The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, February 12, 1920, Image 1

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• • .1 4 / 4 •4 •4./ . 41 vier4.4.4 is • - 4 4 • , • , inforb Vol. 10, No. 51. *2.00 Per Year. orth STANFORD, FERGUS COUNT Y, MONTANA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1920. ^ 5 Cents Per Copy County Division Hearing Mohday, March 1 Tuesday, February 17, Will Be Farmers Day in Stanford' Carl Peterson, County Agent, and Miss Hott, Home Demonstra- tor, to Hold Meeting Live stock improvement, for- age crops, and gopher extermina- tion will be the principle subjects disciussed at a farmers' meeting celled by County Agent Carl Pet- erson for Tuesday, February 17, 1:3t/ p. in. The meeting will be held in the City Hall, Stanford and every farmer in this commun- ity is urged to come and bring his wife. Miss Nora Hott. Home Demon- stration agent, will also be at the meeting to talk with ladies. Miss Hott will (Recess poultry raising and school lunches. Mr. Peterson is very much a booster for irrigation, and will probably tell something about the big irrigation meeting held at Bozeman recently. Remember the meeting is called for 1:30. that while the corn and sunflower I silage was being fed to their dai- ry herd, that the milk production . increased and immediately drop - peel as soon as the silage was gone. Mr. Fah states further that the silo and sunflowers are the most practicable 'solution to the feed question and expects to have his silo full next fall unless! som et hi ng abnormal occur s. I Watch silos, sunflowers, corn, and, sweet clover build up a perma- nent system of agriculture in cen- tral Montttna. For further par- ticelars, ask Mr. Fats—Farm flu- \ reins News. CHURCH NOTES Sunday School at 10 a. in. , Preaching, 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. The 4th Cominandment will be the subject for Sunday night. Come and hear which IS the right Day—Saturday or Sunday; and also why God gave us the Lord's iss Day. Let us learn to appreciate 1,,IMe . \ .• . our great privileges and bless- , y'oet ings and see the relation of the 'Gospel to the Lord's Day. :\! Another Silo Enthusiast Rev. II. A. Brown, pastor. Alex Fah, of the Lewistown • Dairy company, who last season Tit, Ladies Aid will be enter - built a silo and conducted it corn Wiled Wednesday, February 18, and sunflower demonstration, is at the City Hall by Mesdames another silo convert. He states Busie, Hughes, and A. Baker. 11 GIVE THE AMERICAN BLUEGRASS A SHOW HEAR YE! The Pythian Sistera Maaque Ball which was ppstponed from January 24 will he given at the City Hall Saturday, Febr. 141h I ) There trill be a eosturner from Great Falls iii attendance. TICKETS, $1.10 Per Couple SPECTATORS, 26c SUPPER AT MIDNIGHT • p s . ) 41 , 14 1- • .„ ..;..y.4(.4 ‘A.Z C A Ili, —Reproduced by permission New Yuri. Tribune, Copyright, 111110. Sunflowers and Irrigation Are Like Gold Dust Twins • Interesting and Instructive Meet- eight public schools, eleven banks, ing of Stanford Community with over *4,000,000 and 11,000 depositors. Prothiee was shipped Club Held Saturday from the project as follows dur- ing the year: Alfalfa, 3,500 cars; potatoes, 1,200 cars; wheat, :150 The Great Northern railway cars; sugar, 220 etilli; flour, 170 reents - t° -hare entered 41 ea 113 1/ 11.- ears; cattle, 450 ears; sheep, 210 acy to keep speakers away from cars. the .meetings of the Commu»ity, M. L. Morris, of Great Faults, Club. Last Saturday the train who is Mr. Giboney's consulting from Great Falls, which should par t ner. made an investigatifig have arrived a little after eleven. trip to the various reaervoir sites did not pull in until after four. if) the staif ford pro j ect. and one of the speakers expected. Morr i s i s ati el d er l y man, an rim . Mr. Embey, did not arrive. J. T., g i nf , ei . of hi g h stan di ng ,. an d h as Hart, of Power, did come how- built several successful irrigation • ever. and R. D. Roberts, e ranch- projects. He has the following Cr front Nampa, Idaho, very ably in say ab011t ours: filled Mr. EntheY's Place with, \ In going over the Stanford Ir- talk on the results sof irriganon ligation project as developed by in Idaho. ...Mr. Roberts declares M r. D. F. (lihoney I am led to he would never again trs. to farm believe that he has been working