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fe4 e•• HOW TO USE VICK'S VAPORUB IN TREATING SPANISH INFLUENZ The Influenza Germs Attack the Lining of the Air Pas sages. When Vapoltub Is Applied Over Throat an Chest, the Medicated Vapors Loosen the Phlegm Open the Air Passages and Stimulate the Mutou Membrane to Throw Off the Germs. In Addition, VapoRub is Ab- sorbed Through and Stimu- lates the Skin, Attracting the Blood to the Surface and Thus Aids in Reducing the Congestion Within. CALL A PHYSICIAN — GO TO BED — STAY QUIET —DONT WORRY There is No Ocen.lon for Panle--Influ- eases Itself Dna a Very Low Percent- age of Catlin(leo. Not Os er One Death Out of Esrey Four Bemired Cases At...ceding to the N. C. Board of Health., The Chief Danger Lies in Complication. Arising, Attacking Principally Patients In n it Condition—Those Who Don't ti( to Bed Soon Euough, or Those Who Get Up Too Early. Spanish Influenza, which appenred in Spain In May. has all the appearance of grip or la grippe, which has swept over the world In numerous suptilemiee as far back as history runs. Ilippusera- tee refers te an epidemic in 412 B. C. which Is regarded by many to lin% e been influenza. Every century has haul its attacks. BegInning with 1821, this country has had flve epidemics, the last in 1889-1890. THE SYSIPTOMM. Grippe, or influenza, as it is now called, usually begins with a chill, fol- lower) by aching, feverishness and sometimes nausea and dizziness, and a general feeling of weakness and de- pression. The temperature is from 100 to 104, and the fever usually lasts from three to five days. The germs attack the mucous membrane, or lining of the air passagee—noee. throat and bronchial tubes; there is usually a hard cough, especially bad at night. and frequently all the appearances of a severe head cold. TI1E TREATMENT. Go to bed at the flrett symptoms, not only for your own sake, but to avoid Spreading the disease to others—take a purgative, eat plenty of nourishing food, remain perfectly And don't worry. Quinine, aspirin or Dover's Powder, etc., may be administered bY the physician's directions to relieve the aching. But there is no cursa or specific for influenza—the disease mug run its course. Nature herself WII throw oft the attack if only you gee sip your atreagth. The chief dange lies in the complications which ma arise. Influenza so weakens the bodtl rem/stance that there is danger of pneU monla or bronchitis developing an sometimes Inflammation of the mIddl- ear, or heart affections. For thes• reasons, it is very important that the eatlent remain in bed until ht. strength returns—stay. in bed at teat two days or more after the fever has lift you, or if you are over GO or no strong, stay in bed four days or more according to the severity of the attack EXTERNAL APPLICATIONS. In order to stimulitte the lining 01 the air passages to throw off the grippe germs, to aid In loosening the phlegm and keeping the air passage* open, thus neskIng the breathing cal- ler, Vices Vapoltult will be found et- fective. liot, wet towels ahould be ap- plied over the throat, chest and hack between the shoulder blades to open the pores. Then Vick's should be rubbed lit over the parts until the skin Is red, spread on thickly and cover with two thicknesses of hot flannel cloths. Leave the clothing loose around the neck. as the heat of the body liberates Die ingredients In the form of vapors. These vapors, In- haled with each breath. carry the med- ication directly to the parts affected. At the eame time. Vapoltub is ab• eorbest fir rough and stimulates the skin attracting the blood to the sur- face and thus aids In relieving the con- gestion within. HOW TO AVOID Tim DIsEASE. Evidence settints to prove that this in a germ disemse, spread principally by hunann contact, chiefly through coughing. sneezing or spitting. So avoid persons Viking colds — which means avoiding crowds — common drinking cups. roller towels. etc. Keel) up your bodily strength by plenty of exercise In the open air and good food. \shove all keep free from colds, as colds Irritate the hiring of the air pas- sages and render them much better breeding plitees for lb.. .weenie. Use Vick's