The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, November 28, 1918, Image 5

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• 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C•Xd(1 C(o) ®(!)(e)0X-(o)Wej 0000000000000CC0OG CC00000000000 000000000000 00000 JUST ARRIVED A FINE SHIPMEN'l• MEN'S CORDUROY TROUSERS I t $5 and $6 a paio Heavy Wool Shirts for men at reasonable prices. One look at our assortment of Suits and we know you will buy Our entire assortment of winter Caps, including splendid Fur Caps, are will- , ing to be worn. We have plenty of heavy All . -Wool Sweaters at prices that can't fail to please. THE maw op.D WORLD V0 0000000000000000000000 00 c 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 COATS! *COATS. and still more COATS. tit e l rystal Cord, of Valenta Velour, of fine Plush. rieh Silk Velours du nord - Coats that are COATY Warm and cosy! Coats for the W01114111, I Ile Miss and the Schoil pries that will h, entirely satisfactory to you. It Pays to Buy a Good Coat The few MO N' dollars brings more than double value, be- cause you get, a garment that will look well and be a pleas- ure as long as you wear it. BASIN TRADING CO. •Or 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 000000 000000 000•000000000:.000000000000000 00 00 0 00000000000000000 0 Dr. J. Lebovitz CALL PHONE NO. 26 Stanford, Montana Resident Deputy State Veterinary Surgeon Dr. F. B. Reiner VETERINARIAN Office at Leslie's Livery Barn Mont. Veterinary License No. 76 Dr. H. 0. Moore DENTIST Of/ice Over First National Bank Stanford, Montana EDGAR G. WORDEN ATTORNEY AT UAW Practice in all the Courts and U. S. Land Office Old First National Bank Buitilirti; LEWisTOwN, MONTANA BUY THRIFT STAMPS ••••4 The Town and Vicinity 61 Miss Ada Leslie was a Lehigh visitor Sunday. Arthur Miller of Lewistown io our city Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wineman were in Lewistown over gunday. Ward Small of Coffee Creek , Nts a Sunday guest at the Peters home. R. C. Frishie was transaeting business in Lewistown Monday of this week. C. W. Buttknam of Lewistown was in Stanford on a it mission t'riday ot' last, Wt' -k. _ MIS. mmii MI's. 0. , J. Galt mat spending Thanksgiving with Mrs. nalt's parents at Windhoin. Mrs. Hooter Haney and ttvo ehildren of Lehigh are visiting, at the .1. W. Leslie home for a few days. Hosea Fisher returned front Great Falls Sunday, where he was called to attend the funeral of his brother's wife. Robert Rose and family, front near Dover, left Sunday for Mil- waukee. Wis., where they expect to spend the winter with Mr. Rose's mother. Mr. Rice of Twodot arrived in town Friday to take charge of the barber chair in O'Mera'a pool hall. Mr. Rico expects' to move his family her o soon. Mr. Wild Mrs. John Rouen of Beloit, Kansas, arrived in Stan- fent Saturday and are visiting the home of their 8010. C. Rou- en. They expect to remain until tilt ee Thanksgiving. II. M. Paekard and Frank Cul- ver left Tuesday t evening for Lewistown for jury duty. If jury service entitles one to any' meth& these faititftd jurymen would be well deserving . of rec- ognition. Axel Pearson and family, left Alonday for Tacoma, Wash. A. J. Stough spent the latter 11011 Of ow IV (Ph fl S4011401%1. • II. E. (10601 MIS a1111SilleSS 51511.011 - /in In. county seat Mon- day of this week. W: Allen of Si. Paul. Minn.. was calling on the business 111e11 of this plave Friday of last week. Miss ,Nyna Grgory was Thanks- giving' guest at tin- home Of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cos -g- ory. George 1;ingiunan pass e- d tIi rough Stanford en route from Judith Gap to his home at Brady. Montana. Mrs. E. S. Ireland and four of the teachers of the Geyser school were visiting at the Donlon hoot , between trains last Saturday. Dr. Myriek has moved into It I - ton -u home and will attend to all calls hereafter. Ile will give vs- pecial at to testing eyes and. fitting glasses: 'Father Molyneaux held the regular monthly services in the Catholic church here last Sun- day. Services are held the 4th Sunday of each month. AAP. St roof received a tde- gram; Tuesday announcing that his brother, Corporal Henry A. Strauf, was missing in. action on September 29. He left Coffee Creek for Camp Lewis with the second contingent in September ; 1917. and arrived, in France last July. ' N. B. Matthews suffered a very iminn» injury Monday evening while attempting to v erank a Ford which responded . with a vigor- ous kick, striking him