The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, November 14, 1918, Image 3

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-11.6.1\.\'\s'er Alreereraroo•Narleimarg . • omer - 71t40,144...41. ;. „,eislee..... - etrise4 71' -'\-' t - •••••••Yeraarial 41 I* sTAN1PORD WORLD GIRLS! LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL HAIR A small bottle .of . 4 fDanderide': makes hair thick, glossy and wavy. Removes all dandruff, stops itch- ing scalp and falling hair. To be possessed of a head of beatry, beautiful hair; soft, lustrous, fluffy. wavy 'tad free from dandruff Is merely. a mutter of using a little Danderine. It Is easy and inexpensive to have nice, soft hair and lots of it. Just get a small bottle of Knowiton's Dauderine now -it costs but a few cents -all drug stores recommend it -apply a little- as directed and within ten minutes there will be an appearance of abundance, freshness, fluffiness and an Incompara- ble gloss and lustre, and try as you will you cannot find a trace of dandruff or falling hair; but your real surprise will he after about two weeks' use, when you will see new hair -fine and downy at first -yes -but really new hair -sprouting out all over your scalp -Danderine is, we believe, the only sure hair grower,, destroyer of dan- druff and cure for . Itchy scalp, end It never fails to Stop falling hair at once. If you want to prove how pretty and • soft your hair really is, Moisten a cleft with fl little Danderine : and carefullY draw it through your hair-e-thicIng orie small strand at a time. Your hair will be soft. glossy and beautiful in just a few moraents-a delightful surprise awaits everyone who tries this. Adv. War Terms. \War loans now penetrate nil classes of society.\ said Judge Allen E. Me - Cumber of Charleston. • 'A Ilereulean woman hail her bus - ii small, frail man, haled before me for demertion. - Well sir, what hare you got to say for yourself?' I asked the man. \ a deserter. judge?' he whined pitifully. 'Look at these here lumps on my hem% Look at this black eye. I ain't no deserter, judge. I'M a refugee.'\ If women have beauty they don't need sense in order in get husbands - that Is, certain kinds of husbands. - HEALTH TALK Spoi4) : Influenza or Grip BY DR. LEE H. SMITH. An old enemy is with .us again, snit Whether we light a German or e germ, we must put up if goon fight, and not lee afraid. The influenza runs a very brjof course when the patient is careful, and if we keep the system in good condition and throw off the poisons which tend to accumulate within our bodies, we can escape the dis- ease. Remember these three E's -a clean mouth, a clean skin, and clean bowels.. Tv carry off poisons from the system and kr the bowels loose, daily doses of a p .aaant laxative should be taken. Such at one is made of May -apple, leaves of aloe, Tot of jalap, and called Dr. Pierce's Pleas- ant Pellets. Ilot lemonade should be used freely if attacked by a cold, and the pa- tient should be put to bed after a hot mustard foot-bath. To prevent the attack of bronchitis or pneumonia and to Control the pain, Anuric tablets should be obtained at the drug store, and one given every two hours, with lemonade. The Anurie tablets were first discovered by Dr. Pierce, and, r ats they flush the bladder and cleanse the kidneyi, they carry away much of the poi. sons and the uric acid; ' It s important that broths, milk, but- termilk, ice-cream and simple diet be given regularly to strengthen the system and in- crease the vital resistance. The fever is diminished by the use of the Anurie tab- lets, but in addition, the forehead, antis and hands may be bathed with water (tepid) in which a tablespoonful of sal- aratus has been dissolved in a quart. After an attack of grip or pneumonia to build up and strengthen the system, obtain at the drug store a good iron tonic, called \Irontic\ Tablets, or that well known herbal tonic. