The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, November 21, 1918, Image 5

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..• 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 000000 00000001 0000000000000000 00 00000001)000 JUST ARRIVED A FINE SHIPMENT OF MEN'S CORDUROY TROUSERS at $5 and $6 a pair Heavy VVoolShirtsfortnen at reasonable prices. One look at our assortment of Suits and we know you will buy Our entire assortment of winter Caps, including splendid Fur Caps, are will- ing to be worn. We have plenty of heavy All -Wool Sweaters at prices that can't fail to please. THE STANFORD WORLD 00 000000000000000000 000 — COATS! COATS! and still more COATS. Of Crystal Cord. of • Yakima Velour. of fine Plush, rieh Silk Velours du nord - Coats that are COATY Warm and cozy! Coats for the Woman, tho Miss and the Scholl prices that will b e entirely satisfactory to you. It Pays to Buy a Good Coat The few more dollars brings more than double value, be- cause you get. a garment. that u will look well and be a pleas- ure as long as you wear it. BASIN TRADING CO, 0 • 00I00•0000 • 0 0 abX•Ir•Y•X•Y•T•lie 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 , • 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ti 0 0 0 0 000000000000000000000000000 .00000000. .000000 •000000000000000 0 Dr. J. Lebovitz CALL PHONE NO. 26 Stanford, Montana Resident Deputy State Veterinary Surgeon Dr. F. B. Remer VETERINARIAN Office at Leslie's Livery Barn Mont. Veterinary License No. 76 Dr. H. 0. Moore DENTIST Office Over First National Bank Stanford, Montana EDGAR G. WORDEN ATTORNEY AT LAW Practice in all the Courts and U. S. Land Office (Jul First National Bank Building LEWISTOWN, MONTANA BUY THRIFT STAMPS John Wilson was in Lewistown Tuesday of this week. Mrs. Annie Davern went to Geyser Wedneaday. Mrs. Jack Leslie was a visitor in Lehigh last Saturday. 416.4 . im The Town and Vicinity irm.4 Frank [Jester went tA the Den- eoness hospital in Great Palls Sunday to receive treatment for influenza. Mrs. S. I. Atkinson is a guest at the Leon Kelleher home this week. A. II. McClure accompanied a ear of cattle to Chicago this week. Mrs. II. S. Bockus of 'Windham was in Stanford Friday of last week. Mrs. J. W. Leslie was an over Sunday visitor with her (laugh- -ter in Lehigh. W. I. Hughes moved his family into town this week for the win- ter term of school. • W. C. Perkins of Lewistown was transacting business in Stan- ford Friday of last week. Miss Agnes 13echard 'returned from Butte Tuoaday, where she has been visiting a' short time. Thill returned to Great Falls Sunday. Mr. Thill is suf- fering from an abcess on the jaw. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Lester were shopping in Great Falls 'Friday and Saturday, last week. Tom Downing returned from Chouteau Sunday, wher e he had been attending the funeral of a niece. George ,Goiaie, east of town, who has been very sick with in- fluenza, reported better at this writing. Mrs. T. J. Waddell was called to Hobson the first of the week on account of the serious illness of her father. She returned Mon- day, leaving Mr. Montgomery much improved. C. E. Meyer of , Lincoln. •Nob., arrived in Stanford Wednesday and is looking after his land in- telotsts here. S. 4. Atkinson has accepted a position with the Fanners eleva- tor at Windham. Mrs. Atkinson will join him there this week. Mr. A. McDonald has accepted a position with the 'Windham Aleometile company, and moved bi family 'there this ‘veek. Miss Johnson of Lewistown rived the first oft he week to take Miss Neubert 's place as book keeper at the Stanforii Mercantile company. Eleven carloads of eattle were shipped to _ Chieago W e dnesday of this week. They belonged to the following: Kolar Bros., Smith Ram -h. York and Kousington. Miss Newman returned from Billings and Mrs. Shafer from Lewistown Sunday and again took up their duties in the Stan- ford sehools Monday morning. Tom Hillary and family, who Slave been residing in the cotin- tr went to Great. Palls Satur- day for it week's visit. They ex- peet to .01a ke their future home at Kolon. s. Noble, one of Colonial's largest wheat growers, whose holm. is at Nobleford. Alberta, passed through Stanford yin au- tomobile enroute to Lewistown Tuesday. