The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, November 07, 1918, Image 1

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L ,74101170e17.1s 1 8 7 ....~. , 7' 7 Give Once, Enough for All -United War Work( Vol. 9, No. :1S. $2.00 l'er Year. _ STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA BOYS' AND GIRLS' ' CLUBS TO MD DRIVE The Victory Boys a 1111 I lie Vi4 . - tOry cirls have {wen organized as an integral part of the United War Work ( ign, a 1101y4.- ;111,1 sponsored by Presblent The campaign ;1111011g bilyS and! girls is to he for \enlistment • -rather t a it \subseript Montana's goal is 6.000 ho . ‘s and 6,000 girls e»listed 10 111) some extra work or practiee some ex - t ra solf-deniatl and vont i'iiii to the proeeeds \to make our fight-. ers happy. •• No boy or girl may ask for one . , cent of money either from par- ! ents Or others. Money may be used that has been saved or that . is to be saved front regular ill- Iowanees 01' from regular wages. Niel' enlistment carries with it • the pledging of from $1 up to any amount that the boy or girl call; positively earn or save and eon-: I ribute between November 11,! 1918, and Mail+ 15. 1919. This may be paid in four nionthly payments, the first of January.! February. March and April, or\ all at any one time. When a boy or girl enlists he signs a ea rd agreeing that between that dote and April first he will earn and give so Panel, money to this fund. In S1 an ford this 11)0Velllellt is in gharge7,of Prof. W. R. 'lender - f4011. Any boy or girl wishinfit to s - enlist should communicate with', itim nd ask for a pledge card, ' fill it out, sign it and return it either to the local representativet or to Mr. T. T. Taylor of Lewis - 1 Wontinnedon Page 4.) 0 +(lea or the plan for the future made. the 1.1ergantlialer linot ypt . • 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000n • : 0 2 1 is . 1.0 make the World repreFenta- However. tbe wor,•: of these Iron- o o o o, Hot only of Stanford but of ble; ;:re over. !o Briri4 Your Cream to the Bawl 0 Why don't you deal in known values and get real bar- gains? Why don't /1? you see what you're eiru o, ford foi• a number of years. tried to do two men'fi work. and that Germ -any has Rurge\' 12 ears, Edwards & ot Nebel, 2 ears, and Ray Nelson, 1 o I The plans for the future of the lie result has been that I have! . • • 1 0011111'M of 27 cars. world include many improve- been slily to devote practicaily !Signed the armistice \\r , \ hot\ i . With this aubstantial addition 2 ! monis. but they will of necessity no time to editorial work. I . to his 1'1')WI'Vt7S Mr. Hoover will ol.eotne slowly. I have sm capital came here a. total stranger. and and that the termsib e able to further satisfy the ur- g l +0 .1,,,,,. on, and must meet all be;ides hat ing that for a handH • expenses incidental to any im- cap, have o , bet'a obliged in 1- a ,. . are Very drastic. I gent needs of the war stricken i vomit ries. Home Is Where the Boy Is in This Was. 111y lirnee Itarl011) ea a home where a service tlag hangs: and while we ate we talked of the boy who is ovvr t \I wonder if he is eold to- night, •• the mother said, \I wonder if ht. has a plaee to warm himself Ill1R1 tiry his clothes: and something, good Ao eat.'' - ••What wouldn't I give to be with him.\ she said. and We were silont, knowing her heart. But I thought of the Sol- diers, of Frieudliness who that very eool night would erawl out aeoss Allin - 8 Idalld to take ehoeolate and hot eoffee to that boy. Of the huts with their Wa fires burning: of the gree.t lecturers and preaehers nod actors and motion piotures that are over there. And I thought to myself: There is a differenee be- tween this and every other war. For when the . boys have inarehed away before, the in- fluence of their homes stop- ped at the front gate and could go no farther. lint. in this war it follows the flag. across the ocean, ov r the shcll torn battle land. straight up to the front line I moieties. Home is where the boy is in this war._ ,From every town and and village the lines of help- fulness - tom out. And no boy leaves his home behind him; step by step it travels with him, financed by the folks behind him -a token of their love. TtliiRs1)A\', \i)V1.:1111.:It 7, His , t 0. / •••dit See the Goods Before You Buy The One sure way of knowing just what you will get for your money is to go right into a local store and pick it out. When you buy from pictures and descriptions YOU cannot see the actual value until it