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• 1 Vol. 11, No. 3. $2.thi Per var. tanforb ortb. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNT Y, MONTANA, THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 1920. 5 Cents Per Copy Extension School at the City Hall Today and Tomorrow ANNUAL MEETING OF depend. Upon the establishing COUNTY FARM BUREAU of comfortable homes on the lamp; of our county and proper Plans Adopted and Project Lead- return for the labor of our farmer ers Named for Year's and the farmer's wife and chit - Work dren depend the future prosper- ity of this country. The County Farm Bureau asso- elation held their annual meeting at Lewistown March 3, at which time officers %%TIT elected and a program of work adopted for 1920, The sentiment of farmers who were present at the meeting was to concentrate on a few maj- or projects for 1920 rather than seatter their effm•ts. program adopted for the county was to try to secure eompulsory control of gophers and prairie dogs, encour- age the growing of more forage erops and construction of silos, to work for a county -wide 4'c:opera- tive system of marketing cream, the use of pure bred. sires on all farms, encourage girls and boya club work, work out a plan of ru- ral-reereation, and eooperate with good roads association in an ad- visory capacity to secure a more equitable distribution of road construction. The following projects were adopted for the women's pro- gram: poultry, home nursing, child feeding, and clothing. The followil g officers and project Two Big Days Full of Good Things for the Entire Community The Farmers' Extension school located in the l'ellowstone valley paign. and SerN e 11 S 11 I tearing, was the tameensus of opinion that house between thi• cooOlTaling (ye should get suelo an organiza- agencies in order to insure to I i,,, ,,, , ‘ , ,,, , I ii;r1 , , ,, I t stiittleo. nii.,i.l. till' enunly eaeli its pro rata share of the I , • • • t• • . ' 1 . 1111118 814 . 111141, Its agreed on in ' was represente d an d it (vit , i d i ,. advance ls,.• its percentage in the ( ow e d t tuit the distriel ineetinga millet' budgcl. --- 11cO101 id' Cow- should loo• held on Saturday, In of Twenty. ' Nlarch 20, at 2:00 p. on. Stanford Financial Drive • will be the meeting plata. for this thstriet. I In Saturday, March 27, A united financial campaign s n i . , iil t . in i g infl o b t i le i r )2( 1 ) ) , e 4 1 ::: oj I‘ eee l i t e n ( e l li,t1.11.11::: 1;i ion l in :t irtee \. .. 4: il l n l e t li ttee t t li i tt ' t t i li tl X e 4' t y ' l li i t o i t ‘ n t : the judgment of the leaders of the 1 \ . ' I '\\\\'''''' l\ l '`'\' ia l\ w \ move:114.w the (diuretics are sufli- ; 1 \ , l ' I r l ' l A , as O,',' i a, ti \\ °IT , la el'a• ' i c il ' i b i l : 1 1 , 1 , •‘ s . bi l ) ': ‘ , 4 ,1 )1 1 11 , ‘ 4 2' 1 1 he t -p si , 1 8 . ‘ e ,:: ‘ 111 , 8 ' e t 0 il l :, ( : ' , .o . ::1 ) illil l i il t e l t ‘ o1ion ' if I l' \5 1\1 ) t ii t o; II I I :i t s ' t i lis i.( ;17( 1 :t t needed lit eat rr,v t li rough 1111' n ,. °1 , Het,. as t toilworn ry eltairma to ;world „program on an effieieney °I llw \ Ialr 'e l \\'\ li llgi .. Club Mooting Expenses of the Movement The movement will be financed Those who were not at the Com- mit o f ht ut . r„„ „„,.1 „,„ munify Club meeting last Satmtm , ) 1 v di reet assessment , , pot , part i,.. , day alt ernoon missed a very in- teresting and instructive talk. quoting bottles. leaders/ were elected for the en- the expansion of currency, say- Plan of Organization _ M r. Sparrows, 1 he spelt ker, has 5 „i itg V ,, in ... D . IL c resan p , p res i. ing it will be a determining f!ie- we i g h t. i s propose d b y R oger w . , been through all t he vieisaitudes l'erenees and eonventions. These National-- -t 1 t A 0.'ileral e0111- . e I I I e I has. dent : Mrs. E. S. Smith, vice ores- tor in the reduction of the high Babson, the world's foremost slit- al i 1 1 i . 1 •0, orv mutt tanning, ii lid , , w„, be 'lei., throughout the na- mittee of approximately one hull- lei:riled many lessons at the thor- ident ; G. A. Lehman. see'y-treas. cost of living, listician 8 \ (1 eminent 111 \ 1 \ en \ lion for the following imposes: dred and fifty; (2) . it.ii EXecti- . otigh 5(' 1(001 o f ex p er i ettee. li e F. T. Culver, livestock; R. C. Montana merchants must Pre - authority. _ pare for ever increasing conTipe- In a special article prepared for . plans. ideak and program of the (3) A Canint:an Couneil, to which 1 Hurst, crops; J. F. Vanek, mar keting; Henry Murray, rodent tition, the ,speaker said. .he . the Montana Development .88.80- nuivement to all the ehurelies and will be referred questions ill- ' milidles the weed question and VO)Veti ill t he movement that are pendial. to the Dominion of Can- . \The