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• bic 4 - Vol. 10, No. .15. *2.00 Per Year. nforb orth. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, TIIURSDAY„IANCARY 1, 1920. 5 Cents Per Copy _ • — Hearing On Division Is Almost at an End ' Original Petition Pound to Be Sufficient and Election May Be Called The hearings On the Vaiti011S exclusion and inclusion petitions before t he board of county coin- justified by way of keeping just missioners will probably be Cali- those things from being true. C luded this week, but a final de- That WAS the ourpose of the•ex- eision by Ilse \aril ili not ' elt- hihit, placed there by the agri- peeled for another ten days. cultural extension department of Townshps 19-11 and '19-12 have the Stade Agricultural College of pelitio»ed out. 'Phe exclusion Montana. It was meant to eat - Petitions froin Cascade .WeVe Thasize the need for how eco- withdca‘vii• and no inclusion Pe - mimics, for lack of which many titiens from that county were a farm woman has gone to her tiled. An UW111:4011 petitiOn trOnt grave 'before h er t i me , 4 I he Gamic.' section , embracing Th ere were other . ex hibit s d e _ fi , wri •••• , ,, , , i,,..•:, four townships will be before the signed to drive home the same t his is disP°se - - 1 of I he bearing showing a bleak farmhouse on a ' ••,.9......... commissioners•Friday, and when hard truth. One was a model . will be flashed. bare hill. At the bottom of the. _12 . 'hue whole matter hinges on an hill ran a little stream, and by . exclusion petition embracing ter- the stream were barns and cattle. Irrigation Pays Big ritory resembling a cork -screw in Struggling up t h e hill towar d t h e shape and extending from the house with two heavy paila of '- eounty line neat* Buffalo to Steve water was a Wit old woman. Divideild t \Taller s a Smith's, a few miles south of And the legend was: \Conven- Stanford. This territorY is ab - ient for the eattle-j---but not for solntely hand . picked and in ma- mother.\ Then there was a farm-. Water User from Northern 'Part t hough they were ahort of water. 4 ny instances takes all of a man'a h ouse w i t h t h e water supply as it The Valley project is under the of State Talks to Business Carey Act, and the private clip. farm but his residence. because should be, the woman in the yard 4 DEPORTATION OF RADICALS AND ANARCHISTS was something queer about it. There was the arched gatemay . and the customary weeping wil- lows by . it. The clipped hedge & was like most ceinetgry hedges. 7 The tombstones were about the square, and, it Was part of all ex- hibit at the Montana State Pair. Such levity with the most solemn thing that mankind knows, could :not be justified merely on the . theory that the things said were true—but those who ,saw it came away with the belief that it was the owner Wa dim sprinkling in favor of di spr i n kli ng her flower beds with i simr. It s Possible the validity a hose. And the inscription read: of this petition will have to be \C onven i ent l ot , mother—and decided by the emir& the cattle, too.\ Another model showed a kitchen as it should be, A Cemetery—and a Sermon and another a kitchen as it It was ii neat little county should not be. And there was ceme t er y, muc h lik e m o s t mile the legend: \A long-distance countrv cemeteries, vet there kitchen shortens life.'' The lesson taught by the ex- hibit is one that the State agri- cultural colleges and the Uni ed States Department of Agricul- ture are trying to teach by every means at their command—great- average run of tombstones. 13ut, er convenience and a larger 'withal; there will . „ . something measure of comfort in the farm quedr—even titochng. Then you home. discovered what it was. These were truthful tombstones. Con- soling platitudes --\Too pure for earth,\ and that like—found no place. Instead, there were such The subject for discussion t'Pitai)lls as • these : \Mother— tho Parent -Teachers meeting walked to death in her kitchen:\ the City Hall Friday afternoon PARENT -TEACHERS FRIDAY AFTERNOON at at `'Sacred to the memory of Jane vill be superv i se d p l ay. Au w h o —she scrubbed herself into eter- h ave c hild re n , whether members nity ;\ \Grandma—washed her- or not, are urged to be present self away ;*. \Susie — swept out , and take part in the discuasion. of life with too heavy a broom.\' Other matters of interest Will The people who saw that cern- p ro b a bly he b roug ht u p . • 'ter'—and there were thousands, of them—may have been shocked' The only man who actually for the instant, but they came ' ciemtIes anything is the fanner. May with .the thought that one' lie brings lima the earth the bar - might be better for seeing suchvest that feeds us all. He is wor- a cemetery. For, you see, it was thy of the best the earth produces o miniature cemetery, three feet —for he produces it. 000000 • 000000‘. 