The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, November 14, 1918, Image 6

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THE STANFORD WORLD large ciremistances of the situation With Which It is Ileeessary to deal. '\I'liti Cerman authorities who have at the invilation of Ow supreme war council been in iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitloui will, Marshal Fuel! have accepted and signed the terms of armistice %vhich he %vas atilliorized idol instructed 141 Communleate to them. The terms are as follows: ONE Military clauses fin Western front : , Li Cessation of operations hy tuiiI and in the air six I s after the sign lug of the armistice. 2. The ilintielliate evacilation of in - violet! countries, Belgium. France. Al. mice -Lorraine, Luxemburg. so ordered to be et1111131.31 withie 14 days from the signature of the armistiee. tier 111111) troops which have not left the above mentioned territolies within Ilie period fixed %ill become prisoners id . war. Occupation by the tillit41 and United States forces Jointly will keep pace with eVilcilittioll in these areas. All 1110velllents of fiVartilition and 0e- CUpiltion Will he Ill:Waled in aecord- allee with a note annexed to the stat- . -__411.. sterms. 3. Itepatriation beginning itt once and tot be completed Mika' 14 days of all Inhabitants of the countries above mentioned. including h o stages a nd persons under trial or convicted. 4. Surrender In good condition by the German armiea of the. following equipment : Five tholiSlind guns (2,500 henry, 2,500 field). 30,000 machine guns, 3,01al mittnenwerfer. 2.(10(1 air- planes (fighters, bombers. firstly Ii-7:Vs and night bombing machines). The above - to ha - de)ivered -th-ssit et so-tlee aIII es and the United States troops ill RITOrditlice With detailed conditions laid down in the annexe:I note. ADIIISTIOE . 1EIIMS TO GERMANY Tll .STOP F181-ILIING Washington, Nov. 12. -The terms of I I. • ,1111tes the details of these ineas-. board, uninelys. Six 'battle eaurakk; iti the armistice with Germany were read • m r .., V VVV battleships, eight light cruisers, hi - to t•ougress by P mesh lent 11'iltUni al I / To Reveal Mines. eluding ,t triP mine -layers., 50 ihistroyors O'Clock yesterday afternoon. 5. The German 'smolt:old shall be of the most neaten( type. 'Ail Other AsSellibled in the hail or the- house respoosibie for revealing all mities iii' surface warships thalltd, lig river craft! are to 1.1. coneenirlii..1 ill t where 19 inotiilts ago senators nail rep- ' 1 \ 1 \ 3.- \\i\g \is\ \fl 111:411 11111:11 1 IMS1333 10 . he 4lesignated by tesentatives beard th e president ask for; I\ry \\e 1111 led hY he Il , ' 11111111 the tilries and the Flailed Santos of the declaration of war. they ;.estet•-! and sisdi ill their 3 1'''I , ery and America mai :ire to be paid off and day heard hint speak the Words: which ‘ 1 \ 1 \\' 11 \°• The I len\\\ \\°\'\'\ I heralded the coming of peace. shall reveal also nil de u e strctiv Illeas\ 31 311 1 1 3131 OS III3 , 11 11111 3 31 and Ware.] 1101141 tires tliat limy have been taken (such the supervision of the iillies and Bo The president spoke as follows: as Po/soiling or pollutilig of sprinss. United States of All vessel, 'Gentlemen of the lamaress: wells, etc.), under penalty of reprisals. of the auxiliat•y fleet Orawlers, mm o i these anxious times of rapid and 9. 'Die right of requisition shall be vessels, ete.) are to la. disarmed. IntlpelldMIS change it Will in stain( di.- exereiSed by tile allies and the United 2 I. The allies and the Elated Stalea ii g ht,m m y sells,iui 1....ponsibil- Slates armies in all occupied lerri- shad have IIII3 right l it ay to perfOrIll In pers011, the duty of liws. The upkeep of the troops of sa. , ep up all mine fields awl obstroy- r0111111111114•111111g II> yoki s • of the ocetipation in the Rhineland (exc1 1 141 - lions laid bY Cella:111.Y 331 1 1 `kle l;( 3 111113111 log Alsace-Lorraine) shall be charged lerrili,rial wail's's, and the positions *ofI 1113,13 Ii o 111. juiuliutut it. Baltic Is Opened. ' Freedom of arreS, to and from the Baltic to be given to the iitiVid and Mercantile ilitirlues of the allied tool - le:Sod/lied liffWers. Ilds the allies and the United States of .thter- to the German government. Repatriate Prisoners. 