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Think He's Going to the Deuce. We know a dear old lady who has such a hatred of cards that she frets about her'aviator son being called an 'ace.\ -Boston Transcript. Catarrh Cannot Be Cured by LOCAL APPLICATIONS. as they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh Is a local disease, greatly Influ- enced by constitutional conditions. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE will cure catarrh. It in taken internally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the Sy'stem. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE is composed of some of the best tonic known, combined with some of the best blood purifiers. The perfect combination of We Ingredients in HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE Is what produces such won. derful resulta in catarrhal conditions. Druggists 75e. Testimonials free. F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo. 0. Just It. \Someone last night stole my incu- bator.\ . . \Molt a fowl wrong!\ Feel -Lame and Achy? . Colds - and grip leave thousands with weak kidneys and aching backs. The kiducya,have to do most - of the - work of fighting. oft .any germ disease. They ...Weaken-4ot.; up, and you feel dull, ir- ritable, Or. !nervous -have headaches, 'ffizziness,backache,.sore joints and ir- menhir' 16dt - fey' fiction. Then the kid- neys need prompt help. Use Doan's Kidney Pills: Thousands praise Doan's fur quick, satisfactory results. A Wyoming Case - Sem, Nam,. J. r. Wills, 318 Ira: a sr.\? S. - Fourth St., Douglas. W y o says: \I had quite an attack of kid- ney trouble last fall and almost be- fore I knew it, I w a a practically past going. Heavy lifting or straining brought on the complaint. My bark ached constantly, especially over my kidneys. The kid - n e y secretions passed too freely. I felt generally run down and miserable. Dean's Kidney I'llis had been recommended so high- ly around here that I gotits box. They cured one. I have been strong and felt flne since then.\ Get Dam's at Any Store, 80c • Box DOAN'S HIDNILT PILL FOSTER-MILBURN CO., BUFFALO. N.Y. rroatessiscsesaaostreetesse ALCOHOL - 3 PER CENT. AVet elablePreparationforAs• sirtilat4rigInefo0d byReguia • tingtheStonachsandBare tsar DINFANIS CHILIIRES „. TherettyPromoUntnite stion . Cheerfulness and ItestGottlaia neither Ophim,Morphtne nor - Mineral. NOTNARGOTIC . .ReelpeafOldDr.UYEa /WIER PieNta , h era _ALA - Seared Shdata san's iiiptaisht Warr .res1 aurifei.ilyttr kretorses /brim A helpfutReinedy for Constipation and Diarrhoea , and Feverishness and •i Loss OF SLEEP restiltintihorefromin lafanc y . YricSimiceSitjnatu reot Tita GgEtrAtili GotteattY. NEW YOUR\. . As 6 m onths old 35 DOSES;15CENTS Exact Copy of Wrapper. CASTOR! For Infante and Children. Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Always Bears the signature of In Use For Over Thirty Years ASTORI Tait ionyAusi 'tortoise. NEW roe* COY. STATE LEGISLATURE WILL BE REPUBLICAN NEARLY • COMPLETED RETURNS POINT TO G. O. P. RULE IN BOTH HOUSES Ifelena.