The Stanford World (Stanford, Mont.) 1909-1920, April 08, 1920, Image 1

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.1•00.40.11,1011••••••• Vol. 11, No. 7. .$2.00 Per Year. forts STANFORD, FERGUS COUNT Y, MONTANA, THURSDAY, APRIla: 8, 1920. Division Hearing to Be Reopened Wednesday Commissioners Comply With Order of Court and Will \Proceed Ac- cording to Law\ Wednesday, April 14, in the af-\ from musing old grudges. We ernoon, the full fifteen days al - need cooperation between coin - lowed them by the court, the inanities as well as in commun- county commissioners will reopen ities. the county division matter, and: And in regard to the. county there should be no delay in set-. seat, let 's all play the gaunt. hard, ting the date for the election. I but square. The matter, of choosing the , county seat of the new county MANGE IS PREVALENT should not be a matter for quilt- AMONG STATE. HE ZCS reling and 80 far as the World is concerned there will be none. Helena Record -Herald: Dr. J. The following from the Windham G. Warwick and Dr. J. W. Nil - Leader expresses our sentiments Initrick, veterinary inspectors of in the matter and we hope every the bureau of animal industry in paper in the new county will take charge or the local field, returned' a like stand: recently from Geyser and vicinity where the past month they have \From what we hear there will been testing cattle for mange. be several tdivits in the race for the county seat of tileThere is a large number of proposed cattle at „ - The cat Geyser and near there, »ew Judith Basin county. citizens of each place have a per- infected with mange, according to leo right to enter the contest and ND. Warwick's report and this spring or summer as soon as it is Hone should be censured for so do - possible, between 3,000 and 4,000 ing. This pale* is not going to Fiend of cattle will be dipped. 9 permit any mud slinging run The cattle are in poor condition Ii it's columns. The thing to do s to be Open and above and dipping which formerly was begun in the latter part of May board, ind then when the scatter or early in June will be delayed is over ond the county seat lines- , tion is settled, the people should until the latter part of June or m possibly as late as the middle of inn it their business to see that , , the affairs of the - county govern- only. Mange seems te be spreading uncut are honestly and economi- among the cattle in the state es - from administered. The Leader peeially in Fergus, Musselshell, from it's first issue has been in d - favor of connty division, it favors an Rosebud counties, and Cos - the creation of Judith Basin re - code county has a goodly share, , s . he veterinariins, Because the county seat. If every town gardless of where the people vote l\; t of . this the bureau of animal .in - which enters the race for cotutty haa p laced more than 30 men in Montana to care for this seat makes a good clean fight, work during the coming spring while the Tesult may bring some And summer. maappointments, yet it is not likely that it will endanger the progress -if created -of the .best ELECTION RESULTS toy in the state.\ At the school eleetiot Saturday cotinly seat fight of the kind Herman Wohlenberg was elected aaneh q At develop if the part- to succeed himself by a vote of 'sun st.iiit runs too high would 116 to . 63 for A. II. Moen. onl) jeopardise the formation At the town election Monday, of the new county at the election, the result in the first ward was: but would leave a bitterness be- Remei• 29, Kelleher 19. In the tweet' the towns which would re- second ward: Meredith, 31, Har- tard the general development of vey 2. There are two votes in the comity as a whole for a great the Harvey family and some peo- many years. plc are mean enough to be sus - Lewistown has fought ha rd pieious. and, we thi»k, unfairly at times. But the) are beaten. and if they With loss. shoes higher and ev- will accept their defeat like ervthing else in proportion it be - sports me may come over occa- gins to look as it the cost of pie ' 4 sionally and play awhile in their living would cease about the back yard. No good can come time Santa Claua gets a hair cut. 00000000 c'0000 0 0 0 000 • 00000000000 00000000000000000000 000 Your bank is your friend. If your proposition is right they are usually ready to \go\ with you. And if conditions are bad or your proposition is not right, then the real bank says 'No.''