The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, November 21, 1918, Image 4

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s. I drive it away if they were SO Statement of Ownership, Man - minder - I. agement, Circulation, Etc., Re - W. I'. DUNTON Now the Czecho-Slovak rrpub- quired by the Act of Congress lie hasn't that many ears yet, but of August 243912: 0' soith people - are able to manage If tin. St a nford W o rld, l oth. their owo affairs they will sure- ly and eertainly turn their faces Published at the World Office at in that direetion. along eonsump- . Stanford, mootatta, evet y Thieraday. t ion lines gellerNIly, :11111 more f { v i ol . e m e , a notary publie in l'elPItilY than in III\ Produelive and—for the state and county field. . a Ioresa ill, persotially appeared We hold that sneh surplus as W.. P. Inflow% who, having been exists here and there ar present didy sworn according to law, de - are relatively so small they will p os es and says that he is the pub- Entere,I at the Stanford postoflice '10leklY disaPPear without great ' Ii Iii of the Stanford World, and t hat t h e following is, to the hest of his belief, a trim state- ment of the ownership, montage- ment of the aforesaid publica- tion for the date shown in the above volition. required by the ; pre-war eonditions. II Will ill)! act a August Nth. 1912, ern- ((ontinued from l'age One) : • he less so now. I bodied in seetion 443. l'oNtal __ . 0,1 priers and world mar- haws anti Regulations. while t hi. world i demand will' (;0 surely and eertandy be mu lti.\ kets await the farmer and stdek• That the name and address of !dyed many fold. Belgium and man for years to come, and he the publisher, editor. unmaging Noilhern France have been ut-' will he \aided to Purel\\'\ wore editor mid business manager is: factory 1111)1111eiN. Therettlre we \V .P. Donlon, Stanford. Mon- tana. and that the owner is W. R. I1e1)1lerS011, Stanford. Mentanr.. I That tin' knOW11 'blind 110111er% I 1110rIgago and other security' 110141(1'S owning or holding 1 ino- cent or inore or total amouut of bonds. mortgages, or other se- ! eurilie!: is First National rank, , Stanford. Montana. 'll TEl STAITOiD WOZLD 'the Ittanfora Moab Editor and Publisher W. S. IlAWIX - Associate Editor as second class mail matter, tinder the view of the art, of Mardi 3, 1870. world's lack of prodnetion and conselpient greatly inereased Subscription $2.00 per year. gooey in the matter of eonsumo- lion. OPTIMISM Labor was searee here under telly tlestriiyed. Germany and Austria trill surely stiffer most :severely front lark of ea pit HI, :111(1 their 11101'0:U1N . 1611 hay,' to lie largely it' noi altogether built , anew. Now if the .41'00 to dem- ocratize many of the nations that a t war „ we t s w ith tin y m a i . stantial tomottragement one of the first conditions likely to fol- low sueh demi - pet-at ization is high- er wages. This twill operat e to lessen the influenee III cheat) im- ported goods, and will also have tentienry to restrict immigra- tion. prodtieing at home the very conditions the immigrant most frequently seeks h4q1.._ And they Ivon't have the added haudietip , . tat learning another language. weaken international competition anti immeasurably inerease world consumption. To illustrate this increased emisinoption. T Iie state of Iowa has within its urn' - • autos sufficient in number • if they would choose to seat oho. or ten passengers , to the oar. to 1011(1 Ile entire population of the State in ears sitnultaneonsly and em.fittottly look for the most prosperous era of our history in the years following the war. I shed weekly at Stanforol, state Moutana, County of Fergus, for October, 1918. W. P. DC NTDN. v., Sithseribed and s‘viirit to he- • fore me this 18th th.y Noveni- lier, 191s, EARI. WINEAIAN. Not a ry eointnission expires Xlity 29th. P.121). ALIAS SUMMONS In Just ii',' ( .11111'1, III Stanrord township. Slate .. or NIontana. Count I of Fergus. SN: , paired. \If we clan hold OW Huns Ilefort, i tt ,„ T . /01, 4 • ; ,. J us ti ce likii those quips stopped that Itimil of a the f i ctive. WA i VI' the war will be over in six months,\ contunented one. of the oftb cers. \I reckon selenee hasn't taught us so umeh, after all,\ said a bystand- er. \Those beavers know more nhout The State of Montana sends their specialty than WP do about war greeting to the above -named do- or- banding- eanals.