The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, October 24, 1918, Image 2

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THE STANFORD WORLD SOLDIERS IGNORE TEUT PEACE TAB ALLIED ARMIES DEMONSTRATING THEIR IDEA OF WAY TO SECURE PEACE VALENCIENNES SOON TO FALL British and Americans Taking Lead in Latest Actions. -Stiffer Opposition Being 'Encountered Than in • Early Days of Drive (IVar Iteview for October 2 2) I» the war theater the allied armies have taken no heed of the ettoris Un- der way for the re-establishment of f•oice, but are cmoinniug to force Mel ihe Germans lit vital points along tile lines in Belgium tool Franee. In these ...neleavters the British and Atismicatis Ire for the moment taking the princi- pal parts. The British have approach - td to within two miles of Valenciennes. still the Americans. to the loortiovest of Verdun, have succeeded in oeeupying .rvo Itighly-itiopertant poositions•in their lopertitions aimed tit all athance north- Amerlean and British troops have ?rosst•di the Oise canal on a wick. t root .11 the face of desperals. trid silecesses in this sector sill Menace the tiernians both to the toil ii Min siiiith. Vkcnciennes Railway Cut. Valeticiennes-ilirsioil railway, rorint•rly sun. oit the German main lat- eral 'arteries of cimilininication, has cilt. The west bank of the Scheidt canal 1 1115 been occupied by the British along an extent of 111 miles ill the aorth of 'retorted, widish city Is being it•fetioled by masses of Gerianins 1111114411 with timeline. guns. Belgium is gradually being redeem- ed, althonigh now that the Gel - mints titre drawn in their lines, tile British, Belgian and French tire encountering tntieb-stiffer oplotosit 141 , 11 than during the early day!: a the greet drive for he reoccupation by the allies of the kleighill coast. The eity of Glued, an objective which the allies have always oittl lit mind. Is yet seven Mlles away. .'rolettoly it will lie outflanked fr the north before It is taken. Allied troops already Ittive Innol0 esonsiderable arogress vvith this end in flaring cleared the I:emulous ont of western Belgium, tht• allied forces fore standing on a line fr the Dutch (yonder to the ()Ise canal that is vir- tually straight. A /WU movement Ines negun to the east of Clitirtrai. the oh - led of which is to free the noilltern seetien of Iteleitom front the enemy. French troops have relicheol the ()un- itise river in the region of VItliti after :offensive operations in the eastern theater of tlw war lasting over a month. The economis• itidepentlence of wiry IsAO he proclainit•t1 at an early date In a manifestoo which. it is sp.- ported, will he issued by Emperor Charles. Itatignry will be permitted lolimintain her 401111 arellY 11111 her own diplomatic corps. Change Frontier Guards. 'Amsterdam, Oct. 22-Ger:min guards tit the frontier most Of Alimeit Van Gent, near Watervliet. 10 miles north of Ghent, have been replaced by en- tente guards. The post tof Som Van Gent, seven miles further south. was being held by the Ilerlitillis Sunday, but they said they were leaving at once. 22,000.000 PERSONS BUY 4TH LIBERTY LOAN BONDS General Pershing Telegraphs That Ex. peditionary Forces Buy Two Million Dollars' Worth Washington. Oct, 22. -After reeding a number of late repoorts en the out- come of tile (mirth Liberty lean which closed Saturday night. treasury soffi- mials decided last night there is little certainty at this II u' either of Ille total volume of subsd.riptions or the [lumber of subscrihers. They sat( felt no doubt the brain bail !seen over- subscribed, but 4.xplained tunny earlier Messages 1111111111141 (040 OptialiSlie iii the light of actual figoirie , now being compiled by every batik and local COM- , Itnitee over the esountry. Some cities which at first reported they were heavily oversubscribed now diScover they barely went ever. There WAS good gl'ounsl. however. for