The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, March 18, 1920, Image 1

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11, Tilzey 2-1 'I Iv 5 Cents Per Copy To Measure Stream Flow Will Soon Have Some Accurate Figures on Amount of Water The farmers' short course put Oiboney, and was taken out to on Wet Thursday and Frelay by the reservoir site Friday morn - 1 he enmity agent e; Carl Peterson ing. It is his ppinion that Mr. and Miss Nom Hott, was success- , Giboney has been very conserve- ful in both attendance and inter-; tive in all his work. Ile told the eat shown. Mr. Peterson was ! writer that he would not hesitate / f or t una t e in being able to secure 1 on the strength of the report to speakers whose ,.sincerity of pur-1 go ahead and organize the dis- pose and knowledge of their sub- 'Diet. I jeets could not be questioned. Friday morning's session was There was no bombast or hot air opened with a talk by Mr. Fluhr in evidence, and the questions on \Selecting the Dairy Cow.' ; from the audience at the close He described the different points! of each „speaker's talk , showed to take into consideration in that those present were taking a choosing a dairy cow. In buyingi deep interest. ', registered stock he urges all to ' The first speaker Thursday af- insist upon an \extended pedi- ternoon was Carl Peterson, and gree,\ which will give you a line, his subject was \Crop Rotation.\ ! on what to expect from the Ind- i This is a matter which all agree mal you buy. must receive more attention. ! There are two things Mr. Fluhrl And a proper system of crop ro- . wished us to make particular' tation means that more cows mention of: first that all who are 1 i must be kept. Following Mr. • milking five or more cows must 1 Peterson was a talk on forage get a state license, which may be! crops by A. I). Anderson, county procured from the State Dairy agent of Richland county. The Commission at Helena; and see - past year bus been ample demon- :ond, that the law requires Hirt I . *ration to our farmers of the every pound of butter offered for necessity of growing more forage sale must be marked with the ' colitis, and sunflowers as silage mule of the maker and the seem to offer the best returns per weight—one pound. This in - acre. Sunflowers are put in silos eludes farmers butter as well as! quite extensively in Richland the creamery peoduct. I county. I Mr. Murdock then gave a short 1 to make the best IMO of our addi• fits of irrigation in a general was% , The next logical step was how talk before noon about the lieut..' , i„ t w it ihi,, 3 i s esael di all y. ao age i. Judge II. Iti Ewing signed an or- i .:,•-r,-,* -------------------- - - - 'cultural problem. It is, of course, der and decree favorable to the tiomd Jorege, ,and Wino Mule., A 4ve -year test 'hes been made et , ---- • - '..' r . 1 state dairy inspector gave a talk on \Dairying_ and Dairy Pro- cds of farming—cropping every net be benefited by irrigation— Bozemen of three different meth-) of soil in Montana that would 1 foe the !new Miss HIM was 0s - related to agricultu rt, but no petitioners. Tlii HiSiPli in II\ d\ninnitrilt\\ D y111011. Olall to !Rally other lines of district will be watered duetion. - Mr. Fluke is strong year. cropping every other year_ one, a stiff clay 11011 and the other,; Mss Brothwiek. home denionstra- i ttetivity. and I am tempted to be- from the Sun river and embraces for the dairy cow, the very best and by irrigation. The land so mountainous as to make irri-! doll agent for Caseade eounty, ; heve that the solution of the prob. 13,284 acres, of which 7,637.37 you man buy, but insists that it chosen was the same in character giainn impractical- I1/1111 also by Miss 'Beek, of onrlein lies more in the him& of acres were represented by those unless you are prepared to give the fielde. This was the result :— ! tires in the table for a basis with! At the opening is of little use to buy good stock‘ and the same care Was given all , Taking the spring wheat fig- . local school. . meet ing 1 oars - : and nonproductive enterprieee containi; property owned by 218 „ ,It hose intereeted in distribution signing the petition. The district them proper ea re and feed. In t he first column is the average ' 30 bushels more wheat per acre i day ;thermion Miss