The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, October 17, 1918, Image 1

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o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Vol. 9, No. 35, $2.00 Per Year. talt STANFORD, SEROUS COUNTY, MONTANA. THURSDAY, ocTOBER 17, , r1) '5 Cents Per Copy IS YOUR WORK ESSENTIAL TO WINNING THE WAR? Schools May Open Again on Monday Unless something very unfor- seen hapens between now and next Monday morning,. schools of the Stanford district will re- open and resume their regular work. The Schools were closed three weeks ago on account of the Spanish in but the disease seems .to have run its course in the cm:nu/thy and the school board and local health authorities see no reason why the schools should be closed longer. The Stanford emomunity was among the first in thes tate to be hit by the Spanish influenza and the disease hit the community a hard and steady blow. There were probably more than two hundred cases in this community but a very small percentage of •trhenr- . beeatne• Revisals; which. fact, is attributed solely to the ! Nolen. did manner in which they were handled by local physicians. Dr. J. Lebovitz handled probably more. than 150 cases, working tirelessly day and night, and ev- erywhere words of praise for him are to be heard. There were but three deaths caused by the disease in this eommunity: Veen. Noreutt, M. R. Thompson, who passed away att he Deaconess hospital in Gt. Falls, and J. R. Balding, who was manager of the Basin Lum- ber eoznpany at ,Dover. The disease is a rather pecu- liar one and is little understood by the layman. All of those who have had the \flu\ will insist that it is nothing to b laughed at and thatt he say* it is' just the . In grippe an nothing . to besalarined at. is crazy.. The principal feature of the disease seems (oh e its staying qualitieg. It leaves the patient very weak, and this weakness insists on stay- ing with him for several days. The best advice that can be giv- en the convalescent patient is: 'Don't be its a hurry toaget back to work and be very careful of the kind of weather you are ex- pnsed to.'\rhe best advice for the on who has it is: \Follow the doefor's . orders religiously, and b sure you have a doctor to givet .11e orders. • ' There will be tio danger at all of children -returning to school. and it is hoped that all will be in their places on next, Monday morning ready for a good start to make up the 'work missed. PR9F: HENDERSON. t -- CHURCH NOTES 'Hie 'mita] services will corn- meace the Sunday after school opens, that is tos ay, if school opens next .week there will be regular church services Sunday, Oct. 27. R. ALEXANDER. JOHN R. BALDING DIES AT, HOSPITAL The community was shocked to learn oft to death on Satur- day morning of John H. Balding of Dover. Ile came down with the Spanish influenza about ten days ago, and was taken immedi- ately to the Deaemess hospitO1 n Great Falls, whereite died ear- ly Saturday morning. Mr. Balding was born in Ter- re Haute, Ind., thirty-eight years ago. For the past three years he has been manager of the Basin Lumber company's yard At Do- ver, and also postmaster at that place. , Be waziesehighla s respeeted yen of ! this cOnunuttity and, a. busines man of marked .ability. He leaves a wife and. ore small child, who have the sincere sym- pathy of all. The body was taken to Lewis- town for burial, the services be- ing conducted by Rev. G. C. Cress() f the Baptist church. A number front Stanford atteuded the services. —o -- Mrs. Balding wishes - to - thank the many friends who extended aid and sympathy to her in her bereavement. HIGH .PRICE PAID FOR ONE SHORTHORN COW Andy (livens has one of, , finest hams of shorthorn cattle in the state of Montana. They are the Bates strait), bred__foe both beef and milk, and his herd is headed by a bull for which he paid $1,000, and has refused to sell for $1.500. He recently a bunch of cows to J. R. Kenney of Utica. mit; of which brought $500 and was worth it.. This is the kindo f stock- it. pays to raise, and we hope Mr. (loyeus will soon have more company in this line of enterprise.. LARGEST FRESHMAN CLASS AT COLLEGE The largest freshman class that has