in a non -irrigated country. . along conservative lines, at 1011St Some of the land irrigated in so far as his estimates of availa- VOL. 1 Idaho .lies at an elevation of over . hi), ruin-offand storage capacity 4500 feet, and three cuttings 0 t The scheme contemplates (inn are secured yearly, run - the diversion of Ritnni»g Wolf fling from five to six -tona P\ ereek just below the mouth of \ere; corn is also successfully Dry Dry Wolf and storing in the • grown on all the projects. LandSRuil creek valley, where nature A. J. Stough President values average around *300 per Sere. The followirig from The Her- old and Pres))yter, an organ of the Presbyterian church, is inter - 1 eating in showing how irrigation develops a country: Home - mission work is closely I elated to the material develop- ment of the country. As land is brought under cultivolion, towns and' country communities grow Ill), creating an opportunity and ;demand for churches and Sabbath I schools. This is exemplified in the developinent that has taken • Place in southern Idaho during the pest few years. Fifteen years ago the territory comprising whnt is now the Presbytery of Twin wai largely barren sage- brush plains. It contained one Presbyterian church with mm mem- bership of twenty-four. It now contains thousands of farms of marvelous fertility and eighteen Presbyterian churches. with a • membership of about 1,600, As an inuatration of the msterial built.\ developme»t of this region take experienced this year. As a re - Could the tract or 1»nd known as the Yillt of his experiments he is of the mind of man put in Alinidoka Project. In 1904 -every flue opinion that sunflower is way p.1) 1 4 1 language a greater truth thati this; \Thus by example as- erre of it was arid' sagebrush des- ahead of corn for this country, ere In 1919 it contained 2,208 being much hardier and ,vielding miring !hilt his own shall „ be safe than one in solving business prob- farms with 121,000 acres it-i a heavier tonnage of silage. trom violence when built1 • • -Jews, Whenever you feel, that the gated with . a crop value of , does not favor the building of Here. may fellow Ameriea»s, we experienee of our officers will $6,000,000 for the veer. It had !lave silos, 'hut reeommends the hi, ye the HUM total of all alien prvt o! helpful in solving yours, six towns, 17,000 people, twenty- use of hollow ,brick or concrete theories exploded by simple, prae- put your prohlems up to them. Cm 00)0 0 0000 0 0 cc.:. 1000000 0000000000000000000000000 G-eneral Banking 'QOMMERGIAL ACCOUNTS Eveffhody needs a check account SAVINGS' ACCOUNTS Set aside me little. CASHIERS CHECKS Por remittances within the state. TIME CERTIFICATES AT INTEREST Thp hest investment you can make. FOREIGN AND LOCAL DRAFTS In foreign countries or outside of state. TRAVELERS CHECKS No identification necessary when you travel. FIRE INSURANCE Is your property proteetedi SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES Keep your papers safe at it nominal cost. Look over the above list and - you will find some place where we call merve you . • Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital , $20,600.00 Surplus $10,000.00 o ran.00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 - 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 000n0 n ()on nn nnnnn no. GET WRIT OF MANDATE FROM THE SUPREME COURT OF STATE The supreme court Wednesday granted the petition of Her- bert S. Woodward and others for a writ of mandate against , the county commissioners of Fergus county to compel the com- missioners to call an election for the purpose of deciding the question of creating the new county of Judith Basin or to ap- pear in the supreme court on March 1 to show cause why such election should not he called by them, According to the petition filed in the supreme comma the pro- moters of the new county secured signers on the petitions' which were presented to the boards of county commissioners of Cascade and Fergus counties, representing . 