10. Alt 11111111331i:11e re11111rialioll Ii - III re.•;111340eily lo delailed uhich shall he 11\441 of ;ill allied 111111 t jill Slates pri333.1ier , ut %Var. The allied powers and the I lilt- upll ed Slates shall he able to dispose .41' lo Itevtol.Y• I tlerition forts, fortiffealloas. butteries these prisoners as they siek awl it • bo awl defeese works of all lillids ill ;111 It II. 1e 33111 111111313, 3 fri/111•Ille Fatlegat into lie removed from it mint Ii'.! territory the Baltic. 111141 to sweep up ailF Mines Lind filistrlirtions it ithili :11111 With011t Cowman territorial Waters without any Will lie ell red for Ii y 4:Oral:in per- , smittel who will lie left on the spot with the medical material iriiiitired. TWO. question of tientratily tieing raised. liii reLiii „ re . tie . 111141 the positions of all stich MilieS alid !n , illo,113111•1 13111s are to be imiosioal. inths , of Gerinanv : as The e xisting lihickalle• condi- IC2. All Ilertitati troops ;it present in , Huy 1 . 111101 . s N‘ tiinii 1,0 .. 1 ... lions set tip hy the tithes and assoelat- , belonged to Russia. itumania or Tor- \ wers \re to rew \ i \ \ 1 \ 1 \\g el1 key shall withdraw within the Iron- '\ Ici tillneri \\\ tile\1\1\I sli1li f\\1\I tier , et - \ erte , 11iv al sea are hi remain liable to capture. August I, 191-I. 27. All naval aircr a aft re 10 be Evacuilliffil by 44. totitt troops to concentrated :mil illainfiliiliged ill Cer- ra:in Mises to lie specified by tile al - begin at onee and all (iernatit instruc t- ors, prisoners and civiliaws as well lie< lfici rilited ISittes of America. Must Abandon All. as military agents. now on the terri- tory of Resale (its defined before 1914) 2g ' I \ Pr\e\\ii\g I lii'11`.441\\ to lie resalled. • emists ati41 ports nermany shall aban- don all merchant ships, tugs. lighters. cranes and all \Miter harbor itinterinia, all materials for inland mtvigation, all arms and Mai all stores and apparatus of all kinds. 29. All Ithick sea ports are to be evacuated tiy Capon:ins: all Rut:shut Must Abandon Treaties. war vessel,: of all descriptions seized 15 . Al'and°11111\\ of \ 'chile s \f by Germany in the Blilek Sea are to be Bucharest arid Itrest-LilsiVsk and the supplementary t rent ies. 16. 'rite allies shall have free access to the territories u'vul'ultt eu 113 the/ - Germans on their eastern frontier either th - Faugh MmHg or TOS1liu VW tufa in order to convey supplies to the pimulations of those territories or for ,. any other purpose. 14, German troops_ to_cease at once all re(11.11,31(11111 , itild / seiglires mid any other undertakings With a VIeW to ob- taining supplies Intended for Gernmay itt Ittliiiiiiiia :Mil !Cassia (as defined oil Aug. I. 1914.) 11111a4161 Orer 10 Ille allies and the Unit- ed States of America all neutral ves- sels seized are to he released; all war- like and other materials of all kinds 'Seigel{ in theSe ports are to be re- turned and (lemon materitifii as ip - P1 - - - fied in clause 28 tire to be ithallflOned. 311. It merchant vessels in Oernian hands 111311111ging 10 Ille Mid Hs - Control Rhine Bank. - THREE. sociated ers are to he restored ill a. Evacuation hy the German fluuse ciowerning East Africa: ports to he Spreilfed by the allies and arm i es o f t i le ,•„ no t r iss o n ti le l e ft 17. Unconditional rapitillation of nil the United States of America a ith bank of the Rhine. These countries German forces operating in East reciprocity. on the left bank of the Itltine shall Africa, wIthin rine month. No Destruction. FOUR. :IL NO destruction of slaps or Ma- tte administered by the loical atuthori- terials 141 be permitted heffire evartl• ties under the contr ol 4.f the allied General 'louses: and United States arillies of ovellpill 18- 1011. reciprm Minn, _surrender or restoration. tion. The ocenpation of these term!