The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, November 28, 1918, Image 3

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s THE STANFORD WORLD a a What Determines Meat and Live -Stock Prices? Some stock men still think that Swift & Company -and other big packers -can pay as little for live -stock as they wish. Some consumers are still led to believe that the packers can charge as much for dressed meat as they wish. This is not true. These prices are fixed by a law of human nature as old as human nature itself -the law of supply and demand. When more people want meat than there is meat to be had, the scramble along the line to get it for them sends prices up. When there is more meat than there are people who want it, the scramble all along the line to get rid of it within a few days, while it is still fresh, sends prices down. When prices of meat go up, Swift & Company not only can pay the producer more, but has to pay him more, or some other packer will. Similarly, when prices recede all down the line Swift & Company cannot continue to pay the producer the same prices as before, and still remain in the packing business. All the packer can do is to keep the expense of turning stock into meat at a minimum, so that the consumer can get as much as possible for his money, and the producer as muclvas possible for his live -stock. Thanks to its splendid plants, modern methods, branch ,houses, car routes, fleet of refrigerator cars, xperience and organization, Swift & Company is able to pay for live cattle 90 per cent of what it receives for beef and by-products, and to cover expense of production and distribution, as well as its profit (a small fraction of a cent per pourid), out of the other 10 per cent. Swift 8t Company, U. S. A. Calf Enemies WHITE SCOURS BLACKLEG Your Veterinarian can stamp them out with Cutter's Anti -Calf Scour Scrum and Cutter's Germ Free Blackleg Filtrate and Aggressin, or Cutter's Blackleg Fills. Ask him about them. If he hasn't our literature, write to us for information on these products. The Cutter Laboratory Berkeley, Cal., or Chicago, III. ''' The Laboratory That Knows How\ TRAP FURS *MAKE BIG MONEY AS 'X '47. ,. 1310 DEMAND IN DENVER Free illustrated book tells how. ;, r k ,: \ ...a.., f rail your western raw furs- ', eryot•a, Skunks, Muskrats, Wildcats bring big money here, 1 . , ' • OF ; , •,114 , Dearer closest and but market ; 4 4 re on earth for Western:I'm ppera N an.1 For Shippers. STIEP II IN S , ol penyer is as Wart% eretsurs tmrer ,, f We ;torn Rs sr Fy r2 fa the wocL1 ,L.- •-e13 , 73 , 11 no cornrnission••••ve• 1 , 4 V . 'Pr toIlJen etp 1,1, riur , IDo‘t...11 - 1,. ,,,- ...y•inocnoef of then r7' 1.____ . 1. ` - '-' 717 , 7• '- iOP ,a ,74.1 1,`, :a . Titir - CS at FaCtOry PriceS 01 STEPH ENS sells trees, animal balls 111 andel! trappers' supplies atrock bottom pubes. Write today t'S)°5kc_S in i r t4ritia Illustrated Trap Catalog I 00 ).- P ppere Guido, For Pelee Lis ,.. III sad Shipping Tatra —ALL FRILL i s 0.0 111 j3C.s ,I 1... A. STEP MIS* CO. ' - 0, - (0 , .11 StolAmes Weig. ilitsevar, Colorado, U.S. A. f* - Go mg In •• No •• ma HAIR MAMA A toilet preparation or merle,. nett* to eradicate dandruff. For Ptestorins Color and Beatify toGrayor Faded Usk Sao. and libeOnt Pruipatsta Stop Your Coughing No nerd to let that rough persist. Slop the hi - Potion, and MII•VC tiCklitIft and hOarse• irte54 by soothing the Inflamed throat With PISO' W. N. U., BILLINGS, NO. 48-1918. • • • Sun Bean for Him. Mother was having home Sunday school services. A song suitable for the kindergarten worshiper was se- lected. Spying Uncle Harry driving up the other children at once \cut serv- ices,\ but Nancy Jane continued her wavering solo. \Sun bean, sun bean, Jesus wants me for a sun bean. I'll be $ ft sun bean for him.