the estimate that 22,000.000 or more Individuals 111111 .1111e3eribell to the greatest wor loan evto• fleeted by any government. General Pershing rallied Gait up to October 14. ineniber;: of the A/Helicon expeditionnry force 111141 subscribed $1,- 207,000 anti that this probably would run to two millions tor more. OSTEND RESIDENTS GREET BELGIAN KING JOYFULLY *. London, Oct. 22. -The men, woMen rind children of OSteilfl Were SO over- joyed when the king end Ilelgillin landed there that 113.1 Of them heartily kissed,. pie 1131141 , 1 Of the Ii berated town. King Albert iteiti Vi cc Admire( Keyes of the British navy. says the Dover correspondent of the Daily Mall, were carried to) the town hail on the shoulders of one» in the large crowd which greeted the king and queen at the landing. M. TAKE JONESCU NI. Take Jootessai, former Meaner of _Roumania. is expectosl here showily 011 II .114441111 illIssiuihl. His Work ill a way will consist of persenally tocipiainfing the authorities here sit Itominania's s olight Ille uuuilltl 0' Was illV11411441 11114I 4.0% 14111111 by the :11111 it1/1- garivii hordes, INFLUENZA CONDITIONS IN ARMY CONTINUE TO BETTER Improvement Is Also Shown in Some States Among the Civil. ian Population %Vas/sing - nom Get. 22. Improvement itt Iii,- influenza silllatioll iii si‘ SlateS WW1 is titan - is reeeii rill yester- day li.v the piddle health service. but 27 other slates reported the disease :Still spreading Willi tint tv additionial ernes and I oiroJI dist riets at tooled. 'ontlil hitt , apparently N% ere 1Aorse ill V1 here it W31. i4.1 1341111 ell :1741,411141 ease, hale \3 .1..111' 1 1410 first IS slays of I Iclober. 1 4,SO. - 3 !teal //.s were repcontett in that Male- . in army camps slight 1101 11 influenzio end sonemniono, ,;3ses Were reported Stinday. Mil a decrease Wits shoWn yesterilaw with :0107 ititlil- t'iizit cases and inS moque ttttt lii cases, Iii,' lowest figures reported since the epitlemic became general Itt the eatlips. 14'llr the -IS hour, ending yesterday at noon, 11eW ilifillellZa 411.4 , S 10111 led 41,- 4016; 10111•11111411lia, mot 919. NeW York. Oet. 22.-A warning to influtewai self fevers :ego i list the use sof stivideoliss loi•ver;iges was issued lasj night by Dr. Royal S. I 'op.. - wills ile- Hared alcohol tended to liierease tile danger ft - tin the disease. LATEST MARKET REPORTS. - Chicago Livestock. Chicago. 411.1. 22 --hogs Receipts 33.- 0011. Market. closing. fully 25e lower: In between kinds. :is much as 25r lower. Butchers. Sli.tit117.75: light, $16.5 0 b 17.75; packing, $15 , ii 16.65; rough. SI i 15; pigs. good to choice, $141117,. Cattle: Receipts 30,000. yt e ,,r and better grades of butcher cattle. steady to st nook. cotton:to. light kinds. and canners. s lowto ti - lore etao2d.aoin and canners. low to slower; feeders. mostly 25c higher: calves. steady. Reef cattle, good, choice and prime. $14 508 1940;. coalition and medium. $ 9 / 1 14.50: butcher stock, rows and heifers. 13; canners and cutters. $5.75411.15: stockers and feeders. good, choice and fancy, $9.751f 12.50; veal calves, good and choice. Sir, 50016; western range beef steers. $13.50(617: cows and heifers. $8.25 612.25. Sheep: Receipts 10.060. Lambs. 2550 55c higher: sheep strong to 25c higher; lambs, choice and prime, $115.75-Q16.60: medium and good, $144115.75: culls, $81, 12.50: ewes, choice and prime. $101•41 0 .25: medium and good. 811.5011 10; culls. $3.50 417. St. Paul Livestock. St. Paul. Oct. 22. --Hogs: Receipts 7. - OW 'Market 25 to 40c lower. Range. 81601 16.85; toulk. $16.65ti 16.95. Cattle: ilereipts 12.300. Killers. weak $5.5104116 75; cows and heifers, $0.10t1 16 cows and heifers. 56.5069.71); veal calves. steady. $3561011450; stockers and feeders. steady. $5.754:13. Sheep • Receipts 6.600. 51arket steady Lambs. $10'u 14.25: wethers. (711111; ewes. 8369. Omaha Livestock. () ma t o ,. (wt. Receipts 4. - 100. Market lower. Heavy. 