- city. within 11 1 11 11Xillinin period of one :ta. The Gentian government will tortes will I/e determined by allied month. In arcordance with detailed notify the itentral governmeny of the and rafted States garrisolta holding t•onditions her ea ft e r t o s e fixed, of it °VIII and particularly the aovern- the principal 4311D:sings of Ille Ithltle, all civilian' , interned or deported who !mink of Norway, Sweden, Denmark Mayenee. Eoblenz. I'olognea together tinily be citizens of other allied or 11 , :11131 llPuttaluih, that 1111 resdrieli0118 WItll bridgeheads at these points sochtted states than those mentione.1 played on the trading of their vessels In 30 -kilometer radium on the right in clause 3, paragraph 19, with the with the allied and astrociateil 'atm- bank and by garrisons similarly hold- reservation that any further dahlia and tries. whether by the German govern- ing the atrategic points of the re- gions. A neutral zone shall he reserv- ed on the right bank of the Rhine between the stream and a line drawn parallel to it 40 kilometers to the east from the frontier of Holland to the parallel of Gernalwim and as far as practicable a distance of 30 kilometers from the east of the stream from this parallel 111)011 SWISS frontier. EVitelltl- tiOn by the enemy of the Rhine lands shall be so ordered as to be completed within a further period of 11 days, in all 19 days, after theasigning of the armistice. All movements of evacua- doffs-and occupation will he regulated according to the note attached. No Destruction. 6. In all territory evacuated by the enemy there shall be no evacuation of Inhabitants, and tin 1181111We or harm shall be (lone to the persons or prop- erty of the Inbahitants. No destruc- tion of any kind is to be committed. Military establishments of all kinds shall be delivered intact, as well as military stores of food, munitions, equip:nen( not removed during the 's parloda fixed for evitemition. Stores of food of all kinds for the civil popu- lation, cattle, etc., shall be left In situ. Industrial establishments shall not be Impaired in any way, and their per- sonnel shall not lw moved. Roads and menus of communication of every kind, railroad waterways, main roads, bridges, telegraphs, telephones, shall in no manner be impaired. 7. All civil and military personnel at present employed on them shall re - 1118111. Five thousand locomotives, 50,000 wagons and 10,000 motor lorries In good Working order with all neces- sary spare, parts and fittings shall he dellvet t ed to thg associateil powers .within the period \fixed for the evacit- piton of Belgium and Luxemburg. The railways of Alsoce-Lorraine shall be handed over within the same perioi I. together with till pre-war personnel and material. Further tintlecial 11143133 , - demanda of the allies and the United States of America remain unaffected. 19. The following financial condi- tions are required: Reparation for damage done. -While such armistice lasts 110 public securi- ties shall be removed by the enemy which can serve as a pledge to the allies for the recovery of reparation for war losses. Immediate restitution of the CliSli deposit in the National Bank of Beigium, and in general im- mediate return of all documents, Specie, stocks, shares, paper money, together witit plant for the issue threreof, Urinating public or private in- terests in the invaded countries. sites - Motion of the Russian and Rumanian gold yelded. to Germany ot• taken by that power. This gold to be delivered In trust to the allies until the signa- ture of peace. FIVE. Naval conditions: 20. Immediate cessatiam of all hos- tilities at sea and 41efittile informa- tion to be given as to the location and mbraments of all German ships. Noti- fication to be given to neutrals that freedom of navigation in all territorial waters is given to the naval and mer- cantile marines of the allied and asso- ciated powers. all question,: tof nen- trallty being waived. 