-Carl RIddielt. Republican can - dictate for congress rim the Second district ef Montana. mats elected over Harry B. Mktoliell. Demooratic eiindidate, in last week's election, according to returns tah- ulated from 766 precinils of 939 In the district. Mr. Nlitchell has conceded the election of his epporient. The successful candidate received 25.090 votes. and Mr. Mitehell received 20,168. The Republican candidate's majority 18 2.932 lii precincts returned. Charles M. Cooper, Republican candi- date for associate Justice of the supreme court, ret urns from 1,214 precincts of the 1.409 In the state, has a majority of .1.384 votes 'over John A. Matthews. Democrat, Mr. Cooper's majority is in- creasing as reports from rural precincts are reeelvefl; . The missing ,precincts are Small and scattered, and it Is not ex - :peeled that 'they will change the final' result. Mr. _Cooper polled 47,137 votes and• Mr. Matthews 45.753. For state auditor. George P. Porter Republican. potted 41,863 votes and Ru- fus G. Poland, Democrat, 39,460, making Porter's majority 2,403. Lee Dennis. Republican candidate for railroad commissioner. received 48,606 votes, and the Democratic incumbent, J. J. Hall. 44.767 iii 1,211 precincts, making Denim majority 3.939. The vote for United States senator from 1.224 precincts In the state follows: Thomas J. Walsh, Democrat, re-elect- ed. 44.105: Oscar H. Lanstrum. Republi- can, 38.559: Miss Jeannette Rankin. Na- tional party, 24,607. In the First congressional district, with but 30 precincts misaing, the votes re- ceived follow: John M. Evans. Demo- crat, re-elected. 26.186: Frank B. Linder- man. Republican. 21,427. Returns compiled by the Associated Press show the political complexion of the next legislative assembly in Montana to be, with two couuties missMg on house reports. 88 Republicans and 47 Democrats on joint ballot. 'Considering the two houses separately there are 30 republi- cans and 13 Demooratm in the senate. and 98i s t e e . publicans arid 34 Democrats in the house. A Mose checking of the elected men shows that in the senate are five mem- bers who were endorsed by the Nonpar- Gaon league, In thoy,house there are 16 members endorsed by the league. Tin membership i.f the Mentana legis- lature, based on messages received from all but one county Ai tho state follows: SENATE. Republicans. Beaverhead -George Featherly. Blaine -L. B. Taylor. Carter -J. W. Craig. Cascade -J. M. Burlingame, Choteau-Vernon B. Lewis. Custer -Della Hern._ Deo/ion-George McCone. Deer Lodge -J. B. (Mose. Fallon -E. S. Booth. FlaShead-Robert Pauline. Lewis and Clark -F. D. Miracle, Lincoln -F'. J. Long. Madison -O. H. Junod. Meagher -J, 'F. Wood. Mineral -G. R. Cooper. Tile/mule-Ed. Donlan. Musselshell -Dan Slayton. Phlilipa-Dr. G. H. Clay. Powell -C. H. Williams. Pralrle-W. H. Haley. itaval11--Frank Cone. Richland -J. \V. Anderson. Rosebud, -J. E. Edwards Stillwater -J. H. Louthoid. Sweet Grass -Henry VIlingson. Larson. IITheatiand-J. E. Foster. Wlbaux-J. C. Kinney. Yellowstone -F. B. Connelly. Democrats. 131g Horn -G. F. Burla. Broadwater-C, N. Burgess. Carbon -D. G. O'Shea. Fergus—B. C. White. Gallatin -George 0. Arnold. Granite -J. It. Page. Hill -C. F. Morris Jefferson -II. H. Parker. Park -Dan Healy. Sanders -J. F. McKay. Silver Bow -H. A. GaIlwey. Toole -T. L. Clarke. Granite -J. It. Page. Valley -A. U. Sand, HOUSE. Republicans. Big Horn -W. J. Scott. Blaine -James Griffin. Carbon -C. J. Baldwin, Albert Budas. Carter -G. A. Holt. Cascade -E. H. Cooney. W. H. Heirs, J. W. Roberts, H. W. Brown. Hugh Jones. Choteau-W. It Felton. C. Crumpacker, ':harles Stevens. Custer -N, H. Fuller, F. 'I'. Kelsey. J. B. Collins. Dawson -Missing. ‘1 r - Deer Lodge -E. C. Jobnison.