The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, November 28, 1918, Image 4

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tbe ttanforb w o rtb , apple is liable to have Ileft . t . th of tenth of the Itotal nil in farms, e ; one kind or another. , and doubtless is for crops W. 1'. DUNTON One should theret\oree hold a: from one-half to three -fourths of Editor and Publisher ' vision of life inetheling as meaty . the time. according to the crop of the joys a; humanly possible rotation that is practiced. A !and exeluding, die sorrows aSliarge part of the pasture land is . far us may he. , a nimpret ed, About 99,000.000 Publislits1 it thi , %Yea I,1 Office 11 e That the Chrietian philosophy ; iO•reS being \woodland pasture,' Stanford, Montana. ctely Thursday. of life iliecTs this ,est is Jilt , be- ! and 10.-000,000 \other unian- lief of a very large number of prayed pasture.\ This informa- H ipoplee Front the %var.-besmirch- . lion is from Bulletin 626. United • eel page., of hisior this doctrine States Dept. of Agriculture. of lift. seeats to .•;111•1'!21 . Willi l't . - , THE STANFORD WOULD W. S. hAWK Assut'jtt Editor Enterest at the Stallion' o-toffiec as second eta..., mit otItticr, under the act of Nlarcb' 3, 1879. Subscription $2.00 per year. ly notice] or possibly searelied out tvith gruelging efforts. Th e past has been a year of very great siiiire et' life and treasure. be buried on We are among the living. Who died anti wouid is able to 1114'10011V what ita. titre Thanksgiving day• S\Ile lea‘ is a Itu• that! perhaps, who family of three small ehildreal. t.1 \lolineaux offietated at may hav e approaclieel till' Valley Fa -.14 • . thigh Sunday.. ); shaelmv have the keenest Iwo funerals la appret•iation of the value of life.. It is said there are 010111 150 In this eommunity we h a v e not eases there now, been parted front our tea -as t ir.. generallY- What's the worth to COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Is we eollIelliPhite the The town_ emoted met regu- blackened valleys and railed lat . sesa i ffit M 01 . 14 1 8 y e i jig w i t h hemes Enr°1 ) e's 1\Itliefirl'IS? all 'timbers present sieve Alder - No mind has been able to !levies- man Lester. Current business lire II\' \II ) Ssul \Iv of a routine character was trans. 811110';ea .:nitwit., of the. sormw acte d .. Mat here beent visit '''I n1 1011 The a - ork of finishing the fire Ill/illy Of lairth 1),v a P 111 -':end department section in the City ectior.'\ mad °erne° \Y\'\\ •11all 0 - intractor Donaldson life. whose diahollYzil insallitY was reported as being 111011' (!0111- 1111S hut 11..1 - 11 SillpaSSell in earth's ptetton. A new limitation ror th, history. That w, hay, rs,a [led lire h e ll was iindm dismission . Sileh 141.01.1rge when it wa.s some favoring mounting the ba.11 linoeking in no uneertaiti mate- on th e roo l. or lie Cif y Wilde Iler at our N'el'y 11001's Is s1111 . 1- o th ers argue d f or a sio .,.t t c, 40 cient raus e for rejoiciug that t oot ' , fee l tower join with like-ininded people. at \ li g ht ho f il l \ I ' \ rth • 11301 • The matter .weid ()% - er till the a tint / . and plaee set apart bt. M MI\lin g l Y \We\ to Vt\. Y IleXt Mee' ilig; Ylill have any erates of lie.aven very eommendable I OOS- • illtel'Otit till' Mattel' it tom. to give. expressiem tee th V. e' `'''e \Hid , eareh \iil. might be. well to e,expre-s your gratitude we feel. I lasss III this Piellfree but the: views to any ablerimee befcre Perhaps there has never beam ' l'ifur \ n - j Thanksgiving filled with sti'l ) \ % sis i \\ s \ le4sl i n g s- neat*. genuine ble.ssings for the. \\ e e v ill; \ ave 1.1.