on the wrist and fracturing the joint of the right hand. It will be some time before Mr. Matthews Is able to use his hand again. Il h s ouu t :r nti l li i.;ccey was up from la , . hig Lester Black was in Lewis- town Tuesday. Miss Laura K dale WaS a Gey- ser visitor Saturday. E. J. Williams and wile of Gt. Falls simot Sunday here. Jasper Evans of Geyser slain Sunday in our little city. • ..... t . R. C. Friabie and A..1. Stough spent Friday of last week in 1.0wistown. P. W. Mitchell of Great Falls nos in Stanford 'Tuesday on a business trip. Sehimls are closed today Thanksgiving, but will be in scot attain Friday. -I. A. Spady made a bus o, , ,, trip to Lewistown by auto Tot, day of the present week. Jap Snyder moved into the, .Alex ;McDonald house in the s i outh part or town last week. 1 IL H. Galt and Tom Waddell' %sent to laqvistown on Tuesday I 1. , bring back two new .Pords. Merino is now having a ses- simi with the •• flu.\ several ea , es developing th o past week. Miss Fredericks, art., sp....i. o,!.., several weeks here, returneil to her home in the country last Saturday. Mrs. Shiiter, 0111 - of i Ill• teilell - (-ms of our se hoots. eujoyed a week -end visit front her hus- band. who is a linotype operator on the Lewistown Denmerat- News . A well-known business man 'those duty culls him to every portico' of the country at fre- quent in throughout the year. states to the writer that he could purchase many articles of well advertised. standard mer- chandise. in Stanford at a less price titan the identical articles could he secured for in certain large towns where' people are sometimes tempted to search for bargains. , BUY THRI FT STA M PS Classified Ads LOST—Red edible re shan•I 011 Stanford streets Wednesday. Finder please leave at World of- fice. FOR SALE—Model 75-B Over- land in good eondition. 2f P. 0. Box 754, Stanford, NOTICE Storage batteries and repairs for any model ear, new or second- hand. Also Distilled water.--Her- !tutu Ostergren. STRA YE') -- One white (need eon', branded 2—R on left hip. Reward for recovery. Notify Ito xf1, Lewistown. Mont. It WANTED—Two Ilolstein mileh eows, fresh or coming fresh_ soon. also have thorough -bred Du roe- .leisey boar lot' Stilt., a year and a half old. NERBO, Four and a half miles northeast Dover. 21 1 , '011 SALE- Vive thoroughbred brooze turkey goblers: $5 tooth. E. T. Tillman five miles »orth of Stanford. It ••.• •t• A, E. Myrick, M, 0, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Special attt•iition I lestiog eyes mid fitting glaases Office and Residence, West Central Avenue, Stanford COAL ses• I i Delivered for $7.00 per Ton Leave orders at pool ball. SELLON and SMITH OR, J. W. WADE Physician and Surgeon and Obstetric(' Moccasin - - Montana 4111••••••••••••.•••••••••••• ANNOUNCEMENT WE'VE PICKED Tuy, PATHE PHONOGRAPH After the most exhaustive investigation we have decided that Pathe Phonographs and Records will give their owners the highest and most satisfactory service. . . You can spend one of the most pleasant half hours of your life, if you love music, by dropping in any day a.nd listening to the strains of this world-famous phonograph backed by an un. paralleled library of records. 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Harvey's Drug Store •••••110.1111.••••••••••• ... • 444141.-11 , 4 , 0 , 0-41+ 4.4\.40 • WARNING11 Your duty to Your Coun- try and Yourself is to pro- • vide COAL for the winter I Now! 1 \Quality\ \ Service\ Frank W. Lester Stanford, Phone 41 Montana. 11P' WASTELESS? Are you earrying on I that poli,%v in every Noise of the word? Now is the time to be loyal sons and for t's behind the lines SAA1 says \ECONOMY !\ What benefit Nvoo I .1 be derived from saving iii PM(' line only? your efforts must be broaden d to in- clude till. That menus getting your money's tvortil in tires. We have the l'atriotie tire; costs more at first but less in the long min. Ask the man who traso.1-, ivIlich tire gives the most mileage. Quality vomits. and Republics have been \over the top. - A trial svill convince you. REPUBLIC, the Patriotic tire 16 PHONE FORD GARAGE PHONE STANFORD, MONTANA 1 611111101111111111MMENIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL IMMO 0'1kt/era's Confectionery HOT DRINKS A Specialty Fresh Candies and Nuts. Everything clean and new. A fine place to spend a half hour ALL THE LATEST MAGAZINES

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 28 Nov. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.