The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, October 10, 1918, Image 7

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a THE STANFORD WORLD WOMAN WORKS 15 HOURS Ji DAY Marvelous Story of Woman's Change from Weakness to Strength by Taking Druggist's Advice. Pena Ind.- -\I suffered from a dis- placeilient with backache and dragging down pains so badly that at times I could not be on my feet and it did not seem as though could stand it. I '` - tried different tned'elnes without any benefit and several doctors told ma nothing but an operation would do ma any good. My drug- gist told me of Lydia F. P In k- / harn's Vegetable ii Compound. I took it with the result that I am now well \ and strong. I get up in the morning at four o'clock, do my houaework, then go to a factory and work all day, come home and get supper and feel good. I don't know how many of my friends I have told what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has done for me, \-Mrs. ANNA METERIANO, 80 West 10th St., Peru, Ind. 'Women who suffer from any such ail- ments should not fall to try this famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink - barn's Vegetable Compound. W. N. U., BILLINGS, NO. 41-1918. A Poor Memory. Monk -Now what did my wife tie that knot in my tall for to make me remember? Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured by local applications as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is °ply one way to cure Catarrhal Deafeess, and that is by a constitutional remedy. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Catarrhal Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when It is entirely closed. Deafness is the result. Unless the inflammation can be re- duced and this tube restored to its nor- mal condition, hearing may be destroyed forever. Many cases of Deafness are caused by Catarrh, which is an inflamed condition of the Mucous Surfaces. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for any case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot be cured by HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE All Druggists 76c. Circulars free. F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo. Ohio. Now What Did He Mean? Willie --\Hello Sammie; jer pop htifin register?\ San»nle--\Naw; we got steam heat at our house.\ . 1 Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of 4 CASTORIA, that famous old remedy for infants and children, and see that it eo I 8 n igB alJ nea s a e traur f t o h r ef OgIrs. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria True. \Is golf n difficult game to master?\ \I guess so; Nobody's ever mastered It yet.\ Cuticura Kills Dandruff. Anoint spots of dandruff with Cuti- tetra Ointment. Follow at once by a hot shampoo with Cuticura Soap, If a man; next morning if a woman. For free samples address, \Ceticura Dept X, Baton.\ At druggists and by mall. Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.-Adv. The kaiser is the world's greatest example of a umlaut WhO didn't know when he was well off. Poverty Is no disgrace, and some- times neither is wealth. Don't Go From Bad to Worse! Are you always weak, miserable and half -sick? Then it's time you found out what is wrong. Kidney weakness causes much suffering from backache, lameness, stiffness and rheumatic pains, and if neglected, brings danger of serious troubles -dropsy, gravel and Bright's disease. Don't delay. Use Doan's Kidney Pflia. • They have helped thousands and should help you. A Wyoming Case Mrs. Chas. Berry, lid W, Fifth St., Sheri- dan, Wyo.. says; \I suffered dreadfully all one winter with rheu- matic palus.and other symptoms of kidney trouble. My hands and atme were awfully swollen. I -coetildn't sleep nights oh ac - (Allot of the pains. Relatives wrote me to try Doan's Kidney Fills and I did. The --first box helped me and I used two more and 'w a a entirely cured, after other medicines had failed.\ Get Dosn's at Any Store, 80e • Box DOAN'S PILLS FOSTER•MI1I3URN CO., BUFFALO. N.Y. PATENTS Watisonla.Coleman,Waille ington.D.C. Books free thee est rerertmees. Best nuns. It isn't whnt the average man knows about the berettfter that frightens him; It' is what he doesn't know. Heppy is the home where Red Cross Ball Blue is used. Sure to please. All grocers. Adv. Whut this world needs isn't m . to- gether better lenders. Better follow- ers would help a lot. When Your Eves Need Cars TrY Marine Eve Remedy No Humming -Jett Urn ttomfort. el rents Ii Inugghtts or milli. Write for Free Aye hock. blUBINE RYE !REMEDY CO.,CUIV.