ever been enrolled at the Montana State College has com- pleted registration and begn» class work in earnest. The total registration of freshmen op to the present time is 258. Of this number 193 are men and 65 are woinen. Of the 193 men entered as freshmen 178 have entered the Students' Army Training Corps. The fifteen other freshmen are pursuing regular courses in the college. BUY THRIFT STAMPS ) 0300000000 SOSO00000000300000000000 000 0000000100000 'swill Liberty Loan Bond!! OCTOBER 19TH • Referring to the application that you signed for Fourt hLibertysLoan Bonds, you are directed to cell at once at the e Bank through which you made your atibscription and make the initial payment of , 10 per cent due thereon. • Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital\ $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 REMEMBER — Many brave boys are dying in France for us . 0 ) 0 '3 '3 Cl 0 s 00000 0000000000000000000000000 000000000000 00000o NEW PUBLIC EATING HOUSE RULES THESE RULES BECOME EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 21, 1918. Published by Author - Ay frcru Alfrtd Atkieron, Food Ade. e- ;ttrator for Montana. tiltItElt I. No piddle eating -place shall serve or permit to it,-.crved any bread i other bakery product which does not contain al least 20 per cent of elical flour sahsiolites, nor shall it serve or permit to.) he served /I! Wit! Ii Won. 1111111 1%10 cif this Mead, known as or if to vicioly bread 1 , servett,nort• than four 1111111.1's 01110.\ breads ' !!\r-ra. 01.0 SIIII11- M.jcill`K 4.r Fr.-; t,i F.1 boarding eunips, and rye toread containing rio per cent or cif pi.!.4. 1\ye filmr, are excepted. t:ENElt AI, •j. Ni, public enting-platT shall serve or permit to be served bread or 1, , itst as a garniture or miner meat. tiENEn.11., (1111 'Ii 3. No toddle eating -place shall allow any 1111.41(1 to be brought to the table mitil after the first course is served. I EN ftit Al. (11:111 , :lt 4. Not public eating -place shall serve or permit to tie served to one ',Milli' itt iiny one meal more than one kind of meat. For the porpOse of this ride, nietit .. shall he considered as including beef, mutton, pork, poultry anti ally hy-prcsincts thereof. GENERAL tllt1)14.11t ri. No public elAlug-place shall serve Sr permit to be served any bacon as it garniture. . tiNNKRAL 01414:11 U. No .puipiie eating -place Man serve or permit to be served to any MI6' pP1'0011 at hiy one meal more than one -halt ounce of butter. ftlaNNIIAL tlitMlt 7. No public eating-hit/et shall serve or permit It.' c.fEfif any - 4161 , ...01brItcon . CMS* one - meal more lima one.hait ounce of ('aikattr. - dietse. otteNNIIAL 0111)Kft N. Nil nubile eatinvplace until see or permit the ilSe of flue sugar howl on the lobar or limett counter. Nor ellen any public eatmet-plocc eerve sugar oi Permit it to he served unless the guest so re- quests, anti lo no vvent ttlttti the amount nerved to say one person at tiny urn' wool exer.-.1 one tenspoonfin or KA equivalent. (IENEttAl. D. No public voting -place Anil nee or permit the tow ot an ammo,' of sugar in Imre% of two pounds for every 90 meals served, luriutlhig n11 uses sit sugar :on the table and in cooking, excepting Anvil sugar as way Ii.' unatbs41 by the Federal Food Administrators to hotels laIlii:116( II bakery license. No toigat' - '1ollotiett for this speelal baking purpose 'Mall lie ubWII fla 1111!: oilier purpose, ttPINKRAI tilllik:11 ill. NO ialbar estiogvInee shall burn any food or permit oily toed no Ia. burned nod all waste shalt he saved to f • eed W- ands or reduced to obtain fats. - IIEN1111A1. OltitElt it. No pel.M• shall display or permit In In. displayed limit sat lie ri, !II :1:3' Slaii mariner as niuy emote its deterloratIon so that it eon not he 1, , •etl tor human consumption. , VENEltAl. 12, Nit Oat I 41:nog-place shall serve or permit to ho se.