\ Lives 200 Years! For more than 200 years, Haarlem Oil, the famous national remedy of Holland, has been recognized as an infallible relief from all forms of kidney and bladder dirt - orders. Its very age is proof that it must have unusual merit. If you are troubleatwith pains or ttebes in the back, feel tired in the morning, headaches, indigestion, insomnia, painful or too frequent passage of urine, irritation or stone in the bladder, you will alinoat Certainly find relief in GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules. This is the good old remedy that has stood the test for hundreds of years, prepared in the proper quantity and convenient form to lake. It is imported direct from Holland' lab- oratories, and you can get it, at any drug store. It is a standard, old-time home remedy and needs no introduction. Each capsule contains one dose of five drop and is pleasant and easy to take. They will quickly relieve those • stiffened joints, that backache, rheumatism, lum- bago, eciatica, gall stones, gravel, \brick dust,\ etc. Your money promptly refund- ed if they do not relieve you. 'But be sure to get the genuine GOLD MEDAL brand. In boxes, three sizes.-Adv. Why They Are Cheel-ful. \Those aviators all seem to be cheer. ful fellowe.\ \Why shouldn't they be? Don't they - all have a chance to see the clouds' silver linings?\ Cause for Sadness. The Thrift Statnp- 7 -Why so jealous/ The Rubber Stamp -I'll never grow into a War Stamp. Granulated ryellds, Your Ey\ infiAmed by expo- sure to See, Oast and Wind Eyes ;';.iern,rev,i,!vr‘eadoisir„:4,°:,e, just Eye Comfort. Ai War Druggists or by mail 60c per Bottle. For Beek of the rye free write h Marine rye Remedy Co, Chicago. IMPROVED ONIFORM INTERNATIONAL SNDAYS(1100 1 LESSON 111: 1 l'. 13. Prriava I' Teacher of English Bible in the It Bye Institute of Chicago. I :Copyright. 1918. Western Union.) DANDRUFF MAKES HAIR FALL OUT A small bottle of \Danderine\ keeps hair thick, strong, Newsput. beautiful. LESSON FOR DECEMBER 1 THE STORY OF JOSEPH. LESSON TEXT—Genesis r:IS-N. GOLDEN TEXT—I latred stirrt th , strifes, but love covereth up all trui - gresslons,—Proverbs 10:12. DEVOTIONAL READING—Psalms 4 ADDITIONAL NIATERIAL—Genesis 1-17. I. Joseph - the Well -Beloved Son (37 :1-4), Joseph was Jacob's favorite Iron. T 4 -t This was due partly the feet that lw was the son of t - ft of his tIr love and 4 the son 0 his olk age, bat mainly because (if the supertur qual- ities which Joseph possessed. This favoritism expressed Itself in a su- perior position and more respectable (•lothes. That Jacob should feel par- tial toward Joseph, perhaps, was un- avoidable, but that he should manifest it was extremely unwise. Serious trouble will always result from par- tiality being shown toward children. Ills brethren's intense hatred burst forth upon him. This fettling was in- tensified by his pure life and by his testimony among them because of th6r evil deeds. Josiah is a type of Christ. He was living in fellowship with his father At Ilebron (37:14); Christ was with the Father be- fore coming into the world (John 16:28); Joseph was the beloved teat (Genesis 37:3); Christ was the be- loved Son of God (Matthew 3:17); Jo- seph was hated by his brethren (Gene- sis 37:4); Christ was- hated by his brethren (John 15:24); Joseph was envied by his brethren (Genesis 37 :11) ; Christ was delivered up through envy (Mark 15:10). . II. Joseph's Dreams (37:5-11). 1. His brothers' sheaves bowing In )belsance to his. This was rightly interpreted by them to menu their humble obedience to him. This intensified their hatred. 2. The sun, moon and eleven stars rendering obelsance to him. This dream is wider in Its applica- tion. The eleven stars are identical with the eleven sheaves. The sun and moon, as rightly interpreted by hits fa- ther, represented his father and moth- er as rendering obeisunee to hint. III. Joseph Sent by His Father on a Mission of Mercy to His Brethren (vv. 12-17). His brethren had gone to Shechern, about fifty miles distant front Ilebron, where was abundance of pasture for their Qocks. Jacob became maxis:as as to their welfare, and sent Joseph, a young man now seventeen years old, to find out their condition. Unde- terred by the envious hatred of his brethren, he willingly responded, \here I am.