616.4041 10.90; mixed. SIC 5114(14.50: tIght, 911.9:W17.15; bigs- I 11. 51 yo 16.5 0 : hulk. 516 roili IS . Cattle: 1tece11,tlq 9.800 Market high. Native stPf . ts. Ill), IS; cmys and heifers. $1.754111.25; range COWS nail heifers. $6.50 • cantors. $7..!\ 50; stockers and feeders. WI 13.50: calves. $7.504/13. Shefle 19.6010. Market strong. Wethers. 905i-5; owes. (1.504,8; lambs. (12.501115 25; feeder Iambs. $10\ii 12.50; culls, 54.50119.50; yearlings. 11011 II. Minneapolis Grain. Minneapolis. Oct. 22. wheat! Re- ceipts 1.323 cars. compared with 700 cars • year ago. Wheat: Cash No. 1 northern. old. $2.21. Corn: NO. 3 yellow. $1 354,1.40. Oats: No. 3 white. 63 1 ,4' 4164%e. Flax: $3.354/3.42. Flour unchanged. Shipments, 102,560 barrels. Barley: Sits 52c. Rye: $1.57.54,l.58tic. , STRIKE OUT TAX ON PRESIDENT'S SALARY Washinet011, 0441. 19. -- The senate committee. in revising, the war reve- l/11P bill yo•sterslay. strowk 'mese prey:slow, t:.xitig the sabiries of ilic president. imealos•rs of tlio• supreuic osootrt mai superier vourt Ii list stouts officialS. The committee els° rejected houst provisions Nixing state anti mindelpel bonds. l'he committee held that stud) P11)1051 it would be unconstitutional Chairman Simmons announced HUNS PROFESS TO - ACCEPT lull TERYS UNOFFICIAL VERSION OF KAI- SER'S ANSWER TO PRESI- DENT IS RECEIVED SUBMARINE WAR MODIFIED torY must he completed! before thert can be an armistice. Should President Wili4011, after ronsilltation with the al- lies, adhere to Ibis view, the work el driving the Germans to and across their own bolsters would proceed and 1111 0 OppOrtaidly for flxiing details which the new note suggests \lic brought about\ would come only Illy\ligh to ri'llucst iron+ the Ger1//3/11 Llies 111114414 white flag on the battle- field. Disregard Details. Little importanee is attached to the protests nod dienIals lit the note re - 'Nailing German brutality and rutitieso 4114.1 111141 14111 Of Jorojperty. The iiiipor lant thing Is witt•ther alrocitit.s will Willingness to Evacuate Occupied Ter• iosow stop. As to lin investigation by to neutral commissiom as suggested in die note, the imesident indicated long ago suck investigations come to noth- Mg except In connectItm with 1111'111We- fOr filial pellets. • Some Limit to Destruction. washineloti, tier. '2.2, has ritory Under Agreement of Mili- tary Chiefs in the Field Is Expressed President 'Wilson with a ! J oie which, thong), Ills lulls' IS prepare./ I ,, so y in s,,,pi t ont es .\ , so vont hilts. excluingcs u,ti the subject of an and piesce„ ill least las served almost 10 bring rottvletion acre that the people Of I:01111111y He - :111111y 111 - 1* liiki 111.! I Ile reins of g401,14111- 114'111 and shwerely desire pence on illy terms the Unites' States and the Wise: are willing to give. There was no intention last night of attitude of the president. mid troidably Mery will be 11411144 11111 11 the teXt 41f II144 11441V I:vigilant ('(tIll- iulliiit:ll hum been received. Thit wesiiient was Its 4101114411•11re 111St et e - with Seerelary Lansing, diseuss- a:: the ilith• loy wire - as. , hilt. yesterday. 1.1k s' the reply to presideers inquiries a Week ago, 1.11i , 11411e %Vas: Selll ollt frola Ole Ger- a:111 Wil1•14,- . ..1 111 . 3001, 341141 pietied 1111 ill !lie 311114441 41011111 ries 110/1114S before offieial 14451 44o11141 11140Ve by cablc nie of ici a I V1414.1011 probably Will (4411oe 44111114 1/111e May Be Slightly Garbled. r1 . 