21. All naval and nifirealitile marioe prisoners of war of the allied and as- sociated powers in German hands to be returned without reciprocity. 22. Surrender to the allies and the United States of America of 160 Ger- tnan suianarines (including all sub- marine cruisers and mine -laying sub- marines) with their COMplete aline- ment and equipment in ports whirl) will be speeified by the allies and the United States of America. All other submarines to he pain off and com- pletely disarmed and I u lli u , lI under the supervision id the allied powers and the United Slates of Aniet•icii. Fleet Is Demanded. , 23. The following surface fairy for the working of railwaYs in warships, slit ii desiglialeil the country on the left IsittS of the Rhine titian In. left al situ. All stores of coal and inato•ial for the upkeep of permanent %yaps signals and re- pair shops left entire in alto and kept Iti an efficient state by Germany it the Whole period of armistice. All 1»irges taken from the allies shall be restored to them. A hull t' appendeil NARRI & (WIN '343 3 43. 3 .•4 3 43;. • - ,A;k7 Irielit or by private German interests, and wilether In return for specific con- cessions such as the export of ship- building MillerillIS or not. are immedi- ately cancelled. 33. - No transfer of German merchant shipping of any description to any neu- tral flag is to take pimp after the signature of the armistice. SIX. Duration of armistice: 34. The duration of the armistice is to be 30 days, with option to extend. During this (period, on failure of exe- cution of any of the 'Move clauses, the armistice may be denounced hr one of the contracting parties on 48 hours' previous notice. SEVEN. The limit for reply: 35. The armistice to be arcepted or refused by Germany within 72 hours of notific . ation. by the ;11111 Its, 11111 3,1 SI:lie , if .‘itterica, shad forthwith he ths . ormeol 4110 thereafter interned ports, or. for 111e omit of them. in tailor poets to be designated by the Representative Alias u .1ohnssii of allies 811(1 the United Suites of Amerisa 1Vashington, former newspaper man publisher of it daily paper, IS and placed under the surveillance still t h e t an sy ant i as p u n t ie d s lates of /tow a captain in the chemical War - America. only caretakera being left on i fore service of the United States :truly. CAPT. ALBERT JOHNSON ABOWATES GEHVAN 11111111 CROWN PRINCE -ALSO SIGNS AWAY HIS RIGHTS TO . , • - • • • • a THE l'H'FitiNS PARTY FLEES TO HOLLANB Berlin Receives News of Abdication With Joy -German General Staff Accompanies Kaiser in Flight to 'Safety London, Nov. 11. Holten- eeilern. tierilltin emperor isid king of Prussia. has abdieated. amitotmeenietil of this fact has been Omit out from Berlin. It is :llitbotitPi'i'tI also that the crown prince has renounced his light and that a regency Will he instituted Thirty years and five months after iii• ascended the imperial throne Hohenzollern. his armies defeat' ell in the field. forced ho accept 1111- MM:thing armistiee terms. and the German people risaig in revolt, gives tip his 1111 11er. fle 1. 3 1111113 11110 author- ity with his country at the threshold of an era of 11131(313 and material prog- ress. 111. leaves it torn thy revolution and suffering front the hardships and soerifiees mote than foie. years of war- oirinally ruined. Pritiee Maximilian, the imperial Aitteiceller. ttlil re111111 11 ei office un- til questions conneeted with the atoll- -ation of the emperor are settled. For the regency, Frederieli Ebert, it $41 - Oa 1 1ST and president of the nlaill corn - Mittel! of the reiebstag. will be shan - rellor. Ernest August. flake of Brunswick, son-in-law of the emperor. 