The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, October 24, 1918, Image 4

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• THE STANFORD WOELD A COMMUNICATION Limistown,/Mont., Oct. IS, 1918. Mr. Taipayer, Fergus County : Inform:16mi reaehea ino I hat Mr. A. . Miller, dei noeralic noun - Published at the World Office at net. for asoussoio is report oil ti In• incompetent to fill the the Ito- Nitinui, a report as Mel' is decided- ly %Tong. as from my personal knowledge. of t hi. ;daddy of I he gentleman. over a pornel of more than foil!' years. I have found Entered at Vac Stanford poatorfice hiui t 0 he very fa miller wit I. his . as Secorid clash mai! matter, nailer the as Deputy' County Clerk mot of March 3, 1879. 'and lieeoriloo well informed as - to land valuations land taxation, Subscription $2.00 per year. and always courteous and oblig- ing whet' approached for any in- formation required; also a hard, diligent and competent worker. I ain tool in polities in any way but as a taKpayor only ant inter- ested iii I he elect ion of a mail qualified it, fill the position ;Ind therefore di, not hesitate to rec- ommend the election of Mr. A, right kind of balk , In rare atid oxtail.. T. mi ller as a d es i ra l r i o brill for the office of I ',Wily As- scssor. OptimiGtie Thought. Often aliut is given is small. yef the result from it Is greet. El Ht(.Ia E P. A 11 NOI For State Senator B. C. WHITE Thirty years in business in Fergus. County THEY PUT HIM OFF AT BUFFALO .11•••••••••• eee-V 00000000000000000,000000000000000000000000000000000000 o 0 O 0 • Farmers Remember 0 Stiinford, afontana,•ty Thursday. 11 11 :01; 47.111-11.1!, 1 0.. A.150Co.,00 ebe W. p. DUNTON - tot - Public Comos Hest. grounded rife and eelebrotial le dm imam Is 1>r wisest nien, Mao to tte• pri‘. respects lutist yiehl • wo Amos or talk, Talk und cheap. but tlie Yolirs for serviee and the win !ling o f th e war. - 0 0 0 0 W. S. Weiss 0 0 0 0 I am iviying foo 1trie.•1 lot - your butcher stuff, anal • (tome back al )1ali on dreemeil beef by (plarterfs at 15 ceents per pound O Ana paying 224! for dressed Hop at pre:Sent.; rio o for hens; 15c for ducks; 18c and 20c for friers. 0 Try me. . Am there with the goods. 1 0 0 000000000000000000000000000000000dooe - ooO000000000 0000 a Windham, Montana 4 Stan1ord Mercantile Co. Vuel th-a ga - sh value I Stop Scandalous Waste! Coal is half gas --half your fuel money flies up the chimney with other ranges —save this valuable gas half of the fuel and turn it into heat for baking and cooking with Cole's Fuel -Saving Hot Blast Drafts /In Exclusive Feature Study the picture --=note the fuel saving drafts in action — they pay big cash dividends in fuel saved over other ranges, If real fuel economy looks good to you, own A ik Saone illter. • .110.168 - T - e Less fuel to buy—more service No. 3 WOMEN AND THE WAR By MRS. HENRY l'. DAVISON Treasurer War Work Council National Board . W. C. A. Within six months after the UnIteo States mitered the war. the Y. W. C. A. War Work Council had established girls' clubs near, more than forty of the c a ti to II • 01003, barracks, and navy yards A trained recrea- tion leader was placed in charge of each club. These workers amtiplement t h e offorts of the lo- cal Aseociations, if those already exist. Whore the idea Is new the workers form club Centers,' or- ganize time girls, and arouse them to a sent of their reeponsibility in this Hine of great excitement and con fusion. No ecolding of girls for unwise at (ions and no solenio finger-thaking oc- curs in the clube. lusteati of dwelling on what not to do, these wise loaders urge real patriotism. All aorta of pro - beets are suggested that are more In terestiog than the dubious and danger o , rs pleasures which appeal to the ig norant and the thooghtlosa. At parties, for instance, these wily (limper ones, whom no ono over thinks of as supervisors, arrange that there shah always be twice as many soldiers as girls. \Tweeting\ is utterly impoesible where there are not enough girls to go around! Club leaders do not attempt to ban ish the gallant soldier entirely flow the girls' world; they wish only to bring la tin down front glorified heights of glamour to take his place as an every -day hero, subject to the same scrutiny as other men. - instruction and 'relief work are not neglected. Among the activities of- fered are dressmaking, cooking, knit- ting, P'rench, athletics, dancing, sing- ing, Ited Croats work. Belgian relief, and work for the fatliorletta children Iml France. The world coutains a WAD - her of things besides soldiers for a girl's imagination to dwell upon. Iliandrode of oltil):1 for school and toisinese girls all over the country are IfferIng pleasanter recreation than rho gaily lighted streets and the sha- dowy parks. \I have 5 place now to spend t ry eveninga,\ 1481(1 a telephone girl in Watikegen, Illinois, to the club leader. \I was 80 lonely before you came.