68 per eert of the voters of the area proposed as the new county . • It is declared the commissioners of Fergus county declined to receive the petitions or make any move whatever toward the creation of the new county. bloeks. A brick and tile compel- ,people may know where they can Hy of (1 real Palls estimated the . procure greet stock or hatching hollow tile for a 100 -ton silo) at eggs loeally. This service is free about *300. , to all poultry breeders of the Mr. Hart is also strong for pure !eminty. Your eo-operation is so - bred . , tested cattle, and urged all hiitemi, II' you receive it poultry who milked sows to get a flab ourvey blank, kindly (ill it out cock tester and get rid or the and return at once to your Home • ' boa ' ' I/emanate/dim' agent. If you have purc bred poultry and' do BETTER POULTRY PAYS not reeeive a blank, kindly not the County loarm Bureau of - Home Demonstration Agent Mak- lice. Do your share in helping ing Poultry Survey of the Howe Dommistration agent to the Country — : , eeure thia information at the ciii•liest possible date. The Home Demonatration agent has been busy on al poultry Doll *t forget time' Pyt Vey or the county. The list of I.' i's Masque donee Saturday, Feb - people who have pure 111'0(1 110111- Inth my 14. Costumes for the ev- try over the state will be cool- ening may he rented at the halt. piled in /I state ImIletin so that I There will be Emir prizes. The First National Bank mid The Basin State Bank hey III i,mmtjfv their pat role; hat elm owl Atter February 16, 1920 hey ii ill open for the tratisnetion of leisinetet folhoving hours: From 9 A. M. to 12 o'Clock Noon, and from 1 P. M, to 4 P. M. Frank Meredith, Cashier First National Bank, Raymond E. H. Meson, Cashier Basin State Bank. FIRST NATIONAL BANK NEWS STANFORD, MONT., FEB. 12, 1920 R. D. Taylor, Vice President Frank Meredith, Cashier J. F. Pieper, Asst, Heal eorhmon sense from the lips of Lincoln. And it is Worthy of note to re- cord lucre that Lincoln was the first president to sentence to ban- ishment a man who delivered vi- olent speeches against this eoun- Cashier lr Y . Mien I hear the alien destroyer talk about the accumulation of property—that property is not In a haded spot near Sprin g. the fruit of labor, but the spoils S field, Illinois, and at the foot of a V ar i l i !w i e n il e ib A ---- d rAi l s. v . ss in o il f ol wa re s c i a iiizoi li l i s t tlt i e , wooded knoll, the great Mediator he sturdy sayings .of The Great of Mao lies by the side of his lit- t \Aeeioan , Roosevelt, an n l d dow tie . 17,11. m w i sdom of the Ma w s comes, from off the bookshelf, the Life of Lincoln, and I soon for - words the vital importance of the huh's provided ideal storage for more than 50,000 acre-feet, is to :be had by the comfit -action of moderace sized earth dams. • One of these dams will likely reach a height of 60 feet, the others will 11/11 fl'0111 25 feet to 40 feet in height. All the sites seem to have ideal bottoms so that losses from seepage will be small. So far as I can see there are no special difficulties to overcome; in fact, it will be difficult to find another project of this size that Lincoln's Address to Workmen Man's work. are all so very clear ean be as easily built. Ito us now! M. L. Morris i \Property is the fruit of labor; V II followed ' property is deairable; is a post- t. own through the halls of Roberts, is an enthusiast on sun- t ive good in, 'the world. That- Time, too, ,comes the ringing flowersihmige, Miley ” dr y \ ,ionle should be rich shows that speech of. Webster: \God grants irrigated land, although he gives others may become rich and hence liberty only to those who love it, evidence of prefering irrigated by is just encouragement to a . 1 ;ire a 1 ways' -ready to guard ,h \ vi \g 1\1\11\Sed humid \\ d ' el ' try and -enterprise. - • and defend it.!' --Silent Partner. one of the Sun River units. I \Let not him svho is houseless Mr. Hart talk was very inter- $ $ $ * pull down the house of another, 11,1,11401e rapidly but let. hint work diligently and • m'ollit iui favo l i , of silos as r ho 11 , 4 build one for himself, thus by ex - was. to insure against \' n i de assuringt limithis aWil s ha l l 0101 , fage of such as has been be safe froin violence when get how lonely it must be for those pool., deluded destroyers who are now in Russia under prot eat. Every Premium Deposit made ma your Life Insurance is it re. newert exptession of devotion to your family or another step to- ward independence in yonr old age. $ $ $ Offen • two heads are better

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 12 Feb. 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.