The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, October 17, 1918, Image 3

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THE STANFORD WORLD Nothing else really matters until we do yc iil-ss-sse s s -s - s - s -s: 1)1.1UfLY FRUIT pffri,••••••• •••••••••.1) -.1• 1 ,4' . •• I •-t e At , • ••••• Her View. Sunday School Teaceee—What do you understand by suffering for right- vonwiless' imke? Little Girl—Please, miss, It .rneana basing to come to Sunday school.— New Hewn Register. United States t»ay Lox -unitise and donkeys. DON'T KILL YOUR CATTLE BY DRENCHING Salts and oil are DANGEROUS. Few cattle die of constipation; many of PARALYSIS of the bowels. Give LAXOTONIC dry on the tongue. prevents and overcome, t. Excellent for loss of appetite. AT OUR DEALERS or Postpaid BO Conte. Rend for price Itst of medicines. Consult DR. DAVID ROBERTS about all animal ailments. Infdromtion free. Oct it FREE copy or 'TA Cline he e lailn\ with tail Int‘d-mation on m a mas is c aga , OR. OVID ROBERTS EU. CO.. 100 erase As.. lestailia. wia Small PIII Small Dose Small Price FOR CONSTIPATION have stood the test of time. Purely vegetable. Wonderfully quick to banish biliousness, headache, indigestion and to clear up a bad complexion, Genuine bears signature PALE FACES Generally Indicate a lack of Iron in the Blood Carter's Iron Pills Will help this condition Asisimmemeeseersiwelerwesseseireimisb Every Woman Wantf4 4 ‘ FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE Dissolved In water for douches stops pelvic catarrh, ulceration and infhtm. mation. Recommended by Lydia E. Pinkhnm Med. Co. for ten years. A herding wonder for nasal catarrh, sore throat end sore eyes. Economical. lias estrsordinary cheering bed germicidal rower. Sample Free. 50e. all druggists, or potiftwid by. % 4 4 .. ,.. 1 The Payton Toilet Cothran Beam Mus.. A Elad Cough if neglected, often leads to serious trouble. Safeguard your health, relieye your distress Sad soothe your Irritated throat by taking Pis Below the Surface. \Did you s grasp the point in Mr. Ful- ler's sultnetrine Joker \No It was too deep for me.\ \Cold In the Head\ Is an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh. Per. eons who are subject to, frequent \cold' in the head\ will flnd that the use of HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE will build up the System. Cleanse the Blood and render them less liable to colds Repeated attacks of Acute Catarrh may lead to Chronic Catarrh. HAWS CATARRH MEDICINE is tak- en Internally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. All Druggists 75e. Testimonials free. $l.00 for env case of catarrh that HAWS CATARRH MEDICINE win not cure. F. J. Cheney & Toledo. Ohto. Her Way. . . Stella—Are you saving money? Delia—Well, every day I think ot more things I don't buy. OLD PRESCRIPTION FOR WEAK KIDNEYS Have you ever stopped to reason why it is that so many products that are ex- tensively advertised, all at once drop out of sight and are soon forgotten? The reason is plain—the article did not fulfil the promises of the manufacturer. This applies more particularly to a medicine. A medicinal preparation that has real curative value almost Bells itself, as like an endless chain system the remedy is recommended by those who have been benefited, to those who are in need of it. A prominent druggist says, \Take for example Dr. Kilmer's Swamp•Root, a preparation T have sold for many years and never hesitate to recommend, for in almost every case it shows excellent re- sults, as many of my customers testify. No other kidney remedy that I know of has so large a sale.\ According to sworn statements and verified testimony of thousands who have used the preparation, the success of Dr. Kilteerif Swamp -Root Is due to the fact that so many people claim, it fulfills al- most every wish in overcoming kidney, liver and bladder ailments, corrects ur- inary troubles and neutralizes the uric acid which causes rheumatism. You may receive a sample bottle of Swamp -Root by Parcel Post. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., and enclose ten cents; also mention this -paper. Large and medium size bottles for sale at el drug storee.—Ado Unseen. his your baby sister got eny teeth?\ Tilile—\Oh yes, hut slit- il n't hatched 'em out y. t.