- Fallon-C. C. Conner. Fergus -0 NV. Belden. II. C. Otter, Homer Goodell. Flathead -T. F'. Dodds, Emma A. In- galls, J. H. McAfee. J. B. Sinclair. Gallatin -H. S. Buell. 81. \V. Penwell. Granite -H. J. Faust. Lewis and Clark -Muse Silverman, Wil- liam Dryburgh. Madison -A. .J. VIlliklmt.`thismas J. ran. Missoula -D. L. McQuarrie, W. J. Mc- Cormick. Ronald Higgins. Musselshell -James Hunter. Park -Joseph Brookes, Fred L, Gibson Phillips -Dudley Jones, Prairie -A. 0. OullIdge. Ravaill-George T. Barnes. Richland -J, E. Jones. Rosebud -J. R. Middleton. Sanders -J. W. Gladden. Sheridan -John S. Ny•quIst. Silver Bow -0, H. Scott, 8. R. Treloar. Stillwater -O. 14. Gudsmen, Sweet Grass -E. J. Mo. Teton -Dr. It. 'I'. Rhoades. Toole -W. M. Black. Wheatland -Ward Beley. Wlbaux-C. W. Reid. Yellowstone -Frank Buchanan, R. C. Dillavou, B. G. Brockway, E. T. Eaton. Democrat& Beaverhead-Jesae W. Findley, Brmadwater-Hegh Broderick, Cascade -Louis Newman. Deer Lodge -C. A. Lemma°, J. L. Crystal. Gallatin -Crouch, Hill -Jasper Aaland. Jefferson -If. J. Sullivan. Lewis and Clark -Ray Crouch, W, M. !Ruth. Thomas P. Wood. Lincoln -Charles Weil, Meagher -J. It Stewart, Mineral -A. H. Franklin. 811tesoula-A. N. Brandjord, James A. Walsh. l'owell-Edward Scharnikow. Raveill-Nlaggle Hathaway. Itosebud-L, W. Carpenter. Silver Bow-Edgar M. Andrleux. Chas. Bouiware, Hugh S. Carroll. Arthur V. Corry. W. F'. Dunn, J. J. Foley, .1. J. Harrington. D. M. Kelly, William Meyer, H. T. Mooney. • - Teton -0. 8. Forsetln Valley -C,, C. Arnold. J. K. Mead, M. 8ket man. Yellowstone -C. W. Dame). Taking Care of Kiddies. BillIngs.—The bIlldea Of WOInell W110 are suffering with influenza here are to he provided with n nursery find playroom all Of their own by charitiffile ladles of the city. The women of the philanthropic board of the 11111Inge, Womnn's club fire 1)1,1 \°1'W to furnish the Metleeliq clittren with beds, toys and all equip- ment necessary to cure for children whoge mothers are in any of the lei , pittlis, The children will . be in eithree if a competent matron who will took .tfter their every fleet)- and comfort. OVER TWO MILLION LOANED BY STATE FARM I OAN BUSINESS OF LAST TEN MONTHS AMOUNTS TO $2,493,300 — - — NEWS OF THE CAPITAL CITY Forestry Officials Will Attend Game Commission Meeting in Salt Lake City. -Judge for Tenth Dis- trict Appointed [(chem.-Farm limns by the slide during the plist 10 mouths aggregated S2.493,200, according to a repOrt COM- riled by Slate I,find Aifent C. A. NVIiip- pie. The average size of the lUttill was $1,164. The total timillier of lonits for Ot.tober was 1:10 and the aggregate loaned was $213,800. The tiverage\for this period of the Mane was The growth of OW !aria 101111 111011- 11e55 of the state is indicate' hr the total of the 10 months; its 001111/111•0C1 xr1(11 the tidal for the year 11.)17. The t h i , , ii i . n i s iei c i je o g d regifted $7211.700 for the lat- During the year of 1017 111111 the 10 final Its of this yelir, t110 111110 the law ill 0111411111111. the liggreeitle amount or all tomis made was 0041. The number of loans iti the past 10 months was 2.140. 'Ehe 1'1419011 1110 average size of the loan lit -lower dur- ing this period is betsiuse'last dilly ride \VOA adoptcd fixing u itiaXlititim limit of Maw: at .$10.001 while prior to that Dine there wins I limit. * * * Governor Appoints JUdie. Governor S. V. Stewart has anniiiine- ed the appointment of Judge-elevt Jack Briscoe of Lewistown to serve its Judge until his regular terun of office begins. In the place of Judge Deka'''. who resigned from the bench lit the l'enth district some time ego. Dekalb was appointed by the gover- nor about a year find a linif ago when a second ludgeslitts was - arranged by the legislailitre for the Tenth ilisiriet. Judge Dekalb presided Ulltil about four or five months ago when lie resigned. stating that the court calendar had been cleared up well and thin lie de- sired to enter practice again. • * * Farmers Want to Move Grain. The MO11131118 Slate COLOWII: Of de- fense has been petitioned by rile MUM - \Row chamber of comperes' to aid in efforts being made to give Montana fnmrriieriTl'UfmiiItli pees. I grata - blockado In the state. which Is costing the (amen; much money amid Causing . in destruction Of Wheat !hat 01111111A la. harvested because It reflood lie moved. * * * Fish and Game Of . ficiala to Meet. State forestry offiellliS W111 attend a meeting of fish and game commis- sioners (Si be held lit Salt Lake, Utah, December O. At the meeting thanges of game laws In the inter -mountain sin B's, unifientbm of existing state laws mm nil 11 gri'Pilionk for the protection of game 111 1121111111/11 for- ests will he discussed. Co-openithig with the Rude game commissioners, forestry officials here have prepared n map of the various game prt•serves In Montan.' to ussist forest and game commissions In dis- cussion of game matters to be consid- ered at the eonference. Important changes are expected to result from the meeting. * * * No More Flu Reports. Daily reports on the Influenza ...Run - lion from county to state hoard of health are to be tilscontinuel under orders of the federal health depart. ment. Doctors. however, are required to report daily to county boards and the Inner weekly to state board's. 'Lit- tle clotnge in the situation lif Montana Is noted. * * * Bond Sale Upheld. The stele supreme court has de- clared that a-liere electors had actual notice of it special election on If cer- tain day, the electIon 'Mould not he held void simply beenuse the county clerk did not do his full duty as mai- scribed by the codes. The mime arose In Lincoln county. where .f. E. Leary asked an injunction restraining the board of county jleinniseioners from dIsposing of high school Minds voted at a epeeini election June 24 hod. The clerk failed to . eomply with the law of publication In Itit entirety. 'rile tower court held the election legal Hal/ the decision is sustained. * * * Less than 1,000 Soldier Votes. Secretary of Stets. C. 'I'. Stewart eft- timates that the total number of bal- lots cast in the recent 010111011 11Y ab- sentee soldiers from Montana will hardly exeeed 1,000. Over 5,000 of the 7,200 ballots sent mit by him have been 'returned from various camps Without delivery to the addressees. * * * Hall Fund Healthy. The elate board of hail commission - err' ling been in seesion here conslil- erIng ciuilininsn rig:dust the state for in- surance ligainst hi,uii. and fifilsliffig up the business for the your. The state hail rund, about $400,000 now. Is In good condition. A big businese has been done during the year, end the farmers of Montana %%slit, thein- selves Of (lie insuranee have reasim to he iluuimlklml, since there was a general Mill Mint covered n large part of the state did confilderable damageI. sp We will win this war Nothing else really matters until U/8 do! 11?ZriNFV141111P ItA VIM j Generosity. \You should d(stbilit to feed tile .st,rfinger •nt a - fitir gates.