311,;‘, buss ph. die:Ilea 111131 reliolltireil The rights . of Isis heirs. ‘Vith the !passing from Ilmser ill Hohenzollern, all the heads of the governments of the central powers when they entered the war have died lir lost their thrones. - - - Empertor Francis Joseph and the Sultan of Turkey died before their !Minnie , : agreed to the armistice terms, and Ferdinand or Bulgaria abdicated to he succeeded by his si in. who gave ilp tile throne When his people rose against him. 'rho other Europeao em- peror at the beginnine of the war, Nieholas Romarioff, was deposed in March, HIES and tillIrderell ilk July, 1918. \\Siloam II_ reigning king of the thouariltral WtiftletaberS: ItUdiselaretl to have abdicated Friday night and reports have it that the grand (hike of Hesse. ruler of the grand duchy of Hesse. has decreed the formation pf a etaincil of to take over the gov- primula there. Every dynasty in lltermany is to be suppressed and all the princes exiled, according to Swiss advices. \MAY BE FOR GERMANY'S GOOD,\ SAYS WILLIAM --- London. Nov. 11. -Emperor William signed it letter of abdication Saturday morning at the German grand head- quarters in the presence of Crown Prince Frederiek William and Field Marshal Hindenburg. according II$ dispatch front Amsterdam. to Ow Ex- change Telegraph cdinpahy. The German crown prince signed his renunciation to (he throne shortly afterward. It is believed that King Ludwig of Bavaria. and King Frederick August of Saxony have also abdicated. Before placing his signature to the document. an urgent message from Philip Schiedemann, whb WRS a Social- ist member without porffollo in the imperial cabinet. was handed to the emperor. lie read it with a shiver. Then he signed the paper, saying: \It may be for the good of Ger- many. - The emperor was deeply moved. He consented to sign the document only when lw received the news of the latest events•in the empire. Serious food difficulties ore expect- ed in Germany owing to the stoppage of trains. The council of the regency will take the most drastic steps to re-establish order. ii HELD IN HOLLAND. Washington. Nov. 12.- A German radio message picked up by the Amer- ican station, confirming the report that Milian') Hohenzollern is in Holland, where lie Is stated to be awaiting decision by the officials of The Neth- erland overionent as to his status. says Field Marshal von Hindenburg Is not with the former emperor, but has remained at the headquarters of the German general staff. A dispatch to the London Daily Mail from The Hague dated Sunday says the former empress of Germany was not on board the train and that no women were among the party, CORN CONDITIONS BETTER. Washington. Nov. 9 --October wenth• or contlitiona resulted In an increase of 1)0,000.000 bushels in the country's crop of corn. The department of ag- riculture's - November crop report yes- terday. placed the preliminary esti- mate of production at 2.749,189,00f bushels. While the crop Is smaller In sirs than last years' its food' value is Materially greater because of (he qual• ity fhb' rear, It being more than JO pidnts MRS. 6JRICO (AMA() FtkrieW l'arnSik. the fillitiolis !rotor. rectqitly married Dorothy l'ark Benjamin of New York. twenty-flve Years old, daughter 'of Park ileujimin a well k Ii patent it PEACE PREPARATIONS TO BE COMMENCED IMMEDIATELY Wastington, Nov, 12. ----Preparations for lima peilee negotiations Will cll.: gross .Stiterictitt :111(1 uilt I pu statesmen :luring the mait few weeks Witile Mar- shal Poch and the 'MVO 133.111011;11111erS 3.:1 4 3 lip ii 1 1111 1 Ille erne , of :311133 3 3 :1 33 1 3 Whiell ended the fighting Monday a re etirrioll mit. Thirty days is the armis- tice period.' and slave it hardly \%111 lie possible to assemble the greatest peace (sinferenee in hist:Dry 1%1(11111 that Hine, an extension pritetically IS certain Ito he granted by the vietorS MO accepted by the vanquished. What happens in Oeritiany, in what 1111131 , AIISICia-1 11111a/11 3 y :1 Ilfl Ili Russia during hill' llut'llItl III'' IiroIiuliPl Will goVerll the solution of the vomphos problems awaiting the erellee. • POLAND PROCLAIMS PE PUBLIC TAKES GALICIA UNDER WING \ t Nov. 11.