\SM SUBSTITUTE RULING 'temple of this teation if.e.iierallv as flur P rieele ' t ' instituti ` ifis HAS BEEN RENIOVEI) the one for the year nine:teen \\\' hren Preserved to I\)steritY• „i g h teen. i j ifi, i s a pi, For these and other bles.sitig; %ye milli». mixture or pleasures and \ Ye ye \ . tillusi \ d ea use fw. s orrow ,. I t i, a „,„ it ,,,. of i nch. . mg thankful that our lot has ia ,,i f i t i ng , largely been east ill this latitude along from edueatimi and 141virolUntu;t th e eastern SIOIWA Of OW Might y as to w h at t hi„ gs mli , emphas i ses ItOekleS, 11111141 Sll IT111111( 111114S eon - 118 b(111114 WOI't 11 W11 Ht. ill life. Per- tantin g much ol grate\ Thanksgivin,g Gratitude is one of the most roli,Kliendielde. traits of charaete.r. But feeling gratoful within» ex- pressing it is 'oily a half -way measure. ' I ' ll 011n ' S IISSOriateS Surmisr as to grateful heart is to fail in so far as impressing the world with your gratitude is mincemeat , From this then, ,vve have a double duty to perform. First we ar t • to develop a Welly grateful heart. Seville,. we should give expressiou(to our f:s- soeiates thiq we feel. sue Ii t ii de. It may eontended that if we have a grateful ittitmle at heart it will find expreasion. We think this is not a well-founded objection. At this,. the Thanks- giving season, we. are therefore admonished 10 101 51' a grateful heart. for life's ble.isings. and to haps no choic e has ever yet been made that eliminates either all of the sorrows or all of the joys of life, lt appears to be the. com- mon lot to be confronted with a more or less iniseellaneotis assort- tnent 01' ('ach. EVI.1) redelest COLONELS lee V. R. Butler John W. Stevenson ;EN ER A le ACI.!TION14.11.11iS Twenty-nine year sexperience Satisfaetion Guaranteed Let Us Have Your Sale, Address, Hobson. NIonaina. FOR SALE IvIILCH COWS Holsteins, Shorthorns and Galaways Soine fresh 110W 111111 501111' to fl'eSh all along till spring. Also swill' Shorthorn Stock Cows and Steers, and last spring calves. Ratieli is located five miles S011thWetii of Arrow Creek on what . used 10 Ile :ht. Nels 11;w - land plal. - Also 11 I MIA No. I wild hay. LESTER BRUBAKER Lock Box 57, Arrow Creek SPEEDY ACCURATE EXPERT ' ELECTRICAL REPAIRS • newed vigor. • ! LEHIGH IS IN THE GRIP May we not, then, hold OF SPANISH INFLUENZA cii together at this Thanksgiv-! ing season. and invoicc the joys! Rev. Alexander W AS called to of life, that /Willa] I s 1111 1 5 he e ll 5 .U.. Lehigh hist Sunday afternoon for Ill,' funeral of little John Kris- tian, aged eight months, and on ' Wednesday reeeived word that Mrs. Kristian, the mother, had cheer. 1Vt. should be filled with the joy of living ill this year of 0111' 1.0111, ninetteen eighteen. - 0 Welcome Your Old Friend T ha t %vel I -1)..lav ell st ranger. Nir. All wheat Allwhite Loaf, is in our midst again. Weleemie hoint.! It was something of a wrench to let hien go. Rot we sent him Oil his way, lit' was a geod soldier. Ile put up a good fight. While his more liecanse we have fermation about the minia- ture electric plant. oil ear complete knOwledge of its constroetion-- wiring dia- grams showing every wire on yOpr car, we can give you un- xcelled service on repriring, generators, magnetos, start- ers, coils, ignition systein 'and Aorage batteries. We have repair' parts for all makes of Plectrical systems. Out of . town work given 'prompt M- ont ion. N, W. Storage Battery Co. Distributors for Leone Lighi- ing and Ignition systems for Ford cars, .Official Service Station for Northeast sys- tems, or less brunette war -bride. Sub- eon , ;01elt its hell , at ree caree,esi tee imeleattaie retelot;ei home. Some of her traits are th \ s41-2 \ \ Ire ' %vomit reitieniliecirtg. we expect ‘vbac tlw substitute ruling is IIIttip,' \\ \\\\1- that Abe W111 101. 