• The banker's experience makes him an expert in financial decis- ions that require a loan or advice. We are always pleased to' go into these matters with you regardless of whether it will mean business for us or not. We are here to help you and when occasion comes that you are in it position to favor,- us, be asaured that it will be appreciated. Basin State Bank s Stanford, Mantana, Capital $20,000.00 Surplus $10,000.00 .oc0000000000000000000000no 000 owio 00000000000o oo o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .. • orth. PALACE THE SULTAN MAY.: BE ALLOWED TO KEEP Ii II .,• --1) SOP: 1 . 1114' e01)111'11 . 0111141 , it 1.111t Oil 01 . 11114it* lt 111 in 1it. lt . .1 I.i 1 1,111111 C.1111 , 111111 1110111e, 1111.1 Or.11.11101;% 0 111 111111.11111O to i de in this Local Presbyterian Church Is in Flourishing Condition Closes Most Successful Year in Its His- tory With Clean Slate in Spite of Achkgrse Conditions Receipts at at entertainment . 3.45 $18.20 ISII U ItSEN1 PINTS Literature and postage $ 1.00 Paid for Christinam gifts for Indian ehildren Wolf Point . . . 3.00 sent to Home and Foreign Itoards 10.00 lialanee on hand, 11Iarelt 10, 1920 4.20 $18.20 . The Firi.a Presbyterian Church of Fttanford became a soli-stud:tin- h jug ehurch April 1, 1917, and since at date has received :in help DOVER a from ny Mission Ba or t d d an at that ime was ()Wing $300.00 on the t Manse. On the fifth of April we got 8 i - to 9 inehes of soft snow here problem of self-support, aad shows thit the church is now ele:tr of all hi shape ror spring work. The following report s will show in detail how t hey lui ve met the while Ii must put the land in fine debt. •v I, -N. .;;niiirt and Grover were Treasurer's Report for the Three ars - Endirg March 31, 1920 called to Great Falls a few_flaym RE( 'El PTS sinee as witnessea in a huff suit 1917-18 I !,19 . 20 in Caseade county. Balmier on hand $ 13.20 $ 11.10 191 , 8 . 1 Bert Scarboro has been con - Plate collections 195.68 fined to the house with haGrippe Special Benevolence.. 1- 202.50 2 - 7 1: for a few days. Ladies Aid Society 10 7 0.1 5 ) 0 0 100 00 ..... .. 250.00 There will be a Hound Table Rally Day Special / 129.92 talk and meeting addressed by Mrs. Brown's Class ... 100.00 local talent at our club house on Subscript ions _ 476.00 1213.45 1105.55 the evening of April 17 to discuss the political out -look. All friends Tot Ills $863.20 $1417.25 $1781.15 of cooperation and realionable people ale cordially invited to • EX P F, N S ES Pastor's Salary $595.00 $110 attend. 0.00 $1050.00 ' Mrs. Ilandford is slowly im- 48.00 120.00 proving we believe. 20.00 Benevolences 54.00 64.10 1:1i1820:.649055 'nit. Gilberta got in a ear of Janitor Fuel 2 4 : 1 1. . 9 50 3 Hear Creek coal fol. their engine Lights 23.70 :19.96 and domestic use of which they l'resbytery 28.80 25.86 Taxes -10.00 17.50 27.24 sold Ii tons to Mahan at $6.50 Repairs 1:813098...605301 per tom Insurance 300 7 ..01 Manse Delo Deficiency and Interest Miscellaneous 9.80 . 16.60 25.10 Totals $852.10 $1534.21 $1781.15 Vol. 2 Balance 11.10 Deficits 116.96 While this church was eatabliahed and supported by the Presby- terian Home Mission Board and is therefore identified with Owl or- ganization, in its local work it is the conatant purpone to he a true Community Church and therefore invites end welcomes the hearti- A. J. Stough, President est co-operation of all Chriations of whatever creed in its activities R. D. Taylor, Vice President and support and publinhes these reports so that when you are asked Frank Meredith, Cashier to contribute to its support you may know exactly what the Ohurch J. F. Pieper, Asst. Cashier is doing. There were seventy-five families who contributed to last years subscriptions. 5 Cents Per Copy Dressmaking School Here THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY AT THE CITY HALL As announced last week the garment making sehool under the direction of the extension , service of the Stale college will Fie held in Stanford the hint three days of next week. Aliss Nora M. Holt. who is kuuwIt here now, and .11 rs. uoosevelt will Ilf. ill charge. 