- a esslige from cracew announces the formation of a Poolisli republie Ilie presl- ilent - y of Iieputy Ints%yriski. Professor • Lammasch. the Austrian premier, has received 4110711 notiflea• .t tuns says a dispatch front. Vienna. slut t Poland Ints assumed sovereiguty over I la lima! MONTANA CASUALTIES Killed in Action. Bugler Marshal t'. Young. Billings. Pvt. Ralph. W. Kurtzman, Belgrade. Pvt. Arne Lende. Reed Point. Wallakiwts Shawittut. Pvt, Chas. Mena rd. Pvt. Earnest F. Beal, Anaconda. NI. Wm. It. Jorilan, Livingston Pvt. Fred Miller. Butte. Pvt. Owen Lynch, Butte. Pvt, Roy Breckenridge, Nevem.. Pvt. Harold .1. Brown, Vatter. Pvt, Walter Is Staley, Butte. Pvt, Rudolph Woodcock, Butte. Pvt, John It. Richardson, Buttes Pvt. Chas. Ries, SIcIlessor. Pvt. Geo. Schriner, Laurel. Missing in Action.. Pvt. Donald Lewis, Lothair. Pvt. Richard Meiresonne, Alondak. Pvt. Anton Amundson, Box Elder. Wounded Severely, Pvt. Mike Cogurn, Ilearcreek, Prank J. Duvall, Anaconda. Died From Wounds. Pvt, Harry W. Abrams, Carlyle. Pvt. Alfred Dent, Sarpy. Pvt. litutkon Isakson. Mg Fork, Pvt. Fred McGillis, Malta. Pvt. Thos. C. Kurkoski, St. Philip. Pvt. Paid J. Burnham, Brooks. Pvt. Jacot Graff, Fallon. Pvi, Robt, NI Long. Moorehead. Pvt. IV. N. Woodward, Miles City. Died of Disease. Pvt. Lars Linn, Anaconda. Sgt. Maj. I,. J. Sanger, Butte. Pvt. Geo. P. Anderson. Fislitrap. Pvt. Andrew Monson, Conrad, Pvt. Frank .L Anthony, White Sul- phur Springs, Pvt, Everett Taylor, Boulder. Pvt. Alfred Dent. Sarpy. George E. Allen, Great Falls, Max L. Topie, Bozeman, Daniel Jacobson. FermIngton. , .ghtly Wounded. John Lents, Whitefish. Pvt. Alfred h'. Patchett. Lothntr. Pvt. John FS Seinen. Scobey. Sergt. Howard A. Flagler, Miles City, Pvt. Edward Elliott% Fallon - Wagoner L. C., Back, Joplin. Wounded -Degree Undetermined , Pvt, Arthur Johnson, Oswego. Died of Wounds. Pvt, Dallas Frost, -Townsend. Died From Accident. Pvt, Selmer Iverson, Creston. Use Convicts on War Work. Charleston, W. Va.. Nov. 0. -It Is likely that Wes! Virginia will be One of the first stales to utilize her Idle con- victs on essential war labor. Announce- ment has been made by Charles H. Browne, Inbor supervisor for the rail- road admin'stration, that 111111e prison- ers In Moundsville state penitentiary probably will be, put on track foul other construction work being done by and for the government, permission to take convicts from their cells for this por- poise having been grouted by the state !mord of nubile works. ALL SUMMONS FOR uurf CANCELER ENTRAINMENT OF MEN FOR CAN- TONMENTS IS ORDERED STOPPED iMMEOIATELY TO CONTINUE CLASSIFICATION Questionnaires Also Will Be Seat t o 18-yearsold Youths Who Have Reg- istered --No One Released Front - Draft Regulations Washington, Nov. 12. -Almost the irstsicitoll of the war timairtment yes- terday oiler announcement of the .sigii- ing of the armistice with Germany was the eallleellatiOli of all army draft calls under which more limo 300,000 'men . had been ordered to eotrain for camps. before November 30. 'Urgent tel4gratits., prepared three% days ago iti the directiote of Provost Slarsimi Getienti l'rowder, were sent to all loud draft boards, directing that the movement of 252.000 melt under orders to marlins between alonday and Friday lie ; stopped immediately. The telegrams. rellelled, II iu pSI elf the boards in tines, hut 11 feW Men are knoWlb tO haVe started for canip. To Arrange Immediate Return. Secretary Baker said, lim.vever. that wherever possible their immediate re- turn to eivil life would be arranged. Iiii‘e sitspensied further Nils Wi- lier the iii•aft and inductions. - Mr. Raker said. \There wiit be for the present no'ittisitioital men brought lIt tinder the draft, and to the eXtelit that we cii uu, We w111 Bum those Mien - who have been entrained and !Myr- not yet reached trainitig camps.