Vepeltub at the very first sign of a cold. For it head cold, melt a little In a spoon and inhale the va- pors, or. better still, .ise Vapilltilli Iii ft beliZoin (steam kettle. If Ms is not available, use an ordinary tea. kettle. rill half -full of ladling water, pot in half a teaspoon of Vapollub from time to tfrne—lceep the kettle Just slowly bollIntr--SInhale the steam arising. Vlek's'Vapoltuls can be had in three sizes -30e. sec, 81.20—at all druggists. \SW CD It ZEE \Wormy. - there what's the maitre of 'cm. Stornacti su tot fideetinal worms. Nearly 1111 111111 as ilietensper. Cost u..,e too much to feed *. un. iwouk bad —are bail. Don't rut te, death. Spehn's 'militants.' will remove the improve Ow lifito.11to. end lotto 'ent up all round su • \pliyele... Al7ig (iii gl riot, anti blood. Flat di i 7 7 777; with egeli bottle. rind soot by iii druggists. seorre iftelulcAL Goabets. Ind., U. S. A. Her Specter). \She IS the gray Mitre In flint house.\ \I shotild esti, her more of an old nag.\ • Its Contents. \Mrs. 114ilaratt le.s a Isar garden.\ \I ins she raised %. gefabl('s in lir \No; flags.\ Smile, smile, beautiful clear white Tida fat limn talus) it If yoU clothes. Red Cross Ball Blue, American (101 Will portly. made, therefore best. All groomer Ark. An Inheritance. \The widow Is tardy.\ \I suppose she takes tifter lier hoe husband.\ Fools who keep their liHitil Ii. shirt may pass for Wise men. ADOR GU/WM:TEED TO INSTANTLY RELIEVE STHMA OR MONEY RESUNDEU—ASK ANY DRUGGIST - • - AcidroStomach Makes Millions Weak and Miserable For years detaists have been telling 11P 111111 It's add mouth that roins Iho teeth, yet this acid that I.,rol enough to pit through the harder than Isine enamel of the teeth and decay them. 111 tasti•leas. its pre,erwt ran be detected only by chemical pets. No ehemical test la needed to tell you that yon have achl•stomsch. Indigestion, belching. heartburn, woir stomach. food.repeeling. that MI‘ersbin puffed up feeling after corny, lefestInsi pains, headaches, etc. Tneee sre 1111 Nature's warning to you. 'They are sure Mena of super:wittily. Acirl•stomach prevents 'proper diges• Don and aasfinflation, thin] calming the blood to become thin and impoverished as a result of which people bveorgu sal. low.akinned, emaciated, lick and bad looking. Acid.stomich causes stomach and in• testinsi fermentation, prodming redwing and tools, which, absorbed into the blood and carried throughout the system, Canso auto.intoxleallon. Insomnia, nervoissneta, irritability, mental denreigelon, melen• bolls, dlulnets, vertigo and oftentimes, valvular heart trouble and heart failtac. Aeld.atouuteh Mantes Irritation all along the intestinal tract—irritation so severe and aggravating so to frequently result in catarrh and even cancer of the stomach. What chance, then. bat anyone for' robust health, happiness Or success if nth a,1,1 stoma, I/ is allowed to tear down sari suse up day after day your strength • rol vitality faster than yoli ctn get it Cult of food you eat. 1.Ife 11 Indeed 11111k and dreary for • moron with acid atom & ch. You erase health, etrength, the power and will to think awl set --don't you? You went is fer 1 fpH of pep and energy. gne anti ilt, alwrica eager fer work or Wet more. Then you moat rid your stomach of lts excess acid. You can Pont doing it lied now. A w , nderful modern medl eine has mode it ixotellole to literally wipe out the MICeItA arid. Thla remedy in ealici EATONIc. it Is noes. in pataaant last Ina tablets and you lake them Just Hite a hit of candy. And, my, how y-tod EATONIC makes you feel , . It banimhem acid slomitch tries like meek! Makes the stomach cool, sweet and strong, Helps you to get full strength out of your fowl MO that, In turn, pito body soul brain we vigorous, alert and keen. EATONIC Is absolutely guaranteed, so get • big 60c boa from your druggist. It It 110S11 not help you your money will its refunded. If your druggiat does not keep HATOXIC. tend 'our name and aildreiet to the F.atonle ftemety Company, 1018 S. Wabash Are., Chicago, 1)1., and they will •t once mall you a 60c tros and you can Pend them the moue)* for it after you re. eeite As Age Smell Pill, Smsli Dose, Small Price But Great in Its Good Work Advances the Liver Requires occasionsl alight stimulation. . CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS correct CONSTIPATION Genuine bears signature Colorless or Pale Faces usually indicate the absence of Ionia the blood, a condition which will be greatly helped by Carter ' s Iron Pills se.e WOMAN'S NERVES MADE STRONG By Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Winona, Minn.