\ RED CROSS BALL BLUE 'Makes clothes whfter than snow. De- lights the housewife. Large package 6 cents at all good grocers.--Adv. 1 As soon as a limn is eieeted to office he begins to work for u second nomi notion. Important to Mothers Examine ems -wily every bottle of CASTOR1A, that famous old remedy fier infants and children, and see that It Bears the Signature of ia et In Use for Over 30 leers. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria Chinese are are mid to be taking to the alcohol habit. Mir 7 OMIT Mr. and Mrs. Officer' SeeHed to Have Right Idea ASHINGTON.—There are two peep TY framed in go/if—meaning an finny 111.• suburbs of Vanity Fair signifies no if only mentioned because of the thing hnt money eannot buy In these dllY 1 ef enlistments and war work—house win. You mustn't say servants any - pore. One day they got in touch with the ,young wife of a private In a near - Sy vamp. She had come front the West. where everybody works, and, be - III a stranger here and unfitted by ex- eerience and physical condition for :•lerleal employment, was ghui to en- ter Mrs. Officer's employment in the fine eallathe of \mother's helper.\ The yOnng private came whenever he was ou leave and everything grooved along beautifully until elltY tiny he hail tifeimIlde to Mrs. Officer an anxiety In regard to Ms wife. Ile had money enough for till expenses, but Mrs. Officer put an end to his worry right there. She knew more about the vase than he did—und he was not to worry; a Mee room find been engaged at the hospital and everything was sure to go right—which it did. All sorts of happy luck can happen io u young couple, so, culturally, his being made it corporal was Just 11 matter et course—likewise the indorsenient of the baby given by the fellows from vamp as - ho CH/110 especially to see it. but ------ rho really worthwhile thing about the incident was the repudiation by the officer and his wife of the salted -down class distinction that puts the mis- tress a nine above the muld—to say nothing about the good common sense of an 'army big gull who could see in the young private something more human than an automaton wound up to salute. ii this town good enough to he sr :tint Ws TI1111 they live in , than mere luck of money and Sometimes Nature Seems to Square Things Up S GE was a \red seal\ young woumn, from bronze ties to n plume thnt was es royally euperlor to the feather of commerce as, say, it princess on her !Mime—provided a princess has one—is above the poor girl who gathers _faggots in the wood (see movies). But she Wits not pretty. And she was so thin that even her gimp failed to little' hones that no self-respecting crow would care to pick. The really surprising thing about her was that she should be riding in ii street car when her place was sir Obvinusly behind her chauffeur in it inueldne that cost as much us n house. s Site wail haughtily erect, and on her face was such concenZrated yearn- ing. as If she, were looking at some unattainable treasure that she would give her life to own, that another women. who had heen enviously' . staring at the bronze ,slippers, the plume and all the stylish gold -brown clothes of her, followed the gaze of the princess to see, for hersele, what royalty could be craving that royalty couldn't get.' Then she Understood. for: On the opposite . slcle of the cal- fiat the faggot girl who bad flown the woods long emiugh to , make it s ' date 'with it fininhoennt . youngster Wham she douhtlese called ,\her She 'Was, tawdry Of drese. One' cheek was pouched out with .ehewifsg yititej, tfineeteiing• th'e litralintant pearls emend -her neck was dirt-my...0e. her :knuckles Weee grimy: -But-her eheek, when; it got it show, was -the 'pal that lOreek lllltllttS Put• en his statues. Her, fleck like Alto snow drift Hut( dIsti4u1shed Annie- Laurie. Her -skin WEIS of the velvety pink of roses that get* in inemoryS4 garden. Her teeth wore White splendors. And her eyes weTiiiiiinight 'IMF. All that„unsisanue inure. • Nature, in a freak of extravagance, had squandered enough beauty on the faggot girl to have gone around among a dogen t id Attn , lit enseeo Ic fit had skimped on the peer dear princes -s. Not All Soldiers Seem Inclined to \Talk Shop\ O NE has little trouble starting a Convelsation with soldier boys, tint) every one of them talks mighty interestingly [Mont everything except the war—if one will permit them. For instance, I ran Into a husky sergeaut who wanted to talk about babies. Ile said that he knew babies hail 11 good deal more sense than folks gave them credit for. As proof of flits he declared that hle brother -In-law, whom, of course. I never had heard of before, and don't know now, bad a two -year -o/d lad who was just as smart as anybody. Yes, sir, when the soldiers went into tlie army. more than a year ago, the baby bid aim good -by, and the other tiny, when ;he soldier came hack, that baby knew him right away. As to the war—say, did you ever notice how cross it kid is When It IS cul tiit its teeth, nail chi you suppose those Germans who killed behles ever were lill1111111 beings. Ile reckoned not, and for (lint reason he was dead anxious to get nerves mid do his bit by knocking the daylights out of sinne of those baby killers. And not the -least interesting of everything one HS'S uhout the station are the girl war workers, win/ come, with smiling lips. to \do their bit.\ They smile, I sny, which shows that they arrive without knowing the current prieeii of room and board. PAT BABY IS A WONDER fi011Esr, THtIT EAU KNEW ME KIWI AWAY s.a 40 Had More Than Their Share of Servant Problem T WO lerenehw e ornn,•w m lves of embers of one of the Frerieh commission, sent to iVashinglon by their government since the United States entered the war, were riding borne on the street ear the other night. The voices of tlie likhotigh modulated. attracted the.nttention of immsengers near hy, as tiny foreign (origin! will. There 4ir al- ways something huitalizing In hear- ing someone talking brightly while you 't yourself are utter's* tO under- stund it thing Hint persons sloes - e • 1. ory few, 'Juiced. were Mile to under- Persone 4111 the viir listened, hut I -rand a word. -Women looked curl- ously at each others and would here 14141 another fare, I'll het, to been ' :dole to understand what the French- ivomen were talking about. Was it t war? Was it of heroes mai heroinest Or the Illterlfleem of t . lieir native hind f II' freedom? It was,the,serviint preblein! They were not troubled much by inability to get domeetics, It seemed. Their trouble was Ibis: Being themeelves able to speak Etr:lish bid imperfectly, they were haying a dreadful time, they SSW, to make ;heir eervante micterstand what they wanted (bele rtinT WAS - Do- utt SOT 'A TRIPLE &ACE ' .4••••••114,I.,\/•••••,••••••••••••••••••••••••••.••••••••••••••,•••••,,,,,,,,,,,,•••••••••.,.....••••••••••••••••• •• Biblical Thrift. The Scriptures give us many lessone In thrift. Ezekiel warned the children of Israel that during the stive of Jeru- salem they would have to be Uirifty. lie said: 'Tnife thou also unto thee wheitt. and barley, and beans, and lentiles, and mullet, and filches. and put them In one vessel, find make thee 'bread thereof.\—Ezeklel Iv: 9. The Mile shows that Ezekiel orderell the children of Israel to eat their meat weight, and even thus only \from time to thne.\—Thrift 'Magazine. No Lack of Reminders. Every 'flurried man learns from his elfe every day or two that all other married men take their WIVes t,iit tf) II (TS mid do not let them sit around the house ail the time like n bump on II logs—Cincinnati Enquirer. • Not a Commendation. \That snit of clothes tits you like :be paper on the wall.\ \Sorry. My wife alum I always tonnage to seleet the ugliest wall paper le, die neigh- borhood.\ , I • '1„ , Ice Boxes on Wheels Refrigerator cars for carrying meat are ice boxes traveling on wheels. Most people in America would have to go without fresh meat, or would have to pay more for what they could get, if it were not for these traveling ice boxes. Gustavus F, Swift, the first Swift in the packing industry, saw the need of these traveling ice boxes before others. He tisked the railroads to build thcm. The railroads refused. ThC>y were equipped, and preferred to haul cattle rather than dressed beef. So Gustavus F. Swift had to make the cars himself. The first one was a box car rigged up to hold ice. Now there are 7,000 Swift refrigerator cars. Each one is as fine