The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, January 15, 1920, Image 1

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- - Vol. 10. No. 47. *2.00 Per Year. nforti STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY. MONTANA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1920. 5 Cents Per Copy Usual Decision in County Division Fight County Board Can't Break Away From Precedent Irrigation Meeting Saturday, Jan. 17 1 COLORED LIGHT AID TO TECHNICAL TRADE An Appeal Will Be Taken to the Su- preme Court and the Question De- cided on Its Merits osier. more the board of l•0111- I hie! Mil 'gi ll !l el 1. e li t e ,' v0111141 .1 f or Be sure and cerne to the irrigar- sent out or thiseolunitinity this IIIISSi011Plai Of Fergus c m oity has e d o thiiisankt s , troll Meeting at the City Hall •eari• for feed could be in eireula- I bowed to the will of the politiedi Le%) - i.t. , 11 ti Will leog feel the Saturday, Jan. 17, at 1:30 shah) lion here don't you think it; coterie, whieh set ins to be all- .‘ir.,.1,; or ou,, ,i,.,.i s i o ,,. \fl ;I The committee will have a very would make quite ii bit of differ - I eneouraging report to make and enee . ! A good share of this. powe r ful in Lewistown, and have i s p ra h li bl tin l b w y ,, ig ,,,,, j or i ty iill'OW ii out the petitions for the of the it lit ()I' the enmity seat if tin weather is CrOad a trip will money is going for hay grown ' o'r li• ' ciT ri t it i . o ii i . 1 , ( 1 ) e f .. . il s t i i: ) 1, 1 i i th wa lt s its l iii 0 i. 1% . % . v i r k .) .t i . il l i1 t 1 ,11 1:i i ‘ . .: 141 1. h. r i (te ili c ,: t ii l lii i ig inv i t t . f - :!..V14.... „L . 44 any one but the editor of the very sa ht,. 1101 ,, i .j,,t y Ii made to the reservoir sites. ;upon irrigated land. All that remains to be done is •AC.. • to sign up for your land and the IRRIGATION DISTRICT IN'orbl. We had a hunch that the now hilt they h have donc noth. district el111 he r fomed. w , HAS MARKETED BONDS ,„, :,•\ - .. • ort ity boa rrl wits about tire d o I11,1 f i.. t., elp te h divisionists ge1 - - - -Nitett.,•: , playing the goat, but our bunch ruu. ., mot io tio• opinion or •! ,,,,,. .I The irrigation eommittee of the Spokane Company Takes Entire ' ,;•-• II , ' was wrong. They evide»tly like 1 the West s it', lire I 10,11• 4 •1 . 0 1• •• ( .011111thilit S Chi%) has been busy the game. lettuall.v guilty. 1\'4. predict that Issue of $160,000 at this week making a canvas of The groullti8 given li.V I lie it will he a rzrwrl many years It.' 6 Per Cent our proposed irrigation district. - - lions were as follows: .t ,,,, i .„ w ill rece i ve a ver y ,. or di a t . boat.d for throwing mit the peti love :t traveling Will/ Ii our Lewis- C \rd s Ithve hr matted dish 11 , Il 'Hie first district organized in ! .--;- io•operty owners or toe oistriet They allowed exclusion poi- weleonte front any busitiess Allan Montana under the IleW state ir- urging, them to attend the meet- lion No. L'ivhieh took in 'an irreg- in Judith Basin enmity. ing Saturday, at which time it ligation district law has sold its . 7 • ii ii hand-pieked ship or terri-' 'file appe:il will be made within t bonds at 6 pi cent interest with - is expected the li t i t ill h t -s -r -e- w-- e cut a hit of trouble. The district 1 ory erminiviteing IINIP Si MI 1 . 01.4i I l ie ilex i wee k or It II ! l ays , Kni t formed. If the weather is far- rtirl ending in (Ire vieinity or tint.- :, i i i ) ( 4i s i m , \ I , i s , which hum, sold its bonds is 41it- Warm Springs creek itegr Dan- ci 40 a `' , \'PI. W i I il this s1 1.11) (1111 1}1c . v in , ixiy t“ 16110y (bl i pt. orable a tt•ip to the Val'1011S reser- vo i r s i te4 w ill , b e made wit h the dith Basin Irrigation District on hehl that the balanee of the ter- I Our opinion or lite whole rot - engineer and committee. The vers. Tiles . som $160,00 worth ritor'y 'is ins not .. reasonably rpm - l i en li iiiie h i of gilt f t i t r ,,, is not I , 4 0.,., I i .. I Illi/1171 bie. If you wish to know of bonds to the Spokane & It ,. ' ' , 01 . , '. •i .:, ..