The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, March 25, 1920, Image 1

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• ground that II. S. Thuraton, one of and the contentions of the divis- . the signers, was not a taxpayer. i\\ists \r e \P heid I \ ever •V in s: The county board heard the pe- stance. The following is - taken titions a n d determined that from the Helena Record -Herald: Thurston was not a taxpayer, hi issuing a writ of mandate throwing out the Cascade petition directing the county ..commisson- and determined also that exclu- This is or. ticorac t.. Richards' bosen;o .:;o: ..» tie. 0;cgo ra a ad ilw, i n da ic Iti l'I'S of Fergus county to recon- slot' petitions numbers one and hospitals an. towel neees- w- stry by relief w ;,.,-, i t , 0,.. Hoar E a st vene in 15 days and annul their three, were each in one block and crder nte over 14 townships and with i of January 14, 1920, deny- contiguous to Fergus county, and 1 d a ing petitions for the creation of that the petitions were sufficient an exterim: boundary line of 305 Judith Basin county the 1 RRIGATION PROJECT . . MOBILE HOSPITAL DOES GOOD.WORK IN NEAR EAST • , ;s• Vol. 11, No. 5. • $2.00 Per Year. nforb orlb. STANFORD, FERGUS COUNT Y, MONTANA, - THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 1920 6 Cents Per Copy This Is the Day We Long Have Sought, And Mourned Because We Found It Not Supreme Court Gives Decision Contentions of Divisionists Are Sustained in Every Particular The Supreme Court on Mon- ; creation of the proposed county challenged the sufficiency of the day handed down their decision in the Judith Basin county case, Cascade county petition, on the , supreme and excluded the territory, and court settles many disputed ques- tions in regard to creating coun-; was insufficient and that inclumon ties, and especially the question petition No. 2 was filed the day of excluding portions from the of the hearing and therefore came proposed new county. On this in too late. The board rejected point the court holds, I \ t he ° P m \. both of the petitions for inclusion \This is government by major- board found that, with the ex- of a mile in width. A. eonception - iO4 a printer s devil and later pub- ity rule, and it was intended that , (Initial] of the territory described o f th e con diti on ex i gt i ng;ca „ on l y 're still pin our faith to wider.. There is a good geologist at list \ f or f ont . yottm_the• Sang- ( w1)011,. block- Qt. t Viet 40.8.414114WU • 111'6XCII18i011 pt.titi0118 NO. 1 end 3f acquired by reference to the is \all right\ if you've got ork III this section tit the ores- I atuck Commercial: cut irrespective of the personnel t et' those residing within it, and \he remainder of the proposed inap int•rothieed in evitienee. a it. BlIt at best it is only a gam- ent time but 80 far ilON 1/11111e 110 1 It may he merely a mattei• of county would not be reasonable copy of which i s ma d e a part or 1)1 e. You read of the fat fortunes at of what he hits t . 01111(1 : onathematies, or it may be only It the majority t residents should detern 17 . compact fled the petition for ere- this op1nion. mi d,. b y t h e I „, k y o „,, b ut I iever John Monroe is at his bElliher lami th w i tr. An3,110‘r SOU 11(15 ' 'Phis remarkable' collection of hear the wails 01 !funny. But figure it out for ' ation of the county was lenied.\ pints. sick with the fin. your - whether they, as a whole, go with tracts of knd, threaded together There may be oil under Stan- It wax reported here last night ' The court holds that Thurston , se t. Ilere is what the grocer the new or remain in the original • if, a qualified elector and taxpayer to preserve its continuity was de- ford. We 8111T hope there is and (A1\1\1\•‘';') that the Supreme said last wee . K \We have beet county. Counsel urge the right and that the petition front Cas- claret] by respondent board, to be. the only war to find out is to Court had ordered the county of `self determination,' but self code county was, therefore, suf- in one block.\ The court takes ' mink a %veil. All right, let's sink determination ; t in this respect fieient in this respert. up all definitions of the word well; hut let's not lose our means nothing mom than the block and finds, \throughout all heads and go oil eraxy. It is re- in the exclusion petitions the right of the majority to deter-' definitions of the word, runs the ported that around Winnett many eac h court accompanies the decree mine. not determination by one thought of solidity or coin- lel the farmers will probably put lap showing the territory with a n paetness.'' lin little or no crop this spring, The suit was brought by Her- it was proposed to exclude. The bert S. Woodward relator, against outlines of the territory resem- In ordei• that the writ of man-Ipartly because of the hold the oil t.ate issue the court says: !fever has upon them and partly bles a jig saw puzzle. On this the Fergus county board of coin - the court holds: 'Pile writ should issue to the because of the high wages paid missioners. Two petitions were' m la au at the present • time. filed with the board, one front In excluding petition No. 1, members of the respondent board And the Witinett field is by no Cascade and one from Fergus the description of the lands to be of county commissioners of Fel , proven one yet. The county. The petitions contained, excluded covers ten and one half gus county, directing them to re-; convene within 15 days after ser- well at Mosby was capped as soon the court says, a statement of all ; pages ot typewritten matter sin - vice of the writ and annul their! as the oil sands were reached. facts required on the day of the gig spaced, comprising an area and nothing can be known of the hearing protestants against the ; l-3•4 square miles, distrib- order made on January 14, 1920; t I t • • • . :capacity of the well until further WINDHAM CITY CAUCUS OWED FOR TUESDAY, MAR, 90 Two Aldermen to Be Elected to Council for Two Years _ A caticus 16 . 11 the pliepose of nominating vandidates for one al- th•rinan oin ear)) ward is called to meet at the eity hall on Tues- day, Alarch 30. Iii vie». tlit• possible devel- opeootts in the next two years it is important that the best men WO have be nominated to fill these rositions. part is tO attontl this eam•us and see that +melt men ere nominated. ------- 11111e8; in length it 18 31 miles andi is 21 miles wide. The exterior boundary lines . i•un back HMI forth, north, east, south, west, al- ternately, including and exelud- Matter Has Hung Fire Long ing small tracts of land, in placea Enough—Time to Speed the excluded land is, for a mile ion of Justice Matthews,i that: lof territory. \Thereupon the or more, not to exceed a quarter 0000000000000 0 0 0 '3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 '00000 ECX) 0 000 0 0 000 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 000 0 0 000 0 0 000 0 000 When Men Tell You There is not much opportunity any more for a young MO with no special advantages in the way of mon- ey, position, ssr education, cOnsider that they have been saying this ever since the beginning of time. • Among men today who enjoy any degree of ma- terial success, only ft.' very few had special advan- tages. Their start was made by saving money. Money saved is an advantage to any young inan: It earns interest for hint and makes his opportunity wider. You have been thinking about opening a Savingi Account. You have decided what you could save each month and the amount you would have at the end of a year. Now is the time to convert your thoughts into action. , Basin State Bank Stanford, Montana Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 00 .0000 00000000noon 0000000000000 (.000 0 Ci 0 TO BE PUT IN HIGH dinarg Alain Thuraton net a' ' work is done on it. Front all that '• t axpayera _ nt i_th n t_ t h t ,___c alwa d e can be learned it looks as though — the Franz Corporation has a real! - a FIRST county petition is insufficient, well. But the writer known of and annul their finding and or - well drilled in a field that from) der that exclusion petitions Nos. 1 and 3, are sufficient and exclud-; fe„ologica . 1 reports was as prom -I Stanford, Mont., March 25, 1920 e of a similar nature to that of the: Vol. 2 nig the territory therein de- -\ling. 011 was struck in this well seribed and to thereupon bY prop- Mosby oil, and the pressure weal r order, reject said exclusion I petitions, Nos. 1 and 3, at; insuffi-; there too, sufficient to force oil! cient in law, and find that said , through the threads of the cap. Cascade petition was properly 'l 'hat was about seven years ago and that well ,is still capped, and verified, as 'a matter of law and the ml boom, which had Lewis - that they do proceed to hear and determine and make such tow» ti boom backed off the stage ther findings and pass such res- for Intensit •r• memory. is now nothing but olutions and make such orders as It a re required by them by law and'. We are not insinuating that Don't let daylight be the only it is so ordered.\ this wit happen at Mosby. But thing you save in 1920. ; - _ Ione thing we wish we could drive $ * $ I home to everyone. The oil game, It is no disgrece to found General Municipal Election yen ill a producing field, is al- On the Trail of the ; Lonesome Notice ! ways a gamble. and at no stage is Dime.\ Notice is hereby given that the it a door man's game. $ $ $ $ '- general municipal election of the But it was water that we started Bonds „City of Stanford, Mont. for the to write about, not oil. At the We can furnish you surety ; purpose of electing- one alderman irrigation meeting held at the bond for State Land leases. In - :for the First Ward and one alder-, city hall last Saturday aftern000n quire for rates. man for the -Second ward, respee- Mr. Giboney preaented a complete $ * * 6 • tively,. of the City of Stanford, report of his work here. In this HAY Mont., will be held in the' city report he made eistimates on var- We will have a number of ears nu Monday, the fifth day of April, ions sized projects ---- ‘ from -1000 of Alfalfa, Timothy; and upland A. I). 