—\ I suffered for more than a year from nervousness, and was so bad 1 could not rest at night— would lie awake and get so nervous I would have to get up and walk around and in the morning would be all tired out. I read about Lydia E. Pinkharn's Vegetable Corn - pound and thought 's 1 wouid try it My rv mess soon • 44' nervousness t me. I sloe e well and feel fine in the morning ana able to do my work. I gladly recom- mend Lydia Fs Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to make weak nerves strong.\— Mrs. AL13ERT SULTZE, 603 Olmstead St., Winona, Minn. How often do we hear the expression among women, \I am so nervous, I can- not steep,\ or \it seems as thoughl should fly.\ Such women should profit by Mrs. Sultze's experience and give this famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkharn'a Vegetable ,Com- pound, a trial. For forty years it has been overcom- ing such serious conditions as displace- ments, inflammation, ulceration, irreg- ularities, periodic pains, backache, diz- ziness, tend nervous prostration of women, and is now considered the stan- dard remedy for such ailments. Allegeo, Maybe. A witness in an attemptedomirder case wits being cross extunined lay Ii bumptious young lawyer who appar- ently had the idea that the secret of successful legal proceedings was the confusion Of the witness. During the trial there had been a good deal of lively repartee between opposing at- torneys as to hearsay evidence. \Now then,\ said the buniptItms one to the witness, \are you perfectly sure that the revolver was discharged.\ The witness eyed the law -juggler for II moment and replied \Well maybe 1 only got hearsay evitlettre that it Wit& Filet is, I merely heard the report.\ Important to Mothers Examlue carefully every bottle of CASTOR1A, thut famous old remedy for infants and children, and see that it Bears the Signature of l a tezi In Use for Over 35 ears, Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria Safe Place. Second Lleutenant—The Gemini) people apparently thinly believe that illey are Sate as long as tliey stand by the kaiser. American Caplet Weil, - aren't they? You haven't heard of the kai- ser or anybody near hint getting hurt in this war, huve you? One yenr's work of a man's brain may be ruined by his tongue In a few minutes. Some petiole ere :polled for the want u p f good works. SAFE, GENTLE' CLEANSES REMEDY YOUR KIDNEYS For centuries GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil has been a standard household remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and stomach trouble, and all diseases connected with the urinary organs. The kidneys and blad- der are the most important organs of the body. They are the filters, the purifiers of your blood. If the poisons which enter your eystem through the blood and stom- ach are not entirely thrown out -by the kidneys and bladder, you are doomed. Weariness, sleeplessness, nervousness, despondency, backache, stoinach trouble, headache, pain in loins and lower abdo- men, gall stones, gravel, difficulty when urinating, cloudy_ and. bloody urine, rhea- triatisin, sciatica - and lumbago, all warn you to look after your kidneys and bladder. All these indicate some weakness of the kidneys or other organs or that the enemy micvobes which are always present in your system have attacked your weak spots. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are what you need. They are not a \patent medicine,\ nor a \new discovery.