•$:, ' ; ' t meeting will be called to order paet. promptly lit 1:30 and the bust A lad di of litaill•asP Vitille to the 114+1,1010 1(0.1.• W:I, ill IIII 01. .1 ,„.,.„,„ Ttu.., tiu...u. out toe entire Cas- i w h a t ml i s p om p i ll. or 4 ,,,. E ar l cro o Trust Company and the con- ness will be limited to discussing tramhs - orovidea that the bonding the sm•Itty af Du:layers tri England reverol I, , ,i, iliy. ii i „ E. I, 0 M • 0 0111i i•Hult• V(.111)1 Y petition - on the. wi m , 1111111. iii, 11„„ „r i migiiiige the irrigation proposition. company will accept and pay for 'rile right train air r.leetrit• bath Ite'retleeier I 110111 a 1111111ir,illrr,r1 , , rarr- ground that ii41 rif Mae, grr•VII 111111 purple. giving the ex:n.1 ‘0111111. rif rti*Ught rat roloy.41 1 I. S. Thumton was i s b et t,. 1 .. - not a tax•payer in Cascade eotin- I ' At a meeting of the atoe o the bonds as the money is needed ro , rit .„ , is. although he presented his tax 1 . holders in the Flat willosv i rr i ga i to proceed 'with the work. In other words, the district will not reecipt on the witness stand. 1 HOW MUCH WHEAT WILL lion company held in Lewistown STANFORD TEAM WINS 'WAR RISK INSURANCE ' YOU NEED FOR SEED? Then they say that the terri- I ., have to pay the interest on a dol- TWICE AT BASKET BALL. the first of the week it was voteu . MADE MORE ELASTIC to left \eontains low than l200; at o mom.) 5% tic t le) It. C. Frishie of t he Stanford to go ahead and complete the pro- Spin re iniki of NiarVeYed land,\ 1 •• actinilly using. it will PeubillitY Defeat Geraldine and Denton by Easier Provisions jeet, as rapidly as possible.' Under Which nub w.,, au e not mistaken, tiii :\i t .) 11 , liii tif i . company i s !m od\ ii About 13,000 acres of land %vitt he over a yeal• or two before they Two to One Scores -Olean Former Service Men May Imre entrvirms of this seetion to afiCer- lhe law requires is 1.000 sr he under the ditch itilthis project, i call on the bond house to take up Record So Far miles. toil) the lumina of spring wheat 4 Olioli nia$ _,hu elltitiged 4 cow ,id,1 the last iii, the yawls and the dis- trict hits to sniff' paying on the Reinstate Policies .---- If the decision of the board on Wilieii Will in. lit for soyding , erably later. ti le ,,,, iii iiii mis cxelusion petition NU. 1- is v041,1 11114 spring. . In the state of Ore ti in the the The bonds mature serially, the last of them falling due in team is playing a mighty line The Stanford towil basket ball - run iiix , ralizi. „,,,,,,,,,. w hi r l, „„,. f or „,,,, , so idi t . ) „, own there eltil be no more Nom- %Then this data is eomplete the '1 ,_;___ I ast two years over fifty irriga- :•ailors and marines may reinstate lies created in Montana under the filets will he laid lwfore inter - 1940. which gives the . distliet game these days. l,ast Thursrlay . 1 1 i „,,.,1 or ,.„ nce l e d. in sur a nc e e a r. Met 'min act without imanintous e.'sfed parties with On' bolo! of tin d er state lass's to t h ose very easy for them to pay off the eame they went over t o t i ert ddi tie iiiii • home with the long (.1141 of ried with the terms, and makes it lion districts have been formed lung , etuIY B ureau a W in . .•ottsetit, for under this ruling it getting relief'. of Montana. Ve predict as ma- cost of building the project.- Il 4 1 I 0 ...te __ .o 2, al•Ore. The game was niSli 1118111.111144% WaSililig\h \111(1 o li i t e po i t:e ° 7 8 it i s hle to f°iineltir(14 ? i ll s ' oil l e ) I I I: v t1 1 ) . : 1 .. i t n i g ine in is Y‘ t j u ti n t :r. fi t g o ( 4 1 4 re h li m iit g . ay or more for Montana in the Ilobson Star. fast and clean a Ilt I the boys were It. C.. new end important rulings Ihree next two years. I te very nob pleased with the emir- have been mair14. by Direetor R. (I. 'mine)) land (18 they desired by i To Begin Drilling Irons treatment reeeived. In Cholitieley-Jmwar. with the ap- dodging around, taking all of a CHURCH NOTES I bi s gimii , g ii . otif „ 1 „1 w ai hi c ii i „.,\.