&tlO We want more knowledge, as a fw inERE 1 - 1 . BE A EEpiir Ali' WAILIM qteGNASHIN' Of TEETH AN' FIRE AN' BRIMSTONE - I'M COM' TOcASH MY 80ND— H ERE is the story of a war worker. When you 'see that term \war worker\ you usually mean \girl but not this time. The phruse means just one Washington boy, a young fellow who got himself a Job for the summer in one of the newly established wartime bm reaus. He is a bright, ambitious boy, and thought that he might as well be helping Uncle Sant and earning a lit- tle money at the same time as \play- ing\ all summer long like the thought- less butterfly you study about In 901001. The way the story comes to me, be had not been on the job long until one day a packet of letters was miss- ing. The letters bad been intended for a filing ease, and now they were gone. A man was working on the flies while the boy happened to be in - the' room. After search had been made for the letters, with no results, the boy was -..-tdied in by the chief and asked if he had seen the letters. He replied that he had not, as he had not. The next day the boy was dismissed. \If you did not take the letters: son -and I know you didn't,\ his father said to him, \why didn't you tell the talef about the man being In the room?\ \Well. It was like this, dad,\ the boy replied. \I only wanted to work for the summer, rind that man has a steady job. It doesn't mean very much for me to lose the job, but I guess it would tnenn a whole lot for him to have lost his. So--\ And the father is proud of his son, and you can't blame hini. although you may think that the boy made a big mistake in so calmly allowing himself to be \fired\ without protest. HEARD anaREN ihe CAPITAL Inside Information as to End of the World W ASHINGTON. -Knowledge bus no fixed notch; It Is on a movable settle that climbs up and reaches around and dives dead'', like that crane thing that scooped out the Panama canal. ships wants a swifter record, the air- plane a greater altitude, as man, gen- erally, demands a higher development than his forbears ever dreamed of. We will ulwaya want to know more and more and more. Self-satisfied at- tainment means rust, and rust means failure. And we know no such word tle fall. But it isn't a good idea to know more than our share. „ For one ease, u woman in a ear was providing thrills for the woman next. She had teamed through some Inscrutable source unknown to man -Certainly , not to any newspaper mail - that the world was coming to an end two weeks from that date. The other woman had her doubts. The prophet -lady wits so sure of her Bible signs that she was going to cash her bond and take her money out of the bunk and pin It inside her dress for safekeeping. The other woman, naturally, inquired as to the sense of taking money Into the next world, especially as it was earning interest In the bank. This phase of the situation had its weight. \That's so. There'll be ;0.25 coming to me In January -almost enough to pay the taxes on my lot. I guess I'll let the money s he and just cash the bond. No, I won't, either. I rend in the paper the other day that they are going to be worth a whole lot more after the war. It's awftri bard to hatter die without knowing how the war ends and see the boys come home, but we gotter go -all of us. There'll come a rain of tire Ad after our bodies are burnt to ashes some of us will be saved and the others will be weepin' and %mind' and gnashin' of teeth.\ \You've got it down pretty fine, haven't you? But, say, Mame, if we get burnt to ashes what will we do for lungs to weep and wall with, and teeth to do our gnashing?\ Foolish? Of course! But, if you hear a couple of women pattering along like that, isn't it the most natural thing in the world to tub them down, when you can conic across nothing better? And if so be the proper study of mankind is man against counting In woman? is there any law Boy's Sense of Chivalry Wouldn't Let Him \Squeal\ 111 . 4011 WOULD • HAVE MEANT A V.- WHOLE LOT TO - HIM — Wounded Soldiers Want Help, Not Sympathy D 0 NOT lavish too much sympathy upon the convalescent soldier back from France, warns Major Baldwin, chit/ of the educational service, In a state- ment explaining the reconstruction Work done at Walter Reed hospital. \A great many persons have un- consciously tried to spoil these men by, misdirected sympathy,\ said Major Baldwin. \That is why there are cer- tain restrictions In regard to visitors at the hospital. 'The patient is not a child, neither is he n sick man, but a new type of man that has met with a physical dis- ability, with the accompanying mental shocks. He must be returned to society its a normal member. \The important problem is to help him to develop the proper mental attitude toward his disability, his future outlook and toward others, or he permanently becomes a dependent or a derelict.