011 I 1/111 11101V i t re. 1111t as a it,; . ct ,'\ 04\1 \\\ freutlenillY 111111 Of • V For First Time in Year Mortanans Ma; Purchase Wheat Without Other Bread Making Grains e m For 11i, t . 11*,!. !Ho` ni.oto a yt•iti - Mont:in0- :f 1111%% :iliac 1.. i.11 . 4 ...1 , 1 - ii Ito111 1)11N111:.: sOlts111 tiles al the :atop 1 imp. I . Ids is P1111.1.. PO , ' last Nveet: from roott Adminisiratirn Ntiiiittiito , itat so 20 rub.. issititring the 11111'- 1i:1Se 'If 0 11, 11111111d 1.:1111 f011r pi llllll Or 111.11r. 11:141 Th.. • :10.1 . 11alinit iii.' R 41. 20 rale k1 11 17IINI ill. was sign - ref - 1 , c1 ween territil Ily nil 1 be The Fowl .lidminisirlirinsi sin lllll need !hal skippng' iiil as and e !tlin oievetnnt , ifother wortil food , optiliiis made ii,,. 11911 , 1ii A few doys be - (ore lid,. i'Iii\F;)4 'sir:Ilion All itounwva1 thar uhent alight lit' toil i' . was raken to tit, 9t4., eady mit ert airier II iv has ee. r • .11 : I th -',s,,'snIiiutl \\\. \ 11 1111 liVl . 1 * hi.', worthy tvell-mpon-I ! . rolo lug spouse_ i•iiiki• roti , ertatiori 16 g 1 it 11055 - MIM I \ t ha% a to i.i item of Co m l. It i:,,ia':i e•rably large* reemistruetion pro- ''',,t'.o,\`\'\\' I\ \\ gram in Europe oil his hands, so I . \ i \ . :Y ...\ WI. 11111St 1101 i•X I veil 100 111111111 ; •-\\hlk. UI Lull : bed ND Relive!. is willing , 1 \ -,\ \r \ - ` 4. \'''' 11 \' him %holl,. at , possod, ii ;1110‘‘. , ilome, and are all glad to DIORE SUGAR IN SIGHT. him 111u111ii \ ,,0.1 low* , Tilt. 1 , 01illst , rop h as fill ow...1.% I I ;,•,thil , ..1* t0.4.1'11:10 il, II'S 1 . 11/1 ' III I lou :mail Vs.- `\t\ mint 1•1•t1 1 1llt- It, ite liutrlitlell • '•'\ot- v t't i 'n\ Leo '1'. 0 • Nlera, a Justice of the WHAT IS YOUR GUESS? r00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000c \How many miles of yarn have 3 been used by Red Cross workers S Hine.. America ('1)1,1 red the war?\ o A Red Cross worker in the o middle west forwart ed this query to Red Cross heaaonarters in Washington recently. She ik still waiting for the information. 3 Officials in (+orgy of th e Red g Cros-s department which reeeives o knitted artieleSi 'hail! it WaS too g large an order for them. They g• coadente& 'themselves with say- o ing that the millions- of pounds g of yam that have been used g wood go around the tvorld ever g 50 111Zi1lY That thousands of miles of g yarn have been used is indicated g by the fact that volunteer knit- o ter, have turned out 10,12:1,374 g/ knitted artieles•in the last seVell- 3 months. Any mail who o has had to hold yiern-and few g men ha VI' beep exempteut g h, willing to wager that there 0 are several miles i» a hank. ALIAS SUMMONS In Jostle!. Court, of Stanford I ownship. State of Moetana, County of Fergus, ss: Before Leo T. ()%11er a.'Justice of the Peaee. I,EON A. KELLEHER. Plain- tiff. rel'AtIS EDGAR ESTELL, defendant. Alias namon Sa.;. The state of N10111 NOON grvet lrui lii t 11110VV-Oil Itl 141 (11..- 14.11111'1a'; : ARE HEREBY SF11- AIONED to appear before me, Leo 'I'. O • Mera. a Justice of the Peace. in and for Stanford town- ship. in the county of Fergus, State of Nlontana. -J at my of - fie, in Stanford. ill said coun- ty and st ;dot. I'M Sat u rdny, the 21st day of December. A I). 1918. at 4:00 o'clock PM.. of said day. then and there tO make answer to the complaint of laqin A. Kelleher. the above-nalued plaintiff, ill II civil action. The said action is brought for the purpose of recovering the sum of $200.00 by the Plaintiff from the alms... r)efendent witfr interest thereon at the rate of 8 per cent per MI1111111 until paid since the 29th day of August, 1914, together with all costs, as is more fully shown by the eom- plaint on file_ herein and to. which reference is hereby made. And you are hereby notified' that. if you fail to appear and Answer. judgment will he taken against you, Edgar Estell, the - above named Defendent. accord- ing to the said complaint. and for costs of suit in , his behalf ex- tended. Given under tily hand, this 20th day of Neavember. A. 1918, 11E0 T. ONERA Justire of the Penee in and for said township. A. D. STROUP', Attorney for Plaintiff, First publication Nov. 21,1916, 111 . n I 11 111110 t Of'S Of h 1:;; :1 ,- ;11',. lir' •iu'X t t Veal' I .._\1•41 tit r. The' • ••1 6 *.: , \.!