„1 iiit hi'serr o a r y o f ti le inon's farm excepting his dwell - A 1.3oklet published by the The work of assembling the ing. There is practically no limit Sunday Sehool at 10 A. M. State I 'l i gat i on comm i ss i on en . large St an do rd oil drilling mit tit played - iv ro- rv o i r d s. 1 ; ni ( ly cen t N .. T reasur y . III led \Water NItikes Wealth in for the Arrow Creek 1/ev4.1oping and Henderson at nil Harvey Fortner serviee men h ave 18 to the ala011111 of territory 81101 a PreNehing. 11 A. Al. arid 7:30 is progressing nicely and it months from the 'late of their petition could embrace with only P. I. '1'114. subject for Sunday lonta»a.'• is ;peeking favorable Ca- g11 : 11 ) „ ds s . attit.,h ty „i g l it t i„, te „„„i ise i targ ,. w ithi n % o l io ' to - ve t o . a very small pereentage of the morning will be: \What is your emollient from all sections of the 13 confidently expected that drill- eon „ ti . y. A f ew cop i es art , st ill ing will be commenced the latter journeyed 10 Dent on aceotn- :late their insurance upon these p rope rt y owners qualified (hillder opinion of Christ?\ . about 25 rootet•s. erenditions: the ruling) to object. Remember the NIlbjel'1 f01' S1111- aVallable 101' 111811'1111111011 by th e part of this week. Stock is being Pulled bY . Owing to the swalli t e s •; of kw if diseharged more then three An appeal will be taken home: day night : \The Sevond Coln- . eommission. 1111(1 will be in rapidly sold and enthusiasm Li a', to those interested_ its height ii, DOW 01111 the drill- Denton floor the game was a lit- months, the applicant must 31111e (timely and there is very little manditient.\ Everybody is eor- ing is to b e commence d . __D en _ the rough. The Stanford team in his applieation that he it: ill doubt but that the decision of the . • (Bally invited to attend all, the If all the money that has been I ton Recorder_ was rather handicapped for laek ,o , good health as when tits- board will be reversed. The up- servieps. of room hut succeeded in enrry- dinged, no physical examination' peal is taken vu the advice of Elev. II. A. Brown, pastor. ing off the honors, 37 to 17, Six being necessary. If drscharged; €X1 000 men Were used by Stanford in less than three months he need' this game. the five who played not in eke a formal application; at Geraldine told Rolland Galt. mot. a statement of health. In Return games will be played either ease, he will lw required tol - . on the Stanford floor witli both pay only two months' premiums ' STANFORD, MONT., JAN. 15, 1920 NO. 7 • 4 these learns in the near fut tire. on the amount of insurance to be ; VC \ - 1 On Saturday, January 1 7. the 4einstated. One of the two prem.! I team will play the Y. M. C. A. inns required to be paid ((flyers are ours. Your problems ours to help solve. in Great Falls. Ille month of grace during whieh $ $ $ $ -- his insurance remained in force: ORDER NO. 4 HELD • t The world is going crazy over II,.' othe r i ireminni is for the ear- A, J. Stough, Presidentdiamonds. It would be better for ILLEGAL BY COURT rent 1110111h in which reins; ate -I ment becomes effective. Premi-i R. D. Taylor, Vice President most of us to give more attention to spades. Frank Meredith, Cashier unis for the months between are ! judge Bourqttin Issttes Perma- not required. A man whose -1 J. F. Pieper, Asst, Cashier ManY a Y011 1 16 mail Marta out in strong in the marriuge game oil nent Injunction Restrain- stiratiee lapsed in January. 1919. ing Commission :•11(1 Was i•eintitated in December.! We're honestly glad to see vott diamonds and hearts, only to lose • out on dubs. 000000 • 000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 000 Cl 0000000000000 00000 0000000c General Banking Intered paid on Time Certificates. o Judge George M. Bourquin i» nitY onlY tlie Janu - tit this hank. Come in often. * $ * * lit 19, would Savings aceounts a specielty kr women and --. 