\:\ \ 1, 11 1 is kno\Ii 11 ' ley:ream de luxe; anti in tiny ercool . • eri.soin commutes over 20 per 1 . .eiel - 0 latter fat shun he served. ;t - If Not, You Must Resister at Once With the Local Board and Be Ready to Enter Essential War Industries When Called Upon W. \V. Galt. S. N. ,„ it s „wi re _ and 1V. U. ileilelerNO!! !Inv, it. 11/1111/41 as the 111(!al !i'100 fr.,. ; lite registering or this ! soh insult establisiseents. emiontisits• who are ci psesisat , Soda supplies. utu.iuupl.syeil iii' Ii It'' - .;. !,,: j , k MI; „r 1,,. which industries elassed Mtn ''\5'' ii- , dor': tutu t,ltj.t 10 a rura l corn _ ial to %he p r ,s, e s ii . !minis% iif this kind has been thr..) or the \Val% '11:0 led 10 SiiVe . simee. 'rite ho - tutu of this eseninittee \vas made eal iseinnittee is vers. anxious liv Ise Community Labor board, that :lie %viol( of registering be , who explain the mirk as follows: dime promptly. for they mum, s,etiol their report to 1,1.wlsiown al: an earl . % dale, The Community Labor hoard of the United States Employ- ment Serviee of the Lewistown distriet declares as tion-essential or nou-war work the labor em- ployed in the industries mens tioued below in whieh MA LE employes are niw working and on whom a formal notice will be served, if that course is-nesma- sary. Men who are released fro& TWO MORE DAYS TO BUY LIBERTY BONDS The date for dosing the hale of 'Fourth Liberty Doan Honda is the riomessenti,aly. ianheitrigs, as4stnrdi k v, 00,0her 19, and the determined by this board, may local eommittee is busy rounding' up the few who have not ynt come in, We expeeted to print. the lists of those who have and have not bought in this issue, but the eommittee thought best to wait moil after the last day, No that no injlistice might be done. While Stanford am) the state is well over, the eountry as a whole is - coining forward rather and every effort mutat be made if the home is to be over- subscribed. If you can inerease the amount for whielt you have signed it is your duty to do so. Back Up President. Wilson in his reply to the enl'Illy \peace of- fensive\ by &staring that every dollar you Own Is emetecrated to the comae of liberty and justice. The -only firgitinetil the Hun un- derstands is that of \force force to) the inmost.\ Your dollars imit(itstso flu , as K. ham., seeretary of the inter - t o l l as ,. (s .,. ; 0 1 rd it r a th e r gear\! for lose faith ill the future (it the Antomobiie 15)1 and eltairman of a new divi- opinion among On,. farmers and greatest of all industries. food tiPPliettlile to tit\ selling. main - and of „ lisoon ,,, shin of the national defense feeders that a cessation of host 1)' i t :;i ii ' .. 1111 .. 8.1olt heir accessories and cniineil' Wirett It Montana conclusion and that the inititedi- lties was PrnOtit'a:;,‘' a foregone Lk! Report.'4 till it'll eleanizig and delivery of same. oh' Der\\\'. a t e erseet wont(' he it lowelillg D'pssussEs Te::iiiing. other than delivery It is or PrinIttrY lof essential produets and as out- that the reeeipt of dn Ger . man live stook vaillies. We do not pr.- tend te he able to predict whsi LEGbLL.EhT OFFER , this' w ar 1„,1„ . ,a r i es ; note should not any way re - snit in a slowing down of our effeet the close of the war is go- Pltaticellor ot LH_ ing to have upon priees in gene'. versity, of Mon'. antion,.teed Balk and barbel' shot' al. In the first place, it is 1601 . . tbis week tlial Alfred .11- \Is our support or tile talierty Loan. lion ollies, billiard awl Will you therefore imuledi - improbable that the end oft he kinson, ol ately call the attention of all war is very JW/11*, ` In any event at the sSH. , Sii!s iss i of Agricill- 1.1)91118 ' should the war cease there . is Ito lure and Merin: nit. Arts and Peol- .1 \ 1 \ 1•8 811 ' 1 (IY4'114., InelninTS of 1111. state, county particular reason for supposing eta! rood Administrator for , 811(1 o I est hlishments. t_e__eatessen and coininunity (smiled:. or do- h.... to tho 51,01.115. necessity that live Most( prices will suffer Mmitalia. had (11.:•Inn'll an offer Builders and eontractors not of sIIPPortillg this loan of any serious decline. Under the, form the State College of Wash- ii»gaged in the ereetion of stree- continuing all other war activi- pressure of large supplies we ington to become Dean tif the tures for war work._ tieN with unabated zeal? We have seen a late deelne n values College of AgrieitIture and Di - Clerks in mercantile Btores. may safely trust the Preaident which, considering the vast vol- rector of the Experimeat Station nine of live stock moving mar- of that institution. Prof. Atkin- Fruit stands. to guard OM' itltereStrt and di- ketward, was to be expected, and son's declination to leave Mon- Hotel, cafe and restaurant reet our diplomacy. Our duty p is furthermore justified. Sup- tana and the important work in waiters, is to give strength to his ari. ply and demand have ever been which he is engaged is a matter Junk deafens He will know how to use it.