\ The reconstruction work at Walter Reed hospital, which has assumed such national importance, and which is becoming a demonstration and training school for other hospitals, began in n small way, with a few ingtructore and a limited number of returned soldiers. • ' There are at present under construction four large shop buildings -one for lathes and heavy machine work, another' for electrical work, including telegraphy and radio; another for woodwork, including cabinet making and carpentry, and the other for printing, photography and classes in drafting. There is also a two-story school building near completion, which will be 11Sel: for academic subjects. More than 700 men are at present pursuing course: in 30 different lines of activity. WALTER REED HOSPITAL Successful War Waged on Flies and Mosquitoes T HE ellffillai - fin - ITII - Allere since i - ma Milearte-Denting illff 1311d mosquitoes by a force of 150 soldiers/tinder Lieut. E. H. Gibson, for- merly of the department of agriculture, has been most effective In riddine the eamp of insect pasts which for- merly claimed this section of the coun- try as a . favorite stamping ground. Figures given out by Maj. I. W. Brewer, camp surgeon, show that from a record catch of 128,000 flier •..••••• . in traps which were set in vitt-tote • I• barracks, mess halls and other build - e logs July 2, the number caught grad imily decreased to one-fourth that fig ure on August '30, the season of tie _fag. year when they are most prevulent. • There are approximately 10,700 Ales to (no quart. Tile ligures show that 12 quarts were caught on July 2: five quarts August 12, and three and one-half quarts August 30. Nearly every one of the 100 or'inore commissioned officers who were sent back from the front to give engineer troop; in the United States the benefit of their special training and experience in battle have been assigned to regiments at Humphrey - ft by Brig. Gen. Charier' W. Kuts, camp commander. Just how long these officers will be retained in this country before belim sent overseas with new regiments cannot he predicted, but it is likely they will be retained for two or three month* at least. • I UNIFORM INTERNATIOffas SMAYS01001, LESSON (Ety Ri V. P. 13. FITZWATER. D. D., Teach, r of English Bible in the Moody Bible institute ot Chicago.) (Copyrioht, 1918, Western Newspaper Union.) LESSON FOR OCTOBER 13 ABRAM'S GENEROUS TREATMENT OF' LOT. LESS' 'N TEXT -Genesis 13:1-11; 14:14-18. GOLl :N TEXT -A friend toroth at all times. oat a brother Is born for adver- sity.-1 , ..verbs 17:17. DEN' , l'IONAL. READING -Romans I: 12-2L ADDI riONAL MATERIAL FOR TEACIIERS--Genesla 12:10-14; 24; 1 8: 1 6 4 3: 19:A I. Abram and Lot Return From Egypt try. 1-4). Abram went into Egypt because of a famine. No doubt tile &Milne WaS sent In judgment for the sins of the people, but naa for Abram's sake.' Ile needed the graces of his heart developed. He needed to lie taught the weakness of his own heart, and the fnlithfulness of God. The child of God is not prom - hied meniption from Minis, but grace sufficient to endure them. Abram failed, In the' midst of his trials he went off to Egypt without God's direc- tion, where ho got into trouble. To take one's own way always brings Mtn Into trouble. Ills expedient to save his life was unworthy of Abram. He lied, and a lie Is never justifiable. It Is much better to die than to Ile. Abram by -prevarication deceived the king, but as soon as the truth was known he was thrust out. Though Abram had strayed from the path- way of faith, he had the good sense to go \unto the pInce where his tent had .beim in the beginning, where the altar was.\ This shewed that he was willing to confess his misanke, and be- gin life over again. This Egypt expe- rience was a loss spiritually to Abram, though he became rich there. Increase of rielleg is no sign that a man is in fellowship with God. II. Abram and Lot Separate (vv. 5- 11). The goods of both Abram and Let greatly increased. When they attempt- ed to settle down, trouble arose be- - tween their herdsmen. This is the first record of trouble between relatives over financial matters. Riches often interfere with friendship. They kindle Jealousy and strife between men. They engender greed and selfishness in men. Many times members of the same flint- ily are mitt -tinged from each other through strife for wealth, For the chosen of God thug to quarrel is utter folly and criminni, especially when the enemy of the Lord's people leoks on. \The Canaanite and the Pet-Melte dwelt then in the land\ (v. 7). It is bad enough