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank the unruy friends of Stanford for •the aid :11111 sympathy extended us dur- ing our reeent bereavement. and for the beautifnl floral Of le rill gs. OSTERGREN and Family. ALIAS StiMMOIVIS — lit .lostito , ( 'ourt. ut Staufmol township, State of Mmitan:o Count, of Fergus, ss: Itefore Iwo T. o'Meen. of the Peace LEON A. KELLEHER. Plain- tiff. versus ARTHUR EST ELL, delmidant. Alias Suininon.r. The State of Montana sends greeting to the abovetimmed de- fendents: YOU ARE HEREBY SUM- MONE1) to appear' before me, boo T. O'Mera, it Justice of the Peace, in and for Stanford town- ship. in the county of Fergus, Stele 'of Montana, at my of - fie, in Stanford. in Haiti mum- ty and state, on Saturday, the. 21st day of December. A I). 1918, at 4:00 o'clock P. M., of said day, then and there to make answer to the complaint of Leon A. Kelleher. the above -named plaintiff. in a civil action. The said action is brought for I IIP purpose of recovering the sum of $200.00 by the Plaintiff from the above Defendent with interest thereon at the rate of S per cent per annum until paid since the litth day of March, 1916, together with all costs, as is more fully shown by the com- plaint on file herein and to which reference is he made. And you are hereby Doti lied that if you fail to appear and answer., judgment will be taken against you, Arthur Eaton, the above named Ih-fendiot. aecord- ing to the said complaint, and for costs of suit in his behalf ex - t ended. Miss Minnehan is visiting for Given under my hand, this a few weeks at the home of her i 20th day of November. A. D. mister, Mrs. George Cunningham. 1918. LEO T. 0 'M ERA in the country. Justice it the Peaee in and for said township. A. D. STROUP'. Attorney for Plaintiff. First publication Nov. 21,1918. Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. Snail, anti Rev. and Mrs. Alexander motor- ed to Great Falls Tuesday, rt.- t Wednesday. S. A. Skoog. who has been as- sisting in the Basin State Bank during the illness of Mr. Bisson, has returned to Denton. Loring Mills of Missoula was a week -end guest. at the George Volkel home. Mr. Mills is a brother of Mrs. Volkel. L. A. Coriell has -moved his family to town and will put' in the winter behind the grocery eounter at the Mercantile. nosea Fisho% went to Great Falls Monday in respons e to a message announcing / . the death or his sister-in-law, Mrs. Harold Fisher: Mrs. Elmer Chamberlain and children, who have been visiting Mr. Chamberlain here, • returned to their home in Glentanat Wed- nesday. 1 Mrs. Durward Sams, who has been visiting friends -and - rela- tives in Stanford, returned to her home near Square Buttelluestiay of this week. George Kingsbury of Peru, Ill. who has spent the greater por- tion of the summer and fall look- ing after his real estate interests here and at Harlowtown, left for his home Tuesday. Classified Ads FOR SA [E--1 almost new . wag- on and harness cheap. Apply at Robert Skelton ranch. FOR SALE -44 head of .steers; any number. Hawk & bind, 3 miles northeast of Stanford. FOR SALE— 1 washing 11111 - chine; I bed, springs and mat- trtess ; 1 six hole range wi,t1 res- ervoir. 14`10YD STEEL. FOR SALE—Model 75-B Over- land in good condition. 2t P. 0. Box 754, Stanford. SALE—One kitchen cab- ni7T; 1 poultry house and equip- ment and other out -buildings. MRS. W. S .HAWK. WIlEAT or anything hauled, any time, anythere, any place. Service Garage- Truck. SEWING WANTED — By the day. Maigaret Nerbo, Dover. FOR SALE Six yearling colts at abargain. Basin Trading Co. NOTICE Storage batteries and repairs for any model car, new or second- hand. Also Distilled water—Her- luau Ostergren. 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The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 21 Nov. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.