Black told of than in the hands of the, Weems ( red1ftlt the tiolde p re ro , j a e i t i , e t 1 . of these 131 fay- regard to the in end yield under contintioua (weeping, l than limier dry laud farming, 1 the work of th mu 'n loal sehool and of the country. ; Mr. Hid». says, \Get your cows the second column, th e a v e rage fin and figuring' only 75 ee»ts per had on display samplee of work \Thfarmers must eertainly The district is subdivided into e, then go ahead with your . by cropping alternate years, and bushel net from the wheat, irri- done by the pupils. The balaince .oroduee. ' Th e y h ave p r od uce d five divumine, each with a com- e creamery or cheese factory.\ I the last, t he average yield under ! gallon would, from an invest- of the afternoon was taken nil land will •.. produee-----that is their miesioner in charge. 11. E. Murdock arrived Thurs- irrigation: inent stand point, add $225 value with showing how \ s tte\ e \ s fu l buiese. They are on a piece - day evening in place of prof. At- Spring wheat 20.5 35,6 51.8 to your acre as the profit from fireless cooker can be made by nwaHure hinds, so given satisfile. Any ladies wishing to make kinson whO WaS preVented from Oats 46.5 56.5 105. the eurplus wheat would repre- any mile 'with materials either at tory emelitions they will do their one of the dream forms will please sent interest at 10 per eent on This Would Make All Producers Lower Living Costs Means Job I for All, Rays Secretary ) eredith / In 'answering questions o I newspaper men regarding muueuuuis tor 11911161w the high eels( of liv- Mg, Edwin T. Meredith, the new- ly installed Seeretery of Agricul- ture, said that umelese empleyeee, Ill Oilitler ill %Vital limit' they may It,' engaged, must be released front nonprothietive work and given an opportunity to become producers upon the 01' ill !iv 1)1001'y. II'this is done and it' jithhers mid retailers recognize 1he 111/1t 111111.11 id Ii on Icily eome front profiteering on the farmer and content themselves Young Mountain Matron Is Enjoying Her Afternoon Chew While Her Husband Smokes His Favorite Pipe. Here is an unusual picture of mari- tal felicity. It was snapped by a worker for the Interchurch World Movement during a survey of living conditions In the Tennessee Mountain district. The young woman in the picture, a bride of a few weeks, is using the mountain substitute for the cigarette, a \snuff atick\--e. stick coated with snuff and industriously chewed. The habit has two advan- tages over the gold -tipped cigarette at the city girt It Is more oecnicanteai and lasts longer—a well made \snuff stick\ having only one rival for longevity—the \all day sucker\ of seboOl days The Inter church World Movement imam distressful ignorance and pov- erty among these mountain folks and suggests a new religious program— to couple the Bible with practical in- struction in agriculture, carry it out on model farms, with schools, good roads and other community needs as the ultimate sold. II. liciille, state It.vdrograph- er from the slate engineer's Ake 01 Helena, was in town this week end in eomptiny with David Oils. (Hwy installed getiging statiolle iii won - at the Neuhert, place and in Sage ereelt about a quarter of a mile mouth of Nvin(t- km... Armin %yin t,k,, the readings front the one at his plitee, and Mr. Voters will take ;are of the one on Sage ereek. A gauge %vas provided also for Willow ereek, and it will lw in- stalled AS so011 as the lee is out. This one is to be near Mr. Bailey 'it pliwe end hit will take •the read - • -- Formitlities itetwesary Iii t liii final roeation of the Fort Shaw d oe ,. hi g h cost o f li v i ng , in. irrigetion deeriet were completed . , dieatins that the general feeling in district court Tueeday when coming by a board meeting. Mr. Barley 28.5 42.9 (a, hand or easily proeurable. Murdock is agricultural engineer Alfalfa. tons 1.9 3,5 that amount. Tbe making of plaster of paris at the State College at Bozeman.' Mr. Murdoek had been asked After luneh, which Was served dress forms began FridaY wont - file spent Thursday evening in if he thought the land here would by the ladies of the club, m r. ing and continued all day, »inl so going over the plans for the Stan- stand irrigation, and in reply he Murdock took up irrigation front manY of the ladies wanted then) ford irrigation project with Mr. sail he knew of only two kinds r local view point and went into t hat anot her day. Sat matey, detail 111; ICI the steps necessary in March 20, will be devoted to it, forming an irrigation district.' After the lintel) at noon Miss We gave the proceedings in detail linrtwieh lead ill 0 - sing Snlig\ mug issue and will not in which parodies on various of ,Have You Visited the Deputy Assessors Yet? - Vol Vol 11, No. 4. $2.00 Per Year. bie enforb1IJ ortb. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNTY. MONTANA. THURSDAY, 18, 1920. Farmers Attend Two -Day Meeting Ex enslon School Is Decided Suc- cess in Spite of Bad Ro:zds City Girl's Gold Tipped Cigarette. Has \Snuff Stick\ Rival in South ono 000 • ool0000 0 ,o 000 0 0 0 0 0 0 00000000.,,)0000000000C 0 el0 MODERN BANKING and OLD FASHIONED THRIFT If you are practicing both of the above you are on the trail to success. If you are off the trail or just slipping, gather yourself 'together, make a real resolution to start over. At least teach your children thrift instead of extravagance. Do your pert to knock the High Cost of Living. , The inclination toward lower prices will not come until we begin to spend for necessities only, and save the balance. The way to save it is to put it in the bank. • We feel that it is our duty to encourage thrift and are proud to assiet you. Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 or, 00 00 ci 000c000000nnn onnononnonn000noottnoo ,one repeat it here. i the popular songs were used, and I was very inueli en • At the last meeting of the Coin- „ which enjoyed by ! munity Club it was decided to'\ P resent 1 I During the afternoon Miss Hott !hold a special meeting Saturday,. March 20, for the exclusive dis.1 found time to give a talk on great or lif)w small it may be, do cussion of irrigation. Come pre. i\Helps in the Sewing Room, ' something and that something pared to decide the matter orw' elul \awed \ Id described manY SYSTJM well. When your opportunity way or another. 1 labor-saxing contrivances for the comes, will you' be able to take , After the talk on irrigation !sewin g ilmin \ ' ell min he Pim advantage of it? It takes money vided with 4 verY little money A, J. Stough, President 1 Mr. Anderson discussed Silos, an -1 1 , to make more money. We are al - other subject of much interest I in \ ei- I with some ingenuity. Frank Meredith, Cashier ways Working with our deposi- R. D. Taylor, Vice President about here. 111r. Anderson is all I , A i rt;a i nge:nents i haec been made tore welfare in mind. Have you Ins school in gar- J. F. Pieper, Asst. Cashier a checking account ? ; for silos with corn or sunflowers , in mi ''' a \ 1 \ e “ --- fo fill them. He figures that by mei \ making and ini\i \ el ' Y ' wit\ $ $ $ $ I putting up a silo and filling it i talks on color, line, materials, ete., IN DI V I DUA I, PREEDOM with sunflower You can come near under the direction of Miss nett ARE YOU PLANNING ON paying for it in one Year. by the ! rfid a state demonstrator, Mrs. The %livings account is the bul- 1 ATTENDING THE TWO DAYS Roosevelt.The probable date of work of' indivifhial freedom FARMER MEETING T If I S crops on the acreage releaffed ; • • thisschool is April 8, 9, and 10, which every man and woman WEEK? li ET T E R HANG from growng other forage crops. ! 1 ,: ; ; ammuneement will be should erect. More and more we He is impartial as to the kind of \ e \ thl i e t ,„ AROUND A WHILE. YOU come to realize that financial free- m i a u T G E T SOMETHING silo you build so long as it is not - mai \' ' th-: ' - , made of hot air. Several of i This two-day inetitute, or ex- dont of the individual is the best TILT WOULD BE OF USE TO ranchers ale seriowsiv our. consider. teesion school, has been a big sue- cure for BOLSHEVISM. Are you YOU IN YOUR, BUSINESS, ,, e111114 ill all ways, and if the roads fighting this danger? AND (101) KNOWS WE ALL ling the matter, and one. 1. .N. $ $ $ $ smart, has already purchased the had 'wen good it is probable the NEED ALL THE HELP THAT meterial and will Id have been near SOME MEN SUCCEED as long WE ('AN GET AT THIS TIME, plete the first silo in this section. - pro b a b ly cum. attendance won ; the '00 mark for each day. We as some 0110 stands by and en- $ $ $ $ One of the statements made at i n i t.