The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, November 21, 1918, Image 1

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•-•-• 4 Vol. 9. No. 40. $2.00 Per Year. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, NOVEM1114.11i 21. 191S. 5 Ceuta Per Copy Victory Boys and Girls Clubs Organize in Stanford Schools PUPILS PLEDGE ONE DOL- Russell Miller. 31yrtle LAB OR MORE TO UNITED Clement Peek, Ralph Switzer. WAR, WORK FUND—PROF. Florence Livix. Charles Niles. 5T11 AND GTH GRADES .. YLENDERSON IS IN CHARGE Russell Schmidt, Josephine 0 F THE ORGANIZATIONS Hamilton. Laura Meakins. Ens - IN STANFORD sell Wyliss. Saima Talvi, Clyde Alsup, Edwy 1),unton, Clifton Evans. Albert Miller. John Greg - Although Stanford had reached ory, Hazel Broekbank, Mae Cal - War $1,000 quota on The United yer. E. J. Manzey, Kathleen Niles War Fund Campaign last Satin.- day night, it had failed to get Hortens e Matthews, Alice Moore Robert Sequire. Thelma Nicker - the 50 per cent over -subscription son, John Norquay, ,Estle Evans, Nicker - asked for and the time for sub - Aria Dester, John Poriell. Leon- meribing was accordingly exten- ard Hofland, Robert Gray, liar. ded. This extension of time was made in part for th e accom le `eY Hughes. Walter liti g h ' s. \'- dation of the school. At the out- set of the campaign President Wilson expressed his desire that every pupil above the age of 12 years in the public schools of the rick. Aliee Wohlenberg. Gilbert country become members of . La )son. \Victory Boys\ - an\ \Victory HIGH SCHOOL Girls 'clubs. The fact that near- ly every school in the county Marion Gray, Alma Moore. , • was closed on account of the in. Anna Leslie, Reit» Donaldson. fluenza epidemic made the or- ilaward Waddell ' \leaner (loc.\ ' imour. Hy:JO:1th Coriell. Lola ganization of these clubs very difficult. For this reason the ex- ni Skel : ton, Phillip Stucky, Wayne tension of time was granted and \Y i \ a ' • on Monday morning the plan was Memberships may yet be re - proposed to the local school and eeived and those that come iu , the pupils were asked to make tater will be noted next week. their decision as to membership by Wednesday. GRIM REAPER AGAIN Considering the short time - COMES TO STANFORD that was devoted to the organi- zation work the response of the s('hool was very good. In some instances pupils had already sub- scribed, at the booths and they were aceordingly granted mem- bership in these clubs. In the room occupied by th e fifth and sixth grades and taught by Miss Kinzie the enrollment in these clubs was 100 per cent. The pu- pils in the -third and fourth grades are all under age for the clubs; _however a goodly num- ber of them have joined' and pledged their dollar. Those who have become members are as fol- lows: 31) AND 4TH GRADES John Leslie, Robert Dunton, Chester Miller, Raymond Miller, on Noreutt. Vernon Donaldson, Saima Talvi, Otis Gray. 7TH AND 8TH GRADES Lawrence Ilawk, Donald Mr - /II 11/11111111/01Nom •, // / WAR OR PEACE, STILL FRED EDWARDS FAILS TO Burglary Stanford Early 4i riday Morinvi Lost Week PROMISE YOURSELF— To hi• stroog that nothing ti list urb your prim e of mind. To talk bealth. happiness and prosperity 10 eVePy 'liflhl on 111141. To make all your friends feel thet there is something in them. To look on the suntly side of ovorything, and make your op- timism come true. To think only of the best, to ‘vork only for the best. and to peo only the best. To he just a en s thusiastic u about the sceess o f others a s you au-' about your hwn. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements or futlire. TO Wea r a eireerfld I'll- tiller at all times, and. to have a smile ready for e ry ve living crea- ture you meet. „ To give so much time to the piprovement of yourself that you have no time to('Iii ieize ot hers. To be too large for worry. too noble. for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to - permit the presence of trouble. To think well of yourself, and to proclaim this fact to the world --not in loud words. but in great deeds. To liv e in the faith that the world is on your side so long as Once mor e it is our sad duty to you are true to the best t hat is record the death of a resident of 6tanford 1 this time that of a hits- Inind and father. WAR MINOS STAMP REACH CANTONMENT in you. Clarence 11. Iliginbothion 1; 's All Help a Little Rev. Alexander has asked for • was Secretary McAdoo Explains New Number Thirteen Figures Large- _ Let born in Clay Center, Kansas. Issue for Next Year—Will ly in His Experiences , a liberal eollection Sunday lot - June 27, 1890. and died Tuesday Mature in 1924 on Trip the benefit of a race of people morning at the home of his sis- ter. whieh has been nearly wiped ness of about two eeka with in - Mrs. .1. C. Rouen. after an ill- ,I„. out - by Turkish brutality before fluenza. Secretary M ha cAdoo s issued Ina letter to the „a m . 