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• gation man, and U. S. Surveyor General Gerharz, and any one of these men can fill the bill. 'The tentative program as ar- ranged by Mr. Peterson for the men's section is as follows: Thursday, March 11 1:30 to 2:30—Irrigation possi- bilities in Montana. Mr, Henry Gerhatz or B. C. White. 2:30 to 3:30—Forage crops. F. E. MeSpadden or Peterson. '- 3:30 to 4:30—Dairying and Dairy production. Wm. Fluhr Evening Entertainment. Friday, March 12 Are Mean . Playera 10:30—Crop Rotation. Carl In writing up the recent basket Peterson. , . . lball game between Stanford and 11:00 — Selecting the . Dairy Winnett which Stanford won, 19 I Cow. Win. Fluhr. to 17, the Winnett Times adds: 1:30 to 2:30—Irrigation Dia- , \The Stanford' aggregation was tricts. F. B..Linfield or II. Ger - . the cleanest bunch of young fel- liars. !lows we have ever seen and at no 2:30 to :3:30—Duty of Water. time during their stay here did J. W. Vogel i they act anything but gentlemen. 3 :30 to 4 :30—Silo * and Silage Besides being fine fellows they Crops. F. E. MeSpadden. lave good basket ball !doyen; as For the womfm hjiaaI1,143 ViRswell. aud _although the • locals put have 'many things° of interest, up a stiff game, the visitors de - among them the making of dress ,, erve d to w i t). \ forms. She will be assisted by 1 Last Friday night the boys Miss Brotwick of Cascade county . . p l aye d a game with the team Thursday evening the Pupils from Raynsford which they won of the Stanford school will Pro - , by a score of 18 to :35, vide the entertainment. 1 Stanford High School has won 1 7 games and lost but one, this All Indies NVI10 are interested i eeason. in the Garment Making Club' Father Anthony Cincinnati, of please report to Mrs. Dunton. Gaper, will say mass for those The work includes several pheses who wish to make their Easter of home sewing that are of inter - 1 duties,- on Thuisday, March 11 est to all ladies who do their own at , a. in, rewing, includiug the making of , dress forms. Later we hope to ' The earliest mention of shoes have some demonstrations put on is in an Egyptian papyrus, by some of the state workers. lwritten about the Year 2200 II. C. bie • -- Vol. 11, No. 2. .42.00 Per Year. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, MARCH 4 1 1920. Program for the Extension School Here Next Week Two -Day Meeting, March 11 and HOT LUNCH IS NOW SERVED AT SCHOOL 12, Will Be Packed With Good Things While the list of speakers for the big farmers' meeting to be held in Stanford next week is not definitely known owing to sick- ness of sonic who were expected and the absence from the state of others, it is certain that enough men of' recognized ability will be here to make the school a decided success. G. D. O'Donnell, of Billings, cannot be present to talk on irri- • gation, but Mr. Peterson has asked F. 13. Linfield, director of Ore Hot Dish for Each Pupil. Bringing Lunch Is 1( Commencing last Tuesday the Stanford schools began serving: one hot dish, either soup or co- coa, at the lunch hour, to sup- plement and make more appetiz- ing the lunches brought from! home. They are served under the . supervision of Prof. Henderson! and the domestic science • teach- er, Miss Black. This service is absolute ree! to all students who bring lunches; and it is hoped all will take ad - Plan _ the State Experiment Station at , vantage of it. Bozemasi, J. W. Vogel, vice-pres- ident of the irrigation project at; BABY MINE Winnett and an experienced \Baby Mine\ which comes here on March 6 is the original stage success of Margaret Clark. In it Miss Clark made the biggest hit of her stage career and the comedy itself is such a good One that the producers could not let it stay one the 'shelf' but have had a new production made and sent it on tour through the west. They have given it an exception- al cast and equipment perhaps better than any company' on tour this season. \Baby Mine\ is the attraction at the Opera House on IA a reh 6. eeseessesiteocEmoo 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 c *( 3 lo ° Ci a 3 00000 0.1 , 00 001 - ,(•000.30000000 000000 ::030 Real Satisfaction '5 . Comes when you are sure that the business Matters which you entrust to others are being cared for by men of experience. Our patrons are satisfied and they know that it is our ability and years of banking experience that enables us to give them the service they deserve for their patronage. We have a real understanding of our customers' needs and have every desire to co-operate with them to the best of their advantage. Basin 'State Bank • Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 3 0 0 0 0 0 )00 000 0000 • 0 00000n0annno norl00eno0n0oo0oon,o0o0qn, ortb. .• 5 Cents Per Copy ., AMERICANS AND MEXICANS CO-OPERATE FOR FIRST TIME I Will Discuss 4.1111111111/1111111111~104 4 9 Dry Farming lkh 4 ,4 'This photogroph Is remarkable In that it shims Texas rangers and Mexican liscall'S working logether to sup- press crime along the ltio Grande, for the first C jim iii the history of Ihe border. The lisettles are shown crossing the Rio Grande to talk with members of Compan, IS of the Texas rangers. STANFORD OIL CO. IS Interchurch World Movement ORGANIZED THIS WEEK Feeling that many of our read--; numbered diaciples of Christ. Incorporation Papers Filed by em s would like to know more of There is a great hymn of the; Local Business tht new interchurch movement. a church which we all sing with Men conventien of which was at'e..ded feeling. It contains Ow lines: , Stanfaid is noW represeuted i» last week by Rev. and Mrs. • We are -not divided. • the oil game. A company Walt Brown, we will print this wee , k.. All one body We.