11.11V1 • 11 by %% inl'11• ,, the note is whevial Iii lot. slightly gi titled In lit.' iniporlatill sent:qty.,: regartlitil2 condi- tions for the VA - 114'11W jell tsf irlraele41 territOry 111141 lot. ati armistice, but iletertheless it is ell:m.41,-11 as an novii- ears] attempt too titeet the esonolitions il olowe by President it - Olson for ,siosideratioet of tin artaistlee.' '- And it makes the significant declara- tion omit ii, eover111111111 ill Iterlill 1140 longer is to a single arld- r a ry influence --1 he kaiser -hut is supported by all ONerWIIVIIIIillg major- ity of the Chiral:In people. Reforms in Progress. This declaration is ,Iinnorted by the statement that constitutional refornis are itt progress. in accord with the determination of the 1....olde ander whIelt no government can take or hold. office without the elllIfille114414 Of the inaJorily of 11 eleeled 1.7 mil- versal. secret stuffragt•. It is acrorded 1110re consideration here liectilise of inivices received lady yes- terday indivating that the German mid- dle classes hove resolVed to have peace lit any and If necessa ry are prepared to get rid Otf the kaiser, the CreiWil prince and ell con- trol. Believe Effort Genuine. Thus the belief is strengthened that the present note and those Ilial haVe gone lwfore gelliline effort' , to ob- tain petits. and are inconclusise merely because lite (feria:Ins emoltirling the eX.chilligeS are seeking -4o bargain for something better than tile uncondi- tional surrender they are prepared to give if pushed to the wail. It is as- sumed also that they want to prepatre gradually the German 'oniol is. for a reitlization of what boss happened to their military machine and the war lord's dream of power, so as It avoid compit•te collapse of the government. May Ignore Reply. Iiiplomittic observers point dint that the president is at liberty with perfect consistency to Make to 1444 , 10011.1. At this Illile, hilt to await 111 - 7 till to ass - hilt the pt•rformall,t` 1.1 the premises of the “erman, ion Its torpe- ilosantsseliger ships. their implied prom- ise to work no more destruction olurin N g their retrent filen Belgium end France than military neeessity requires, and finally 141 await further tleveloopuient of the political leaven that evidently Is working trowerd the 11111111141 14 over- throw of military anti atitovratic power In the empire. Fighting Will Continue. No one loelieves that ow immediate cessation of hostilities is ut sight. The opinion most generally held is that if Mr. Wilson decides to maks n r „„ply , rind If the entetitt. gor% ertiments agree, the only step possible at 111k lime would be to sanetion arrasivements to be thalicateol by Genertil Foeli in the field ror withdrawal Of the t;ertnans without flirther ffghting. Siteli ar- rangements. of Course, weldsi be con- tingent upon gintraittees of continued supremowy sit the viettorious allied armies and ColiSeartelltlY ', iii tolls would mean surrender for the Ger- nians. Mtlat Complete Evacuation. The official view here SO far has been that evactiation of invaded Ierrb. BELGIUM NOW COMPUTING DAMAGE WROUGHT BY HUN Washington, Oct. 21. -The Belgian government already has taken steps to col/Wine the enormous total of tho damage done 141 property ill B 1 '12111111 by the Germans during their oiecupm !ism sof the country, said it telegrinti received yesterdny by the Itelgiati le- gation. The council of ministers_ net fil Havre and adopted inensures for verb lying cittlins for damages to ch:11100 and publics property. • Ilegarditig the German denial of tin necessiory destrtn.tion sof property by the retiring armies, military expitrts -nis that undoubtedly 5114'11 aralle. 11111110riZed 111111er illterl1311i1O331/ 131W to lVOrli terrible 1111 Vise lii eV:141101441 ter- ritory. Itut tiler!. 114 411114 1111111e (44111411- 1 14011 to be ne.t-all of this must lie I • with the sole purpose of olitimig- stig and retarding the pursuing army. may he destroyed: stores Of food burned. 111141 44%111 buildings Willett . itigtit shelter enemy troops. ((sit it Is mot toermittes1 to 'missal iro•Ils, Its dr- :troy frith trees lir Is bait :mil de- -Jolly private property which would be if lull lISIl Itt either Iii fact, 140 14011111111 ally Of the acts sof wanton deviltry which are charged against the Genitals emit's. CZECHO-SLAV REPUBLIC DECLARES INDEPENDENCE 55'8.111110111, Oct. 19.