0 1. tK th e following statement: • World, Fred Edwards says: and during the war. the Armen - He leaves a - wife, two little children, father, mother, two sis- ters and two brothers to mourn their loss. b e placed on sale early 111 1919 hack. Tomorrow We will be doo Mrs. Iliginbotham was at their ! --------------- -- - -------- --- and to be known as the series of !liarged. The board I registered i r00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 old hotne in Kansas. and funeral , 1919. The new series will have in sent 13 men, in a ear with 1:1, 0 o arrangements will not he Maw , o a Maturity date of January 1, sections: there were ;13 eortehes' 8 BASIN TRADING COMPANY STORE ENTERED IN EAR- LY MORNING HOURS AND QUANTITY OF CLOTHING STOLEN — THIEVES CAP- TURED BY CHESTER Last Friday morning about one o'efoek burglars gained en - (re li ve to the Basin Tending cont- inuo 's storo hy breaking out. the glass io the rear door, _after . _ whieh Proetmdmi to bell) I hemselves to wearing apparel_ 1144(5 IIuIII'II eas taken is not leit the following articles were recovered: eight ineekin- aws. three suits of (dollies, six sweaters and t wo pairs of shoes. her appropriatinig some of their newly mootired ‘vardrobe to their personal use. the balatiee of dn. 1)1111141..1i was removed to Its' Ilreat Nort Ile ill 110111Aing ears OH Ile 111111 switch, Where they attemoted to dispose of solo, or the goolls to the foreman who at one). irotified Marshal (nester. The marshal ininiedietely be- gan an investigation which_re- iltilted in the capture and com- plete diseomforture Of the cul- prits. It is thought the time of entering the store was near one o'elock, and by three o'clock the huneh wer e in the town lockup. not guilty tato teoi etao etao et Next morning th..y were ta- ken to la!wiNtown Where they will be tried. Tile value of the merchandise taken is sufficient to warrant, a eliarge of grand 111 reeny. until after her arrival. 1924: and in practieally all re- in the train, and we are to be dis-lo ; o speets will be issued on the same eharged on the I:ith of Novoto-•0 tering and in the saint. 1111 1 / 1 11er as ber. Oile of the boys said 1.114 , 1.0;8 the present series of 1918. N'er e 13 men short in the whole' 6 .0 A new '445.00 Wa r s . aoi ng s emitingeoe Some number. ch la stamp, blue in color, hearing Ito.' ••Sonie trip. :11'e all ig head of Benjamin Franklin, the bark and espoe: to go to work ' 0 apostle of saying and a tomtit.. tomorrow r o :test day if we feel; o S postmaster general, p al, is in rep k 'r-• i'orget to send g a Mean. The new stamps \Oil le 'b\ •o '1 BUY THRIFT STAMPS FOR SAI,E. Several Single Comb English White Leghorn cockerals, Tom o Barron's &mows strain.. These birds are from imported stock and high record hens. .They are all choice birds, big type fel- o lovts with neat four and five point combs and a fine red eye. If you want to keep up your laying strain try a few of these. o You will save money to buy them now: .They will be higher 0 In the spring. 0 $2.00, $3.00, and $5.00 each. I have two extra fine birds at $10.00 each; these will make tine show birds. 000l000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000 o o o o o o o o C. M. BUSIC Windham 0 i; Yti r, • \ 4 . e taiga r \ Buy Where Reputation Counts flA When you buy merchandise t!:ere great satisfaction in knowing that you have, received good value for your . money. But the satisfaction is greater when you know in advance that the value is going to be good. That's what happens when you trade at local stores, where the dealers have good reputations to maintain and where they do maintain them by sell- ing only good goods at fair prices. When you buy from strangers you are very apt to receive mediocre value at price of better. For your own protection buy where reputa- t ion counts --at home. The Secretary Of the Treasony.A •• — Our contingent started for la\. PRK ft 1 lIt L\4• 6 \‘•' -ion has determined upon the isso- 1;ort Dade, Florida, on .Sunday also go toward educating and once of a new series of War Say- evening. We got as far as. 8 1 ,- 1 Americanizing immigrants to . tugs certificates and stamps to vannale Georgia. and were ca ll e d this country. o plaeed on sale early in 1919. _— g 3 The same Thrift stamps d: T rd hrift cus DOW 1 11 11 Se mi Will be OPT1MISM 0 0 continued in 1919 and will he, . _ o exchangeable It\ hew aeries \II \V lilt t'i let -1 \ill th e emnia gtS o 1919 War Savings stamps paya-) veal , : or ni:0 0 o ble January 1, 1924, in the saliei v i e i n ity? Hew 1 8 o ° way as the exchange has I t itu will leeal business. in a broad'?