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z Vol. 10, No. 49. $2.00 Per Year Irrigation Once More neforb • STANFORD, FERGUS COUNT V. MONTANA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 1920, time of going to press and unless new ones develop, school will 'open Monday morning as Unial. No churelt services Sunduy. Dr. A. E, Myrick, Health Offieer. We Will Preach on This Text IRRIGATION CONGRESS \fill the Cows Come DRAWS BIG AUDIENCES Home :Meetings at State College Result 1 in Formation of. Drainage A little opposition to the irri- and Irrigation Institute 12-, , ition proposition has developed ---- --- iceeetly, but we think it is due At the irrigation congress held mostly to a misunderstanding of last week at the State College in what the committee - is trying to t. Bozeman the Montana Irrigation lo I I h rs never been anyone ., id ea end Drainage Institute was form -1 to go ahead and spend $000,000 vd, a constitution was provided or *10a,000 without first deter- and an executive board was, mining so far as is humanly pos. e l ec t e d . Di rec t or F. II. ',i n fi e ld t sible, that we eau get results, of the Montana Experimeet Ste , The work done so far, while of a Hon served as temporary chair- uld man with Prof. II. E. Murdock purely preliminary nature, would , e.oit to indieete that we have a as temporary secretary. very Pasible irrigation Project The attendance at the meetings iii .ml one Girt could he Wilt Olean: and conferences of the irrigation IS. . . institute exceeded all exPecta-1 The next t hug to do is to or- Gotta and developed an unusual '0. , ei , • , .....,. s •-•••'.....„,;,.. ... • • ---. . .. '''..,..-. ----- 4 ganize our district, tile on the enthusiasm from - mew from all I.tiay Niue\. Arilor, ii8 Saie Was tibial' a II I Oa \••• I ile 111,11,te of ,,, aaamis , water, and then raise enough parts of the state. At the _ her eldest sun. shim. who escort her to the .10.w of the chamber. money, eit her by subscription or meeting were more than lou aseesement on the , acreage, to farmers of Montana, twenty-five ....... ______________________ . .___________ make thorough investigation. officials of, federal reclamation COUNTY OFFICIALS AV; • !hi , !mid undt:r this contract is The reservoir. sites must be tested projects Iti'ill about twenty-five RESTRAINED BY COURT , $ 4,500 . Ii I he t!ont met is illegal, as to their holding capacity; irrigation - and reclamation ex- - -- • -- !as is held in Carbon county, let some one who is thoroughly coat- perts from the nor th wes t. i n a d_ Attorney of Carbon County Acts gr. MeConochie get busy am/ petent should go over the pro- dition there were many men of As Watch Dog of 'have the eontreet cancelled and posed district end make tests to the . state who are directly inter - determine whether the nature of ested in irrigation problems. 1 the soil and subsoil presents any, Dr. Elwood Mead, professor of bar to successful irrigation. 'economies in the California Cal - This work eannot be done with-(veraity, was the principal speaker out organization and the expen-' for the irrigation congress. Ad- ditive of some money. If fur- dresses were made by ,Governor ther investigation should bring Stewart, Chancellor Elliott, Pres- to light anything to allow that ir- Went Atkinson and J. A. Hera - ligation here is not feasible. that dor of Bozeman at the opening of would he the end of it.• We th e eo ngr es s . J. M. Dixon of afis- would he poorer by a few dot- asoula spoke on \Montana's Irri- • tars but would !Hive the satisfac• gation Laws,\ lion of knowing that we were, In its first report, the executive live enough to at least make an meeting of the Montana Image - effort to better our condition. tion and Drainage Institute de- ll, on the other hand, a thor- dared that the aim of the organ- ongh investigation - proves that ization would be to promote the I he PrelimillarY estimates have knowledge of irrigation, encour• 'men conservative and that our age irrigation practice, provide soil eondit ions are initpted to it- for investigations • iL1 . irrigation 'rigatibil, the dis !TIM - would prob-. matters and dissetinnate knowl- ably vote to issue bonds'and build, edge concerning irrigation sub - the system. 'jects in Montana. Membershp The storm last week stopped fees will be placed at one dollar the canvas of the proposed us- per year. (Het almost before it started, but - the snow is all gone again and, Ladies' Aid as soon as the roads dry out am i li tt l e t h e wor k w ill b e resume d . 