0 000 0000000000 e 0000000000 0000000000000 New Years Greetings It is our hope that prosperity and happiness may attenq you hi 1920 and that your reserve account in the bank of good fortune may ever be large. To this good wish let us add our thanks for your past favors and friendly regard, with a true re- solve that our hank shall always continue to merit your confidence and your valued pktronage. Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $2(),00o.00 Surplus $1000.00 000000 00000 0 000 000 no0n0nn0n00000n04104.n 0 0 :II , * ..r 'Teats\ Nv lit, 1111. 1.11eh al. 41 Men of Stanford jilti back of the enterprise Inis evidently sold a few tin) Hinny water rights for their storage Christ ia n Qordoii, of Valier, 1 rapac i ty. %VHS n Stanford the first part of Mr tiordon says that on the week to Purchase a Pure bred gated hail two or three cuttings Shor:horn bull of A. .1. Cloyins, o f a lf a lf a , ave raging two tons per and while here found time to give .„ er ,. NIA vatting, 1114' made, and our Irrigation project a heatty !a ll o th er erop a are proportionate- boo , :t. His 'advice is summed uplV i better. in one of his statements: \If You The post for the pv1)011111 W11- ean get water on your land. don't tee r i g h t ott th e y o lk, p ro j ec t is hesitate; GET IT!\ 1$40 per aere. I rrigat ed land thi, that portion of the Valieri there sells for from *85 to *115 project now under the ditel) fair per acre, while dry land coin - crops WPI'1' raised this year. al-jmands only *25 to *30 per acre. County Agent Peterson Is a Fairly Busy Man Below are ii few facts gleaned from the County Agent's report for the year ending Nov. 30, 1919. Under the iiew it farmers in many distriets of the county. In the gopher project very excellent work WHH accom- plished. Over seven hundred whereby the county agricultural bushels of poisoned grain was agents are employed jointly by prepared and distributed at cost the county state, and federal got- to farmers of the county. It is ernment• the tOinitY Farm Hu - estimated . that half a in go- phers were killed. The largext enrollment of club members ever obtained in this county were secured find in spite of dry weather sonic very com- mendable work was accomplished by the members. Under market project the mat- reau Board must prepare and submit an outline of the work to be carried out during the ensu- ing year by the - county agent. The projects outlined for 1919 were as follows: hivestook ini- provement, Field and forage crop ,demonst rafons, Rodent vomit rot, Markets, F a r in management. t er o f 8 t alo b tr ,li z ot ott o f „ m om Road improvement, Boys and potatoes; the marketing of pure girls clubs, Educational work, bred as well as tat stoek and the and Emergency problems. location of feed and seed were Due to the drouth it Was found handled. necessary by the Farm Bureau Under miscella»eona business A. 3. Stough, President Board and county agent to de- the report indicates that three R. D. Taylor, Vice President vote more time to the emergency special extension schools were Frank Meredith, Cashier projects under which was in- held with a total enrollment of J. F. Pieper, Asst. Cashier eluded the drouth relief work. 1160 men and women. than to any other project. A to- The county agent arranged, the tal of eighty seven days, was de- Farm Bureau co-operating, for voted to this work alone. Two 82 community meetings attended' hundred and eighteen applica- by 5766 people. In addition the tions for federal aid for opting county agent addressed 11 other seed were approved, these loans meetings attended by 1260 pet). amounting to *65,265.00. In ad- pie — (Mimi to the above - there were. The agent traveled 110(/0 miles one hundred thirty one 1918 fall by Ford and 1800 by R. R. dur- seed loans to attend to. Under ing the 'year; visited 456 farmers: • this project were nandled tile 1209 people called at office to eon - other problems that arose Mei- suit with agent ; 1280 letters were. dent to the drouth, such as feed mailed in addition to 2338 copies for livestock, the halt' rate per- of circular letters and a thousand mits issued for shipments of feed bulletins and circulara were die. - into the county, securing seed for tribute& Ninety articles were districts that were short, special prepared for press of the county drouth surveys and problems rel- and farm ative to the county aid. The In eonclusion the agent wishes county agent's office ham been to express the appreciation of the generally considered a clearing Farm Bureau Board end the house for all problems incident to County extension eorps for the the dronth, splendid publicity given theni by hum livestock improvement spee. the press of the county: the ed- ial efforts were made to improve oentional institutions for their the quality, by e li m i nat i on of valuable assistance and co -opera-, lindeftirable• 'weeding s t oc k an d lion: to the farmers and business the use of Wile'. sires, • i n th e men who HO loyally contributed effort to condlat diseases 1500 to the success of the work the doses of black leg vaccine Were past year., To all is extended the distributed. Th e past season ( h ie good wishes for a Happy and to the scarcity of the feed t h e Prosperout4 New Year. big problem in all livestock work • has been to Venial!m in business. UPPER RUNNING WOLF , Some successful demonatrations Ella Hersey of 'Windham is • in dry land tillage methods, sweet , spending the week end with her clover, corn, and suntlowers•were cousin 'knits (loyinm.