111/0 /al re them are asked to luring their dress forma and all material. Don't goi). away, how - b\ (151 . y4,11 lin v44 ill) d ress forms. • The instruction given in these solionls is of the very highest or- der mid it is the aim of the in- striwtors to make the course as ' , practical as possible. There is absolutely no charge. A large atteiulanee is urged as lin advent:1.d eourse will prob- ably he,,, if miffieient interest is shown. CHURCH NOTES Sunday Sehool at 10 a. in. Preitelting, II a. in. and 7:30 p. Thera WWI a large attendance at 60111 services last Sunday and a very lint' Spirit ill evidenee. The I eople ..rc gery eneouraged over the stieeetia of the church for the past 'ear. This last is the banner year ()I' it 's history up to date. The joint meeting of elders and trustees will take place Out TIIIIINday evening, April 15. It is 1101lad thuat the ehurch can have its subseription list complete early hi the beginning of this now year. Pledges will not be mandatory it' there is ii failure of cropa. Mrs. fester, Miss Helen Dun - ton, and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Black- man united with the church Eas- ter Sunday. Herbert Eugene Baylis was baptized the game day. The comity Interchurch confer- enee will be held on Friday this week at Lewistown. Dr. Myrick, Mrs. Pemberton, and Miss Edith Lewis .ire delega'es. • • Presbytery meets at Moccasin next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. The session will meet at the close of the morning service next Sunday to ehoose a delegate to Presby- tery at Moceasin and to close up lie' maid in book for the year. lien Peters will lead the Young Peoples meeting on Sunday night. Rev. II. A. Brown, pastor. L RANK NEWS ---- - Stanford,' Mont., April 1, 1920 No. 7 Dr. A. E. : Myrick, church treasurer . SUCCESS The father of Success is Report Stanford Sunday School , ^ Work. I ' for Year Ending March 28 1920.1 DISBURSEMENTS The mother of Success is Sunday School 47 Sundays March 22, C and C pins $ 8.56 Ambition. 'Officers, Teachers, and Pupils 'April 12, C and C pins 1.17 The oldest son is I enrolled March 30, 1919 150 May 10, 0 and C pints 4.96 Common Sense. Officers, Teachers, and Pupils June 5, supplies ' 20.80 Some of the other boys are I enrolled March 28, 1920 . 103 September 3, supplies 2 Perseverance, Attendance for year ending December 2, supplies f3)..0721 22.20 Honesty, March 30, 1919 3362 Deeeniber 9 supplies Thoroughness, Attendance for year ending January 13, Class books .45 Foresight, March 28, 1920 3205 February 6, supplies Enthusiasm, Average attendance for year F' ending March 30, 1919 82 • 205..83 The oldest daughter is ebru flower 50 ary 113, ,s Cooperation. Average attendance for m year Total disburseen 119,20 Character. ts . eliding March 28, 1920 69 Balance in Treasuny Maret 28, 1920 Some of Ifer sisters 'are 30, 1919. $188.03 Cheerfulness, Loyalty, Receipts for year ending March Receipts for year ending March , 134.17 14.97 (. (; a ot r t e rtesy, , 28, 1920 $119.12 Annie I,. Leslie. See. & Treas. Average offering for year end- Economy, big March 30, 1919 ' $3.29 Report of Missionary Society Sincerity, Average offering for year end- No. members enrolled. - - 14 Harmony. The baby is i»g Mareh 28, 1920 $2:35 Amount sent to Home and OPPORTUNITY. i RECEIPTS Foreign Ba ords Balance in Treasury March (hie public meeting, coil $171.3.000. $ $ $ * :30, 1919 01,1) ED. 'HOWE says: Receipts for year endii: 15.05 . Westminster Guild Report 1 \The row between capital and , March 28, 1920 119.12 RECEIPTS lebor is no new thing; it haa al- . a From dues $ .8:25 ways been prOminent. It can no . 0017 Receipts from candy sale •6.50 more be settled than can the row 1 e. between husbands and wives. But became men are the biggest, we do not permit them to whip their wives, or drive them off, and take all their property.\ $ $ $ EASTER DAY We wish you a Happy Easter I My. $ $ $ $ Get acquainted With the \old man\ and you will be able to get elong pretty well with the rest of the family. $ $ $ $ JOSH BILLINGS said: \Courting iz like strawberries and cream, wants to be did Blow, then you get the flavor.\ $ $ $ $ BONDS We can furnish you surety bond for State Land leases. In- quire for rates. $ $ $ $ Yes, we are more than your banker. We are your friend and are only too glad to be of service to you in any way that we can whenever we can. $ $ $ $ The home vegetable garden should .be a family interest and all members of the family who are able to do no should take part in its cultivation. There is no better form of out-door exercise than moderate working in the home warden, and few lines of recrea- tional work will give greater re- turns for the time employed.

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