finictiong of this mound The Fergus Count • o d ti•eastio•y Sh1111 1101 he ad111111181111- Roo t h; A ssiw i ttl i on wait • organ i ze d Ii vi' bat to assemble tin(' rePort at a meeting held at the Farmers' the finooneial faets emnota•ted with Short I .01111.setillMmurelt 2. the campaign. disburse hinds tor A goad deal of enthusiasm was Columbus Merchant Discusses which will be held in Stanford to- for sew's! years. i„ 51 „,, tm . the etuninon expenses of the (•ain-' displayed at this meeting aili(1 it RelativeVI of Money • day/ and tomorrow will be well Iteptity state worth traveling over the muddy Welpter will be on hand to ( its - and Before War roads to attend. Mr. Peterson cuss dairying, and Mr. Peterson is II host ill himself when it (-wows Co pritetietil things. Let's all turn out moil tomtit. all the speakers want to come again. The ladies are sure to profit by Miss Hutt 's demonstrations, who i n . ass i ste d part i d• t h e t i me by 'Miss \'erim Black. Among the subjects handled will be \Sehool lunch.\ \What the seheirls are 4IoiIIg i1 ellothing,••• - How to make anti Mg. the fireless (-tinker.' \Helps in the sewing room, - 114141 making plawter of Paris dress form. . has had some difficulty in seettr- Robert C. , Columbus mer- chant and m )em of the faculty ing speakers but kept the wires of the Unive ity of Minnesota, hot and has succeeded in provid- ing a tine program for the two speaking und the auspices of - the Montana DeVatopment days. F. It. ',infield. director of the elation in the assembirroom of 1 experiment station at Bozeman, the Helena Commercial club be- fore Helena business men /Imes. ‘'ill he here one day and possibly both days. B. C. White will be day night, reviewed' the coming. - with its on Friday, and A. 1). An- eial situation in the United States demon, county agent tif Richland and dwelt at length on the rela- county, will be here. Mr. Ander- five vaine of a dollar now and mon is one of the best posted coun- before the wair. ty agents on both irrigation and You ea» not legislate high livestock raising as he has 1, ..en prices down. The prices of com- modities will at their present level until the elastic cur- WOULD ST4.NDARDIZE reney in this country begins to PURCHASING POWER deflate.- OF AMERICAN • DOLLAR Mr. Line commended the policy of the. federal reserve banking A plan to stabilize the dollar, system in taking steps to reduce making it standard in purchasing power instead of standard in control; John Quiekenden. roads;conducting. elation by the Babson Statitleal a it_ t h e peo pl e. 1/1 1 order houses active campaigns for Montana 'a bureau of W,ellsley Hills, Massa- i s e ,, mi d__Th wcui .,, f l u . w idi. r Mrs. W. 0. Lindsey,child feed. ing; Mrs, W. P. Dunton, cloth- business ,. and will limve ' to be chusetts, sonic highly interesting adoption of iln. prinviple of coop- ' ; Mrs. TI Ill',poultry; and hard eompetitors to deal Nvitiv if facts illustrative of the shrinking erative Christian eflot•t among the Mrs. 11. F. Jenks, home nursing.,the merchants here do not get to. o f t h e d o ll ar art' g i ven. Th ese chm•elies and affiliated sovieties. The new farm bureau board goods as low as show that the consumer's dotter gether and sell i the mad . houses, 8111(1 the speaker. plans to concentrate on a few nrojeets. and ,nasist thp • nomity I Mr.. Line said local merchanta pus h t hi, w , • t 0 - 4 - 41 1 0 0 6, 8 .1 cord& sell as Ithr as tire• big Juan agent to ful conclusion. 1 concerns, as the operating ex - D. R. Creasapi, president-elect I penses of the latter are 27 per for the year 1920, stated in his cent to the 15 pei• cent of the • 1 1... t the annual banquet of Montana merchant. He urged business . to take steps to meet the for 25 cents. - says Mr. Babson, the short course that the purpose ' or the Fergus county farm bu-, competltion. eliminating the mail ''it is hard to believe that anyone !mentor from the'field. is hit, harder than the householder ream was to help each community \in in the county to better themr e.o.m., nomie a n d social conditions i NOTICE CITY TAX PAYERS through a definite program. of ed-; ucation. To teach the people of I Give in Your Tax Assessments men who are being hurt worst by the shrinking dollar. ''If we take 1914 as a standard for comparison, the,dollar We DEFLATE DOLLAR IS PLAN OF R. C. LINE 1 - • ----- 1 united budget, but contributed ORGANIZATION WILL 1 th - i•ough ordinary eluirell atm- ' 1109ST GOOD ROADS its into . In. reported by the en - operating agencies, and through Association Was Formed at which donors who so elect may , Lewistown Last contribute direetly to the united ' Week budget. each community to co-operate This Week wit)) each other community for Ily so doing, you will, show their mutual benefit. To help the consideration for thes6 tex- INTERCHURCH WORLD MOVEMENT OUTLINED ACinitimmed from last week.) Conferences and Conventions A vital feature or the entire movement Nvill be that of its eon- virst --To make known the lye 'womittee of t went v • - , 141 how 'glister\ W\s\i\gt°\ in every county, hood community. eit,‘.