— carried out in co-operation with W. A. Rollwitz of Stanford /•• x•'' , 1 , \‘W • Club to Elect New Officers Irrigation Project Will Be Prin- ciple Subject for Discussion at This Meeting . The Stanford Community Club still hold its first animal meeting and ('III 11(111 of officers at the City I lull Saturilli• 111)1 1 1'110011. 11 111 1U - a ry :1, itt 2:11(1 NI. In the matter of seeming speakers tor !his meeting the • I 1111 11111 . 1111111111' I* II II 111) against I lie Christ iii its spirit . Prof. l'ordou of the Experiment , tation iit Alucettsiii is spending . Iii,' holidays in Idaho, and will 1191 return until Monday. It is Ii lied we eau svelte(' hini for a talk all . Ili1'1 . /'41111' I 1 . 711*Millg HI the February meeting. Ali eirOet Wits innate to get Prof. Alurtloch, trip to their tonne engineer at the Slate' C011ege tit BOzeinali, to talk to 104 aim irriga- spent Chriatimim Vaellt ion Wil II tutim, hut so tor it hits been jilt- Paill Stevens a , nd expects to iinssibii. in „ Ili,. kiln, slid lie is slfend Ness' Years his robably out of die state for the lents at 'linings. , holidays. However IV, 11. Spier, l'hose of tipper Ro tt liii t g w o lf seerellary or the Vallee irrigation who attended the' Christmas 117IS 1101'11 naked to CI111111 \ 1.68(41 at Staal°111 st ' ti tlll\6 111111111' Will pl'0 1 / 1 1111)' he here. t•oyins, l'erey Goyins, In t h e m i n d o f t i le wr i ter i rr i. u eorg ,, (l os i ns , p an t gai is 11)0. most important spending the Chliaitillas vacation an areat A. .1. (loyins and George (loyins made a flying trip to Uti• ea last Friday. Mrs. .1olio Butt erfield was a passenger to Great Falls last Mitt urday. Mr. and Mrs. W. Stewart and daughter Ethel and Mrs. Simi!. ton were ill Stanford last Satur d - ay. Dwain Butterfield %%as Stan- ford Caller last Saturayd. BIG CROWD ATTENDS . THE COMMUNITY TREE About four hundred people, big and little, attended the Com- munity Christ Inas eXereises at the City Hall Christmas Eve, and all seemed pleased with the pro. grant presented. eortimittees in charge, rep- ri4ienting the Stanford Commun- ity' Club and the Presbyterian Chureh, put in ai pretty strenu- ous week in tanking preparations and preparing the program, but they feel the result amply repays them. They wish to thank all who assisted in any way tOWHI'll Jna king the entertainment the faileeess it undoubtedly wes. Sti'Velm, \lid ViIhjttimi matter HIM heron. the people or ; I: ‘ 114 , e ,s .1 . • raping the tinie or their t hi s emmum u t mi d we h ow , something definite will result Joe and Loui Whittaker are r this 111 1 '11 ' 111g. For the women, Miss 'intake, of the enmity high sehool faculty, has promised to give it demon- stration on eake making. • _ CHURCH NOTES seito4)1 at 10 A. M. Preaching, 11 A. AI. and 7:30 P. M. Conti/inn/MI serViee Will be o b seeve di oil t him vowing Solidity morning. An opportunity will he given at this time to any who iii'. Nil'' to unite with the church. There Will hat lialtale roe the Sunday services. Mr. Ken - singer will sing itt the morning Nervier Will it II Mai it the evening serviee. Sithjeet tor Sunday inorning'il sermon: \The Password:\ Slid foe he evening , : Sr/1;1011... 11 l'XIIITH14011 of gratitude is extended to all who so kindly helped in making the Christmas eXI'll'iSeN 71 success. Rev. II. A. Brown, pastor. The ( . 0111111T just 110W is in an 'invert/lin emidition. The old wagon is stuck in the inud—but a long pull, a strong pull and a pull altogether will put the wheels! on solki ground. Then for full speed ahead. IRST NATIONAL BANK NEWS VOL. 1 • STANFORD, MONT., JAN. 1,1920 NO. 46 MEMTD:13 11•FDERAI, IIIESERVE SY$TEM The Spirit of New Year We wish you joy on this Ni•w Year's day„ joy of new bdginnings, of high expeettitions, of renewed faith in things to be. May the spirit of the New Yell!' go with t em! through all its days, and bring. you many sweet surprises. many holies realized,. many dreams come true. It' elimappointinents or sorrOW14 or'apparent come to mmiii ke you sad, linty yall not spend God's film , in ni•iiirning but go on your way rejoicing in His many blessings, e01111t - ing them.OVer and over, like the little ehild (smutt- ing stara—always 'beginning but never ending. - --Edwin Osgood Grover. Truly yours OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS •

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