for God's children to quar- rel, but to do so in the presence of the world which delights therein is greatly to sin. Abram's behavior Is a fine ex- ample of the art of living together peaceably. The illsgrneeful situation was relieved by a generous proposition from Abram. Lot Was allowed his choice. Separation Is sometimes nec- essary. Though he owed nil to Abram, his selfish heart caused hlin to grasp for the best. Lot's action Allows that his stay In Egypt Wan 'ruinous to him. Perhaps he chase the plains of the Jordan because of their re4mblanee to Egypt. One cannot go Into Egypt without being affected by it. This Was a fatal choice for Lot. The motive actuating him was worldly advantage. Though he for awhile prospered, it was an expensive undertaking for him. Lot with all his goods was taken away when the confederate kings came against, Sodom. He is an example of one saved so as by fire (I Con 3:11-15). He set his affections upon earthly things, and the time came when he had to separate front them. The world and Its' lusts pass away, but he that doeth the will of God ribideth forever (I John 2:15-17). Lot was not wholly corrupt; he was a num who allowed the world to get the better of him. Once his money, and his frImily were In Sodom he simply endured the wick- edness, longing to escape from it (II Peter ' 2 :6-8). . III. Abram Deliver. Lot (Geneals 14 :14-16).. , Though Lot's trouble was the result of his selfish choice, Abramainingnanim- ity of soul expressed itself, hiking up arms to deliver hint from the oppres- sor. This Was bi , 01111Se Miran] Was a Man of faith. Faith trusts God and fights for the right. While Lot suffered from his evil choice, Abram was greatly prospered. H is grew rich in temporal things, while at the mime time he Was rich toward God. It were much bettor to have God and a poor piece of hind. thfin a rich piece of land without God. When Lot was involved in the ruin of his sad choice Abram haft the power to deliver Mat. Abrnnere whole life shows that those who mike obedience to God first get the needed worldly gain (I Kings 3 :5-13 ; Matthew :33). Scripture Penetrates. Sn .far as I have observed God's &Minim with my soul, the flight of preachers 'sometimes entertained me, hut it was Scripture 'expressions that did penetrate my heart, nod in a way peculiar to themselves. -John Brown UnddIngtOn. Blest Are They. Meet are they who, lost, undone, hest by faith in God's own Son; ^ Blest who take by precious blood Refuge In the eternal God. They by truth are thaw get free, Rock of Ages, hid in Thee. PERUNA Made Me a Well Man Mr.. Louis Young, 205 Merrimac St., Rochester, N. Y., writes: \r suffered for thIrtv years with chronic bowel trouble. atom. ace trouble and hemorrhage* of the !Weeks. We bought it bottle of Peruna apd I took it faithfully, ana I began to feel better. My wife persuaded me to con- tinue, and I took it for some time as directed., Now I sum a well man.\ Suffered thirty years with stomach trouble and hemorrhages of the bowels. Liquid or Tablet Form COLT DISTEMPER You can prevent this loathsome disease from runninK' through your stable and cure all the colts stuttering wilt. It when you begin the treatment. No matter how young. SPOHN'll is safe to use on any colt. It is wonderful how It prevents all distempers, no matter how eolte or horse* at any age are \exposed.\ All good druggists and turf goods houses and manufacturers sell MYOUN'S at 60 cent. and $1.15 a bottle. $6.60 and $11.00 a dozen. isro1iN MEDIOAL CO., Goshen, lad\ U. is A. — - Some foolish people piny with (lie Just to icee whether It will burn Wein. For genuine comfort and hating-picas' ure use Red Cross Ball Blue on wash day. All good grocers. Adv. This Is it wide worltl, hut n lot of people in It live on a tittrrow margin. Cuticm , Soap) For the Hands! rboa:::12 4 GOOD-BYE BACKACHE, KIDNEY' AND BLADDER TROUBLES For centuries all over the world GOLD MEDAL Haarlem 011 has air -- forded relief in thousands upon thou- sands of cases of lame back, lumbago, sciatica, rheumatism, gutistones, grav- el and all other affection's of the kid- neys, liver, stomach, bladder and al- lied organs. It tient quickly. It does the work. It ClOR11804 your kidneys and purities the blood. It makes n new man, it new woman, of you. It frequently wards off ntlacks of the dread and fatal diseases of the kid- neys. It often completely cures the distressing (Usenet -if of the organs of the body allied with tite !Mulder and kifiney-R. Bloody or cloudy urine, sed- iment, or \hrlekilust\ indicate an un- healthy condition. Do not delay a minute if your back aches or you are sore across the loins or have difficulty when mrinntIng. (la to your druggist at once and get a box of imported GOLD MEDAL Baer - lent Oil C111)81i1e5. They are pleasillit end eatsy to take. Each capsule con- tains about inie dose of five drops_ Tn ke them just like you would tiny pill. Tiskif mi smmmnll swallinv of water if you want to. 