--- 101101111411V if the Czecloo-Sloviok tuition Wl(S de- c•lared formally yesterday by the Czecho-Sloviik national council revolt- itiz.41 by ihe Culled States and the entente allies 11115 a helligeretil de facto eovernittent. The declaration, re- notineing allegiance to the litipsiourg ilynnsty 311141 511114111114'111g prillelpIPS fOr the f0111141albal Of at repulolie, was is- sued in l'arls and iu copy - handed to President Wilson 14,5' .1. (User of the council's staff in I 5 'asitingts)11. '1' 110 ' (boracite:it is signed by (in. Thoinas G. Musaryk, president of the commit, as premier and minister of finance and by other officers of the pr.% isionel government. NATIONAL WHEAT GROWERS URGING INCREASED PRICE Washington. Oct. 2 1. -President WI I- 51111 wits urged to fix a 111i11111111111 Or $2.40ut bushel for Nis. 1 nonalierti wheat Or its equivalent, Citivagoo deliv• ery, by representative,: of the National Wtosait Growers' association at a con- fl•rellee here 101111y. 111 a brief pre- sented to the president, the grotvers titsistred out advance prest•nt fixed privy is necessary because of the increased cost of production. ••Cost of prooltiction - figures pre pares1 independently by trained shalt: Bello's.\ the brief says, \shows that the 11018 prices homely cover ths• aver age cost of production of wheat this year end will lw far below the Inert table cost of production of the yeat 1919 wheat crop.\ MONTANA CASUALTIES. Killed in Action. Pr!, Fred T. E. l'rane, ilighwood. Pvt. Louis C. Pizzinl. Belt. Pvt. Nittynard Lee Christie. Helena Pvt. Floyd I.. Bruce, Big Safely. I'vt.. F. Wharran, Ilighwood. Pvt, Geo, L. IVingert, Ilighwood. Pvt. /len. W. Arps, Augusta. marine Pvt. Fred C. Hines, Dutton, Pvt, It, b11.111, Great Fails; (\uneaten arniy. prt. 1. 1„ Meager, Valier; Canadian array. - Pi - t. John I.:, McConnell, Collin. Sgt. Clyde Blaisdell. Ektiloika. Corp. Jacob Vaitessen, Stevensvillt• I's - I. Harry A. Heiberg, Helena. Missing in Action, I'vt, Johannes Fandrich, Nlandlow. Pvt. If, It, Conitam•y. Orchard !tomes Sgt. Softis Jensen, Creston, Wounded Severely. Pvt. Mises Hart, Great - 1 4 'alls. Pvt Jells 11113411111SSen, Three Mertes NVagoner C. J. Ito•no•nt, Miles City. Pvt. Fred 1'. Petierchlik, Great rails Pvt. .1. Gates. Drummond. Pvt. Wm. D„ Waddell, Hamilton, I's - I. Geo. J. Beduin% Gibson 1'vt. Thos. .1. McDermott, Hingham. Died of Disease. Pvt, Carl ('. Peterson, Billings. Pvt. J olar) Wiltistuts.. Marysville. Slightly Wounded, Pvt, Alliet•t Paul. Butte. Pvt. Ray L. Greathouse. Fromberg Died From Wounds. Pvt. Claude I. Cody, Bowdoin, Pvt• Arthur McC'oard, Butte. Died From Accident, Pvt, Glen Cottrell, Geraldine. ST. PAUL CLUB CLOSED. Washington, Oet. 19. -The SIt nut: sots cluit, one of the loading (int)' of St. Paul, has agreed voluntarily ts close its reetatirant until Novembei 1 for violation of the food adminis Ironton regulatiotf§, and to contrIbutt $1,000 to the forest fire sufferers 01 Mi s miesola. • The agreement . super sedes a recent order of the food lid ministretion forbidding licensed deal LIENERAL SEMENOFF t;eneral Semensoff is the anti -Bolshe- vik It•ader of itaS34411/1 1110OpS. Cossacks. in Trans-Itnikalia. WORLD NEWS IN CONDENSED rom A check rim $10.03 1.32 lies beim forwarded te Seeretary Itaket by the Nu I bout' Baseball 4440111111i..:4111, 111141 With $2.:1 1:1.27 already gies.ti by the Attlt.ricati Cl 1111 PitiN'er s 's represents 10 Ioer vent oof th'e reveries. received by all interested parties: in the reeent world's series to be do- nated to war cliarhies, New credits for s7lio,00timn0 for Duly and $100.1100.0o0 for France Were t•stablislied this week by the treaisury, making the totlif•loans to Italy $10(10.