ev- ery boy in the class. The funeral service was hid in the home at - 2 p. in. on Wed- \ Yesterday morning we had nesday. Donald Myrick, Law - the deffleation of our flag, each reneee Hawk, Orphie Moore nd unit owning its own flag. It was Gilbert Goehenour, in uniform. the prettiest thing I ever attend- acted as pall bearers. And thus, ed. We arrived at. the church at in his Scout nuiform, be was laid 7:00 a. m., all in uniform (which to rest in the local cemetery. by the way ensists of Navy blue Scout motto: \Be Prepared.\ w suit, white waist, blue straw or Scout verse: \Watch ye. stand velour hat, tan shoes and kid fast in the faith, quit you like gloves—very pretty.) We then men, be strong.' —I Coy. 16:13. formed in line and marched into th echureh by twos, the pipe or- gan playing \The Star-Spangled Banner.\ Tylepe- nurses led the column, one cat-lying our flag, the other George Washington's flag. We were in Washington's china+ and some sat in his pew. After the talk in which the speaker spoke so highly of what we girls are all doing, we all took communion ;111(1 then marehed out by twos, the organ playing \Keep the home fires burning.\ Again I was tnort happy than ever that I was here an dtrying to do all I ean. else, relieves us of our mental Miss Kempendorf has been and physical agony. tVe lie in regularly transferred from the bed, possibly for weeks, and all we have to do is—TillNK! Im- agine it! Among the marriagelicenses in the Great Falls papers this week was that of John J. MeQuirk of Windham, and Miss Alpha Copp - edge of Denton. Miss Coppedge was formerly a resident of Stan- ford. . — A GAME OF SUPPOSE Let us suppose we have been at the battle front. We are seri- ously and dangerously wounded. After receiving first aid, we are taken hae,k of the lines, through a series of emergency dressing stations, till we finally arrive at the hospital where we remain till convalesence, or something Vave you ever been ill in your own home for a month or two at a time, friends all round, flow- ers and calls to occupy the mind, and countless little attentions Red Cross to the Army Reserve Corps. which is uuder direct con- trol of the government, the same as any other part of our army. Those in this corps are subject to all the regulations of the gov- ernment and are assigned to ser- r tic Vol 9, No. 33. $2.00 Per Year. Ia • STANFOIM, FERGUS COUNTY, M0NTANA, THURSDAY, 0(10);h1R 3. 1918, rt 5 Cents Per , Copy Stanford Goes Over in Fourth Liberty Loan Subscriptions Final Total Will y ou Probably Show ma l a d y Takes 20 Per Cent Stanford Youth Must Register Before' 5 P. M. Saturday, October 5, if You Would THE LIBERTY LOAN SMILE. !Fair Sample of V T E Some citizen of the ynIted Stitt of America bou;:ht a Litcrty bond perhaps it was only a fifty dollar bond. A portion of the money loaned to the Government by the purchaiter 'of this Liberty bond bought the stet: helmet this soldier Is holdirg up your inspection. .The soldier, when he put It on, called It a \tin hat.\ The soldier wzaring this \tin hot\ whicn was bought for him %vIth Lib- erty Loan money were it in the lost - tie. A half dozen bullets rzttizo.1 against It and the \tin hat\ tot7cd them off and the soldier kept on fi_ht ing. Anyone of tilcse bullets would have stoppod the soldier, perhaps forever. ' , Melly a piece of shrapnel came atong and smashed op against the hat\ of course \tin tvets\ are not b- lit to withio-nd shrapnel and 1 - lun \Kulture\ The following is from a letter front James Kelleher rect•ived by Postmstet• Wagtail! this week : \ • • When I was at Edition• at the Coming Election ladies Not for the draft, not for Lib - ton , Canada. some o• the were canning fruit, and ill scald- erty Bonds, not for the Red Cross jog the to lthers for the cults the!' this time, but REGISTER BE. \ 9. Y a t ra ug e \\ # ' 11 FORE OCTOBER 5TH that you ft•tim the rubbers sod the 107iled may vote for the men and wom- water, and they got suspiciott• and had the water „ m d yied, on d en in whose hands the terms of there was a deadly poison in the peace may rest. You will want reed rubbers. The) tried it on to defeat. the pacifists, pro.huns geese, ducks and cats and and enemies of your country, all died. It was toil red robb.o. builds that WaK poisoned and SCV; Remember, this is your war. eral hundt•ed cans of frut were Your vote may be the equivalent de str\Y'L \ . \' e It \ \ us of a soldier's bullet. Get it ready a ffeet ed y those that had red rubber bands. We tonal kill the Len. Sincerely, .1A111 IS K ELLKI1ER \IF PEOPLE OF U. S. A. BACK US TO THE LIMIT\ The following is an excerpt ft•oin a letter written by a wound- ed soldier in Prance to his moth- er 411111 sister \back home.