The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, December 12, 1918, Image 1

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• Vol. . 11. $2.00 Per, Year S'PANFORD, Fiti:11,GUS COlrNT Y. \' Red Clioss Christmas Roll Call Week, Dec. 1610 23 PRESIDENT WILSON URGES , \\ \\ \\\ \nisi have t the assurance that the hearts of ALL AMERICANS TO JOIN i our people are with them in the SOCIETY -- A HEART AND dark and doubtful days ahead. 1,0 , us so far as we can. help A DOLLAR IS ALL THAT ISthem back to faith in mercy and. NECESSARY TO GIVE TO . to future happiness. BECOME A MEMBER \As president of the Red Cross conscious in this great pour of , the value of such a message from president wilson cam opm the American people. I should be every American to join ;Ili! glad it every American. \' mild join the Red Cross for 1919, and American Red Cross during the' f„I he „1,(0, un- Christmas roll -call week. Decent- ber 16 to 9 3 and' thus send forth ; to the whole human family the ' ng f \ 1. MI\ it waits and for which it stands i ( . hriatmas greeting for Nvhich it n greatest. need. WOODROW WILSON. waits and for which it ;lands in s• greatest in , ed. The proeliima- lion, prepared before the dent departed for Europe. i; BURIAL OF MRS ANDERSON follows: To the Anieriean People: \One year ago 22,000,000' Americans. by enrolling as mem- Mts. 0, Anderson was laid to , hers or the Red Cross at Christ- rest on last Tuesday afternoon in1 Inas time, sent to the men who the local cemetery. She was 3 . 7!, were fighting our battles ;vet- years of age. and came to Mon-, seas, a stimulatiog niesi-„,• of taim from Pelican Rapids, Minn.,' cheer and good will. Thty me de this year. ller Midden IlaIlle was; it clear I iii our people Wi' i--ati Amanda Johnson. She leaves , their own free choice uni;ed with tour children, Earnest. aged 11, their gove:siment in the deter-, Clifford, 9. Alice. 6. and Irvine. initiation uot only to wage 3. sh e x‘oas ill idiom two weeks., with the instruments of destruc- Thi:i is the twelfth victim of. lion. but ;Aso by every means in, :ipanish influenza in this emu - their power to repay the ravages, tenuity. of the invader awl sustain and renew the spirit of the army aedi I wish to take this means Of of the homes which they reins , - thanking all who were so kin* sentod. The friends of the Amer- to me during the illness and icon Red Cross in Itals, Belgium death of' my wife, for th e flow - and Prance have told, and will ers, singing. and assistance so; tell again,.the story of how the fthoughtfully rendered at the; Red Cross workers restored mor- burial, OSCAR ANDERSON.' ale in the hospitals, kit the camps and at the eantonmenta, and we ought to be very proud that we have been permitted to be of ser- vice 11 thre.k. whese- su ff er i ngs Btant404*Montana, • President,. and whose glory areth e heritage Peter Anderson; secretary, J. W. of hrunanity. Lewis. Current report foitlief . \ by God's grace, the month ending Dec. 1, 1918: No. Red CrossAt'hristinas message of members, 21; percentage btfying, 1918 is to be a message of peace' stall\' 100. From dat e of or - as well as a message of good will. ganization, seven months: No. But peace. does not mean that members buying, 21; percent of we ean fold our hands. It means or buyers to enrollment. 100: further sacrifice. We must prove average bought per member, vonell1SiVely to air, attentive $20.97. world that America is permit-, nently aroused to the needs of It is well worth a special trip the new era, our old indifference gone forever. to town , to see the many fine 'window displays. The large 'The exact nature of the fu- 1, snow windows of the Basin store - ture of the nature of the fusert, ' lure service of the Red Cross Vre State Boys' and particularly good, and would will depend on the program of 00 Credit to a town many times' the associated- governments, but there