\ The provogt titti rsini I general's of- fice ball Ilir estitilifte of the number on trains before Ilo. cancelling order was issued. AI! men assembled for entraining are :o be ronsidered its hon- orably discharged from the army and paid at•cmsli ugly. Until further lat- tice, no Inductions, or yells, except: for the tinSy initrite• corps, wilt be permitted, taw call for a few thouland men for the navy is iioW it% preparation, hut volunteers: to date have inore flan fille41 the requirements of • the navy and marine corps. General Crowder auttoutwed t ba t registrants whose Induction orders are causeelkal or who are diseliarged after their entrainment for camps wilt revert to the status 3 1: 1.1111e the original inuluel hal order wits: 1nSited, - 1 tihr - til.11ielnde reinin - - WM - ill \or - thei! ordem . and set•lal number. It also was, specifically annottneed that nothing s itt.the cancellatiori cif Ilot calls shall operate to relieve from the consequences of his acts any registrant who Ittea heretofore beCOIlle or deserted. To Continue - Classification. By order of Secretary Baker, Pro-.. vost Getterat Crowder 'yester- day direeteil !neat and district boards to \continue. to completiou its expedi- tiously as possible the clas.sifiention, of all registrants Wt10 on September - 12 had attained - their nineteenth and had not at their thirty-seventlx birthday.\ The boards also were di- rected at the earliest apprOpriate mo- - ment to Issue questionnaires to all 18 -year -old youths who registered Sep- tember 12, and to complete their class- ification as early as possible. General Crowder, however, directed the boards to discontinue Immediately \all work conected with the classifi- cation of men who, on September 12, had at their thlrty-seventl birthday and had not attained their forty-sixth birthday.\ Congratulates Crowder. \In entering,\ said Mr. Baker's or- der to General Crowder, \upon what seems to be the final work of this character to be done by the selective service system, I extend to the mem- bers of that system lay permonni eon- gratulations upon their truly great achlevementa of the past year mil a half, achievements that have taxed tts the utmost the time, the ability and endurance of all those engaged in the work, and that hove furnishuil the army to which lo large 'measure must be given the credit for saving to the ; world both civijization and govern- ment by the people. Ti) you, members of that system. must come a sense of duty well (lone which a loyalty, patriotism and devotion such as yours can bring. ' The coulttry anti the world knows' that it 01,Ves to Y011 a debt of thanks and gratitude which cannot be. measured by woros, but only by the affectioi:, the respect and the esteem now yours, of those among vdmin you lived and front whom you have taken that width was heyond price.\ In transmitting Secretary Baker's order to the state draft exerttlives and local mul ellstrier boards, general - Crowder folded his personal congratte lotions opon their \truly great achieve ments of the past year and a half.\ Soldiers and Sailors Celebrate, Newport News. Va s Nov. 12. -- Riotous scenes attended 'the celebra- tion here last night of peace. . Thou- sands of soldiers and sailors took pos- session of the city. Wrecking s'tree't cars, rattling restaurants, breaking plate glass windows and building loin - fires in the streets front smashed deliv- ery wagons and other wreckage. No casualties were reported. Alleged un- reasonable prices for food were Said to have been respotatible for the raids on restaurants. Foodstuffs were carried off and considerablo . damage done. *I •

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 14 Nov. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.