is too late to decide you do not want it. Our local dealers would not think of demanding the full price before show- ing goods. Yet that is what is required • when you buy by mail. in o ? icy A. /1111/ / E I INSA ANN OUNCEMENT I El u,' rid times th 4' past few ! ro:(elied (Ivor I oi . II Will re• .1/10/11,118 I flilVe o'at hetteri quire montlis of hard w•ork an41 !things in store for ismders of the; considerable money to bring it .o 0000noo - 41,4;001440000000000000000WQ00000CU240444044-881W-Wid. O Privilege to make an tifittniiiiftT it -Cali be done, an t and -wqsk A is .L-i,*49,4*. but wg faa latitilint that Attention Ranchers You will soon have to feed threshing crews. Remember we can supply all your needs in the way of Fresh and Smoked MEATS 0 1 ment which think will please 11QSAMCII of Stanford and the oth- I 0 ( „ o i an. I have just succeeded_inFer towns in this end of the county g mr;king arrangements with Mr. will realize the benefit to be de. ! g• W. S. Hawk, and with this issue o h e becomes associate editor of o • . o Inc Viorld. Mr. Hawk is too well 0 °! known to readers of the World getting before you pay for it? rived and do their share by in. creased advertising In I vintage for in the last inialysis the sue.; eess of this move depends almost ! oi to require arty introduction. hay- entirely on the amount of sup- , . the rs Morale, They Call It. aim 1: • Winning the War. 1:rtioe Vail on Itaek 10111 1 110 11111. 1 111.71. 131,11. 11.'il\ Illill11S full of i(ie- tares / 1611 MI11711'11 10 ra 111'. .!:.I 1110 Stalk' : did WO 3111it• lley 1 N41 100 ,.;! 1:.' /111•11 g 1'111(.11 rid iii ii slitel e night they dropped !!\..vilY ey es staring eold betoro them. iii a 111;1111'11/ Ole tliltir •\..1; 1!1,1 ;I St-I'l*/;)1'y rallw 0111. Ills t' . 1't. 10tok ill.' Si! situation at a glance. 11 was l in .. rill' 1 a 1 Ile I It i'llts1 1011.1i into his hut again. And .. , t14.1;lettly a baseball rolled ion and bounded 011 Bic ground: then eame a t . and gloves; and :1 eatehoi mask. A ma» who Nat beside 11.0 hut pieked tho hall and turned it idly in his liand as if it hail been somo foreign thing. Another man ph hod up the bat : third player ab- sently played 1%.11 11 1 Ile glove, Then. like flame 0111 of smoublering elitherS4 I Infs. , ball game was born full fledged behind that little hut, The air was filled ‘vith I or. HMI the loud shouts 01 1111.11 111i1111S 1•11.41)/71,1/ uI eVery 11)141 1V11,,,, 11 ea S a re free. So 'wave 1111. 10 111'Se Who had been so burdened with their menniries. And in the morning they were- fresh- -115 1111.11 Who had fOlIght. They call it itiorale--the tiii- raele hat restorer; inert spir- its and sends them bank every 1114 in fresh all() confident. You will have next week 2, our -eininee to eontribitte to morale. It , : olurzeit you must not miss. For morale is winning the war. • iampaigin 5 Cents Per Copy IINITED WAR WORKERS DINT UN NEXT WEEK Tho \Val . C8111 v• 11 / 1) 1 '.'laY• ; or 011 , week. The ol..ieet of • campaign will be 140 t. ey • 10 vont bine dm 'Ilk lie SI'Vell \vat. work ?oils • i , ...•11 111.11I:r ill lilt. ;•;!1111/7; 1 . 411' 0111' 110y7I, 101:11 :11111111111 1.1 l'aiS1`11 itl iii.. 1 Hit ell 81 11 1 l'S is $170,000,- (rio, %y in divided alining t hese organizations as per al.- _ trontitine4lon Vogt. 4.) MUCH STOCK GOING TO CHICAGO MARKET lii111111.s: pilS1 a 11111(.11 mooted otiestioo deleite WIN I Ill' (\0111- t 1114.1'ils or rttow. I ill- T•V ,•„•,,,114 , 4) farm- ing. No xerdiei has been art . /viol ' at slo far :is we are aware that 11101 , 15 till. ;i1111111V/11 of all parties to th 4 . vont roversy. Sufric, it to say that him, (the groat lvveler .41 mair,‘ differeneesi appears to he demonstrating that there 171 711:11)1(' and need fir both, stock and grain -in this locality. A very ebannoit testimonial as 1(1 s411111. tilt' the for - •(10). industry was muelt evi- deuce WI TIle . 711 1 / 1 .V, 101141 the 1 . 01- I o %V i it g enterprising rill/141(4N 11)0014,41 illio'reSIS ill the 111111t1\/' Of shipping and 811117teti fourteeir ears of cattle for the (!hieago 1 market via th e northern route: i The 'ray lot' Ranch, Andy (loins, 1 Joe NVipf, Ingto•sol Raneh, 1)oc Rogers, Hosea Fisher, Eveleth & 'lute fact that it was snowing aml the wind 11148(1111A the • pro- portions of a gale - ,bindered but - (lid not deter the hamftg of the eat (Ii'. mid the train left promptly in spite of about the worst the weather eould do. The. fact that the train (lid not, exhansit he live stock resource. As we go to press of the community was proven by the loading out of the following oi ing been prominent in the busi- port that can he secured. e report is current nit Thur.diky: W. I. Hughes, 12 ears, Ilieney Bros. and ff. G. g!oe. , 7•3 and eommunity life of Stan- For the past six months Atave o provement front the current in- to operate and eats. for 011e 01 . I 0 • ( . 