• Hod state or the country. • tird---To inisist in Organizing . ititerm,hurch committees. commeils or federations for the immediate tasks which can only be met by united effort. 'Pliese will contem- plate permanence, in recognition of the growing desire on the !owl of the leader,: of chritititio work for such cooperation and as the most practical 11118Wer to the de- sire for unity, but will be encour- aged and urged, in any event, to meet the demands Of t he special program o t' I hi e Interehureh World Movement. Fourth—To give increasing tes- growing boys and girls to become spend today for food, clothing, timony to the place of the Chris- mvers who live in *he country, ' who should not be delayed lat- and shelter, -is worth 52 cents. useful. intelligent American eit-! thin Church as a fundamental That is, one dollai• today will buy izens. To assist our farmers to . !agency to make permanent the ! c . r in the month. when the rush only as much of these commod- ideals of . an enduring world peace understand the business methods i is on. ities as 52 cents would buy and principles upon the success ill and to help in interpreting the of which their various enterprises, Deputy Assessor. Fergua Co. 1914, type of gospel message which _ \The cost of living for the av- will contribute moat to that end. 4 erage wage earner has increased •-... Fifth :—To enlist and assist ill - 91 per cent during the last six ill iii an adequate force of eon - O years. If this were divided into serrated men and women to carry 0 I various budget items, ,-, inereases i out a world-wide five-year tiro' '• appear as follb - ivs; foods, 92 - - P er ' gram of the Christian church, 0 ° cent ; shelter, 38 per cent ; cloth- . O ing, 135 per cent : fuel. heat , and !towel. the necessi'y O which shall be undertaken to revealed by o I light, 48 per cent ; smirks, 75 per I ; be o ; , cent. Movement. o I Several of theSe conferences o \This looks oretty black until . 1 o O we \ nsider the dilenl° of tin' 1)11.5- in intense interest in the Move - 'lave alrctitlY been held. resulting o c iness men. Since January, 1914, c) wholesale costs have increased 8 . 14 a whole, the creation of o many interehureli committees ill o much faster than retail prices. O doeal communities and cities and 0 , The business man goes into the :t . e , a strengthening and the en - g i mai•ket today with his 1920 doi sI , 0 Jar and can buy only what 42 'gement of those already in ex - o o I cents would buy in 1914. Against , i. tence. Comes when you are sure that the business matters So far as possible. the commit - 0 0 an advance of 130 per cent In tee, will seek to have time Move - which you entruat to others are being eared for by o l' wholesale cost, his margin of ,inent presented at all the conven- men of experience. o 1 profit is smaller than ever.\ 11 ions. assemblies, councils and En summing up the situation, conferences of the churches and I Mr. Balm») endorses a plan 'for : • allied societies during 1919. 0000000000000k 0 0 0 0 oncoono 000000 • 000000000000 onconnet- , 0 fin000000(3000 300 000000000000 , )00000 000000000000000n Real Satisfaction . 011r patrOTIS fl ' re satisfied and they know that it is our ability and years of banking experience that enables us to give them the service they deserve for their patronage. • We have a real understanding of our customers' needs and have every desire to co-operate with them. to the best of their advantage. Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 . Stirp, US $10,000.00 0 0 6 0 is WO rt 11 more t tin ii the mei.- ch ant 's dollar. and thatAvholcside eowts have inereased much more rapidly than have retail costa. \In these days, eharactized by someone as times in Whiell 011e can get a fairly good nickel eigar who has to pay time butcher, bak- er, /mod groeer. However, this is t he tilRe 1111d it is the business • . stabilizing the dollar by making , • it standard in purchasing power . United Budget and Treasury instead of standard in weight) \A united budget, which shall 'The new dollar would be based on constitute the financial objectives • gold, but on a varying. quantity:and which shall he presented to SOME MEN SUCCEED as long No gold coins would be minted,'the constituency of the cooperat- lis some or stand% by and en - :but yellowbacks would be issued ing agencies together. with the ed- . by the tremany. ueational and spiritual objeetive m u flf g\ them, but give pie the estab _ man or wo , man who succeeds in The amount of gold back of or the movement will he spite of HELL. each \gold* dollar\ of paper mon- lished, summer fallow, and also what ad a. they do to atop the Roil blowing. In the matter of oil leases S. M. , Langdoe out a plan to bunch Diviiional, State and Local—it itionher of ierimes mot offer then' 'lite (organization, throughout the to 801111' emiiptiny that would nut ..ommiltry in each division, state, d own ,; ! p s i %r m . Ti l p ri s min eon_ 0:011111 V. and local community, of s id i . rit hi.