is immediate need 'today mas stocks in all the stores are very complete, and there is no, for every heartening word and , need of sending ersewhere for, ever •Y hel l ifid service ' N-Te for /Ms I Keep VOUE Christmas' must not forget that our soldiers and our sailors are still under money at home where the re -1 tending a little garden or taking I $5,058.70. * ordera and still have duties to spending of it will do you some l eam of' a little stock. did not 477 members made or tnended . good. seem to amount to much, but , 3,618 garments; work valued at perform of the highest, conse-, read the following figures and ' 4,401.52. TUESDAY; 12th FLU VIITIM W. S. S. REPORT Name of society,' \Coyote\ of I WILL YOU BE WEARING YOUR k CROS3 BUTTON WHEN THE BOYS COME HOML ? WHEN INLL YO u NEED Tr, JOIN THE RED CROSS 15 \ A HEART AND A DOLL AR \ AND You CAN WEAR THE SUTTON AL0NIC wrn-i THE REST OF THE CI -20W D OH -1-1-14- 60Y! -0 AIN'T IT A Gil ik-R - R ANID AI'DCtioR - R - tous FELIA.) , V Tii e es•-• fty couetestv of Clare Briggs. New fork , TrIbuna the size of Stanford. The Christ - Girls' Clubs Make Enviable Year 'Record A boy or a girl here and thcre,! reccipes usedo valued at quence, and that .the Red Cross' Next week we hope to issue a i , Christmas membership means a special Christmas number. not he amazed. as w e were. at the , great deal to them. The people' very pretentious, but still in a gg re g ate ' ; i Friends of Glen A. Galt will of the saddened lands, moreover,' keeping with the spirit of the urch Ne \WS , .. pipaspd to learn that State Club Leader M. J. Ab-. Ch bey submits this irfteresting re- i , today . now a sergeant. ! mos of the l'eSlIll or boys' and' i girls' club work (hiring the year Next Sunday services will be; A OORRECITiON We were informed last week • that Mr.' Pellerboff had • bought nut W. S. Weiss. the Windham Welter. It seems this was an iirror, and that Mr. Weiss is still in the business. Ali'. W eiSS e0111- p iliS that the misinformation has hurt his Imainess, and this eorrection is to repair any unin- tentitmal injury. returning home where Season. 000000000000 , 000000000000000 0000 000 000000 • 00 000 Tuesday, December 17 There will by due 20 per cent or your Fourth Lib- erty Loan stibseription.. l'our goverminutt gives you opportunity to become holder of the saf- est, bond in the world 'on an — easy payment plan — and it is 3 -our (1013 to meet the payments 11'1)1111013- AVIle/l (111e. Bausill . State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 0 \di ng 1),. ( . ( .,„ q 1,,. 1918 . E ac h , as follows: Sunday school at I° ; c l u b member was requ i re d to :t. to.; preaching at 11 ti, in. and submit aim accurate report of all 7 : 30 It_ ta• his stork, and base value upon Also at the Stucky school house local marliet prices. Por the ( weather Itenattling) at t in the most part Live Stock, Club mem-. \ f tem ew n• hers raised only pure-bred stork . () It the 111 \ 1 \.`iii 4 \ 1111 - Th e lo i n ' va i n ,. of theh)u rir.S:. we SII:d1 011SeEN0 I Ile i,1101iitk Iii 4181 . 994 . 10 . Th o ( 4 01111111111i011 Of I Ile Lord's Sau- 1 distribution of prodtiets and th e l'er• The pastor will .be pleased to hear front anyone who itrx valut. of 'melt is as follows . : 10%3 members oirew 251 wish to unite unit fly s•hureli a . t. ; pot a I oc, value of prodip.t. , that lute ii -ui'i'ssitiit of frith or by lettki. tir i t .. w 273 W . e luipe to have a watch night • sr . i e Vice . 111 ,tie manse, eoinitienc- \f gardell Prodlice: N'11111\ ol ;it 1 , : 111.‘ ,.nt ii l l‘ f i ri te t , 0 1 .. ot.. and all are e 4 )1 . -• I T111 11( - 1S • :1s1 toe m he rs grew 301 a c r es li ( i • , hrist etas exercises will be 2 corn . ; value of product .(includ- on Tuesdat - evening, Dee. 4 0 in g selected high% gra t t e ; .