\ Eniergenoy housing for employed girls it closely connected with the more general welfare work Centers, selected on the I/8818 of Immediate need, have been chosen as demonstra- tion groonala to show employers how •ficl employees should be housed. Mrs. Davison The,.' eent. , .rs noar the ea: ' men) a The li.treait of Morality lion impuitant faatore of the War Wark Coiner -Ws proomain under the sr\.' 'al abnormal conditions. That ion:ma:me Is no shield to a girl is well known tc Its m.-mbers, lorOrtail, it Is her gravest peal. Any al:motion shroodcd in mys tery is dangero•oi. Wernen can ilea only with what they ender - stela true aocial morality man, be b ci • tosailoion of knowledge, an! b. ins; ut - itt hy hi th aims. • - loon - toot; %omen physie'ana at' lo groaps of parents. ach.mI ;iris, and hid Istria! women. Tim.. 'moiriars bend their . be4t orroos t sprooling in on souial aalt Colored women at • this tinio ni IS :newt all the nroldeilis confrunin: white women. TOeir'sitaation is fur ther comoNeated by iniinsOial are' social condition:4. el:eclat el abs art ;ming formed among smeared ;he neighborhood of No:kers aro lieln; ;a :a :4 a'a aentero like Lo Kent.mity. am: ;forme:tail, Viro'hiia. Inimigra7it lou u ho formerly la o• reii in ;nines on fmets, aad !Ole 'Dries, and now serve ill trir art::v 1r9 .heinAel .. wool of a. ...I.:cc Foreign men tna:ri ::1:444Y 3ven of the yo1rt-4 totes. have largt 'amines dependent mon C: cm. lie -Attlee of these helofess fainetoe. Cii War Wo:k Comaril has translator, who go into the carime. The activities of the War Wona l:ouncil could not be confined to our wn comory. Our Amorioan nairsoi in loraiwe need the Y. W. (I. A. SOCili Sorkers. Even the most self-rellani semen must have help at the front 4/ here women's welfare is a matter oi minor linistitance. A central eitib it. Paris gives hard -worked, courageoin nurses a home In a strange land Branch clubs at all of the base hospl tali; provide relaxation and recreadoc for hours off. When the Ii'rench women cabled tr tha War Work Council, pleading tot export* to advise them in establish log foyer-canteens for women worker. in umnitione and other war industries 41 port, were sent over to have over oight' of the building and equipping oi some of the canteens and act as ad visor to French committees. A , professlonally solemn -faced but bit tn- one of the beautiful homei Wherig a drawing -room meeting 'writ being -hold stood where he heard On ;Aeries of the War Work Cotinoll'i plans and accompllehments. Afteu the guests had gone he approached di( speaker with two one -dollar bills. \ give them for my daughter,\ his said ''l am subject to tho next draft. When I am gone someone nowt look after no little girl I feel the War Work COM) MI will dii It.' \DON'T IT JEST BEAT ALL!\ !bug for carrying and storing his re- ' (bans, for patching and re.enforcIng Colonel'. Orderly Has an Altogether his clothing, for lining and curtaining Unflattering Opinion of French ills dugout, for muffling mallets and s ' Intelligence. stakes when putting up wire In No Man's Land. They make excellent gal - Red, the colonel's orderly, stood le tern, holes tied on over the puttees as the doorway picking his teeth. Red al further protection against mud and 18 alx feet two Inches tall, and diepro. iiftmi). They make cosy mufflers In portionately narrow. He is 41 Illernin4r had weather.' They are ivied to rover of a regiment recruited In the Middle shrapnel helmets to prevent reflection, itild they are frequently in demand for West. hut he halls front the Panhandle of Texas, and betrays the fact every. rifle covers. limo he opens his mouth, At the tilm Many tioldlens always pull two sand- ment of our approech he was addrees- bags over their feet and legs when go - Mg an unseen and presumably a ern- Mg to bed In billets; in other words, pathetic listener beyond the thresh- the mandbag Is Tommy's pajamas. The old: warrntli and comfort of g burlap sand' 'Me, I'm plum' outdone with these bag when pulled Over chilled feet is here French people,\ I heard him astonishing, \Here we've been camped The poetiunn's mailbag at the front le nothing more than an empty sand. bag, and the water carriers Om use two sandbags, slung back and front amongat 'ern fer gob' on four months and they ain't learnt English yet. You'd think they'll want to know how to talk to people in a reeler honest -to- over the shoulder, each containing a (loft languago---but no, ;mein' seeminly petrol tin full of water, not i-tall. I'd be aehained to he so \The war will be over,\ a soldier ignorunt end show it, Conrae oncet wit once said, \when all of Belgium In a while you do run acroet one of and France has been put Into sand , 'ens that's picked tip a word here and bags.