1 Mesdames Wohlenberg, Swit- In the meantime, think the mat_ f , .er and i Pioper entertained the ter over care f u ll y, an d h e rea d y , Ladies' Aid Wednesday, January to cooperate with your neighbors 21. A nice lunch was served to I'm an attempt to put farming in about twenty-four ladies. the Stanford section on a safer,' The next meeting of the aid basis. , will be held at the ball Wednes- i day, February 4, with Mesdames TO THE PUBLIC - Hutto, Black and Chester as hos- There have been no new eases tesses. Everyone is Welcome to of any contagious diseases at the attend these meetings. forth. LADY ASTOR AND HER ELDEST SON €®000114€09019€64410 ..o. 000 - 1 - 1 - Yri - lr' 0 FA:X*000.0' 0 0 000o0000o0 -onn000nn00 , - ,‘ , ...enc nor o^. Real Service Tha Warrants Patronage Our disposition is to provide a banking service which will dem- onstrate a personal interest in the financial welfare of our custo- mers and other friends. Our service requires individual attention to every account, in or- der that we may fill every par- ticular requirement that you may require of us. And then with friendly cooper- ation -on your , part we have a bank which will fill the require- ments Of anyone in Judith Basin. Capital sicsAUkv®WiaiWtra Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana $20,000.00 • Surplus $10,000.00 no non .1nonnn,1\:oonrin nnnonneu. nn nn Treasury Fergus eitunty will be $4,500 to the good. With a $1,000 Warrant ALL IN READINESS bone of eontention, Carbon coun- ty officials are %tooling among FOR FARMERS' WEEK themselves. The warrant has Something Doing Every Day at been drawn by the county clerk in favor of the Wells-Diekey eom-! Big Gathering —Irrigation pony of Minneapolis as payment to Be Discussed for serviees rendered by that eon - corn for gitiding the legal steps program for the big Central Mon - leading up to the county's recent- ly authorized *100,000 road 110101 tans Farmers' week al Lewis - i ssue „ m i f or f urn i s hi ng t h e town under the attapiees of Farm blank bonds. TIme bonds were not ; Bureau. is being put MI this week purchased by the Wells-Diekey land everYthing will he iii readi• company. The county tittot . neyi lness on the opening day. Monday. :holds that the payment of the iFehruary 2. $1000 claim is not legal, as it is• The Program isarranged so for services which - the statute 1 sl titmit those who lire partieularly requ i re t h e county e t er o an d infere8ted ill dry laud and grain - county attorne y to per f orm. • ie;..retre forAgi. crops can dimenas that Following the sale of the $100- s 6 ;bieet ( \ l 1 ,°\ ( laY and TuestiaY• 000 road bonds. the eounty clerk , Id' both o'c days A. J. Csu \ e \ land, speeial farttl Management preisented to t he auditor lb e $1000 demonstrator, will be on hand to Wells•Diekey claim for a ieeial instrue tion far m commission, requestiog that the give sj claim be approved by the latter account ing. „ lon emda is y Farm Bureau official. Instead of plaiting his „y e , It:1y, when a V0111115 wide pro - approval on the claim, the aud- gram of constructive agricultural itor carried the matter . to the development will lw considered. county attorney. who was not aware that any agreementThursday and Friday are live- to ol sited: improvement days. Satin.- been entered into by the Wells - day dairying will be vonsidered. Dickey eompany and time county. Friday and saturday will also be In a lengthy opinion . , copies of big days from the standpoint of which were served on the three county commissioners, auditor, irrigation and a record breaking clerk, and treaaurer, he (teetered attendance for those two days is that any such agreement was antieipated. Other features for wholly illegal. He declared that Friday are the school trustees the work of preparing publica-.em.i \ lference during the afternoon dons and resolutions should have !\ 1 ”, ' ma nia : sh\ri M P/I . Se ha lisp It' been performed by the eolmtv I \ e evelhu g' clerk and that any legal questions' In addition to above there arc arising should have been sub. daily courses in blaeksmithing initteN either to him or to the at- and g as en g ine work ' torney general. The furnishing The Woman's department in - of. bonds, h e sa id , was prov id e d eludes work in poultry, sewing, for itract. gas engine, and home in the comity printing von - aooking eursing. I n sp i te o f t h e county fluor. ' The best evadable talent . lies ney's warning and the auditor's been secured for class work and failure to approve the bill, the npeeial evening lectures. Mon - county commissioners allowed day evening President Alfred At - t h e $ 