\ For 200 years they have been a standard household remedy. They are the pure, original itnported Haar- lem Oil your great-grandmother ussed, and are perfectly harmless. The healing, sooth- ing oil soaks into the cells and lining of the kidneys and through the bladder, driv- ing out the poisonous gernas. New life, fresh strength and health will come as you continue the treatment. When complete- ly restored to your usual vigor, continue taking a capsule or two each day; they will keep you in condition and prevent a re- turn of the disease. Do not delay a minute. Delays are es- pecially dangerous in kidney and bladder trouble. All druggists sell GOLD MEDAL Haarlem - Oil Capsules. They — will refund the money if not as represented. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are im- ported direct from the laboratories in Hol- land. They are prepared in correct quan. tity and convenient form, are easy to take and are positively guaranteed to give prompt relief. In three sizes, sealed pack- ages. Aek for the original imported GOLD MEDAL. Accept no substitutes.— Adv. Where in Western Canada you can buy at from $15 to $30 per acre good farm land that will raise 20 to 45 bushels to the acre of $2 wheat — its easy to figure the profits. Many Western Canadian farmers (scores of them from the U. S.) have paid for their land from a single crop. Such an opportunity for 100% profit on labor and investment is worth investigation. Canada extends to you a hearty invitation to settle on her Free Homestead Lands of 160 Acres Each or secure scme of the low priced lands in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta. Think ubat you can make with wheat at $2 a bushel and land SO easy to get. Wonderful yields also of Oats, parley and Flax. Mixed farming and cattle raising. s'eSs's's The climate is healthful and agreeable; railway fa- cilitiee excellent; good schools and churches convenient. Write for literature and particulars as to reduced railway rates to Supt. Immigration. Ottawa. Canada. or to W. E. Slack, Clifford Block, Grand Forirs,N.D.; J. L Porte, Dna Block, Great Falls, Moat. Canadian Government Agents VIVattatZIMINIIMEW Tips With Results. l'ercy—Say, old boy, can you tell me why a waiter is like a billiard cue? Choille—Iteally, old cliatipie; I give It up. Percy—Well. yott get better results oil both when they are well tipped.— London Sketch. Woman's Odd Need. \What did you want to go into that store for?\ asked Mr. Gehl,. \For curiosity,\ replied Mrs. Geld). \Curiosity!\ exclaimed Mr. antab. \I thought a woman never run out of thaL\—London Answers. Spanish Influenza can be prevented easier than it can be cured. At the first sign of a shiver or sneeze, take CASCARA QUININE st:s• :10 4.01..00 Standard cold remedy for 20 years --In tablet form—safe, sure, no °plates—breaks ups cold In 34 hours—relieves grip In 3 days. Money beck if it falls. The genuine box has a Red top with Mr. Kill's picture. At AU Drug Stores. PATENTS IVRt\nE.\en\\I'W\f I ngton,D U. Hooka Deo. illgh. Oak references. Best restate. Baby Colds require trealreent AISII A remedy that cum tains no opiRits. l'iso's is mild hut elite' tire; plc. - tient to teke. .Asic your druggist for P190 W. N. U., BILLINGS, NO. 45-194 Fair Offer, Mrs. Clymer (giving a little dinner) —Oh, Julia, the maid just walked out on me! Won't you Nerve\! Cook (firmly)—Not in the dinin' room! But I've liad cafeteria experi- ence, so, If you'll line up your' guests and shoot Metre , out here with their plates, I'll see that they get all that's comfit' to thent.—BuiTatle Express. Don't Worry About Olmples. On rising and retiring gently smear the face wIth Cuticura Ointment. Wash oft the Ointment in five minutes with Cuticura Soap nod hot water. For free samples nddress, \Cuticura Dept. X, Boston.\ At druggists and by mail. Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.—Adv. An Ominous Outlook. \Brece up, young mon!\ encouraged the dentist. \It will be out and ail over in a minute.\ \Yes solemnly replied little Char. ence Callipers, who was in the chair, \but one day witit the Lord Is as a thousand years And a thousand years as one day.