\ No doubt he realized that his mIssion was fraught with great dan- gers -the exposure to highwity rob- bers, wild beasts, arid the murderous hatred of his brethren. Notwithstand- ing this, he rendered willing oiled!. eoce. Christ was sent by the Father on a fillsaltinl of mercy to his brethren (LJohn 4:14; John 1:11; Phil. 2:7, 8). Though he knew that the envious hutred of his brethren would result In his suffering and death on the cross, he went forth delighting to do his Fa- ther's will. IV. Joseph's Reception by His Breth. \en (vv. 18-28). 1. Thelr murderoua plot (vv. 18-22). They said \Behold this drenmer Cornett), let us slay him.\ This Is what Chriet'srbrethren sold about him (Matt. 21: 36). They thought' they would prevent these dreams coming true by destroying the dreamer. Reu- ben dissuaded them from this act by proposing to cast him into a pit, in- tending afterward to rescue hint and restore him to his father. 2. They strip him of his coat of many colors and cast him into the pit (vv. 23, 24). In spite of his earnest entreaty against this act they perpe- trated this heartless cruelty (Genesis 42:21), 3. Their feasting (v. 25). Their heartless cruelty Is manifest In that they could enjoy the festivities of a meal, perhaps, within the sight and hearing of Joseph's cries. 4. Sold him to the Ishinnelites (vv , 25-28). Judah proposed that they sell him, as no gain could accrue from let- ting him die In the pit. One Juana, later, sold the Lord for money. Hay- Ing done this irifamous ,deed, they sought to cover it up by deceitand ly. Ing. They took his coat of maw colors and dippe.d It In the blood of a kid and sent it to his father, !Mowing him to draw his own conclusions as to the matter. Jacob Is now reaping what he had sown. Many years be- fore this he had deceived his father by trickery and pious lying. Others. The late General Booth was asked upon one occasion to send a message to the various stations of the Salve. tion Army throughout the world, and to condense into one word. After some reflection he chose the word \Othersr There was a whole serinet ;n it -the call to sacrifice. The Key to knowledge. \If nay man do his will, he shall anoW of the doctrine, whether It be of Clod.\ Obedience, then, Is the key of knowledge.-Christinis O. Rossetti, Girls! Try this! Doubles beauty of your hair in a few moments. Within ten minutes after an app11- 1 cation of Danderine you can not find a single trace of dandruff or falling hair , and your scalp will not itch, but what will please you most will be titter a few weeks' use, when you see new hair, line and downy at first -yes -but really new hair -growing all over the scalp. A little DunderIne immediately dou- bles the beauty of your hair. No dif- ference how (lull, faded, brittle and scraggy, just moisten a cloth with Dan- derine and carefully draw,it through your hair, taking one small strand at a time. The effect is :aiming -your hair will be light, fluffy and wavy, and have an appearance of abundance; an in - temperable lustre, softness and luxu- riance. Get a small bottle of Knowiton's Danderine for a few cents at any drug store or toilet counter, and prove that your hair Is as pretty and soft as any -that it has been neglected or injured by careless treatment -that's all -you surely can have beautiful hair and lots of it If you will just try a little Dan- derine.-Adr. • An Easy Matter: An American and sin Irishumn were telling each other wonderful things which had been done In their respite - (lye countries. \I guess we have the best jumpers In the world,\ said the American. \Why one of our men ran thirty miles and then jumped over a ft -barred gate.\ \Sure no wonder he did,\ said the Irishman. \Look at the run he took.\ No Wonder. \What a smooth look the convict yonder has.\ \Naturally. Ile hes just been ironed.\ Hard Work Alone Never Kills Hard work never killed anybody. But hard work, with Irregular hour. and neglect of rest does weaken the kidneys and keeps one tired, ndserable and half sick. If your back aches if you have headaches. dizziness and urinary 4sorders—don't wait! Delp the weak^cci kidneys before dropsy, gravel or Bright'e disease attacks you. Ilse Donna Kidney Pills. 