0 o o the United' States court Tuesday tendered a decision holding theof grace, when lie was proteeted 4 , ,, :•ry, 1919, premium (the month I here are two kinds of interest When We see a chap walk C, * * * $ o vet giving the state trade com- . • and the December or em•rent , Pet•sonal Interest and Compound I hands ill a revolving door with his ehildren,. o pi emiutn. lands ill his pockets, sailing clear . c o mission power to fix prices un- ( 4h• e „ h or ino „ e‘ . order - sliott id'Interest. Yon get both at this on the efforts -of those ahead and 0 CO11141111111011111 and issued an in- he made Treasurer hank. Safety Defiiisit Boxes V1 $2.00 per year for your o , . payable to the , ,. $ $ * $ behind him, its a ten -to -one shot . valuables. o of the United State and. with Girl o junction restraining the commis- that his wife gets up and closes ., o - sion from putting- into effect its !he lomirlation upon which we ;he windows and opens the drafts i indication, Sent to the Premium Checking accounts for your convenienee Lnd a o o order No. 4. requiring that ;oli- Reeeipt Section, Bureau of War l .are building ia Quality, cemen t ed, •)ese cold mornings, o eles for salem he arked with both Risk 1114111rallee. Washington. by 'Service. and strengthened by $ $ $ $ f record of yon: ( financial transactions. o the invoiee /111(1 selling prices. it . c. Honesty and Courtesy. (1001) BUSINESS I The court held that tin' lass- eat- $ * $ $ o What is it? Delivering the Drafts issued, travelers checks, fereigal(xelonigc: 0 powering tlw commission to) fis . . . Distance is not a bar to daily fire, hail, cyclone, and life insurance written. prices is contrary to the four-) If. C. White of Fergus county , . '. • . goods? That's port of it. On the o - banking. If you want to bank by dot when promised? That's still - teenth amendment of the consti- Saturday announced his eandid-• o 0 o o c C) o Yout• business solicited. you will receive the same more of it -but not all. '_'.14‘ , :ley for t4011(.11101' 011 the l)eino- mail dose, careful attention as if you The. most notable and most en- ' talon of the United States. I I ( nit had' beet brought by an as- i emit it' ticket, aecording to a dim- :.ociat ion of merehants of 1114.1 patch reeeived in Britt?. front i made a personal visit to the hank.: eottragi„g characteristic of solid, Jeri' a ttending the con ‘ ‘ V •e h t i o t i;iti h :t is f ii Pity your o . iiis time * $ $ $ modern way ti le last few years is the steady state. knifings. where Mr. work -a -day American business of The office of Attorney General I S. C. Ford of Montana announced Ihe Montana Good Road Itii-I - Ilie elmehlag account way, growth of a 'new and bigger i mme di a t e ly I liii t no lippe:1 1 pv 0\1411(41 ( assoc i a ti on , ti c h as ll our eatwelled ((becks are a legal !id ea l . Get a check hook today 1 An ideal which the commercial would he taken. 11y this pendine heel) a resident of Montana for 1 reeeild.. deeision on - -appeal, the stall' OlOre t b„ n 30 ,,, 1 „.„ a „,1 jg' a ' r anti . enjoy the privilege and eon- I wor ld o f thirty years ago would t rade cothinission loses all t he prominent farmer in t he r4s \ it rill 'menet' of paying your hills by 1 scout as rainbow fabric -star- • Basin State Bank powers eonferred 011 it wide' . part of the state, : intim in the card index of indus- Capital $20,000.00 StanfoTA, ;Montana S1111)11114 $10,000.00 o this act question but remains eleeted it will he his ili l e nr 14 p ; o 1 s . e s t i r t : Mimi by another net not involved triiiii . mtrittion. Ile has been 111011' ways than simply taking , everyday .working principle of in this suit, under which it has member of the state legislature, elite of your banking needs. We the busiest. keenest American (power of .regulation Aver flour Leing a' member of the senate the are not only bankers- we are itirms of the present time. Why? in existence, 'because of its ere- give t he slat e a business -like ad- We are interested , in you in I ry-that ideal of service in the * * $ *4) dust -to be filed with the arid feed feed mil1i t . last session, your neighbors. Your interests Because that is Good Business. 0000000000on non 00 0 00 n

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