\—Kansas City Star. Beautiful, clear white clothes delight\ the laundress who uses Red Cross Ball Blue. All grocers. Adv. Tact. Hostess (beamingly 1—how do yen like your pie, James? Jetnes—A I -I -little bh-bigger, ma'am. After it man runs into debt he either walks out or stays In. Granulated Eyelids, r Eyes inflamed by expo. I sure to Sea, Ellist and Whit Eyes quickly relieved by Marine Eye Remedy. No Smarting, Just Eye Comfort. At Your Druggitte or by mail 60c per Bottle. For Book id Me rye free write Ise Murillo rye Remedy - Co., Chfcego, You THE STANFORD WORLD HOGS KEPT UNDER SANITARY CONDITIONS ARE BETTER ABLE TO WARD OFF AILMENTS Tuberculosis Hoos, infected by Work 'nu Over Pile of al. - muse Foorn °i&- cased Cattle. (Prepared by the United States Depart- ment of Agriculture.) In dealing with the diseases of hogs, preventive measures must be meet re. lied on. The nninetts must he given a'.0 mid well -ventilated quarters. uhich must he kept clean.' Contritry to com- mon belief, hogs Mita\ smite haltile which ralee them above other domes - lie animals front lite Standpoint of cleanliness. tam example, unless emu- / Oka to ,his so, a hog will not sleep In Ito own filth. If a part of the floor of the pen ts raised total kept well bedded is ith straw, while the resat le not, an excrement will be left en the imbedded portion of the floor and the heti itself will tie alwilys Henn. Attention to Feed. in niltlitton to clentilitiess, close at- tention - should be given- to the feed, so that nothing Islay Inc fed that will convey the germs of disease, espeeinl- Is' tuberculosis, to the herd. If the hogs are feet milk in imy form lab - tallied from cows kept upon the same farm, the cows should be subjected to the titherenlin test. If they run with the dulry cattle of the furm, ft tuber- culin test of all the (little is 111011e the less deeirahle. Animals dead front any disease eliould not be fed to the hogs until the meat hag been made safe by cooking. - Skim milk or refuse from n public creamery should not he fed In; hogs until It has been thoroughly sterilized. Feeding anti drinking timees should he clean and the writer a:manly pure. Unless the origin is known to be un- contruninnted mad there has beela no possibilty of infection ' during Its course, hogs should not be allowed (ac- cess to noir stepson Wallowa should be drained out tottl kept filled up HS much its possible. At least once a month the quartere should he disln- feeted with tilr-tankftil 111114 , or II 5 per cent southern of crude earbolie ncld. TIleSe precautions will be found veils- ebbe nide In the destruction of the va- rious animal parasites, its well its a protection front soine more merlons troubles. Danger of inbreeding. While Inbreeding Is the eurest and quickest memis to fix type, it should be resorted to with the greatest care. The value of the system is that it en- ables the ()neater to intensify desira- ble eluirticteristles In a herd and ma kes Improvement possible in a shorter time than where selection alone is used. It stnndat to reason Unit If desirable clinrneterlsiles earl be intensified, the sir ale will be true of unileslruble °neg. Much of the Mang- ler which seems to have followed In - [weeding has probably been due to the fort that Ms point was overlooked Or given only slight imuortaince, and thus loss of vitality and constitution and 'susceptibility to disease have fol. Icwed. Therefore ,f the young breed- er eonteinplates Inbreeding, lie should avoid matings that tend to unite siml- t ier defects. Not only should care be MACHINERY HELPS CUT WOOD Done More Cheaply and Quickly Than by Hand—Three-Man Outfit is Recommended. (Prepared by the United Stale' Depart- ment of Agriculture.) Woost can be made into fuel much more chenply and quickly by machin- ery than by hand. A three-man crew will cut ten cords a day with ant out- fit consisting of a gasoline engine of six to eight horsepower, costing $275 to $300, and a 26 -inch flaw with Its frame, costing $75. If in double -action 500-pontel power splitter (cost $300) Is ndded to this equipment, n four -men crew will aver- age 12 to 15 cords a (lay sawed into 16 -Inch stove lengths and spilt ready for use. This Is at the rate of three to four cords it man In a day, while by hand labor one to two cords cut Into four -foot lengths IR the average. Cracked Coal for Hens. Finely cracked coal Is good for chick - ell , . It seems to make the hens lay vttl , r. traken ten preveut this in Ile' animal's mated, hut there should he' leo elnitlett of kid etleels In lite ittlierilanee of undesirable eltanteteristles from parents mei oilier 11111.1)SIOY , . Solite ruf the greatest work ever doe,. le boa 1 reeding luts heel, based till these Will - (Spies. 