- 000,000, and to France. $2.1 1;5.000,000 For all lilt. all,es American loans 'too amount tol 57,:320.4711,11611. * A stain' of rev4)hillon bas broken out In Sofia, Bulgaria. and street fights are oceurring It411.1140V- nil laborer. 115111 the 1 111011.44 311111 police. It Is reported that more time :4,000 persons have been killed. * Kid lutrhor Is liIuilbS. so:volume- date ail the submarines which have retlinied front Osten.1 and Zeelorligge the last Week and siMe lire lying off .110114, 114-4 , 111ing us /1141%111.S 114.14iVe11 ill SWilZeria1141. • Ar 1 larold Lockwood, motion pid . ture actor, is dead at his Lando. Iui Nt•w York of Spanish influenza. lie was 29 years told. liesidt.s his wither anti child, Luck wood is survived by his Mother. At * Two soldiers were killed and 13 otlia•rs serloinsly injured at CitittR Lee. Vii., in all alecidetttal explosion during It reitearsal (of an wiled: in it $ham btittle. General March, in a statement to the $enate, said Ilint this gOVernillelit has alrylidy constructed 10,11(0l airplanes, most of them De Ilatilunds. Pri•sititnit bt•en unani- mcourily prowl:limed It citizen of Bar- celoutd. Spaln. 'Fite honor was arcord- ed lit recognition of \his great ef- forts 1111111e in favor of world inslice.\ C'atinp I.ewis has been placed under rigid quarantine on account of the in- flut•iazat epidentic. • * Felix flooded, an army contractor. fetlt n ol al i gi hg ia ieiturt a t : sif eg vonspirney 1ff defraud the gevernment of inconit• taxt•s on profits mode in manufacturing army retie:setts. rtr. John Dill RobertsUm. health conk, mIssioner uuf Chicagii, is going to vacci• nate everybody hi Chlorite() tog:dust pneunionle following influenza. 'rhos( witio have liatl_in i, f f lu i, vi r a'141 are W.:11410111 A1114114414 attellIpt 11115 been 11111414. Olt the lift , of Ntkolai Letilne. pretuter, according to Kiev ad- ViCes, rect.ived a bullet Iti tit( shoulder from a revOlver in the hands of .11. llovenitzke of the lamination bureau of the soviet. bWallitzky arrested. Cr 17 Mas011 L. Williams, field seeretary of the itelitonel defellSe letigno. of Condit. has been arrested hy feolerul officials oil n eherge oof censpiracy Is (1(41111111 through the United Stille mails In emmection with the tillettej embezzlement of apprOXIMiltely $20,- 1100 in' the orgitilization's funds. ' * The six Itillion dollar military th•fi eleney hilt -Juts been passed 1)3' Hu house without 31 ills:slotting vote 11116 Seta to the senate In practically tlid same form that It Came froin the op proprintions ronnnit tee. * Investigation by the senate indictor: sub -committee into the totIrchase of tie IVasitington Times hy Artlour Bris bane with the is Id sof money aolvenc('s by brewers. Very likely will develoi ers di) food commodities to supply into a general hiuq ill ry litto the tie. the club (rot) f)clober 10 to Januar) tivItles of German propagandists• it 1, 1019 thls coutitrv. WILL DO RESEARCH 'NB ON LIVESTOCK ROCKEFELIER FOUNDATION HAS PROMISED TO SEND AN EX. PERT TO HELINA NEWS OF THE CAPITAL CITY Ambitious Plans COntemplated Upon Completion of New State Live. stock Laboratory at State Capital Grounds itelemi.--The building to the livestock industry of Sbouit lihhit, 110W iii Coarse of erectiom at the state ompl• 101 grounds. will becoonte tlie seat of some of the most impoortaut 111/e: ill tile e411111try, and possibly in tlit• world, if the war does not inter- fere sslI Ii the original plans. Besides mantifeeturing ;4 1 ' 111 i - free hinekleg reveille that will he distrib- uted free \tie eloarge Its Nliontenot stocknien. tilt. stale livi•stock hoard awl the state livestock coat - mission' Biel co-operatial in tile Ism- structiom of Ilit• building somi•thoto agsi reerivell assurenves from) I loss Itockeleller foundattion that all expert would lit. sent Itt•re 141 4141 researell WOrk 1/1/1111 15 liVeslock diseases, for Which at present no rellied'y is: known Ill' for WI“el, prt•seitt mire mt- satisfaenory. Otiessof