\ and next all outline of the idea Th„ sentiment of this hymn is lincorporated this week headed by W. C. Fliteroft and Hon. John t l'IIC so fa r as the spirit, of 1111i011 MI given in a pamphlet issued by ' their headquarters. It is as fol- is coneerned, but the fact remains lows: that We are not. only divided cc- Cooperation—Not Union icleidastivally. but we have been The Interchurch World Move- so thoroughly divided that we mem was organized -for purposes ha ve not been able hit herto al. of cooperation. not union. ways to cooperate along lipes effort that are eominon to all. It is to reverse this' policy, to dis- cover spheres in whiell, and meth- ods by it hith, We may work to- gether in our mutual tasks t humt the Interchurch Movement has been called into being., Victory came to the allied or - lilies when the way Was found to cooperate under a common plan. Since it was noseible I'm. these many AIM nations to fight to- gethe);W:Teetively 'sit hoot de- etisiying individuality or Rat'Vell- deri ng their sovereignty, leaders lions for the deepening of the of the evangelical churches be- lieve that it is eoseible for Chris- tian bodies to work together in the same spirit with great benefit to each and with highly multi- plied power in their united ap- peals and efforts. First Steps It is a grouping of missionary, educational, 811(1 philanthropic organizations within the revere' communions or denominations and of allied interdenominational agencies. It is not a combination of ecclesiastical bodies. It has not been proposed that any organization shall merge wit)) any other, give up any of its distinctive features, or surrender any of its rights. All of these organizatiom do many things of the same nature. They hold meetings and enliven - spiritual life and the develop- ment of interest in the varied ac- tivities of the Christian Church. They issue literature and conduct publicity Campaigns. They E . alfie money through special drives. They make surveys of the fields at home and abroad, and outline The call fm it conference on budgets of expenditures. l this important subject was issued The question naturally .arOse: by the Foreign Mimionary Bor.rd Cannot these organizationa group. o f t h e Presbyterian Church, themselves for mutual benefit, South. Representatives of mis- study one adother's plans and Ision boards and allied interests literature, and actually do sonic in the United States and Canada things together: for example,! were asked to meet in New York conduct a united publicity and City on the seventeenth of De - financial campaign? cember, 1918. One hundred and In simple terms, the movement 'thirty-five persons responded, rep - proposes to provide opportunity resenting most of these organize - for its cooperating constituents to tion„. Those present were unan- conduct their informational and imously agreed that the time had financial propaganda annually at the saine time.- . — - - In the process of such an en- larged cooperation there may be revealed to some Christian organ- kations,, eapegially those which are already closely akin, the knowledge that consolidation or conic for the working bodies of the several denoMinations To — en- deavor 80 to relate their activities as to present. a united front be- fore the world and at the name time • secure greeter efficiency, with a corresponding increase of influence and power, not, to speak combination would produce bet- of the econoinie3 which would ter results for the entire cause of naturally . icault, the Kingdom of God, and there As a fulther evidence that the may be supplementary actions of Spirit of God was moving, the this character. - The effort itself,IFederal Council of the . Churches however, is not directed nrimar- at about the same (line celled it ily to these questions, but rather meeting at Atlantic City with it to the more immediate and press- similar purpose in view. Ninety lag one of cooperation. persons responded to this call, This will involve cooperation and the seine imenimity of °Din - in the development of the spirit- jai, MIS expressed as to the us) resources of the churches, the ,chtmto, .needs and obligations making of. surveys and in the statement of the total needs of as in the other assembly. At the New York meeting a the world from the point of view committee of twenty was cre- of evangelical Christianity. 'Med, which included many of the Each organization will main- outstanding Christian lenders' of tam n its own treasury and regu- t h e United States and Cannda. late its own affairs as heretofore. This eonitnittee wns chargod with Each organization will pass upon the task of .foamulating a prelim - the results of all surveys .which mars' statement that might serve affect its own work. The Central as a working basia for the devel- Comtnittee will harmonize and co- opment of plans for si'ich e coop - ordinate these surveys, and pre- erative effort as' seemed called .pare a total, budget which will; for. This committee was singu- for the first time in history, out- Indy suc(tensful in bringing to - line the approximate responsibil- ity of the Christian • Church for thew livem even when they $ * $ $ 1 big in the 10,1110 direction. The 8111. 