\ the great regulating factors, of congratulation for the entire Everybody knows that when state. It is a fine show of gener- receipts acre heavy prices recede al loyalty and patriotism. The and know also that when supplies new position would have paid a are light there .is an upturn in salary much larger than that re- values!. Now Wthether the war eeived by Prof. Atkinson in Mon. endssoon or goes on indefinitely tans. the people, both civilian and rad- Prof -Atkinson is an agronom- dier, must be fed. Think for one hit of national reputation. His moment. of the vast time it will services as Food Administrator take to bring back our troops. of -Montana have been reeog- Think also how the live /dock nized as among the most eff supplies of foreign countries have cleat of the entire country. been depleted. Here production has gone on apace and we shall NOTICE - be called upon to supply in large There will be Ito teachers ex - measure the deficiency in breed- arninationa in Montana in Octo- ing stocks and in meats from ber, by order of the state au - which those European countries thorities. Examinations will be are suffering. Unrestricted sea held next month, of which notice travel is bound to very material- will be given. ly increase our exports of the NELLIE L. FAHAY, one material thing that is alaso- County Superintendent. Iutely essential to life, and that is food. Do not therefore lose PREMIUM OFFER confidence in the future. The - A new ruling of the War it country has been blessed with onstries board makes it impoa- excellent crops. We are a pros- ihie for us to offer the book percium people. The Isibrty Loan \Keeping Our Fighters Fit,\ may be going a trifle slow but it free with one year's subserip- will 'go over without, question. tion. The best we ean do is $2.45 These bonds are a good invest- for the book and the, World one went. So' also in our opinion are year, in advance. We will give feeding stocks' s. The earning of the book free ivith two years' the former is assured, while so sll4.00, if paid for one full near far, as the latter are concerned in advance. The book can be we don't think there is anything ordered separately through us more than the ordinary risk such for 85 cents a copy. apply at the local office of the II. S. Employment Serrice, Ms. sonic block, Lewistown, where, when calls are received, they will be given employment in es- sential war work. The board makes it levy plain, botysver. that male workers should not leave their tn•eitent employment until they can be di- reet eil to essential employment by the local office of the U. 8, Employment. Serviee. '1' hi it y .should, however, register at the lova! U. S. Employment Serviee office, and make preparations for leaving their present Inn- ployittent for the , necessary will' work when milled. 'rim is bonird has determined the followittg orelipat ions . to be non - 0 /t Lose i iitial. and employes -- in suelt Faith Future .0.. .•). skilled or unskilled, will he „spelled to Seetire eiliplovnient nulke 4 0118 ill ginnon I posalhle. ' . Con! i nue all wit r activitie 4 Tile nnblieitY given Uermanv.s as every feeder takes every , - ,o. in es-ential war Work as 11111/VI. . IllsW Ilnabalrll %rill.\ Franklin l'Iparied il!'ililflabi or peace seem lie niakts an outlay. Don'( teen , - oullizied: 0000000000000ls - )S.0S00 000000000000000000000000000C s 3 rj 0 .First Payment on 4th Liberty Loan amounting to ten per cent of sub- scription will be due Oct. 19th 0 0 First National Bank of Stanford ,2) Capital and Surplus $50,000.00 SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN )0•000.0.000000000 0 0.0 • 00..0..0

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 17 Oct. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.