01111 . of the office. The main the most eomplicsited intichiro 0 ' are a number of mighty good 10- 1 11111, ll1 pi/Si 1 id01 111;1117441•1' 0 Tra ding Compfzny 0 O 0 - cal papers in this end of the of the Alnlitima elevator. inn] for 3 it. o vv e pay highest mark - t price and cash on the g o comity, but none of them aim tol weeks will not 14e . , 0 at reasonable priees c o ) Wo•terit Fergus rowity. There 31e. H aw k Iv iii st ill s We want your chickens and hogs, and will pay the highest market price Stan ford Meat 1V1 ark et °I anything more than purely local. able to devoto totte h ti n' , to edi_ .0 o hope to ma k e th e w o rld ;ill 0 spot. TRY - us. 10rial WOrli. 11111 Vri II Illake 1111 1 . 01 . 0 0 I list 1,11 10 - I I ilist I ilk .ot:«••••ilellt Will ° cts 55 cts • gi‘e ;IS ';I ,-,•11011 lo /us op (:) fOl• bet tering 1\11141i - D 11005 Or I ht. Wilide Wt ern 0 O F0114114. e011111y. 0 'Hos illeal is not going mo Ii'' roader-: 0 FOR BUTTER FAT AT PRESENT o . o 10 O 0 - 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 0000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 0 IIMINENOMMW IONMOIM.M10001•”40•111• Election Returns in Stanford 0 0 0 0 r\ 000000000000000000000000000 • 0 • 0000 • 000 000000 • 000000 The Benefits to YOU IS mit. point. in advertising. Not many people to• day call afford to get along without a bank ac- . count. The end of each month a statement of your account is ready for you. and every . one of your cancelled ihecks is a receipt and bears the en‘iorse- mein of the party- to whom you gave it. It is the best record you can have of your cash traifsaitions. We suggest that, you 1/SP our bank to obtain these benefits. Basin State ,Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 War gote-L-Are you foregoing personal luxuries? 0 0 0 00 0 00J 100000000001.: 00 '3 000 1 / 4 )0000 0000000000000000o U. S. Senator -- 1,1'8144i Law:Irmo .... .. 'oligre Mitehell ....19 25 Associate Justice-- 11;0111MA'. . _19 Cooper ..... 24 State Auditor- , Poland '2:1 Porter .... , 22 R a ilw a y I '0111missioner---- 11(111 17 Stennis 28 Judge. lot 1)ist net Ilriseoe ..... 22 Von 'robe! 24 State Senator - White _16 11(4160( 28 St ate Ilepresentitt ives- Burke13 Evans 12 Gordon. 15 Worden ...., L2 Belden 31 Goodell 26 'rho following table givo-; the I ..... .24 22 46 candidates: Comity Conunissioner- 2 - 9 28 57 vote ill Stanford on the v;:i•ions Wil-;011 ....19 20 :19 1st 21)41 4 1 1 % :; 1 4: i k g s 11 4111 ) 27 19 46 9,1 21 42, Sheriff -- 23 90 43 St --------1629 2156 -115 4 2 6 11 111 .. 13 :12 16 .41 County• Treasurer- (losch 26 32 21 40 16 • 40 Harrington 19 8 Comity Attorney - 7 40 it' . . .21 25 46, 23 36 Wright 14 • County A'ssestsor-- 25 16 41: Miller ----------- - 9' 21 53 slierman 31 65 - 5111.1. or 16 17 :13 Swill :10 25 55- '1:m.4'01110y Surveyor - - 17) :11 Tilzey. no opposition • Couuty Coronor-- '22 50 1 1 1:1 . ) 1 1 1 ;( 1 ( ' Cromer .... 19 21 31 linker . 23 21 44 County Auditor -- 'Wilson, no opposition. ' (Continued on Local Page) 11 •I - , 47 12 10 '- ) :1 II 23 14 29 14 26 21 52 24 50 58 27 000 000 000 00 0 000 • 0.0 A Private Safe in Our Vault 1'mi have fire illsoraiie, FM . premiums: you have a Will, lull es ,tleeds, abstraets of title, oi. possibly pension papers. privai t . oorrespondenee, certificates of de- posit,slocks, bonds or valuable records. Are they all. I'erhaps you have papors of very private tore which ought to be kept where no one bid your- self has aceess to them. A private safe ill our vault affords one seettro place for all yout• impers. l'ott have an individual key. making the eontents of your private ,safe ac- eessible only to yourself. NEVER HAS FIRE OR BURGLAR 'MADE A SUCCESSFUL ATTACK ON A MODERN SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT. You can hate exclusive use of a private safe in our fire -proof vault for $2.00 per year. First National Bank of Stanford 10 0000 Cc.pital atui Surplus $50,000.00 SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN 000 00 .0..00 0. 0000000 0 4.

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 07 Nov. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.