1000 claim. Word of this kiloton or the Montana Agrieul- reached County Attorney Sun turneollege will appear on the Mons and he immediately o re. program, On Wednesday the pare d a comp hi nt f or a restrain. famous farmers' leeturer, Uncle ing order. , Sam Hampton, will speak. From The restrai»ing order was re d nine o'clock in the morning until ce i ve d an d serve d on all count)- at night. there is something o f f i cials concerned. The $1000 doing each minute, hot It infante - warrant, which had aleeady been Jive and interesting, Every farm - draw», is still in the bands of the er and all others who are inter - county clerk and the next move ested in a sound, constructive No man min win the game in the battle is awaited with in- l\g\'\ for the developinent of Often two Ilea& are better terest. , the agrieultural resouees of een- than one in solving business prob- clone. $ $ $ $ I It will be remembered that the tral Montana are invited to at- lents. Whenever you feel that the Nullity commissioners of Fergus LAUGH 0:nd and teke - part in the discus- experience of our officers will aminty paid not *1000 as in (7ar- trove helpful in solving yours. n • e onipnragin beats a tatoo hon county, hut OVer *2600 to the put your problems up to them, on the stomach when you laugh. a o ht_st a b ee k company o f min ute - FARMERS WEEK POSTPONED * $ $ $ Every time you let go a good, proposition, This *2600 was Due to the prevalenee of the ‘Always remember we are inter- ' heat tv laugh, this apolis on exactly the same sort o fdiaphragm '•flti\ in a few communities of totted in you in more ways than pops up ',aid down on your liver, paid for legal advice and furnish- the t , ounty the Farm Bureau act- 1 ; 1 mPlY taking care of your bank- and helps to drive away the very in bonds on the *150,000 of High' lug upon advice of the county ing needs. Ve tire not only 'mink - thing that gives you the bitten— School Highway bonds. If the county »»11 local health authorities beve em's --we iime Yonr neighbors. )( Pm . . .biliousness. poinponed to a later he best brand of bomb; end *150,000 of attorney in Fergus count' limo] a I ..'ermers Short Courseche :sduled d a t e th e Ottereats are ours. Your prob.' Laughter is t leins ours to help *Ave. 'pills on earth. Laughter strikes little , nerve like the Carbon for next week at Lewintown. $ $ $ 'in when it comes from without, county offieer has, Fergus COIllity . ,Tbi8 WaN gOlie to prevent it pos- Service has built this hank.:end instantly Comes to tbe Fair- • Wollig be saved a lot of money. ,ible spread of the \flu\ by Not the mond service which a , fot'e when it. stole from within. There is yet time for mu' county bringing together at this time a bank renders its customers, but ; Latighter penetrates. attorney to get filmy. The cote- large moldier of people at one unusual service—doing more than!. You may laugh because you are misaionens have made ii . c'ontraet point. • • wc 'are expected to do; doing : the !happy, and you may be happy be - with 001d-Stabeck whereby the. 5 Cents Per Copy -, NOTICE TO PUBLIC ' You are warned that intl.. Boy ,75 \V ill Boy 7. c. or - flu\ is epidemic in certain. parts of Fergus county. You are advised to avoid crowds or eon- Make Trip gelded \places and especially pre- vent people front coughing in Stanford Tcwn Basket Ball Team your lace. Wash your hands r . ml i Has Fast Gaines Coming in face frequently. If you lilt'fuck Near Future with the disease keep your room i W81111 illid yet well ventilated.1 Take a mild laxative and stay out Th e t own 1,,h,, t h a il 1 ,,, i „ h as a light tliet. Don 't leave your , made arrangements to ha ye the house until you are sure you a 1 . 0 „ rac k t .h ot „ mi five. tile unde- s i i ii , : o. so lii i i gm t m e er l i :: :,(fi l‘ i ' ti e ou l l 1 .80 . le.sgt O lent iE: ei n i g i(1,0s t ri a ti.onti. t Ici, ll ei l i s s . It, iiiil i t Is e y d .1 ,A) 11 1 ; t: 1( 1 , i ,1 0 ) : , : kl iii .i t .c4 a u g i g n ii t •t : t g i ii e t o io r n ili s e t t i l d t on the toe 111 floor so thin people eall help each oth- in , t he nimit h o h 1.‘,.1 ) ,.„„,, y. et'. Eaell sehool district should 'I' lie first 01' tbseie games will be take it eensus of (lie number of I I R . oils , w i t i i the ( l io i,, ati B a by sick every thlY Will rePort , to a Elephant M on February 6. These chosen head or the eommututy• !b oys , w h o 1,,, v , d„ monstrat.e d A. W• DEAL , their ability before Stanford fallS Seeretairy Fergus county Board h, previous years, are it good of Health. clean hunch of fellows of untontal - • •-• - size and ethIctie ability. Tlii4 WINDEAM team played ilie V. M. l'. .1. or T..1. Lyons was in town a few G reat K il n s on tin. y m. C A. .litys egos. court an excellent game and fans Frank Panion is lielpilit; '',\' can lie assured or a dean (mutest things in shape for the special w. i ten they come to Stanford, sale at the Farmers and Miners 'I' It,' r„ st t ,.