\ and is printed here beeati4e it. shown and prmitItql that emigres and that eaeli unit at the front is do- the People of the 11 S. have tog its level best, and depending harked us lo the limit so that we on us at home to haek them up have ammunition, guns, III' IS) - to Or limit. \ These war wouilds, breaks:. etc., are so different fr011 reeeiVed 'ill eiVil life in 'Howe time, that they are very l'ease- ThiS lo.v Personal ' the steel gave way letting daylIgh itiffietiff for the hest of niodie,11 °Pillion and amounts to little; enough to so pause that piece „ i . 8 Mc, nien t o s v e e e r Hell itself with never a threuch the 1 - rt, nsvertheiess the f„ han d le ,. .:tcst was cood enowh and tough. ohrapnel In its flight tart after it got n ' in ` 'w° ii r<' lei-ougti it only made a ecatp wound in, f° 111i illg Jaimele- 4 . 01041 40LY.-. 0 l(tol t - h( \ I g ht t ki see\d the soldier's head. d ay. A n d ta lk ff bia b i, o„. you woulti • realirfre that 'we aro The army. suroecn, n:aintnined ing on• e's bit_ sn y. d oom .,, i bound to gt•t the enemy in the Liberty bonds, etockty ur and nurses w'ork and sat•rifiee is, coil. This \never stop\ spirit file head and the soldier Ir. wearing I h ow ., a i h e ‘v h ieti of oor boys is Whiit gi:tri the goat, Liberty Lean mid they do it gladly. It's a of the' th'I'lllults l\\. talked !ook at this picture. \Th.s , • that t • oitinimies with(' some of the Itoelie prison - Now you people who hesit.lte abcoi spirit • I lie huyIng Liberty bonds, Jest ant: hi\ I ii t n; 1 11 1 0 ers and maid, 'It 's use to I lite Anit•rieans: no matter Oghting for you but where vist..;,1 e 'r e li ee • I I , .1, o . ili a , w „ . „ orry 0,0 II, h a d, how many shells or how many be if somebody, perhaps cornee:: your own home town, ha , i not 7:it ut 10 Work ott Solidify owl Is' co .1 bullets wo Alma at them they the money to the Government ttis,, plied, \Say. Welter, after what; heel) eomiag Ws impossible to the Government might buy him th'• I yon !Says have done and aro do _ • Stoll them, There is nothing left. good \tin h^\..\ After yeti hns,t ; eon ;uumg at th„, front, we aro Willing to do but to surrender' run, dered over' troe.-1 , • ,! , erty Loan ! to I } I :. • P t ' e7.: 1 1 411 .. o da help el () ; you;. I;Ik ;1; 1 1 11 : : I V I I:II Nil °Ph I 4\ V \tate after get. back to us.\ And this ang print right side tip, $O 1111:it s )k ho spirit of everyone ROOSEVELT SPEAKS AT the book will not have to be every unit over here. It's. iiirited by the invalid whet' look- the olher goy or unit is do- ! BILLINGS ON SATURDAY 'mg :It it. Do not paste ;my ma-, Iii the MOM. Share IN 'HO' Hon. Theodore lio0SeVelt ill - cattyo-wiluh-d I and does not amount to triteh and Perhaps volt, yointger folks! I ean't do my own job too well. \ ill deliver P\tr i \li\ \ (1 ' 1 \ 88 .t!ight. 1, your leachers t o or work too long hours at it “\ \The War and Amerleanisol\ to fire, and fire to smash the hun propaganda at home. The boys are smashing the hun line in France, of the guns, the screaming of the shells. We can't seem to forget for a single moment, the horrible scenes through we have ,ins _passed. We are so many,. ninny miles from home. -There haven't been many Itglers— none to; vice and given promotions on s i i „ we r c o upo n you t o l o o p s hort_ some of of us. We are so hoe you, so lino your hook s A ml I tell WI/ell eVcr. , ono has at tl,\ m000lum at the fair their merits just like soldiers and en the tedious hours? Didn't sick we think we'll hide 011 Mal? be neat and well made. ' this spirit 01. go Hod self saetirie\ : gr ° \ 1144 in on Salut;d8Y sailors. you even then find the monotony heads under the covers and Cr: • ((II think I hi s is too ;i;111 ii••• as a nation, cannot help buti altern000, Get. 5, at 2 :30. Tnere a fearful thing, • thing to bother ,about. It'•; the eventually violin up the Kaiser; will . he seating neeommodations eve nif we are soldiers, if sowe- thing doesn't happen soon to re- little things that count, ac Phd his swim 1 11 w . gang - of bar-ifor \lose lo 10,000 people. Every Dear People, you never knew the real meaning of the word. Well, we are here in,the hospi- tal. where we have ample time WOfitler of being