5 Facing the tremendous (le- church World Movement, w h ose for or a business which, may be make a sieve of your purse. Buy mends of this tragic lionr follow- organization is outlined more ful- seriously injured by your death. -- lug the woild e'er, the churches ly later. . Of all the incidents, that may earl do *no leas than follow a The Response . happen to your stock, your . per- ' $ $ $ 'S course so . obviously feasible an The preliminary annolnicement Ronal property, or your crop, ete - ., It seems pretty generally 'con - that outlined ill the foregoing. of' the purfuoses mid plans of the none of these may ever happen, ceded that John Barleycorn's That they may ultimately do very . but just as sure as day follows , death. Was (hie to acute alcohol - much more is the prayer of un-' k('ontinited on Page 4) night every one of you will have Ism. . • A. Wilson. The capital stock con- sists of 100,000 shares with a . par value of $1.00 per share, but none of the stock -is on the market at present. The ineorporators /11T: W. C. Fliteroft. Hop. John A. 'Wagon, J. I. Ilammer, Melviu Hammer, S. N Langdoe, A D. Strout', Galt Bros., John Strout', Frank D. Strout. and Ralph Flitcroft. The company already holds - leases on approximately 4,000 acres of land, including 640 acres within a quar•er of a mile of the rig now drilling Arrow QIWROE. NOTES Sunday School at 10 a. Preaehing, 11 a. tn. and 7:30 p. tn. Time seventh Commandment will be the . subject for Stmday night. Everybody come. There will be nothing said of an indeli- on Sunday morning. Como and hear what the church hopes to do through the cooperation of all de- nominations. Miss Goldie Watson will lead the young peoples meeting Sun- day evening. Rev. H. A. Brow», pastor Ways for Bundling Oil Leases Uniformly Will Also Be Discussed A nil; attindanee is um -gel for the Start ford Communit y Club meeting Saturday afternoon. The oil fever has brekeu out in spots about hem altli I he land -owners should get together on the matter of oil leases in a way which will encourage the real developers and keep out the wild cotters. Oil is lust as likely to lw rotten, under the ground around Stam- ford as under ii mtv other seetion of the county and if it (WPC is, tile profits should go where they be- long, to the owner of the land and the real developers. We have no loose change for the wild- catter. Mr. Sparrow, the principle apeaker at the Community Club meeting, is an exiierienced dry Innder'from Eastern Washington, where wheat is suceesst grown with only a little more than half our average rainfall. The seeret of stweess in dry land farming in no secret at all. but 81110111er fallowing. Come out and hear Mr. Spa /TOW hOW t hey 110 it where he Nunes from. BABY MINE What would you have done if your hard hearted humband had, deserted you simply because you were too busy to be bothered with parental care! Would you have done whet Zoie Hardy (BO Or would you have let him stay away until he decided he was in the wrong? You may probably have chosen the latter way, but nine women out of ten who really love their husbanila would have done similarly to what Zoie did. Pos- sibly they could have handled the affair better then she, hut they would, have used,etrateav -of mono. kind. to bring him back to them. However you can judge for your- self after you have seen \Baby Mine\ the mereatningly funny farce emnedy that comes to the Opera Howie on Saturday, March, eate nature. 6 for one night only. The pastor will speak of the We are beginning to think Inter Church World Movement from the weather the past week that the ground hog was more than half right at that. Nobody is kicking on the extra snow how- ever. A grain of wheat conies with every flake. They say that time flies. In that case it will soon be fly time again. There is many a inain who has kind woids Kooken of himoifter he 11118 gone flint would have been a source of muell encouragemei.t had lie heard them while living. FIRST NATIONAL BANK NEWS Stanford, Moit.,Maroh 4, 1020 A. J. Stough, President R. D. Taylor, Vice President Frank Meredith, Cashier J. F. Pieper, Asst, Cashier - No. 2 to pinta. from thin world into the great, Beyond, Insurance of every kind 'and discription is founded upon a fi- nancial basis for the purpose of protection. The man who can carry life ineurance and does not is not protecting hula family or es- tate. No farmer or business man mhould be without insurance Ind - A Strange Incident ticient to liquidate all his indebt- You insure your stock against edness. The time has long since passed fire, lightning and disease. You insure your buildings and person- when an individual can state that al property against fire. You in- they do not believe in Life Insur- sure your crops against hail and once without being looked upon drouth. You insure your Money, as foolish or ignorant. stocks and valuables against bur- We can -Write you all kinds of glary or theft. You insure your ,insurance, stock, personal prop - employe ageing absconding . or erty, crop, and Life Insurance. embezzlement. Our Life Inaurance Policy you Your stock may never die or will fimi both low-priced and good. We would be glad at any : kil;ed. The chances of your i s time to explain to you the policy house and contents' burning about twelve hundren to one. which we,,write, end feel that it will ineet with your approval. You may never have a •hailstone We handle nothing but the best bit your crop or lack for moisture. A burglar may never enter your Stock , 'Fir e and Burglar Thom- anee. If . you are in need of any iesidence, or an employee fail to or all we will be pleased to quote turn over your property when you you rates and explain to you ether the leaders of the many called I\' the conditions of the policies. Christinn forces which are mos., But Inany Peramia do not in - the world's welfare. ' Desirable and Feasible resu l t 0 1. th e i r wor k i s th e t o t er _ have a wife and family to care Don't let careless expenditure wisely end erease your money holdings by investing in W. S. S.

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