an ice box as you have in your home. Day and night, fair weather and foul, through heat and cold, these 7,000 cars go rolling up and down the country, keeping meat just right, on its way to you. Thus another phase of Swift & Company's activities has grown to meet a need no one else could or would supply, in way that matched Swift & Company ideas of being useful. When you see One of these Swift &Company cars in a train, or on a siding, you will be reminded of what is being done for you as the fruit of experience and a desire to serve. Swift & Company, U. S. A. Lend the Way They Fight Buy Liberty Bonds esi( Revived His Interest. l'hoinas Atkins wits fractimus ills medicine sells nmity and Jutt refused to take it. Two or three V. A. IS's st I round him, urging him to lie good. \drink this and you will get troll \And rosy, too!\ chimed n see- Atkilita lirigliti lied. He wasn't keen on getting well. but It, get rosy quite 'mother matter. \Which of seni Is Rosy?\ he asked. surveying the pretty group. Hop. \On to Berlin,\ (lied tee Dreleher. \Awgwan.\ replied the /intik. \we've been onto her fer years.' -se Caustic Comment. ladle—Will iN himt crazy Mena use Nell—Yes. l' heni•fi liail In hie fondly. The Stages 'What did tiljy do with the veeeel?'\ \First they buoyed lice . up and them they lill1111Wil lipr,\ ASTHMA INSTANTLY RELIEVED WITH AST MADOR tIR NONEY REFUNDED ASK ANY DRUGGIST W. N. U., BILLINGS, NO. 42-1918. Indigestion, Bloat, Heartburn, Caused Acid -Stomach Acid -Stomach What Whet Is the Cause of Indigestion, flys- people, bloat. hearlhurb. food topeatIng, belching. gsaey, sour stomath, and so man) stomach mireriestdust this acid - stomach sopera,billy as call it. It robs n,litloes r•f thr•ir full strength. vitality WA the power tt) enjoy life—to he teal men anti women. It In well Sworn that au acid tnouth dralroys the 11•1•th. Tne arid is to, progrr ful that It eats right throligh the herr' enamel end Caltaall the teeth to Array. Inua hi fair warning of what PIMP., scud - Sly Win ta tha delicate organisation of the Ntontrieti; ••• a matter of far t. r1 , 11 aridity not only prodesees a great inane painftti and dIsagreeabh• *Sint , loins that we generally name .S1.111101 IreabItor.\ but it Is the creator of a long train of very serious ailments. Acid Aldrnach interferes with the dlgenllon and rause, the P.I t,, ferment. This mass of sour, fermented food wavves loto the intestines, where It brevet a the brneding mare for germs Ind 10lie poison,. which in turn are absorbed Info the blood and distributed through out the entire body. Wheterer you go ymt nee 5101ms of aril olonusetu — people who, while not actually down slek are 'Wart ailing— bare no appetite, food doesn't divot, belching all the titne, continually com- plaining of being weak and tired and worn out. It is this excess acidity that totem the pep end punch ont of thew. bear--' little or no vitality. Strike at the very cause of ell this trouble slid ciesn this excess IMId out of the etomach. Thin will glee the stom- ach a chance to digest the food Pr 0 1 1 etill nature telti do the rest. A wonderful new &toady removes ex - era, acid without tbe slIghtent (therms. fort, ft I. called F.ATONIC, mule In tho form of tablets—they are good to eat --Just like a bit of candy. EATONIO lileraity ttbaorba the Inbirleits excess acid and carrIce It aWay through the In- testines. It derv., the bloat Oat of the body—yore can fairly feel it work. Try HATO \IC and see how entelny It banishes bloat. heartburn, -sfseiching, food.repeatIng, iniligestion. etc. tira too. how qitekit per general health• Improves -- hots in ads more Of your food Is digestml—hroc nervottsnean and frritaldlIty disappear. Learn ,how easy It is to get hack yonr phyalcell and 131.11. tal poneb. /lave the 1 , 9Wat .10 . 1 energy to work with slim Enjoy the good 'things of life. Learn what it means to fairly bobble over with health. Ito get a Itex of R.iTONit• front your deurght today. We authorize him to guarantee RATONIC to please yon an -I you can trust your druggist to matte Oils guarantee good, Of It fail', in 'of way. take it back—he will refund your money. 11

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 17 Oct. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.