really atop the such lot s of fun t o make tlo— think that we (the ;lines) will this speeeh on the subject that just to think. Our ears are still ringing with bo o ks, these cool fail e ven io t o i , give Heine h --I and push hint Imlay is uppermost. in every greund and appreciated. the terrific and unearthly - clamor If you have never heen home- 8\\el the ft11181 books to a ll y+ ' flied 1 \ li g wa Y 8 thiN hut Ainerkall he'art. 1 1 ( , ick, then this means nothing , of the following: Army Brabehl yon, but it you've ever been M. C. A., 136 Wt•st 23(1i of the Y. there you will never forget tip.! alreet, New York City; (!oin-• sensation, and yoe'll be glad to forts Commit tee of t he Navy do this little thing I ask. yoa! League, 405 Madison Ave , New can't all do the o big things. Some : York \V; St age W \'•\''' 's War of you may find it hard scratch- 366 Fifth Ave.. New York , ing to keep sniffled with the bar • Clit Y• neeesities of life. But this little ; t h;ng anyone can do. Its KOMI- - CHURCH NOTES thing to make, whieh will cost- a Owing tothe inflitenia epidem- very few cents, but when put in- i e i n town, the se.siou which In the hands of an invalid SOV !Let in manse. this week de- that the grand allied 'offensive will not hike pinto. wait next spring. By next spring, with the large tititilberS of men which lb ell. S. will furnish our lines planes and supplies sufficient, there is no question in my mind Intl that we van simply push the !incite off the map wherever we 0000000000000000000000 0000 • 0.0000 000 000000 • 0000.00 Your Duty Have you subscribed to the Fourth Liberty Loan? Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH I,IBERTY LOAN Let's keen the Hun on the run: 00•0000•0000 000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 lieve our mitols, to cheer us up, have been taught for ages, and banal's. might saY right hut' re to amuse its and give u another it's very true. This is Knell that hardly look •for a !ermine - decent clutch on life and the easy way to be a soldier, and it of the war this Year. I : dier, who eon say how 11111e11 ger- c' . .ord it was hest 10 iliSi!Illitilille I nine pleasiii•e it may 'afford, all church- Mendees 11eXt I,Ord'S - F0110Willg - are the- exact iii -,e-. Da.Y. 110O3 for Making, and the name , ' , Th \ S • 111° ' 1 of 11 ° 1 \\\ ' et at. t i ' v r liei l l i : r rhey di i r i f t:1y reil li t e 1 171 8 a a i e le b t i l l , it' ; ' 1li 4 t i .111 ;:tt ) :: i) :) s 11 ' 1 1' 1 1 1 :1 e-1- 111.' L l:a V i f l e : i;\.1 t ' il h i ll' I t.),14 ' i l: I . :! 0 in New York City. ' W. h. Lewis was deo e, , ega . . 0 0 1 Wit it E. Lews alternate. to lei la.- 0 Just little ordinary Scrap wilt. this church. Books, but they ' cart he ina„ , !-- , • ' • highly toil erl ;lining and eert:Iii:-; . ly widely differe»t in eompe.i.1 Howard Waddell s one tint) with so many different and; most, suceessful..fishermen ill tile 4nol original ideas put to work. 1 1 .6wIt of Stanford. l'''\' 1.1 \ 14 ' t'l'' 1 ' - r ° . These hooks should consist t•r; hun g r y the °tiler ' I ' l :' . l ''' \v \ ! four or rive sheets of muslin (Ini.' \v ( 't' to ( Thli\\ \\' l ''''' I/lea('hed or glazed) or Of he:iv , ..• ! 11\P1). D ,\ 1 ,r .° in\!it • '''\'\' ' 1 • mess 01 el11111 ,.. eS. ninnil a paper which, when 4.14,... ' bled, ii - ill make eight of ten po r o-,. M an y potpi e were under the 1 bright pictures, pretty girls.: imp - ress'ion that -all cloeki , woult1 I 7x9 inches. For the contents 11;0•1 he set baek all hour the first of j e ( t I e ll . e , s lo i tt li nio\.wgearPsrtiunfli c o u r il i f j , o )( k li e K s • , i : i : I I : c is. t i ! l' ii t .. l ek . 0 e t ober 27 is the. dale . I have. p lige t i nk l es place. and you about the kaiser. , will I Be SON' to PtigtO '. the picturesi later.. en,l.y of hut ii'' of it 66:4.41 of Ille Midland Eiiilmim.e is Cordially inVitell to lake advan- tage of this opportunity to hear 00000000000000 00 000 00 0000000000000000000000000 d II I de Have you sent in your subscrip- tion for your allotment to the Foutth Liberty .Loan? .If not, don't fail to leave at some bank in Fergus County or scni to 0. W. Belden, Lewistown. stemma FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM _First National Bank of Stanford C6pi(al and Surplus $50,000.00 SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN )0000000000000000o 000000000000000000000000000000r. ••••

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