(' just beginning to learn that WE HAVE INNSTALLED A courages them, but give me the 'the ',wetting was that the pest lit' t'4illit,,e,,a;;,(1,„,1,111t-innal HICKS BAROMETER. It is not govern- maimor W01111111 who succeeds in us thi;ough theme eeteinflon 1 good thing', fo iv i te o f HELL . . $ • $ $ $ edjwited yet to Quit' likings, but two or three bad. seasons might ' men ' s '''-''' ---; prove a blessing to the state in ' tiller IS yet it has not shown that we schools. and we would like. to see i CHICKENS COMP: limit TO the long run. Whether it prOVeS have had our last storm for the c . enends at le„st four sueli meetings held(.1100ST; The cheater, sootier or a blessing in your ease 1 111)oli whether you profit. by its eneilli„'veis.1.1;;,;„d„, your attention more front this on winter. Yonr stock will need linter is mastered by a more now- IPS8Olie. , The things most forei-' -- ----.--/ 311% Peters\lerful and skillful cheater,. the i x ,.,1 gopher poiso» iii the bui t l i f i l e - i i . t oavii . i i islit i (7 , r i kijoitii • ef: f i l m , y,i i i i est. Th e d, i ai, i t i lia g il o o i ( ii i ( t i l e w m p i a v s h t e . n eare counts for lily demonstrated the past two i n * fitimei b ' ?eeup i e d b y i urn, ewe feed is short, veers is, firie that imwe forage iii.g, c'ui -'- i. -,- : f•-• . • ' • . If you need more hay it should crops must lel raised; second, m i xed „ mow n , stip pk, and it is upon , a,r_d__:infle , rinined. , SOW 1 01 II CRO1 AND REAI YOUR . he ordered before April 1 for the t hat we must get away front the „„„ „„ • salt'„f f i 1 - ' 4 . , t„e„ ' el,n 1 “tY 11 . 11M : S : i II ARVEST AFTER ITS KIND, freight ratee will be doubled at- one -crop idea ; and third, that 1 he ..-\:.. ---- r 7 ten that date. f,.nr s ot we in the hotel sitaino . iti. says mow ,. oil every h and, beSt way is to milk 'a few cows. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ ,• We do not believe any farming NOTICE TAXPAYERS n country hes succeeded in any Your asseesment most be in by ' ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING- It isn't every MB that has a marked degree without the iiie1 of Merch 31. Don't wait until the The mold svoAhwhile thing in light to ask his wife how' 'elle the dairy cow. la s t few days. Evers- nude eit- life. vo silos one of our great bus- votes. This is leap year, and it The meetings for the women izen between 21 and 60 is subject . Mess inee of today, is to accom• is possible the rule will work the were even more successful than, to road and poor tax. . . I plish something. No matter how other way. • s • with a reasomible profit. he said, lege. Thee'. people ere till def- ile , question of the high coal of Jutting their serviees, and it is Ii ving will largely solve itself to HO S»1/1 1I I'll mom'. The meter must the pertiement good of all. Rift be read every day, a record kept, unless the whole eountry --all end weekly and quarterly re - business and ell labor—does nee- ports made. Mr. Henn). also rep- ognize One as a common problem resents lhe United States Geo- and do the things necessary to logical survey an t i these gauging solve it, he eontinued, \less and stations are tuad o cr this service. ; less will there be of farm produce The ohjeet of this is to get at:m- itt) divide among the %%little people rale dein as to the amount of wii- , aniel higher and higher wIl go the ter in these streams for »lige- priee of that which is produced.” hon. I ''I 111/1 SI/Fpl'iNed,.' said Mr. Nleredith. \that I should have re- FORT SHAW SECTION (4.0;1.41 the number of message s 1 II mlvi', pertictilarly from daily pe- ppers, aaking plaint I, Its of Agrieulture, have to re• IRRIGATION DISTRICT pare 1IN the farmers of America come to the hall Saturday and have in every eituation or crisis there will he some one there to I ham faced the country. But help you. Come in the morning this question of 'satisfactory con- if possible, and bring your din - (Miens' is a big one. It is not a tier as it takes Home time. There will be sonic one at the hall to -- I Continued on Last Page) help both morning and afternoon. Vol. 2 Stanford, Mont., March 18, 1920 No.4

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 18 March 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.