\ 4 , 1.11 2.1. Tilt. eltureli will be 11-,tted (3 , emit)) *4'8.051.90. tia 1 1110 turtlay afternoon nd - a even- 71-I members raised 17,902 int!: of this week for - art — who I ts ; va lue e i l i e h ens , *13 . 190 want to iniactiee for the him he is • cents Per Copy • VAST SUM TO LIE SPENT ON ROM'S OF THE NATION just re- fron Hie ot fio. of publie delh,rtutelit tI agrieult tire the highway eotniiii.- , e e,„ pr; dieted that lul ex- , , rio00.1010 will by ex- ' l' , Hh way eolpdritt , - '10,1 in the United `4t :it es during th e .% ear Il119. ttui prediction is 'based upon the :!,•I that federal aid funds al - 1 and those ‘vhicli wady availably July I. I ‘‘ ill a ggrega Ic $500/0,000, h ;ononul hot over 0 h i;i. In us been ex petuleil. \Nit h Ilt• EellION'Ill Of ' 1• , 'SI ions iii Itighwa,v eon- struction materials 113 the War Industries Board. the Fuel Ad- ministration. the Railroad Ad- ministrwion and the United States Ilielt‘%avs l'ouncil a great m,'vjs-iil it !loo t I m ilajo g should rcsAilt. Thy t ig.oroit'i prosecution of I puddle i p -ov,ittont work 1t4 'I!';t1114 . 41 ;Is ;HI , •It ' oet IN'', 11114111S it rniploylo , '111, porde- idatly to unskilled labor, ill the :raitsitioil period from war to poiee. As the benefits of int proved Itightvitys are immediate, 1(0 say nothing of the great dusir ability of having all bdutr on 'toyed and money aetive, it is hefh.v.,1 it will be better to go., he;el will, roild work wherever it Ulna) wait fro - ; period or lower prices. thiring restrietive period the state highway commigsion !ilia been busily eligtwed making '' ,11 'N'e.ietil and Preltaring data l'e (inked by the federal govern- ment for its consideration of Ilighway projeets proimsol for foleral aid. TheSf. 80-ellnell fed- eral aid i projtcts are projects wherein the staf,',. ay nom- inissioli_riets as agent or repre- H , iiini o r th e comity in Its deding with the government and direets and supervises all engi- neering anti eonstnietion work. The construction eharges ot such projects are shared jointly by ;he government and the, county in which the work is performed. However all engineering anti SU* perviming expenses are defrayed from the highway tnt inmi &Sion fund. Ily July 1, 1919, there will be available from the federal good roads fund approximately $588,- 000 for expenditure on Montana highway, and it is the hope of the coininimaion to have construc- tion work so far advaneed as to permit marl« , ting the 1919 ^roil over the improveq. The weather of the past week, barring the wind, has been mild and pleasant. The frost being mostly out of the ground has en- t.bled many of ,the farmers to add to their acreage of fall plow- ing, if December Imo , be re- ferred to as fan - I 210 inernbet.s rdised 9 46 o.:11 ye-, '- fr 'un• va I tte *10,062.82, 'ley, Mr. - Ittid,illivray , of Lew - 278 menthers 1.40s.,d 300 pi,,,: istotvit will' organize a tete.lier I value *8,012.20. training clas,-; ' , old y in Jaillinry. la m b s; value *7,990.00. Mrs. M vriel; tvill inet.1 her 245 members raised 806 ortiloil i ' I :: i tis: :: 1 i () ( f r ii , :i.::::t . iet; in tt ( i t, A l l i tt i s . ,i eh A n iii i i .. 1 1 1: 1 659 members eanned 26.3:;s! Moore will meet . her 's t o 3 p. in.. (tuarfs of veget a bl es and fruits :0 this • Sattirda v. value *8,628.01. im•mbers baked . 19,420 ' ff. ALEXIS N I rElt. 783 loaves of bread, 2,699 pies . 111).11 \V.H L ew i s i s J us t „bi e t o ge t :1,558 cakes. (Only conservatiot itimut after quite a sick • ..\11.1=11 0.000000 • 0000000000000000000000000000 MEMBER FTDERAI, RESERVE SYSTEM Are You Making a Farm Loan? or renewing the one that you now ,hav . e on your land? .If so, we can -give good rates and pay- ments. First National Bank of Stanford Surplus $50,000,00 SAVE FOR NEXT LOAN 0 0000000 0 0 0 00 0000 0 •0000000000 00 0000000000 000 00 0 0000000000 00000000

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 12 Dec. 1918, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.