\ there; hut that's about all. 'Now frinetance you take that nice- - Birds Finally Agrsed. lookln' little woman with the black A family of robins and a family of eyes and the shiny teeth that runs bluebirds are occupying the same that there little store In this here last house, something quite unusual In town we stayed a spell in before we bird lore, It, M. Cashman, caretaker come on up here. I never could re- member the name of that there town -- it was so outlandish soundin'—but you remember the woman, don't you, Well, there's a case In pint, She was bright enough lookIn', but she was like all the rest ---it seemed like she jest couldn't pick up enough rselar words to help her git around. it I went in her place and asked her for sardines she'd know whin I meant right off and hand 'ern over, but ef I wanted some cheese she didn't have no idea whut I was talkin' about. Don't It jest beat K. Cobb in the Saturday Evening Pont. • MANY USES FOR SANDBAR Soldiers Employ It in a Number of Ways Besides What It la Offi- cially Intended For. --- The sandbag Is one of the roost ose• ful pieces of military eqiiipment found anywhere and the moldier puts it to manifold uses, Their official use, of er)rmite, le to be filled with sand or clay and built Into ramparts, barricades and trenchee. Their unofficial uses are legion. The infantryman always Uses a sand - of the Altoona (Pa.) reservoir, has re. ported. Kr. Citehman has erected a num- ber of bird boxes on the watershed and he watches; over hie charges When Papa and Mamma Bluebird cruller north this spring they were hor- rified to find their usual oozy bdrdbor was occupied. That Is, a pair of rob. Ina, arrivlog It week earlier, had start- ed to build a neet on the tiny porch of the house. A. wordy battle started, which tested for several (lays. The blnebirds wanted the robins to move. The robins maintained their post. tion. And then, quite suddenly, 'hos , dillies ermined. Inveetlgating, Mr. Gash' man found the blnebirde were biAlri- ing a nest Inside the box, while ths robins made thermielves comfortable on the porch. Then both mothers Rai on a nest of eggs. Advertising in this paper will bring good returns on the money invested SP Gait Bros. STANFORD We believe that it pays to gave our customers aurvice and satiL4Ftetion; that id why we want to sell you a LA 'AL CREAM SEPARATOR The NEW De Laval has made a big hit with cow owners from Maine to Mexico. The reason is not far to seek. It is the gilt -edge service the NEW De Laval is giving—service never before equalled. Every user of a NEW De Laval is an enthusiastic booster. Satisfied users from coast to coast are telling their friends of this splendid new separator. The NEW De Laval has four big advantages over any other separator: It skims closer. It has greater capacity. It's the simplest cream separator ever made. It is equipped with a Bell Speed -Indi- cator, whicit insures proper speed and thus prevents cream losses. We'll sell you a NEW De Laval on auch easy terms that it will per for ithotf out of 11 , 6 ow. savings. We want to .0 you the next that you're in town. 00000000s000000000ci0000000000000000000000000000000rlsoo 0 0 Attention Ranchers O Vo will soon have to feed ilresbing crews. Remember we can supply all your needs in the way of Fresh and Smoked 0 MEATS, 0 O at reasonable priees o o o 0 0 Stanford Meat Market 0 0 0 0 0 0 0000000000000000000600000000000000000000000000000000 We want your chickens and hogs, and will pay the highest market price 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 o, O • . 0 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 O 0 O 0 g Bring Your Cream to the Basin ° 0 O Trading Company 0° O 0 ii We pay highest market price and cash on the S O 0 O spot. TRY US. 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 g cts 55 cts 0 0 . . O FOR BUTTER FAT AT PRESENT 0 O 0 O 0 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001101K 0 co 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ci 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 NOW Is the time to buy your Wines and Liquors Before the new tax law applies We have a small quantity of extra fine Brandy CIGARS Board of Trade •

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 24 Oct. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.