\ g made during this year into lhe sense. prosper? how will it ef-lo o 819.1 \ of 1918 War SIIV1n feet local wages and labor eondo/ 2 Stamps. lions.? What is likely to be thelg price of t he products of till' soil I g o The opening dance of the win- geoera n y n ur ,. i s h ow it sip -\ o o ter season will be--behl in the City pears to us: The world is and' g 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 0 00000 '0000000000000000000000 00000000000 000 000000 • 0000 • 0 ATTENTION A.144 . 20 per cent of your Fourth Liberty Loan subscription was due Nov. 31. Kindly give this your attention Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 The War may be over, but Uncle Sam still needs your assistance 0 0 0 00000 000 ' 00000 000000000000 00000000000000000000 We • 11 re reei44Io• IlAth .1 eOrp4, 6011 list as rapidly Ha possible. and hope we will not be obliged to drop many names. Your Farm Mortgage We are quoting low rates on High Grade Farims. We have a half million dollars to loan on choice farm property. If you wish to make a farm mortgage ---SEE US :: T1 -1'E Banking Corporation LEWISTOWN - - MONTANA GEORGE P. ARNOLD, Local Manoger hall on Thanksgiving night. Nev. i I on b e short or allow ,everything ; 000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000 • 28. Good music. Tickets $1. 1 10,i it wants. its 11 , I'belq pllt$ Wit 11 Will' tax paid. it. -Reserves of every essential; 'Flit- city fathers are having the natur e eill he used up. We will fire engine room at the eity• It ill r ace t, ( ,d oir l oge of' live stock,' plastered and expect to move; wool. eoltmr, tex:fleti. IWO/en ; the ;Timmins to the new tortr-; motive power. maehinery. steel' let's- this week or next. Ale. Don-'. m il e , et ( 4 . aldson 18 doing the work. ,very buropean Num-. ; try Will l'il 1. similar shortage.' lit order to fill a small hole on 'ro whom ean hey loak but the the lirst page we will rP;ii: r•Il Utoitect SI:114”: o supply this , that the weather the past : ' , N ,) AlOrtilge ! Till I ix of th e mat- davs might be improved on, leo, ler n s lays iit i ' it s not so had at that. The w Wnn dy I e I; /Mil II a l t i i( 1 1 )8 ( 1 . ; ( 11 ) 1 1 171111 1 1;- - 1 . ,. th e 8110W is coining down now lion. In Gt hi;oory of 011P OW11 ' I hell' PP0111180g :to be a run al eOillitry We imv;' had some very sleighing. . . forceful illust rai ions of how bus - Mrs. James Keith of IZa. , . - :'i's- iness getferally (!iiii le. boosted ford is visiting her sister, Mrs. by liberal order-, of all our rail-, Perry West fall, for a couple 40 * I Oink fOr Nil IS. 4414 iipii41 4 111. in-' weeks. From here she will go to get ht' With Hit , mini.Gon of a, poilland, ...Oregon. •to visit Ales poliey of extension: . AO 1 !\\' Dave k!alihreath and family. and hard tutu's ea n I i hen , ise be' from there will go to Cafirornia It about liy n-vet'sing the to spend the yillter:\ policy of th e railroads aml syin- n- 11- Bemis, field agent for pathetic industries. If condi- the (l. AV. Merkl e C oa l c o ,, o f lions are thus influenrod when. Belt. was in Stanford Thursd; , y eireumseribed by thii limitations_ looking for hay. His fi rm ex- of a single nation what must be ' Pects to contract fOr 11110111 150 the effect whim stud' orders n1;- 1.01114: :11r. Bemis Was formerly same not only international hut eonnected with th e Mt Valley world proportions? True there, Tt mes. oceupying the editorial will be world produetion to como chair for over a score of years, terbalance all this. but what. at Ile says that he has quit the eounter balm. 1 World pro -I iiewspapor game for good, but ductioit -bids fairs to be serionsbn We notie he likes to visit the crippled- for years to come. print shop whenever he is in town. Seontimiedon Page 4.1 00000000000000 00 0 0 000000000000 00 00 000000000 • • 8 0 0 0 0 MMMWQMSft1D(1.30.00 6 .0000......, stemma. FEDERAL RESilivr SYSTE ..4alci Liberty Bond Subscription Due • The second payment on your FOURTH LIBERTY . LOAN SUBSCRIPTION, amounting to 20 per cent irda due on November 21st. Have you tondo your subseript ion to t he UN [TED WAR WORK FUND? The boys need this ameh as they ever have and are looking to filipport these organie.ations ; aid as you to First National Bank of Stai4ord Copital and Surplus $50,000.00 SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN 4 Y4X - 44XIDXSXklk 00 0 00000 •00 000000 0 o • A • ii •

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 21 Nov. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.