°• , •1•• , ; • •• ;: i o• e a . o Cr;i 1 T - 17 . •:•41 I111:11 •• • 'I i hi: I OWIiiuulmtIl W 11111 i \.: , fraOlilia • - -Am 5 1..• , hv j 1, 41.10I .4' I. \ \I\S 111\1.1°1441 (\1.11\.'.'\S '5.; 1;!;1;,• :1:11 :it. ;Nile. mid this is 4 per vent. lie duly the I W , 11 . ;''.11 gf• rilitieS to'5,8, , •0 'JO il!V:1 - .•1 it 111 1 he galls S• 3 Per, Ti „. 1 .•,„„i ,,... cool ill Aligns'. to 13 - 7 eel\ :;:ii:/114 :91011 lill . 0111i, 4 1' or •-•oc. iii September, and to 23.:'r per. 1,.,. ,1 oar-rea,a,i sugar ; rpui ill Oetober. 5511011 the tilaxi-' %%mild be lilts \'at% 11111111 is 11'3(11141. Thi . reall1 . 1' tilt., loo•Meillitge . declines to 11.14 ii I NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION November. 5.s in 1)evember. and ; Dep a rt men t or ow bit,rior. IT. to 4.4 each in January and Ecb- S. Land Offiee at Lesvistown, ruary. In the spring pota e I tos Ni oo t ana , November .2, 191s. move more freely from the farms Not ice is hereby given 1 hat and the! fraetion of th e erop that , Henry H. Norcutt, IS marketed in March -and April I of SI atiford. Alontana. who. on is 6.7 per eent. followed by a de-% cline to 4.9 per cent in Ma,v and 4 per eenl, in June. Nearly one. of the potato erop is sold by•farmers in October and over one -tenth in each of months of September and November, or nearly one-half in three months -in the main harvest season. 0 Of the total farm laud at the time of the last census -1910 -- which comprised abont -879,000,- 000 acres, somewhat more than one-third was in crops, one-third in pasture: - and a little less than one-thirtl ill all other. kinds o farm lands. Land ill improved pasture •representecl nearly one- , Nlarch 28. 1916. made addifiolial homestead entry. No. 034969. for hot 6, section 6, township 16 north, rti»ge 13 east. Montana Meridian, has filed motive. of in- tention to make three ,\ car proof, to eatablish claim to the land above deseribeel, before W. 11. Hawk, L T . S. Commissioner. at Stanford, Montana, on . the 9th day of December, 1918. Claimant names as witnesses: Bert lIedrielt. litynard A. Hanna, Clyde Devo, and John 'Webber,. all 'of 4tanford, ii - Ana. H, J. KELLY, tater. 'inrst insertion Nov. , 1918. ALIAS SUMMONS In Justice court.. of' Stanford Ins'.' nship, State or molitalia, County of V er . 411 ,.; liefore Leo '1'. () 'Mkra, Justice tin. I ' ;`a01 . ', LE ( ) \'s.KEL141.111Elt, Plain till . . ., verso.. EDGAR F.STELL. elefehelant. .1lia5 Summons. The Stat e of Montana sends greeting to the above -named de- l'endents:• VOL'. ARE HEREBY St . :NI- MON El) to appear before me, Your Farm Mortgage We are quoting low rates on High Grade Farms. We have a half million dollars to loan on choice farm property. If you wish to make a farm mortgage -z -SEE US :: •• •• THE Banking Corporation LEWISTOWN - MONTANA GEORGE P. ARNOLD, Local Manager 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000cssoo 0 WE KEEP 0 O 0 On Hand at All Times 0 0 0 O a Complete Line of 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o_ Fresh and Smoked MEATS o o o o o at r.. esonable [wives o o o o o o o o o o.. We want your chickens and hogs, o o o o and will pay the price o o 0 o o o 0 o o o / o o o o o o s Stanford Meat Market . 0 . 0 . 0 . 0 . 