\New York TrItr+f oo t on t, Ufte. YOU ARE HEREBY SUM- 00000000c0000000000c000000000000000000000000000000 408 310NED to appear before me, 0 o o Leo T. (Okra, a thistle.. of the o g Peace. in anti for Stanford town- () o 0 0 AM. in the „runty of Ferps, o o o State of Montana, at my of - o Wft, KEEP g ty and state. on Saturday, o o o 0 fie,- in Stanford, in said coun- o o o the 21st day of December, A o o. o . 1918, at 4:00 o'clock P. M., of o ' On Hand at All 'Ti o D me g said day. then and there to make o o o answer to the complaint of Leon 0 a Complete Line of 0 A. Kelleher, the above -named o o 0 g plaintiff_ in a . eivi: action. o o 2 . The said action is brought for o o o ! t ite pm -pose of recovering the o o o 0 Fresh and Smoked 0 sum . of $165.00 by the Plaintiff o g ri.. the above Defendent with o .. o o interest thereon at the rate of o o .MEATS 0 10 per eflit per annum. until paid 0 g i ,.iii,... ow 21th .day of August. o. 0 gf 1914, less the sum of $110.00 o o t•i-isonable prices oI ‘vhieb was paid on the 21st day . gli of 1),,,,,0„,... 1915. together with o o SI all costs, as is more fully shown o o We want your chickens and hogs, o, 1 by the Complaint on file herein o o o and will pay the highest market price °land to whieh reference is hereby o 4 °, made. • o o o g i And y1111 are hereby notified o of that if .ciii fail to appear and o 01 o 0 , answer, judgtnent will be taken o o Stanford Meat _Market 0 , against you, Edgar Estellite. ot . o or above named Defendent. aceord- o o • o 0 tog to the said complaint. and o SI lor costs of snit ill his behalf ex - o o o ! i ended. 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 '. 1 (11Vell IIIIder Illy hand. this 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000cic00000000 I 20t 1m day ftt. November. A. D. - o 1918- LSO 'I'. D'MERA o o °. o o -Jostle.. of the Prove in and for o ol 0 0 I said loo - nship. 0 0 ° 0 0 00. 0; o o o o E. Is the time to buy i your Wines and ofs. Liquors eg o o ° e ° o o We have a small quantity e ° of extra fine Brandy : g o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 . Beavers Teach engineers. A crimp of Uncle Sam's army engi- neers re( ylved an unexpected lesson Iii en:dm...ring al Bronx park. They learned ill the slime of one tow how to repair a broken dam nail prevent it disastrous flood. Their itistriietors Well` Ilint• (WI VPre, whip were romping tim the Water of the pond. Above them Slits It d am 200 f ee t t ong ow l several feet Iiicti. Stitidenty came it rash of voter. The swollen stream broke hill, it torrent. ()Id nun ii Beaver ap- pealed to his offsprine loot the eight Kill'1111L: after lit in. They seized Weeps\ nr timber, earth. rorks and sod. They worked with feverish ita•ue. Stone by stone and timber by timber the wa- ter was slowly held imek. fine hour after the water broke the dam sins re - Before the new tax law applies CIGARS Board of Trade 0 LEI )N A. KELLEHER, Plain- tiff. ver;ots EDI; A II EST Ebb. defendant. Alias Summons. 0 0 ! A. I). ST RI Attorney for 01 Plaintiff. SI First iodine:Ilion Nov. 21,191s o ; o• of g NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior. U. 0 5. Land ()filet. ' iii 1,ewistown, 0 Montana, November 2. 1918. Notice is hereby given that Henry H. Norcutt, 43 0 of Stanford, Montana, who, on o Nlarch 28. 