• (1na, ; the (liriatian forces into some took no 41(411i:r il e '. 11 Q e \ ;( 1 0 ) 1 11 1. 1. form of interehureh committee or federation. — UPPER RUNNING WOLF uI m's P. C. Whittaker is sick this 'week with ot touch of poen- M111•10111 1111d Merrell Gray have been hauling their rorill imple- ments and blackainitli tools down fl'0111 the ranch they formerly owned (») Dry Wolf to Jim (1 ray 's raneli. Bob Skinner. Joe Chant. aml Cliai•lie Brown were Lehigh rol- lers Saturday. Ali's. :Sidney St I'Venri is re- ported much better at this writ- ing. Bill Malialla is improving at this writing. It. C. Hurst 1V1111 delegated to attend the good roads meeting at Lewintown and empowered to choose two other mnembers to go with to represent road dill- trict No. 11. There is always much of inter- est to the farmer in the discus- sions lit the community club and every meeting you WINN V011 11 re 1 hut oniell poorer. WILLOW CREEK The Smith boys of Windham gave a dance at the O'Neil ranch last Saturday night Good music, end everyone had a good time. Walter O'Neil surprised rela- tives and friends by returning home Saturday after spending. 80111e months on the coast. FIRST NATIONAL BANK NEWS Vol. 2 No. 3 A. J. Stough, President R. D. Taylor, Vice President Frank Meredith, Cashier J. F. Pieper, Asst. Cashier INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM The savinga account is time hut - work of individual freedom which every man and woman should erect. More and more we eome to.realize that financial free- dom of the individual is the hest cure for BOLSHEVISM. Are yon . fighting this danger! $ $ $ great or how small it may be, - do something and that something well. When your opportunity climes, will you be able to take advontage.of it? ft takes money to. make more money. We are al- ways working with our deposi- tors welfare in mind. Have you ehecking account ? $ $ $ $ ARE YOU PLANNING ON ArPENDING THE TWO DAYS FARMER MEETING T IL I S WEEK? BETTER HANG AROUND A WHILE. YOU M 1441T 0 E T SOMETHING THAT - WOUI.D BE OF USE TO YOU IN YOUR BUSINESS, AND (h01) KNOWS WE ALL NEED ALL THE HEM' THAT WE CAN GET AT THIS TIME. $ $ $ $ WE HAVE INNSTAI.LED A HICKS BAROMETER. It is not $ $ $ adjusted yet to our likings, but ey would be adjusted frequently' It is clearly understood that _ ENS COME HOME TO as yet it has not shown that we in accordance with an index rep- the united movement shall not have had our last storm for the th e ROOST; The cheater sooner or resenting an average of standard displace or interfere with winter. Your stock will need o f later is mastered by a more now - commodities so that. the dollar autonomy and responsibility would always purchase the same administration of the cooperat-, 4 \efill The die- your attention more from this on and skillful cheater, the ,har ms destroyed by lies, than in the past. Care counts for quantity of these fundamentals. ing agencies, and it is urged that . a good deal When feed is short. The new dollar, if adopted, all funds should be sent as far aalloyal workman 'is in turn, tiptf4 It' you need moro; hay it should t o th e t reasurers ; upon and midermined. SOW would always buy the same possible directly I YOUlt CROP AND REAP YOUR be ordered before April 1 for the amount of bread, of wool, of :lied. such agenciea from their natio- AFTER ETs KIND, freight rates will be doubled af- or of coal. Luxuries gtid individ- rod constitnencieN, but in view of , ter that date. , mils would fluctuate to a certain the necesmity of in•ovimion for re- , ;; 1 .vs nature OIl evcrV hand. extent, but tile cost of ndeasities ceiving and distributing any * * $ $ $ $ $ '$' _ of life would be practically con- funds that might be contributed ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING-- It isn't every man that has a st ant . ! to it without being sent through :floc . moat worthwhile thing in right to 'ask his wife how rhe denominational treasurers, a een- life, so says one of our great bus- votes. This is leap year, and it A secret ceases to be one when tro,1 treasury will be establialied i»ess men' of todhy, is to (team- is possible the rule will work the you tll it as one. to which funds given for the plish something. No matter how other way.

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