1920., aeres u p, Aft er some di s cussion, hay on track in the next two That the places of voting at the the irrigation committee was in- weeks. We wish to sell this front said 4eneral municipal election !ttructed to go ahead with the the ear and not be forced to store. within said City of Stanford, formation of a district of what. Let 118 have your order at this Mont. trill be as follows: ever size seemed most feasible tint(' HO that we can notify you In the First Ward, at the Dep- and desirable. This committee is when the lift)' s arr s iyes s . uty Assessor's Office in Hotel .now at- work and .a district will Stanford; undoubtedly be petitioned for THE STORY OF A • BANKER Jti the Second Ward, at the within the next few weeks. Just The banker atanda and . wave) Community hall building, how many acres will be included his handa, each day I see hint The polls . for said election, in it is imposmible to say at this writ - lie .respective wards, will be open ing. from eight (8) o'clock in the fore- When you put water on your neon to six .(6) o'clock in the id- land you alT not gambling.' You ternoon of the said they. . !are taking out crop insurance. Dated this 19th day of Mareh Don't let the incipient oil bOom -A, D. 1920. . ; blind you. to the value of agrioul- Raymond E. H. Bis,son, City Clerk.. ture. . YOU Are Invited to Al, Phoole Party at the K of P. Hall next Thursday, April the fit•st at 8 o'elock. Straight \500\ until 10 o'clock atter which \Hullos\ and \lone'' hands will have full sway. Take this as a nersottal invita- tion and come and spend an even- , 110th SHIIIII10114 families are 011 log with us. tile to health again a ft e r it Admission 35c trial at the \flu.\ 7 Itenning Wolf 'Pemple No. 16 I Mike Reed is expected to Si-'- committee: Caroline Stout', rive with their cattle from Bil- Anna Peek, Elva Wineman. hugs about the first. of April. Alike says that everything win- „ tells! in good shape with a very . I he 1 ()Ilewinir is !\ 111 the Mich - wan paper on whiela we started small loss. l011111118810110114 to order an etre- ii011 for the county•divisionist. The In met here Satur- day mid 'greed to re -organize the Farmers' Elevator at tkiis plate. A. .1. !litchi, of Hobson, was in Stanford the latter part of last week. Mr. Bachi is interested with Messrs. Bean and Porter in some mines which are Icing worked in the Running Wolf dis- :Irict. They will begin shipping chases, leaving for those who Call I ore from Stanford to the smelter afford it the cent. variety which 'at East. Helena as soon am the is se seam you may have all you roads are good enough. want of it—if, you have the price. sugar at 14 1 / 2 cents a pound, and cane tuigin• at 20 cents. The high ,price of the cane product is on aecount of its scarcity, due to dif-- fieulty and expense in transport- ing it to this country. We must limit enstomera to two pounds of beet sugar, but you may have all the cane sugar you want at 20 cents.\ So we took our alloted two poundS of the cheaper sweet whit+ is AO plentiful that mono- mers must Ire limi`ed in their pur- A, J. Stough, President R. D. Taylor, Vice President Frank Meredith, Cashier J. F. Pieper, Asst. Cashier No. 5 we hear the helpful banker; but sound advice cuts little ice when for fool things we hanker. The coin we earn we wsh to burn, as other gents are doing; and so we hear time hanker seer with pshaw- ,ing and beshrewing. We need new boats and leather coats and silks that gleam and glimmer, two -dollar socks and oil well stocks dispensed by cheap fiam- flimmer, The rainy day seems far away, the money grows on !mattes, and so we chase to every place where all the spendthrift push is. The banker stands and cries, \My lands! Are people all gone nutty? The road you tread looks smooth ahead, but soon it's rough and rutty. Bring in . your sends, Oh, locoed lads, bring in the dime and 'tickle; the sanest guy beneath the sky is .he whose CC ill's in pickle.\ $ $ $ ,It doesn't pay to grow, low- grade or scrub stock of any kind, This statement is made by the United States Depertment of Ag- riculture in connection with a series of tests on efficiency in farm managemeni ill the South. On 289 'dairy farms it was found that 48 farms receiving $50 add beckon; \To bring your roe (3 leas income per cow had labor It) my strong box,' he says, \is incomes 45 per cent below gen- wise, I reckon. Oh. salt the.o era) average.' Ott the other hand, down. the groat 1111d crown, the the 28 farms with receipts per kopeek and the shilling; and cow of more 'than $120 had labor then. , I guess, in (hays of stress incomes 75 per cent. above the your wad will make p killing.\ average and were the most profi- We hear him cry as we go by, table of the group. rs

The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.), 25 March 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.