„,„ fr om Ild,„ 0 „t store. will be here February 14. They ( IV JenS\ II\ . r\igliell . hiS have not lost it game this seasoll, inIAiiinn With the ndham Mere. winning. eight ill a row, including Co. and leaves a few days for tomes w i t h R oun d up mi d Bit. California. lingua Stanford has never been lien Stewart met with quite an a bl e to d e f ea t 11 1 1 8 famous five ileeident t h first of i he week b ut Hip I ra i n i ng h m .d h op 0 7 while trying ) to cut a couple of eoming context. il i o il k li e tra n ‘ i l. g o i r i t t li e o n f eh lre h o a n ve tio a he si = . 1 The Great Palls Y. NI, C. A. do not need tiny boosting but come The knife slipped and cut !UM w 111111,1 very bad. Next time, just se ' ason. \ io wn. . eny defeats so him m' this hang the bacon on a string so you Geraddine, Denton, and Lewitt - ea II swallow it by turns. 1) °o 'I t Own also owe Stanford guinea spoil a isieee dint size limy trying mi d „.in i ne mem , h„ re somet i me to emit it up. during the mention. . II. L. DeKalb, of Lewistown, NI r. Friable, w Ito has a thor- was in town a few days ago. ough knowledge of beaket boll, Mrs. Fred Mund was here vis- ;11 a wo. rei'eree the glitileN amid teams itiliAlgJi.:1.0Noi;:iinmes firs Il o f , til).eft\oregeelic-.8 will be eorreet and impartial. VIM lie 114tillreg tlitit all deeiaions of Woll'Creek, were here on bus- The Peon plays et Broadview iness Saturdey. Friday and Belmont Saturday of Ed Arnot has reterned from It this week. \VOA for reports trip of several days duration in quest of hey, etc. John Nelson, of Willow Creek, Mrs. Sehmitt now remitting et the was here Monday. . Fist m:s r p . I y a o c. e, e uctuloy 4, k4 mporte4 Chas. Popejoy met with a Very serious accident last week while VOrY sink this week. on his way to Lehigh. His horse Mr. and Mrs. A. -1. Goyins end fell and Mr. Popejoy bruised his mon Percy attended the funeral of foot so that he may not be able to ('huts ('lam')' Clary et Lewiatown mist walk for several weeka. After the k the horse and get to the doctor visitor week. Flanagan, of Utica, was a at the (1t o ins home last neeident he managed to get on at Lehi& and then got a ear to bring him home. IV D. Itogers was is Stanford, — 'Windham, and Leh)igh vioitor UPPER RTJEKINO WOLF last Saturday. I.% C. Whittaker was a pawn- Paul Stevens was a Stanford get' to Great Falls last Sunday. caller Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. .1. 0. McGinnis We hear rumor of wedding were Stanford callers last Fri- hells going to ring on Sage Creek tiny. in tile neae future. Of course Mr. and Mrs. Glen Stark and we don't doubt it, as we know sons Raymond and Clifford spent Charlie Brown has Is'en it fre- Sunday at the home of Mr. and quent caller in Lehigh. FIRST NATIONAL BANK NEWS VOL. 1 STANFORD, MONT., JAN. 19. 1.20 • NO. 1 46 Use care in endorsing thti ' cheeks which you bring to , the bunk for credit or to be cashed. See that the endorsement iii ex - A. J. Stough, President iactly ties. same as ou the face of I With R. D. Taylor, Vice President the cheek. If your name eruaspelled when the cheek waa Frank Meredith, Cashier written endorse it the same way, J. F. Pieper, Asst. Cashier. . . ' . writing It again underneath with the correct spelling, Let's do everything we can to $ $ $ make this community an ideal The 11100 difficult and without place in which to live. Let's buy dotiht one of the most import• at home and sell at home and be a good neighbors—we will all pro f- ,ent things that a Man intuit learn it by it. . In order to be successful is this: $ $ $ Cooperate with .others. thing better and • quicker then cause you laugh. It is the one eountr agrees to pay *750 everv I Before you send to that mail MIK expected it would be thine.. thing where the cause is the ef- t me they issue $100,000 'of the 'order house • make (mitt your hdl Yon can find out all about this feet and' the effect is the cause. tubs, of which *000,000 worth and give the local merchants a minimal kind of service by ohn- ' Any. man min be a millionaire of ronain to be issued. The total to ehanee at' it. ply opening an account here. lgood cheer. '••• • no,

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