0 . . a . . o 000000000000a00000ctocsts000000000000a000000000000pooaciro . Peace, in and for Stanford town- ship. in the county of Fergus. State of NIonlana. at my °f- ile,. in Stanford. in said 1'01111- 1 . V atiul iii tit 1% OH Saturday, the 21st day of December. A D. 1918. at 4:00 o'eloek P. M.. of said day. thee) 81111 111OP to make. answer to the eomplaint of I.eon A. Kelleher. the above -named plaintiff. in action. . The said action is brought for the purpose of reeovering the slim of $165.00 by the Plaintiff from the above Defendent with interest thereon at the rate of 10 per cent per annum until paid since the 29th day of August, 1914, less the sum of $110.00 which was paid on (lie 215t (lay of Deeemher, 1915, together with all costs. as is more fully shown by the Complaint on file herein and to whieh reference is hereby made. And SOO lire hereby not that if you fail to appear and ansWer, judgment will be taken against you, Edgar Estell, the above named Defendent, accord- :ing 'to the said complaint, and for costs of suit 'in his behalf ex- tended. Given under my hand, this 20th day of November, A: D. 1918: LEO 'P. O'MEARA Justice of the Peace in and for said township. A. D. STROUT. Attorney for 000a0000000000000000aca0000000000000000000000000000soo 0 a F Bring Your Cream to the Basin i . .. 0° Trading Company : O 0° 0° We pay highest market price and cash .on the 2, O 0 O spot TRY US. 0 O 0 O 0 O .0 0 O cts 57 cts 0 . . 00 0 FOR BUTTER FAT AT PRESENT i 0° o 000ct0000000000lietr0000tmac0000000000ct000000000000000t000 Great Falls Ho te 1 6R1 Al FALLS MONTANA FITZGERALD & FOSTER, Props. EUROPEAN PLAN A First -Class Cafe Conueeted Plaint ill. First pidelieat too Nov. '21,1918. _ ALIAS SUMMONS Justiec Court, of Stanford township. Slate of Montana.! County of Fergus. ss: Before Leo 'I'. O'Nfera, Justice of the Peace. LEON A. KELLEHER, Plain - I t i ff. versus A R111FR .ESTELL, defendant Alias Summons, The Stat e of Montana sends greeting to the above-name(l de - f en I lents : VOr ARE HEREBY SUM- NIONFI) to appear before me. Leo T. O'Alera. a Justice of the Pea\. in 111111 fOr Stanford town- ship. in the. county of Fergus, State of Montana, at my of - fle e in Stanford, in said comi- ty and state, on Saturday, the 21st day of Deeember, A 1). 1918. at 4:00 o'clock P. M„ of said day, then a»d there to - niake answer to the complaint of Leon A. Kelleher, the above -named plaintiff, iii a civil action., The said action is brought for the purpose of recovering the sum of $200.00 by the Plaintiff from the above Defendent with interest thereon at the rate of 8 per cent per flintunt until paid since the 15th day of March, 1916. together with all costs, as is more fully shown by the com- plaint on file herein and to which reference is hereby made.. And you are hereby notified that if you fail to appear and anawer, judgment will be taken againat you, Arthur Tttei1, the above named Defendent, accord, ing to the said complaint, and \i The Coati 2 x The Heat - or Keep your coal bills down and the temperature up by using tit,: onospxy Wilson Hot Bla,t • Dmen Draft !leaier. This wohderful heater will keep your room comfortable with hall the fuel required by the ordinary kind.. The E. c . 51fif4414,5 (I) Wilson Hot Blast Heater is built on an entirely new principle. 'U he draft enters at the toplover the fire, forcing all com- bustible gases down into the fire where they are burned,insteadof escaping up the chimney. We sell g. u. 51t4MLIN0 Wilson Ileaters for coal or wood GALT BROS. Stanford, Montana for costs of suit in his behalf ex- tended. - (liven under my hand, this 20th (lay of November, A. D. 1918. LEO T. OWERA Justice of the Peace in and for said township. A. D. STROUP, Attorney for Plaintiff. irst publication Nov. 21,1918. . t , ' Ii .1

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 28 Nov. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.