the Most inipar- lailt stlidies will Mull with the dread loeo, which kills sheep, ruins horses Ind sotto -times affects cattle. The blackleg vaccine at present available ill monition is described 11 ,4 1111 attellitated Virtis whICII affords int- inanity for 1 While, bat IlereSsar- .1 113.111111111111 11111111111it3'. ,date Kanoary board contemplate,: the tinintifarture of 21 f and pare zerm free agreSsill Which affdirtis liitsl- ltg tind is asserted to he the v d i((L e:1 . Va V dillt. flit* lohlekleg ever de - \York mi the 'exterior of the three- :tory- -building Is practically .11.11111,_____ 1411111 /Old WOrk 0/1 iMerior 1111.5 liegnit. The shot. livestock beard, the state veterinarian, the livestock sant- 1111'y board. and the state hoard of health expect to Move their °filet's III Elie latter part of November fr the state vapitool too thlt new structure - This wIll make available quarters the capitol that are badly nei'diell bY other departments, in VieW Of the filer Illts 411Striet draft beams!, the stale hail ilislirallee hoard. the board of child anti 11111111:11 . iirinecoom.tiiiii the $tole tax comiiii,,ion ni p 8 11 using legisla- tive quarters that must he vacated when the next session is convened. * * * Must Not Slow Up War Work, \Continue all war iletiritles: with ma - abated zeoil.\ Franklin K. Lane, seere. tary of the interior and chairman or it new dill:slim of (lie nationail council of defense, wires the Montana Conned of defense. \It Is of primary importance,\ he telegraphs. 'Halt the receipt of (lie German note should not Ill any way rt•stilt in It stewing down of our war activities. \Will you, therefore, eall the attention of all mentbers of the state, comity and conatillinity coun- cils of defense to the absolute neces- sity of supporting n11 war activities with unabated zeal? We may safely trust the president to gnarl) our Inter- ests and direct our-diplonntley. Our duty Is to give strength to his arm. He will k 111155 1101V to use It.\ * * * Donation to Fight Epidemic, The Stale Association for the Pt . e- vention of 'fuherettiosis, of which 1 1. It. Cunningham is president, has taken steps to substantially 31111 in the eradi- eation of Spanish influenza from the state, and at a special meeting appro- priattsi $2,000 to the use of the state board of N40111.111 SeelirIng nurses to fight the contagion. The meeting was of a special , kind, and it was derided that the funds of the socisty could be no better expend- ed thluit to) stamp out Ilie scourge that iis halting army movements and eatts- ing deaths throughout the country. The !money oats appropriated with the approval of the national assoria- tfroon dirt•ctorate. The society also di - reseed that 3111 IiiirseS in its employ should give their si•rvices to the local health lomirds of lite state In the in- - fluenza erusaide. It may be that the society will ap- propriate further funds for the Influ- enza work if it is required. 'floo only definite figures the state hoard of litetIth lias on the Influenzai situation) in Montann are - in the re- port of the surgeon general at Wash- ington, showing 2,000 new comes re- ported to the boordi as occurring last week. The hoard admits the figures are far from incomplete. * * * Fish Hatchery Head Resigns. Resignation of .1. K. nettles, who has been superintendent of the state fish hatchery at Anaconda for the past 10 years, has been tendered to the stole fish and game commission. Mr. Healer' and his family have gone to Portland. His resignittion was prompted by Ill• health. Mn, neaten is recognized as one of the leading authorities lit the west on fish -culture and he has played an important part in determining the proper method to successfully hatch the grayling egg and how to care tor Site' fry.

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 24 Oct. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.