\ 21._dtifilr re tile') NI . _r. I 'Inniroy s \Mg Wife irt.1.1INo,ie /4111111gr.1* at luncheons ill iii 11411i and LOOK AT CHILD'S TONGUE IF SICK, CROSS, FEVERISH Scarcely Knew Him. First tart-ves„ I 'marled ill,' .i.r^ 1:01111t .111st two 1110s lift0r I met bite and three before Its' i4/111011: SOCImail 'IP gum lug? Furst oil.' us 'Heir as I I'll It Eel )1I4 4•1 111111, lii. 1.111.4. Extremes. Hale, the 1.'runrh poodle, Was hark-. nig noisily unit nugging ills lull ill GNI Salm , Mae, cried \Dixie Ire cross ut imp end foul Imola - at flay 111111.r.” HURRY, MOTHER! REMOVE POI- SONS FROM LITTLE STOMACH, Don LIVER, BOWELS. GIVE CALIFORNIA SYRUP OF FIGS AT ONCE IF BILIOUS OR CONSTIPATED. Look fit the tongue, mother! If coated, it is u sure Mgt\ tlint your lit- tle one's stoinueb, liver und needs a gentle, (borough (lemming at once. %Viten peevish, ernes, 'Nitres. pale, doesn't sleep, doesn't eat or act natu- rally, or Is feverish, stonier% sour, breath had ; hus sore throat, dlarrhorm. full of cold, give n teaspoonful of \California Syrup of Figs.\ and in a -few hours all the foul. constipated wnste, undigested food soul sour bile gently 1110VeS oat Of the little howeis without griping. mind you have a well, playful child again. You needn't 001IX sick effildren to take this harmlesm \fruit laxative they love Its delirious taste. and It always makes them feel splendid. Ask your druggist for a bottle of , \California Syritto of Figs.\ which ham directions for brittle& children of all ages and for grown -rips idulnly on the bottle. Beware of counterfeits: sold here.- To be sure PAU get the genuine. ask to see that it is made 11 - y the \('all - brain Fig Syrup Company.\ itt'flme any other kind with contempt. -Adv. He Knew. Ohlwed-\Ain I dearer fo viii than ever?\ Mr: ()Idwed \Stiro Ii Everything Is denrei• nriwaolla3 , ' A Wholesome, Cleansing, our RelreshIng and fleeting Lotion -Murine for Red. ness, Soreness, Granule - S tion,lichingand Burning of the Eyes or Eyelids; '2 Drops\ After the Movie*. Motoring or Golf yll1 win your confidence, Ask Your Druggist if. Morino evhen your Eyes Nerd Carr. 161•13 Murine Eye Remedy 4.o., chief's° Eye 't Ruin Your By Neglecting a Cows Retained Afterbirth rew rows ale but many are loaned by awls .re OR. Davin ROBERTS\' Cow cleaner betals grr.1 after freahenlar wiii pontirel, prerent And tyres - come MI* tiouble. Aleut ilealtrio or Postpaid ai,s0. Conoull P. DA V 1 b about 5.111 animal ailment*. Informative* free. Pend for price II*t ergr medlelnes grid yet tt Pit lit • ropy of \The Cold* adth roll lotto - Diatom on, Abortion In Cows. DR. DAVID ROISIKTS VETERINARY CO.. 100 Grimed Ave.. Weekesks. _ Every Woman Wants zilii ANTISEPTIC POWDER FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE Dissolved In water for douches stops pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflataw motion. Recommended by Lydia E. Pinkham Med. Co, for ten years. A healing wonder for nasal catarrh, sore throat and sore eyes. Economiasil. extraorcSnery cleaniing •nd germicidal porn. Swap!, Free. SOe... in drugless, us poospeid Ig Parton Toilet Come., B^Alcs• S. HAIR BALSAM A toilet preparat7on emeeft. TI•Irs to rrAnrairichydrorr. For Rest ori air Color Atari 13*•utytoGraiorFadedHar •r>4 111.0.0 st Prriretota Rely On Cuficura For Skin Troubles 1=: ,:r1,, , , , , zPor4:111;741,4t. =17. - Get the Genuine and Avoid Waste For Coughs and Colds •ake a trie4 and terteil rrmedr-ent ,at awl promptly 'and efleetivelv, and conitoinis noomatei. You et that retne:ly by ;Wan, / ter - — W. N. U., BILLINGS, NO. 46-1918. ,

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 14 Nov. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.