'File SI rtlilibt C0)11 1110, it Meal many hogs !aweless front cups year's end to lite oilier Otto lessellS V1411111,, 111111 lit.' I eSeltrelleS of the Wisconsin experi- men) William Imre shown that title is probtffily brought about hy relnriling the development of the vital ortatite. A minimum of inbreeding mill a variest diet, including, 1 , ,i•ofinlly fen' breeding stock, nmple range, will therefore bet- ter (mettle the herd to reeist the at- tacks of clisettee. Advantage of isolated Hog Houses. The advantage of a number cuf SI111111 portable houses. emit aceustionothiting ri few hogs, ruttier than 11111. hirge pig- gery for the entire herd leis been re- ferred to previously. In districts where cholera is previthant these are undoubtedly 11)4 , beet I:betters. They make it more difficult to carry eon- taglon to lull [Infiniti.; in the herd, and the desdructIon of one of them In ease of an outbreak does not entail it Krell\ expense. An added advantage Is that they may Inc moved from place in photo alt needed. While more work Is necessary in feeding, the eonveni- ' , nee niali solo y from their use more limn offset this dientlynntnge. Quarantine Restrictions. • Whenever any ultimate nre brought to the farm. or When 1111111nalS tire brought from 'Mows sir fret» neighbor- ing ferule, they should be kept apart front the rest of the herd for itt hetet three weeks. If Gies' have heen posed to hog eliolerat (or saline plague the dimeases will be iminifested title time, rind lite sick militants Call Inc treated or killed and disposed of nt micas. If (*Indere brenks mit In the neigh. borhood the harmer should maintain it Millet quarantine rigninst the Infeet- ea herds. He should refrain from VIN - Its to farms where they tire located, rind shmild inelet on requiring that 1118 Heighbers slay out of his hog lots.„ Doge, cats, erows and buzzards may carry the infection front farm to farm and should be guarded against as far its pOsSIlile. Blow Out Old Stumps. There are ninny oh! slumps ithout the harm that emir(' be blown out by the it' of dynamite and thus help out the fuel shortage mid :also put the land In better cunditien for Illinge pur- prises, Grass for the Yard. Gruss is a very desirable growth In the farm yard. WItieett plias in the farm yard It looks bare, washes badly, beeomee saintly or !nuttily eometimes mid never looks heath and pleusing. GET WOOD FOR WINTER FUEL Beautify Landscapes by Removing Dead and Unsightly Trees -- Utilize All Waste. (Prepared by the United States Depart- ment of Agriculture.) , Owners of large estatee should not defer the removal from their „grounds of dead and unsightly freest, because they believe such Improvements would not be urgent war work. Such work cnn be combined with the production of fuel wood and no labor will be di- verted from useful lines. This source of fuel sdpply will not damage the woods or detrnet from the beauty of inndscapes. hut will utilize waste wood and keep up improvements through the period of the war. Whlte Cauliflower. White cauliflower can be had by tying ttp the leaves over the head of the plant. Right Feed for Cows. The cows must be fed on footletuffg that will not carry taint to the milks :Povut2ii Do not feed a lot of roosters ail win- ter. Eat or sell them. Hens lay more eggs when there are no roosters. • • • The hens and elticke need plenty of water' during the hot summer days. See that the drinking pans are clean, kept well filled and placed In a cool, 'tinily place. It pays to kill the hen Unit eats eggs tiniest; she is. valunble 11N a breeder. • • • Chopped up onion' tops make I healthy feed for chicks at this time of year. • • • Green cut bone, when it can be fec: before becoming tainted, mites a de- sirable food for laying hens. • • • Charcoal helps to keep the flock In healthful condition at all seasons of thd year.

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 07 Nov. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.