1916. made additional o , O nomestead entry, No. 034969. for 0 ° Lot 6. seetion 6. township 16 0 north, range 13 east. Montana o Meridian, has filed notice of in. tention to make three year proof, g to establish claim to the land o above described, before W. II. o Hawk, C. S. Commissioner. at g Stanford. Montana, on the 9th 0 day qi.December, 1918. Claimant names as witnesses: Bert Hedrick, Maynard A. o Hanna. Clyde Deyo. and John o Webber, all of Stanford. Mon- s AIM o H. J. KELLY, Register. O insertion Nov. 7, 1918. o ° 3001100000000000000000000000000000000000000b0000000000 DR. J. W. WADE - Physician and Surgeon r and Obstetriee Moccasin - - Montana ‘ Please, Consult the Directory 1 assetas=aasoagiartwattrwt ••••••••••• C ALLING for telephone numbers front memory is not safe from con- servation -of -time standpoint. A mistake in the number doubles the time of the operator and of the use of the equipment employed. One's memory is so apt to play tricks with telephone numbers. It is SO at to prompt you, for instance, to say, 9-7-8 when the number really is 7-9-8. A wrong number wastes the time of Vie person called, of the operator and of the person tailed in error, and involves use of needed equipment. in the end it is necessary to cansuit the Directory. Why not consult the Directory at the first, if only to confirm the dictates of your memory? The point is t::at anything that unnee3ssarily takes the time of the operators and of equipment may 13,) tidlessly d !laying calls occasioned by fire, law- l, death, serious lilies, calls necessitated by the public in- . tere:.t and welfare, Calls on Government or war work -or commas , . cial call.; of vital importance. i Plea - ,.; r do your full share in the task ot fun...:iing telephone service to this .400 • ; com:ntinity h5 - patriotic consideration of the time of our operating forces. CONSULT THE DIRECTORY before calling, to insure giving the corroot nurnb2.r. Then, SPEAK DISTINCTLY, LISTEN ATTENTIVELY and MAKE YOUR CONVERSATION BRIEF. That will help the service. It will help alone who are earnestly striving to serve you well. The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co. FORD OWNERS ATTENTION We have just what you have been looking for THE LEONE LIGHTING AND IGNITION SYSTEM It enables you to light one headlight ; light one side light ; light head, dash and tail from front either magneto or bat- teu ; light side and tail lamps when standing: start on bat- tery or magneto : eh m ill ate spinning the engine ; know when the tail lamp is lighted. The most complete outfit ever designed._ .No more dim lights when you ar e going over bad roads. Ignition Parts and Brushes for All Auto Electrical Sys- tems. . Also Repairing. EXIDE Storage Batteries COLUMBIA Storage Batteries N. W. Storage Battery Co. 410 First Ave. North GREAT FALLS, MONTANA FOR SALE, MILCH COWS Holsteins, Shorthorns and Galaways Some fresh now and some to be fresh all along till spring. Also sotne Shorthorn Stock Cows and Steers, and last - spring calves. Ranch is located five nriles southwest of Arrow Creek on what used to be the Nels Hag - land place. Also 11 tons No. 1 wild hay. LESTER BRUBAKER Lock Box 57, Arrow Creek COLONELS Lee V. R. Butler John W. Stevenson GENERAL AUCTIONEERS Twenty-nine year sexperienee Satisfaction Guaranteed Let Us Have Your Sale, Address, Hobson, Monatna. Build the Finv Upside Donal There is no better way to illustrate the wonderful action of the Down Draft in the g• SIMM0N5 Wilson Ho Blast Heaters. Put the coal on the bottom, dam the wood, and the paper or shavings on top—light it at the top and see the Down Draft work. E. C. 5114MCIN5 WILSON E OT BLAST S are the only ones made emplo . •iiig this new principle. All the gases are force. al down into the fire, where they are burned, doubling the heating power of the fuel. There is practically no waste up the ehinmey—the coal is entirely consumed and burned to a finv dust. The c OIMMON9 \Wilson being air -tight, will hold a fire 36 hours, and 'perfect emnbust• is made possible. Wc shall be glad to show them and explain the fuel -saving Dawn Draft. GALT BROS., - Stanford, Mont. 0 0 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 g Bring Your Cream to the Basin 0° 0 0 Trading Company g We pay highest market, price on the °, spot. TRY US. 0 0 ° cts 57 cts 00: 0 a FOR BUTTER FAT AT PRESENT 0 0: 0 0 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Great Falls Hotel GREAT FALLS MONTANA FITZGERALD & FOSTER, Props, EUROPEAN PLAN A First -Class Cafe Conheeted •

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 21 Nov. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.