'they have helped thousands and are used tile world over. A Montana Case Mrs. A. E. Wel). tmymire Tots ater, In N. Rouse Ave,, It ozeman, Mont., says. \About five years ago I had an awful siege of kldn y trouble. My back ached terriblY and t over, I could hardly straighten again. My hands and feet he. came swollen and puffy sacs appeared beneath my eyes. I kept getting worse until I used Doan's Kidney Pills. Donn's help me right • away and I kept on using them until the swelling and pains disappeare•i. My kidneys were in a healthy condi- tion in every way.\ Got Dose's at Any Store, 60e • Box OANP5 HinNwy PILL.s FOSTER-MILBURN CO., BUFFALO. N. Y. WRIGLEYS Announcement: To help meet the needs of the government, Wrigley's has discontinued the use of tin foil as a wrapping for WHIG L t -Y'S U CM FRUIT Kt or.c, Gtiat Hereafter all three WRIGLEY flavors will be sealed in air -tight, pink -end packages. So look fot WRIGLEYS in the pink sealed wrapper and take your choice of fla- vor. Three kinds to suit all tastes. Be SURE you get The Flavor WING GUA1,10.1)11T). ' SEALED TIGII1v-KEPT RIGHT WRIGLEY'S -- Lasts! UNITES COMP COUPON) WAR BOARD CHANGED STYLES Saving That Huts Been Effected In Woman's Drds and Shoes Is of Moment. \Whether women realize )t or not, there hos been a saving of steel through making corsets on simpler lines. There was a shameful waste of material In shoes, but the war Indus- tries board stopped that by restricting th'e height, the number of styles, the variety of colors, etc.\ In World's Work Theodore Price tells how these and other savings were brought about \by diplomacy.\ Ile says: \Women's wear presented a delicate problem. Paris sets the styles for the Certainly gentlemen in Washington were not to be consulted. Butt the war Industries hoard made a few inquiries by cablegram -the French minister of commerce and industry asked the or- biters of fashion over there a few questions -or, at least, It 18 presumed that he did -and the French dettignere suddenly' awakened to a fine apprecia- tion of the beauty of simplicity of Fame. Little ick came home with quite nil air of importence the first evening of his existence in the new town to which his parents had moved. \The boys in this town ninstwhave heard nil amid me before we came here,\ he boasted. \But Dick.\ said his mother, \there's no one in Grim town that kustw us,\ \mot don't make any differenee,\ the boy persisted. \ When I came down the street this morning ft whole bunch of boys yelled. 'Hello, Sorrel -top!' just the way they used to do at home.\-Ifarper's. Might Have Been. \I see where a man fell dead while waiting hit n restaurant to linve his din- ner mervell.\ \What wits the cause?\ \Apoplexy.\ \Then it wasn't the priee Age-Iferold. • The Very Name Jars on Him. \Can't you find congenini work r \Modem. for me no work, 14 con- genial.\-Iloston Evening TraUseripr: Ono Way of Killing Competitor. \I want to know if you will give mitt' n recommemintion?\ \I ebould any not. I discharged you for Incempetency.\ \Your competitor tells me, sir, thet If you will write a letter of recom- mend:distil, he will give me a position. I hope yovvon'i stand in mi . way.\ \That's different. I don't know any quicker way of crippling lila business than to get him to hire you. Sure I'll give you a letter.\ Money -Minded. \Well I've got a commission.\ • \Good! How much per cent ?\-Bola tort Tranecript. — -a STHMA INSTANTLY PELIEVED WITH FISTI1MADOR OR MONEY REFUNDED ASK ANY DRUGGIST Every Woman Wanta f/ z il h4 2w e ANTISEPTIC POWDER FOR PERSONAL NYC D;molred In water for douches stops pelvic catarrh, ulceration and Whim. mation. Recommended by Lydia F.. Pinkham Med. Co, for tea years. A healing wonder for nasal catarrh, sore throat end sore eyes. Economical. eatrsoatsnary &amino a rd termladal Powtr. Ssospiv_Frss. 540e. an elm tykes. et poapskI mai. Th. Patton Tale' CunPaar. 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The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 28 Nov. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.