'rimy dismolve In the stonmeh, mid the kidnifyi4 Ronk up tine oil like it sponge does water. They thoroughly cleanse it Wash out the bladder and kidneys and threw otT the Indianian I ion which is the (louse of the trouble. They will quickly relieve those ritiffened joints. that harkitche. rheumatism. lumbittet, seIntlen. guill- st gravel, Mnickelust,\ etc. They are tin effeetive remedy for eases of the Wilder, kidney, liver. stomach nod nilled Orgaflit. Tour (imagist will cheerfully refund your money if you are not siiilsfltel aftrr a few (Inys' use. Accept only the pure„ orlginnl (101.1) alleDAL linarlern Oil efillSUI1.9. Mille other genulne.-Adv. As Age Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price But Great in Its Good Work Advances the Liver Requires occasional slight stimulation. CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS correct CONSTIPATION Genuine beers Colorless or Pale Faces bloo d u e ually indicate the absence of Iron la the a condition which will be greatly helped by Carter's Iron Pills The first sign of stomach misery usually comes after over -eating. The doctors call it \superaeldity\. The people say -\sour stomach\. Millions of people who have lost their ambition, energy, courage, vitality and strength -who are weak, pale and listless -who go through life just dragging one foot after anothera-tired and worn out nearly all the time -nervous, irri- table, subject to severe headache, insomnia, and a long train of physi- cal ills -would be surprised, yes, dumbfounded, to learn that it b just an acid -stomach that ia causing them ail their misery. Yet in nearly nine cases out of ten that is just where the trouble starts. quickly and thoroughly. It makes+ the stomach pure, Bweet, cool and! comfortable. IthalpayoUtOlretfalleteimittlili out of /teary mouthful of food ou eat: ande unless you do get full s from your food you cannot enjoy robing, vigorous' health. EATONIC is In tablet term They ars pleasant tasting -Just like * bit of mods -and are absolutely hanakes Tak• ,11 EATONIC and find out for yourself bow werderfully different you will feel. Sea how Qukkie gaTOtric bani s hes the immediate offsets of add -.fora- 'Leh- bloat. beertburn. thing, food repeating, in- digestion. AV- Se* exa, how tesicitly your gen. sod health ni p roves - how much you relish your food -bow rourts more easily your fax) adiemted-howeoundao you sleep -how nervous - nee. and irritability dime. pear. And all simply because). by takinz EATONTC, you have. rid your stomach of • lot of swum add that hu been holding !seek an& snaking your life mMerable. Now a soar, acid -stomach, or \sup- d tod gu ay. lie le authorized to arantee ; s r et a big hex of EATONIO from your eraciditY”, of course. simply means EA N1C tooletuoeyou and you can trust him to too much acid in the stomach. You r i ga sth.satirtanetTEATONiC ul_a f,tit Heartburn, Belching, inditestion, Food Repeating and Nearly All Kinds of Bodily Miseries ps can now quickly rid your stomach of mone T 4 It you: dillf !let (10•11 net ;keep its excess acid A wonderful modern EA itIC write to usreet and we w,11 ..rws remedy called EATONIC literally \t i ou t i g ei t4e „ t r a ,Z,11,7,, e fri s r. d . wipes it out. It does the work easily, Ltonielt.morlyCo. h ift'Webash Ave., decants. I F 6 0 0:0 \ \ uS \\ 111.. • Illks7egra7\*.• Si ,ir theShower' • , of Gold ( ' aj coming to farmers from the rich wheat fields of , Western Canada. Where you can buy good farm land ' at $15 to $30 per acre and raise from 20 to 46 bushels of $2 wheat to the acre it's easy to make money. Canada , offers in her provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta 'a 4 , is is 160 Acre Homesteads Free to Settlers and other land at very low prices. Thousands of farmers from the U. S. or their sons are yearly taking advantage of this great opportunity. Wonderful yields also of Oats, Barley and Flax. Mixed Farming is fully as profitable an industry as grain raising. Good schools; markets convenient; climate excellent. Write for literature and particulars as to reduced railway rates to Supt. Immigration, Ottawa, Canada, or to W. E. Bleck, Clifford Bleak, Crud Forks, NO.; J. L Porto, Dem Sleek, Great Fella, Meat. ennadien Government Agents ' ow. -411,

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 10 Oct. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.